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Britney Spears, Iggy Azalea - Pretty Girls | choreo by @JL.bunny

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Just havin a GOOD Time at my Class at Millennium Dance Complex Philadelphia! Come thru Thursday 9pm 917 South st! ITS LIT! S/o to all the dancers who came thruuuuuuuuuuuu Group 2: Kat Cruz, Andrea, Emy Pyle, Valentina, Montano Group 3: Akia, Me, Jay Contact JL: twitter/ig - @morganjldance email- [email protected] website- wearegoodgirl.com Videography: Dvvinci website- www.dvvinci.co @dvvinci
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CoffeeLover (1 year ago)
What? Millenium is in Philly too? I thought it was just North Hollywood, CA
Marliza Dabest (2 years ago)
plz tell me you wont stop...u r awesome! i love singing and dancing and i'd love to tag u n gg de 1st tym i ever post
LIP-IT (3 years ago)
Niceeee!... Keep it going!!....Much Luv from ~ LipitUp ~
JL.bunny (3 years ago)
CoffeeLover (1 year ago)
Girl for a PK where you learn all them moves? :-P
Monet Money (3 years ago)
dwiseproductions (3 years ago)
Awesome love it
Mariposa Doncella (3 years ago)

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