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Rare Discontinued 80's & 90's Cereal Taste Test (Reliving My Childhood) | L.A. BEAST

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CONGRATULATIONS TO THE TWO LUCKY Limited Edition LA BEAST CRYSTAL PEPSI WINNERS!!! 1. Frank Spagnola from Hazelwood, MO, USA 2. Shawn Finneran from Detroit, MI, USA Rare Discontinued Soda Taste Test (Warning: Nostalgia) https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=QCp3Sw15s3c About 3 weeks ago, the L.A. BEAST decided to go on Ebay and gather up some of his favorite soda's and drinks from his childhood that have long been discontinued and thought to have been erased from existence. After receiving the ULTIMATE BLAST FROM THE PAST, the L.A. BEAST thought it would be fitting to try and find some of his favorite SNACKS from the Late 1980's and Early 1990's that have been discontinued for years now as well. After days of scouring the depths of eBay and racking up a total bill of $1,081.62 the LA BEAST has gathered some of his favorite childhood cereals, ranging from Count Chocula, to Flutie Flakes and even a rare box of Steve Urkel (Urkel O's). Come join the Beast on this journey back in time and see how the once great cereals of the 1980's and 1990's taste in 2018. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show. Have A GOOD DAY!! Please Subscribe for More L.A. BEAST Antics: https://www.youtube.com/user/skippy62able WARNING: DO NOT RECREATE OR REENACT ANYTHING SEEN IN THIS VIDEO. THANK YOU. BRAND NEW L.A. BEAST T-SHIRTS & HOODIES!!! https://thrilled.com/brands/labeast Download "The Crystal Pepsi Song" by clicking link below: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/crystal-pepsi-song-feat.-thats/id1024817772?i=1024817779&ign-mpt=uo%3D4 NEW!!! Get your L.A. BEAST "Have A Good Day" Sticker here: http://mkstk.co/labeast T-SHIRTS: http://labeast.spreadshirt.com/?nocache=true SNAPCHAT. LABEAST62 INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/labeast62/# TWITTER: https://twitter.com/#!/KevLAbeast FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/pages/La-Beast/234004536649803?bookmark_t=page MUSIC IN THIS VIDEO IS ROYALTY FREE MUSIC AND PROVIDED BY: WWW.INCOMPETECH.COM "Carefree" "wallpaper" "Breaktime" Private Reflection" "Long Rod Ahead" "infinite perspective" "Perspectives" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ DISCLAIMER: I AM IN NO WAY WHATSOEVER SPONSORED BY OR AFFILIATED WITH ANY OF THE BRANDS SEEN IN THIS VIDEO. Have A GOOD DAY!!
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Text Comments (5162)
Ashley Y (4 months ago)
That stuff is gone for a reason. I'm glad technology has advanced as far as it had. The 80s and 90s were too Conservative and humans were a lot more stupid back then.
sims kitten (2 days ago)
damn, I was born in 2000 and believe people are the stupidest today than ever before. Makes me wish I was born in the 90's.
HighwayRamos (2 days ago)
+WHYwould youSAYthat When your comment is the first notification I get in the morning.. . Have a good day.
WHYwould youSAYthat (2 days ago)
You should insert your reproductive organ into yourself
Superman (2 days ago)
Ashley Y is a brainless liberal loon.
HighwayRamos (6 days ago)
Ashley Y I was going to hammer you until I read this thread. Instead, I hope you are recovering well in the burns unit.
Scott Free (2 days ago)
Beast I'm glad you Are not dead. Your funny behavior has left me 😆
Louis Probert (3 days ago)
This made me hungry
Bester Mann (4 days ago)
Imagine bringing that Batman cereal box to work and then you just casually have a bowl of it in the cafeteria with the box standing on your table. Imagine the looks XD
Patttiat patttiat2000 (7 days ago)
0:22 Porn Flakes
by my calculations those Flutie flakes are completely legal and able to have consensual sex go ahead dip your dick in feel the flutie and his autistic son all around your scrotum
Charles Moreland (7 days ago)
It's cool how the older box's of cereal are all full to the top of the bags back then..And now they are only full a quarter of the way. Lol
jihmns1 (7 days ago)
The Turtles cereal was the best thing ever.
