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First Scientific Diving Expedition at the Dead Sea

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BGU researchers have today that they have discovered deep springs on the floor of the Dead Sea, which provide fresh water to the rapidly dwindling lake. Meanwhile, a parallel study by German researchers has found new forms of life growing around the fissures in the sea floor. The Dead Sea is shrinking as the water level drops at an alarming rate -- about a meter a year. Israeli and German scientists have been researching groundwater springs which discharge from the sea floor to understand the impact of this process on this unique ecosystem. While the existence of springs has been known for decades as people observed ripples on the surface, the scientists have discovered deep springs not visible from shore.
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Sowmya Ramanna (1 month ago)
If north Atlantic Ocean was dead sea titanic wasn't sink😁😀
alifalifi 2017 (1 month ago)
this video is not dead sea
BenGurionUniversity (1 month ago)
This is indeed the Dead Sea.
One Crypto (2 months ago)
ABDUL SAEED KHAN (2 months ago)
Quran never speak lie out of 124000 messenger some one human being make big mistake and Allah angry and desroy those society due to built Dead sea you research, investigate ,expedition !anything else you do
Nida Khan Videos (5 months ago)
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Leigh Peterson (5 months ago)
Whats with all the fucking muslims in the comments
Horatio Hernandez (7 months ago)
The Dead Sea is teaming with life... It's a Microbiological Dream.
Theresa Charleston (8 months ago)
The Dead Sea is supposed to be totally flat, or at least that’s what was said to be the case in the 90s. What is this stuff in that case? The remnants of the lost cities or just filth collected?
Theresa Charleston (8 months ago)
Was this based on the first dive in a small sub, done by Sanders and his team in the 90s?
Hezault (8 months ago)
The homos' were salty therefore the sea was salty.
trefoil (5 months ago)
Hezault how do you know that they tasted salty (ur possibly *B I G G A Y*
Kyla Magparangalan (8 months ago)
I've been dying to know the answer, can we actually eat the salt in Dead sea? Like, make it a seasoning on a food or something
thisis nothana (4 months ago)
trefoil i can't speak in english well. but I do understand. you can do a reasearch on it. about the Dead Sea in qu'ran. just a research
trefoil (5 months ago)
thisis nothana it’s literally a simple fact that a low lying area that frequently floods in weather this hot is going to have salt because water disovles a small amount of salt as it moves across the landscape and when it eventually reaches the sea it is going to evaporate leaving behind all of the salt making the water salty. It would not make any sense that it would be because of dead bodies. When a human body decomposes it doesn’t make fresh water salty. It’s called the Dead Sea simply because it’s dead no life inhabits it. There are lots of instances of bodies being dumped in sources of fresh water and not one of them has dramatically became as salty as the Dead Sea.
thisis nothana ye I was going to say that as a fact but I don’t want to be called a “retard” because of something I’ve learned in my religion
thisis nothana (5 months ago)
trefoil it's actually true. in qu'ran already said. it's up to you want to believe it or not
trefoil (5 months ago)
GalaxyKitty1702 :3 thank god I almost lost all hope there
Aleksa Petrovich (9 months ago)
If u didnt know Dead sea is actually a lake :)
Hezault (8 months ago)
it *was* a sea but its drying up
ank ank (10 months ago)
these divers are so brave.. I could never I can't even go swimming in a lake a river or any body of water. I would die of anxiety and panic
Calm down There is no live in the dead sea because of the salt You cant even drown in him you Will float back
ank ank (8 months ago)
Hezault I have a fear of what's beneath
Hezault (8 months ago)
...why thou, you didn't experience the calamity on this upside-down lost city of sodom
Ron Rivero (1 year ago)
Those are ancient buildings, Sodom and Gomorah
Daugereaux (1 month ago)
Ron Rivero Where??
Daugereaux (1 month ago)
Hezault Where?
