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Luffy can talk with the sea king! One Piece [ep 567]

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I think luffy have a power like Yowahoshi, One Piece subscribe me on facebook! :D https://www.facebook.com/safuan.may?ref=tn_tnmn
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aKu_SneakySnake TTV (1 year ago)
Anyone else notice she snatched luffy Haki Gatling gun with one hand super easy?
Mahmud Hossain (1 year ago)
Non. Luffy can’t talk with sea kings he can only hear them.
Judie (1 year ago)
one piece made my childhood .. and im coming back after a lond days work
blazeDiamond (1 year ago)
He didn't show the ability to 'talk' with them. Just hear them, actually.
Yutaka Go (2 years ago)
Luffy is like God D. Roger, he can heard voice of all things, but he cannot communicate with them.
It will happen again in wano arc with dragon
games games (2 years ago)
he hears the " voice of all things"
Kazo madness (2 years ago)
so this called "hear the voice of all things" can hear the ancient weapon ( Poseidon,Uranus,and Pluton )??
Rim pak (2 years ago)
No because Shiraoshi is one of them and everyone can hear her, it is the poneglyph that show how to use ancient weapons, he is able to hear the sea kings and it is probably them or other legendary creatures who will tell him how to reach Raftel.
DEUCE (2 years ago)
i love how luffy could have destroyed the ship with gear 4th in like 5 seconds but decided not to use it
Charles Cooks (5 months ago)
actually this was the best move. look exactly how gear 4 attacks function. it wouldn't of worked
Fulgur Killua 00 (2 years ago)
Jhon Tombson I almost didn't understand you, and also no because we are talking about this scene exactly, not any what if scenarios... well I guess we are talking about a what if, but the what if part is luffy using 4th gear... not him being injured or not
Neil Daryl Daligdig (2 years ago)
what if luffy is not in a serious injured. that noah is pile of pebbles right away!
Fulgur Killua 00 (2 years ago)
DEUCE also the sea kings said that he still could have save the fish man island at the cost of the Noah, what you said before is debunked
Fulgur Killua 00 (2 years ago)
DEUCE if he does use 4th gear while his in that state he would have died
zadose (2 years ago)
I'm so disappointed that weakhoshi is poseidon. -__- Oda dun goofed.
ALEJANDRO ANGEL (3 years ago)
Christopher Cudiamat (3 years ago)
all the sea kings here are in first one piece opening.i think they are the strongest
Nestor Ferrer (3 years ago)
lufy is like gol d roger he could hear the voice of all things, will then he has the quality of a king and deserve to decipher what have that void century history..
James Woods (3 years ago)
+Гebony」 yoooo have you seen this weeks though, holy shit
J L (3 years ago)
+Гebony」 yaaas
Гebony」 (3 years ago)
+Noel Ferrer YEP and exactly this shit happened in the latest manga chapter aswell :D
giantWario (3 years ago)
He can hear the Sea Kings. Shirahoshi can command them. Its not really the same power I'd say.
znushu (3 months ago)
being able to Hear everything and being able to communicate with everything are separate abilities.
Onyon (3 years ago)
does anyone know the name of the sound effect at the beginning?
Brandon Williams (3 years ago)
it has something to do with observation haki & luffy can hear all living things thats kind of my theory of one piece.
Mirana 101010 (3 years ago)
I can hear the sea kings too while watching this vid . someone said "Yamero" something like that wooah this is so cool
Espada kurosaki (1 year ago)
blink claw (3 years ago)
are those sea kings unique or something they seem strong then the usual ones and lift the noah even if there was few of them before the time skip luffy could beat any sea king in the grandline with pistol
Allan Vdsouza (1 year ago)
These Seakings, according to the legends, can sink an entire island. So, unless Luffy show the Power to destroy a island, he will not beat these beings
FFS (3 years ago)
+Michael Nk Just look how helpless Jack was when Zunisha attacked him ... then try to imagine what could possibly happen if these guys were to wrack havoc.
Mic Cha (3 years ago)
+blink claw They are definitely some special Seakings, unlike those that Luffy beat. There is a reason why shirahoshi is 'dangerous' acient weapon as she can control the strongest seakings.
Dark King (3 years ago)
oh these are the special ones theyve lived for 800 years or more, they were from joyboys era and hes the one who set them the task to move the ship on the promised day.
Mxd Zero (3 years ago)
Luffy might be JoyBoy reincarnation
Dumitru Ursu (3 years ago)
what is the name of the song from the very beginning ?
Tiffany Nurul Fajra (3 years ago)
Yampun, gue bisa ngelewatin moment se epic itu -_- Kemampuan luffy yg itu..
3 Legged Warrior (3 years ago)
Oh NOW the sea kings come...why didnt she summon them earlier?
Damion Frost (3 years ago)
+Jake Burns I thought the very same, back when her dad was about to be killed. As last time she summoned the Sea Kings was when she cried as her mom was about to be killed....if i remember correctly!
ollehkacb (3 years ago)
she probably doesnt now to is a weapon is why.
Salio Erythro (3 years ago)
this episode isnt something special....luffy has already talked with animals... do you remember Apis and Ryujii?im sure luffy talked with Ryujii(the dragon) over 3 times
Alex Losacker (3 years ago)
+Salio Erythro Actually this was BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG News, but guys like you don´t understand anything. Literally you are reading or watching something, but only realize nearly 50%. oda implements so much details inside his fillers, hints to the full lore. This is the Start of the WIll of D, Roger inherits the will of Joyboy and now Luffy does. This hearing is nerccessary for entering Raftel or better said, even finding it.
Gonssavm (3 years ago)
+Salio Erythro That is a FILLER
Salio Erythro (3 years ago)
gamw ti mana su
Dolphin (3 years ago)
+Salio Erythro Hes also talked to Chopper. Crazy right? He must have special powers or somethig
Rafael Dela Cruz (3 years ago)
+SnuserArne sounds like predestination mind fuck
The1AndOnlyDannyBro (3 years ago)
Anyone else notice some of these sea kings are from the first one piece intro?
Izzul Irfan (2 years ago)
and from calm belt
aristides s (3 years ago)
+The1AndOnlyDannyBro that'd be the biggest foreshadowing in one piece except for monkey d dragon appearing in the first opening as well
Nestor Ferrer (3 years ago)
will then this is very big if you compare it with that fish on the intro...
I C (3 years ago)
erniest ernie (3 years ago)
yep :D
Benedict Diolata (3 years ago)
Spoiler: Onepiece is a project that can destroy the celestial's,r0ger can't. Build it cause of incurable desease.
BlooLagoon (3 years ago)
yeah, you're probably wrong
Pat'gemini Martial (3 years ago)
The will of joy boy was inherited by rodger who died of sickness. Now luffy has inherited that will. Not all D´s possess the ability to "hear everything".
samantha bammer (2 years ago)
Gonssavm um if this was an animation mistake why on earth who they carry on by making the dealings question why luffy could here them speak ,and tidy up your sentence its very hard to understand
Pat'gemini Martial (2 years ago)
samantha bammer True.
samantha bammer (2 years ago)
how is feeling and hearing something the same thing tho ? they always take you through the scenes where zoro does that thing its like hes in a different world no voices no nothing he doesn't hear or see he feels
samantha bammer (2 years ago)
um when where ? when ?
Christopher Cudiamat (3 years ago)
Oh ok..i recommend it..but heyve ahow it i the anime too..but just briefly..its in youtube..try searchi g luffy hears sea kinga or sonethi v like that...there qould be a ahort flashback of roger :)
Hilary Shess (4 years ago)
was sea kings being sarcasm knowing Human can't hear in the first place?
Pat'gemini Martial (3 years ago)
+Hilary Shess Luffy heard the voice.
Mason Maddox (4 years ago)
this video did not show them talking lol lier
bobogoodboy (3 years ago)
+Mason Maddox so if you accidentally hurt yourself, let's say, while you're cutting ingredients, it is because god is punishing you LOL?
Mason Maddox (3 years ago)
god only harms those who have done wronge
geevibezzz (3 years ago)
+Mason Maddox god will thank me for that. god will give your parents cancer for that :)
Mason Maddox (3 years ago)
go to convesion
Mason Maddox (3 years ago)
you know god will rember you said that
Autrium Abmos (4 years ago)
Rarely, I think of luffy as a sociopath.
Andres Erazo (4 years ago)
+Carbon Bonds what I am wondering is what is the extend of the power in "hearing all things"? Can you potentially read minds or detect the evil/good in a person. Also, what is it that you hear? Is it the soul of that person or thing?