Hezault (8 months ago)
I saw lot's wife 2 times in this video (pillar of salt)
Christopher Tolhurst (1 year ago)
God bless Israel. Amen
Nida Khan Videos (5 months ago)
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Betül Ayaz (5 months ago)
İsrael is Child killer
Peter Gorelov (1 year ago)
It's hard to imagine the age of the remnants of those coral heads. Hundreds of thousand years? Or more like tens?
trefoil (5 months ago)
I don’t believe that they’re coral heads but I think they’re salt that has come out of solution but I’d think that if they’re actually remnants of when the water was fit for coral inhabitation it would be really cool
Hezault (8 months ago)
and its drying too
Szabolcs Szigligeti (1 year ago)
0:31 There's a tiny black fish !
Shahzad Hussain (16 days ago)
ByeHai (8 months ago)
I think it was debris
Q B (11 months ago)
whoa... I'm curious to know what that really was... maybe debris blown about by the divers... but it did look suspiciously fish-y
Gardo Olaguer (1 year ago)
Clearly it was the ruins city of Sodom and gomora
Hezault (8 months ago)
Dead Sea Salt - I just got 2 pounds from Amazon, and will use it to make Ormus, very nutritious substance.
Rig Store (1 year ago)
Subhanalla.. no fish there
Marie Ortega-Peña (1 year ago)
Went in late March of 2017 and it was amazing to see the Dead Sea. My husband and I had a great time down there and it was fun to float there too. Brought home some Dead Sea mud and works amazing on my skin. Really want to know how you guys are able to dive below.
Hezault (8 months ago)
they add weights on their belts. 90 lbs to be exact
Arif Mahmud (1 year ago)
Why this fucking scary music here!!!!!!!
Nathlie Andrews (1 year ago)
you get in that water to cleanse your aura.
Nathlie Andrews (1 year ago)
that like an Epsom salt bath in nature.
Es posible superarse aquí ? Innovar e crecer creativa mente ?
mia (1 year ago)
This is kinda creepy
Fr3ShPRiNC3 (1 year ago)
Should be impossible to drown here , you can just drop what u got and float right back up
trefoil (5 months ago)
Fr3ShPRiNC3 you could get the bends by doing that especially here if you ditched your weight belt at depth it could very well give you dcs
Mark (2 years ago)
No life that we can see apparently. But a lot of microorganisms.
Cygnus 67 (2 years ago)
what is that in the last image?
rae-ann williams (2 years ago)
How did he go diving if the water is so salty it makes you float
Declan Morris (2 years ago)
No Problem
rae-ann williams (2 years ago)
+Declan Morris O OK that makes sense thanks
Declan Morris (2 years ago)
You have lead weights on your suit
teacak/e (2 years ago)
that is so cool i love knowing things about he sea and hearing the sounds and seeing it
Davy 2k (2 years ago)
Dead sea there no fish so it dead
trefoil (5 months ago)
Hezault no he’s right it’s because of a high salt content that it doesn’t support any life
Hezault (8 months ago)
no, its drying up so its *dying*
Davy 2k (2 years ago)
Dead sea there no fish so it dead
R7 1700 amdfanboy (1 year ago)
Amazing tho is that what you see is remains of ancient corals ill bet at one time throughout the planets history that sea most likely flourished with life its also a stunning reminder of how much the planet changes and a preview its to how hostile mother nature can be
Jazmin P. (1 year ago)
Davy 2k there are no fish because there's too much salt.
Danny J (2 years ago)
Sodom and Gamorrah
Giallo Hass (2 years ago)
((the miracle of the dead sea in the Holy Qur'an))
Danny J (6 days ago)
dogo dogo if Americans are fighting Arabs in the Middle East that’s their problem not mine. Americans and Arabs can kill each other all day and it won’t bother me 😂
Danny J (6 days ago)
dogo dogo i don’t care about those “patriots”. God is my patriot. And I still kick Qurans down the street and slam that stupid book on the ground. 😂
dogo dogo (6 days ago)
+Danny J you kick quran in daily basis but yours so called "patriot" die in middle east like a scum every day LOL
BIO ORGANIC PLUS (2 months ago)
+Leigh Peterson can u tell me where the fake ? do you even read and understand that ? haha to much trash talker , shown to me where bible talking the true ? or you not even read bible in your life ? hahaha
BIO ORGANIC PLUS (2 months ago)
+Danny J nice you can tech your kids and your family how to be a bad humanity until died. congrat
Ibnu (2 years ago)
0:31, is that a fish?