Pat'gemini Martial (3 years ago)
+Andres Erazo For example, Rodger could decipher ponygliphs by listen to them instead of reading like robin. joyboy was the original with this ability, then rodger now luffy.
Carbon Bonds (4 years ago)
"voice of all things" isn't limited to living creatures but to inanimate objects as well. Roger was able to read and write on the Poneglyph without understanding the language before hand. As for what it will be used for? There is still a lot of things in One Piece that have not been explained yet. There is no doubt it is connected to the Will of D and the Void Century though. Personally, i belive that this ability will allow Luffy to control all three ancient weapons near the end of the series.
Ursus (4 years ago)
Mudda Hungry (4 years ago)
You know that there is a theory going on that Gol D Roger's DF allowed to hear the voices of all things. If you compare Luffy to Roger then Luffy should be able to read the Porneglyphyhs and as far as I know he is not able to read them. So cut this crap out!
Ryan Nelson (3 years ago)
+Boy NextDoor but Luffy DOES have that ability as is evident in the scene. He could here the sea kings which no one else can do except roger (in a later scene U see the sea kings talking about how this has happened before that a human could hear them and they meant roger) Luffy has the same ability as roger the only reason he didn't "read" the poneglyphs is because he didn't yet know he had the ability and he doesn't care about them Cuz he's an idiot
ISM Gaming (4 years ago)
+. MeetYourMusic. that's why robin is there. Oda made robin for luffy. If luffy can't have that " hear the voices of all things "
John Joshua Gepana (4 years ago)
Its haki man its not DF...... 
devil tiger (4 years ago)
Roger cant read Porneglyphyhs  too and Rayleigh confirm that when Robin asked him he just said Roger cant read Porneglyphyhs  but he can hear everything !!
Karbonation (4 years ago)
Luffy isn't old enough to read porneglyphyhs
nobunaga cola (4 years ago)
The ability to hear all things - silvers rayleigh
Carbon Bonds (4 years ago)
+Andres Erazo Silver Rayleigh said that Gol D Roger had the ability to "hear all things".  That is probably the reason why Gol D roger understood the polynographs even though he could not read it himself.
Andres Erazo (4 years ago)
The ability to hear all thoughts???
Redrais (4 years ago)
This BS about luffy being able to talk with sea kings is more BS than the power-ups in Fairy tail. Oda wont be that stupid to make something cliche more cliche.
Chris Landa (4 years ago)
U sir are a puto fuck u go watch fairy tail
Redrais (4 years ago)
+Nawaf The FearBraker  Probably. The Will of the D is a big mystery as mysterious as the Great Kingdom. Maybe somehow they are related? Maybe not. We will see. Atleast I hope it's not cliche like Bleach in which Ichigo is a quincy, shinigami human with hollow powers inserted.......
Nawaf The FearBraker (4 years ago)
He can hear them, they can probably understand him if he talked (not likely). Gol D. Roger also heard them, speculation it is? The Will of the D.
Crazyness1994 (4 years ago)
"Talk" might be the wrong word... he just heard them once.... hearing something aren't the same as talking to them.
weabooboii da god (9 months ago)
no its just luffy and gol d. roger the d does not matter
Andrae Walker II (2 years ago)
samantha bammer qqq
samantha bammer (2 years ago)
no it not everyone in the d. clan and i'm sorry i don't remember who had a conversation with rayleigh?
Pat'gemini Martial (3 years ago)
+Sunny Ignes not all D´s, but joyboy, rodger and luffy. Kings
Syed Haider (4 years ago)
+Sunny Ignes i dont think all of them i think just luffy and roger because they are simple minded you same goes to black beared no way in hell
LeAndre McCoy (4 years ago)
if luffy befriends the sea kings, he becomes a jinchurikii
Allan Vdsouza (1 year ago)
KeitaraAkyo You underestimate this seakings if you think he can beat them
James W Co (4 years ago)
+i Shoryuken Luffy doesn't eat his friends, After the timeskip when Luffy was gonna leave the island where he trained he talked to the animals something like you're lucky that you're my friends i want to eat you so badly because you look so delicious but i can't beause you're my friends something like that.
Secret Card (4 years ago)
Jinchuriki Lmfaooo xD
LeAndre McCoy (4 years ago)
+KeitaraAkyo lol
Dieter Goelen (4 years ago)
Makes you think if it will effect his eating habits :p hearing the voice of every animal but still loving meat so much :p But i wonder what the power is and what it is actually capable off, would it give aditional fighting power ? We know he will still need some extra firepower if he's to beat all those monster people in the new world
TheMonkeyBusiness (4 years ago)
Luffy can talk with sea kings..gold roger can talk with sea kings..gold roger also had one of ancient weapons..so it could mean D means you can control all three ancient weapons..so Gol D Roger had probably Uranus because he could control weather just like Dragon..and probably he can talk to sea kings just it is not revealed yet..and luffy can talk to sea kings and he has yet to discover Uranus or something ..and probably only ones with D can control ship Pluton..Poseidon - ruler of sea-you can talk with sea kings,Pluton-is on water not in water huge warship,Uranus-can control weather so it is probably something with sky thing..and my theory is only with D can get to Raftel because they could control weather and get to Raftel because Raftel is in sky probably or Raftel is surrounded by some creepy weather and if you use Uranus you can get to Raftel..probably someone who made those ancient weapons had D that is why only those with D can control those weapons(my theory)
ManlikeMD (3 years ago)
+pizza man If u can hear them u can also talk to them lawl, no one can even hear them and fluffy can so what makes it that he can't talk to em
pizza man (3 years ago)
Luffy can hear the sea kings , but i doubt he can talk to them
Pat'gemini Martial (3 years ago)
+AnimeHDTV. Not all D´s. Just luffy, rodger And joyboy
backwoods only (5 years ago)
It's just that he can hear the voice of all things. It'll play a controversial role on the return to fish man island!
Bunni D. Lizzy (5 years ago)
Makes you think. Luffy can hear the sea kings. the only other person who caan hear it is a "weapon" hmmmm
Makdavian (5 years ago)
the other person would be gol d roger. "a weaopon" is a mermaid
rashad alexander (5 years ago)
joy boy is gold roger you think?
Pat'gemini Martial (3 years ago)
+rashad alexander The will of joy boy was inherited by rodger who died of sickness. Now luffy has inherited that will.
Neziah Y (4 years ago)
+FIFAracer yup. that theory has been around for awhile. and is probably true
DoarStudent (5 years ago)
+ayo ajaz I think, he was someone from the lost kingdom, who couldn't hold his assurance to fishman island.
ayo ajaz (5 years ago)
+FIFAracer yes but it has something to do with the will of D., joy boy is probably had it too and then rogers and luffy is probaby going to be the one who surpasses everyone in the past even rogers and joy boy and everyone else b4 and in between them
DoarStudent (5 years ago)
No Joy Boy lived around 800 years ago!
Anthony15 (5 years ago)
I guess we will find out
ALI RaJaa (5 years ago)
GOD :) that moment make my skin scrawl
Condoriano (6 years ago)
MathewD 543 (6 years ago)
SHIROHOSHI = The Poseidon weapon, by controlling the seakings, but Luffy can hear them just like Gol D. Roger the Pirate King
mustafizur123 (6 years ago)
he heard the sea king as well.
reapertmn (6 years ago)
i think he is like the "Joy Boy" that neptune always talks about. his power is that he can bring about happiness in everyone
Legion Slots (6 years ago)
what the point of hearing the voice of all thing, what make that the power of the pirate king ?
HZcyber (6 years ago)
ralfe niño astillero (6 years ago)
luffy has haki and shirahoshi's power
Antonny Tan (6 years ago)
0:34 wtf need this second.
LiAk0sW4y (6 years ago)
I think it's the same power Gol D. Roger had, the ability to hear the voice of all things.
inertialbosss (6 years ago)
Levin (6 years ago)
Imo, it's a sort of "power" from the Will of D.
Th3Fizzle (6 years ago)
Luffy, like the pirate king, can hear the voice of all things.
stardom64 (6 years ago)
ye lol forgot his name :P
shakeel khan (6 years ago)
when you say " the whale with the flag on its nose" your talking about laboom the whale right?
stardom64 (6 years ago)
no only she possesses the power to control sea kings as their queen however it would indicate that he has a unknown power witch no humans have only other reference to the power is the dam pirate king lol granting him to speak the tongue of sea kings and understand them witch would be really helpful etc he could understand sureme and that massive whale with their flag on its nose
kimy kate (6 years ago)
so is there a possibility that luffy can have shirahoshi's power?:)

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