Ibnu (2 years ago)
thank you for the information sir!
Capt Eric Bergeron (2 years ago)
Great video, thumbs up from us and cheers from sunny IGY Simpson Bay Marina, Sint Maarten in the Caribbean.
Kate Brennan (2 years ago)
amazing, i've just come from another site which shows that the sink holes next to the dead sea have fish in!
Ahmed saaid (2 years ago)
Ahmed saaid (2 years ago)
if u want to be a muslim u r welcome very it is never too late
Gavin Heron (3 months ago)
Ahmed saaid
Odsay (3 months ago)
+Hezault Where'd u find that
trefoil (5 months ago)
Wtf does that even mean am I having a stroke
Hezault (8 months ago)
Lieb's Friendship Goals may you find the truth my friend
Hezault (8 months ago)
Happy Cat the first human was a muslim so yeah...lol
Ahmed saaid (2 years ago)
this is a sign for de one who want to believe
Hezault (8 months ago)
Lut S.A.W.
Ahmed saaid (2 years ago)
wlhi i really believe in islam as it was mentioned in de quran suratu ankaboot
Adel Ahmed (2 years ago)
I'm go. in the dead sea today
Hezault (8 months ago)
Hope you had fun
Ace of Spades (2 years ago)
they said it's not allowed to go diving there
Jazmin P. (1 year ago)
Jiggie scientists m8...
ethan ztz (2 years ago)
Yeah y'all this made really well, if you're aiming for the scary, suspense feel haha
Emanuel achu (2 years ago)
No living things can survive here,I've been there
Eetu The Hunter (5 months ago)
Eetu The Hunter (5 months ago)
Emanuel achu was talked to
unavitadellamusica (2 years ago)
well, if they swim in it, they ARE IN IT, even if only for a relatively short time. So they survived being IN IT. Anyway, in your comment you said "no living things can survive HERE, which I understood to be the whole area, not only the water.
unavitadellamusica (2 years ago)
so you are not a living thing?
So not single fish lives in this huge lake?
Eetu The Hunter (5 months ago)
Kuumies it got triggered when it had to seperate from the ocean
Kuumies (2 years ago)
It's the saltiest and dirtiest lake ever
Mohamed Ahmed (2 years ago)
have you ever asked yourself why there is no living creature in there ?? some people were greatly punished here
Nida Khan Videos (5 months ago)
zaki Hussein (8 months ago)
Mohamed Ahmed LGBT community was punished here
MysteryBounty (1 year ago)
It is scientifically known why....idiot.
Aina Maisara (1 year ago)
Mohamed Ahmed punished yeah that's rightt
Jazmin P. (1 year ago)
Mohamed Ahmed it's because there's too much salt...
Miriam Caro (3 years ago)
I'm curious to know how much weight the diver needed to use to submerge. When I was in the Dead Sea, it was impossible to sink. Great photography!
Irfaan Cadersaib (3 months ago)
omg i swear i was thinking about the weight too maybe two time his weight or more because all thing stay up in this see
Andy T (3 months ago)
90 lbs
Super Nova (6 months ago)
35 kg
Hezault (8 months ago)
hussein abdi agree but to be fair, you can say it in a scientific way so it won't offend people please
Touseef Ashfaq (10 months ago)
the bed of the dead sea is full of white salt.. how come in the video its... STOP MAKING PEOPLE FOOL... Miriam Caro is right! and point question!
Salah Haji (3 years ago)
So this is where God punished those Sodomites (gay) ?? This where they were destroyed . .
Eetu The Hunter (5 months ago)
Salah Haji it triggers me when religious people speak religious fantasies as a fact
Firdaus Mazlan Thanks!
Firdaus Mazlan (1 year ago)
Lieb's Friendship Goals both Islam and Christian I think.
Wait, in what religion? (I dont mean to offend, I would like to know more about other religions)
hussein abdi (1 year ago)
+My City is England true they were homosexual
Afrina Ina (3 years ago)
OrionoftheStar (3 years ago)
Considering that nearly a third of the Dead Sea is salt, the visibility is amazing.
Eliemet1979 (3 years ago)
now you can see 😆
pete'spal (3 years ago)
At the end the round rock looks like a geode.
Lydia Plaza (3 years ago)
It's scary but beautiful how powerful is God if he doesn't wants the water to not move the water stay Without move glory glory to king of kings. Jehova. And his son jesuscristo. Amen.
TheKnightOut (11 months ago)
I don't believe in fairy tales either. lol.
jasmine marie (11 months ago)
William Bianco You Don't believe in God??? and The Bible? are you serious?
R7 1700 amdfanboy (1 year ago)
Holy crap bible hugger needs a life with all the horrors the exist where is your so called god
Freedom 1 (1 year ago)
You don’t REALLY believe that,,,,do you?
NETI ZEN (1 year ago)
Lydia Plaza magtagalog ka nalang wag mo na pilitin mag english spokening dollar ilong ko dumudugo sa english mo.
Phu Dao (3 years ago)
Danny J (1 year ago)
shaheen majeed Who??
niro (3 years ago)
+shaheen majeed Just no
shaheen majeed (3 years ago)
it's the qudrat of Allah
RYA AAN (3 years ago)
Must Be Winter Under There
Palestine Today (3 years ago)
Israel has diverted the upstream waters of the Jordan River, which feed the Dead Sea. There is now just two percent of the original flow into the Dead Sea, mostly made up of Israeli raw sewage.
Yanal Hamarneh (2 months ago)
And jordan
Zimei Fan (1 year ago)
Palestine Today But not as salty as you.
Palestine Today (1 year ago)
*12# qwe418ew* You thought ? the Dead sea was salty. IT IS, AND EVERYONE (maybe not you) knows beyond a doubt, the Dead Sea is extremely salty. I said _UPSTREAM_ buddy, *upstream* Read the comments, before you shout your mouth off.
Zimei Fan (1 year ago)
lmao I thought dead sea was salty until I saw your comment
ויאמר סבבה! (3 years ago)
+Christine Q What the hell are you talking about?
Dennis B (4 years ago)
Rachelle Burk, if you'll check the comments, it says 90 lbs.of weight in order to dive.
rajrouj (4 years ago)
1:11 That was a fishy!!!
Hezault (8 months ago)
what you saw was a ghost fish apparently because fish cannot live in this sea of extreme salt
forestsoceansmusic (4 years ago)
I saw Lot's wife twice in this clip (pillar of salt).
stevolution666 (4 years ago)
the force is strong in this one
Rachelle Burk (4 years ago)
I wonder what kind of weights they needed with their scuba gear to be able to submerge. (I need 10 or 12 pounds in typical sea water!)
trefoil (5 months ago)
I’d honestly probably need 20lbs it takes quite a bit of weight but I think this would be a cool place to dive
Q B (11 months ago)
90 lbs
noah Boy (3 years ago)
I bet they need a lot of bluber
prettyputter (5 years ago)
I have a group of students who would like to use parts of your video to show during a skit they are performing next month.  Do you have any objections to it?  Also, they are using interesting, unknown common facts about the Dead Sea.  Do you have any you could share?
jj jj (5 years ago)
This should be called scuba diving with Darth Vador
GT4 ' (1 day ago)
trefoil You’re probably a little special because he was joking
trefoil (5 months ago)
You’re probably a little special but this is what a scuba regulator(the thing you breathe out of ) sounds like and it’s also what produced the darth Vader sounds were made by
Leigh Peterson (5 months ago)
His breathing was created with scuba tanks you moron
WWSD (5 years ago)
It's dead!
Hezault (8 months ago)
Its *dying* (drying up)
CzarinaWhosoever (5 years ago)
I have to remove my headsets. Creepy..
thu win (5 years ago)
This Sea has mentioned in the Quran like 1400 years ago. That's a fact.
trefoil (5 months ago)
Hezault bullshit science has been a thing long before the quran was written
Hezault (8 months ago)
Happy Cat ah, quality over quantity my friend, quran has predicted many things before science than any other holy book ever created
TheGreenMike (1 year ago)
who care about quran there was torah like 1500 years before
Jasmyn Sharif (5 years ago)
billion dollar inheritance
Jasmyn Sharif (5 years ago)
we just found jasmyn sharif/ cowan's
Stephanie Wilson (5 years ago)
Listening to him breathing is creepy , but telecast he's breathing he dont care.
JCre29 (5 years ago)
“Have you journeyed to the springs of the sea or walked in the recesses of the deep?" Job 38:16
trefoil (5 months ago)
Hezault how bout you mind ur damn business just because someone has a different religion doesn’t mean you have a right to criticize them
Hezault (8 months ago)
no sign of this saying its this particular sea is the *dead fricking sea*
Arries David (5 years ago)
anyone else finds it creepy while he breathes?
hawkeye0248 (5 years ago)
Should not be too difficult to restore the level of the Dead Sea - just build a canal from the Mediterranean Sea and gravity will provide the flow.
ghost27rsr (5 years ago)
Gideon Todd (6 years ago)
That's so cool !!!!!! o.o
endimion17 (6 years ago)
You mean the large things on the bottom? Rocks and deposited salts. As I've said, the bottom is saturated, so salts crystalize out of that solution. Such blocks are common in brine lakes. Sodom and Gomorrah, if they existed at all, might have been destroyed in an earthquake and the story later could've developed from false accounts and exaggeration that simple folk adores, especially if they're religious fanatics.
VALDIGNE (6 years ago)
what about those debris ? Could they possibly be the ruins of Sodom and Gomorra ?
endimion17 (6 years ago)
It's some kind of a debris. There are no fishes in Dead Sea. The bottom is, unlike the surface, completely saturated with salt at given temperature. It would be impossible for any marine vertebrate to live at the surface, let alone at the bottom. And if there is one species, what would it eat? There are only microorganisms in Dead Sea. So it's not dead, but looks dead with a naked eye.
VALDIGNE (6 years ago)
I think he is right that looks like someting moving
VALDIGNE (6 years ago)
Could those be the ruins of sodom and gomorra ?
IHaveBetterThingsToDo (6 years ago)
How much weight do they have to put on their weight belt to go scuba diving in the dead sea?
Esmeee NTD (6 years ago)
this is so cool ~!!~ i wanna do this when i grow up
trefoil (5 months ago)
Esmeee NTD you can scuba dive at pretty much any age I have my advanced certification it was actually pretty easy to get
Marcus (6 years ago)
who else was anticipating to see a living thing in there. hahaha
Kevin W (7 years ago)
@migixxmigi I don't think it's a fish, there is no life in the dead sea, this is why they name it this way.
sporealanw (7 years ago)
what gas is steaming out at 2:30?
migixxmigi (7 years ago)
31° there is a fish
Paula Cayabyab (7 years ago)
Polloce in su se yahoo!Italia vi ha porati QUI!!
David Bizic (7 years ago)
@alexcorvyn is Israeli biologist born in Romania
Alex Corbu (7 years ago)
His name is Dani Ionescu & he's a Romanian biologist :)
mooo3721 (7 years ago)
Wow! How many weight you have to put on to sink in Dead Sea?
MrNeorek (7 years ago)
Beautiful, but eerie. Made me feel as if it was other worldly.
koniginator (7 years ago)
@ColeFried81 They also had to wear 90 lbs to correct for the buoyancy in the salt water, not to mention the fact that the salt could blind you if you got it in your eyes. This was a tough dive!
Van Thi Hong Tran (7 years ago)
Wow, makes the life of a researcher look really exciting!

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