TheHarbingerOfDeath (8 days ago)
I remember the Adam Family flashlight! Had one that was a hand if i'm not mistaken.
A Haunter (9 days ago)
fuck man i miss those dazzle thingys! 90s kids ftw
Joshua Carter (9 days ago)
13:34 that ain't a banana hanging out of his pants if ya know what I mean
Chris Thacker (12 days ago)
Count Chocula “I vant to eat your cereal!!” Lmfao
Priestley Harker (13 days ago)
I like you because you're such a fuckhead lol
Desiggn Freek (13 days ago)
the flies werent there for the cereal. they were waiting for you to die from eating that garbage. i wouldnt eat that shit if it was packaged yesterday
Ruben Dominguez (13 days ago)
Is the milk from 1991 jp I enjoy watching the videos subscribed
Jayson Brown (14 days ago)
How much cereal you got back then was crazy compared to today
Cp3o (14 days ago)
cheese block challenge
FreeKillsJust4u MMAMJF (15 days ago)
Born in 1988 Loved the video.. as always.
Hello There (16 days ago)
You can hear the staleness in the crunches
Jangus (17 days ago)
Let me save you 24 minutes of your life: "It tastes like (insert character on front of box here) shit/pissed/farted into the box." *[Repeat for all cereals]*
big chew (17 days ago)
When Ceral Hade Toys The good Old Days.
big chew (17 days ago)
Beast don't forget Weeties Let's get it.
Prunesqualler (18 days ago)
At least you didn’t start laughing in technicolor this time. I opened a bag of 1 year old rice crispies, and they were crawling with weavels. Straight to the landfill. Judging by the amount you paid for some of these blasts from the past, it now appears I threw away my daughters future inheritance.
Albee213 (19 days ago)
This should have been done with milk from the same era as well, maybe canned milk or powdered milk from the 80's and 90's.
Marshall (4 days ago)
He would get botulism
Ro bery (19 days ago)
To get the real experience you need to pair it with a nice milk from the 80s
Elijah Santiago (19 days ago)
I was born in 97
P gAR (23 days ago)
And knowing is half the battle
Docrate1 (24 days ago)
I always have a great time watching your deathwishing antics 😃
Reid Greene (24 days ago)
Legit the best channel on YouTube
kurruk k (25 days ago)
I've never seen family matters but l can tell that impression was spot on
heath ashley (26 days ago)
At the end, when you missed that 2 foot shot, and then flat foot dunked it, I cracked up so hard dude!!! =)
christopherwalker (27 days ago)
ps did anyone else notice urkel's dick cause I thought there would be as few comment's on that one lol 20/20
christopherwalker (27 days ago)
but count chocula isnt discontinued lol
Railen Herman (2 days ago)
That was the one with the original recipe. They used oat flour as opposed to the corn flower they use today.
Sans (20 days ago)
I love those cereal
Farewell.Atmentod (27 days ago)
That finale. I can't believe you did that... you are the manliest of men.
Farewell.Atmentod (27 days ago)
Jesus how much money did you spend on all that cereal. I'll bet avid collectors are dying from this ;)
How is the cereal still crunchy? Fake. He put new bags of cereal in old boxes. That cereal should've been stale, soft and possibly molded.
Sans (20 days ago)
It's real dumb ass
it was in air tight bags so no moisture was able to effect the texture i can't believe its fake because the shape of the cereal
RANDOM BrOmo (28 days ago)
Do you even suffer from any stomach problems?
samuel rivera (28 days ago)
seriously how are you alive?
Crystal Rickard (29 days ago)
I STILL HAVE MY BATMAN BANK TOO!!! I miss that cereal sooo much, lol. I had a Batman big wheel too lol
Hunter Evans (30 days ago)
Anytime before the 2000s was a better time
Marshall (4 days ago)
The early 2000's weren't that bad.
riner9 (1 month ago)
French toast crunch was my favorite
phuck yewou (1 month ago)
My Man with the cast aluminum stomach , Way to go and much better than I could've handled . Great Job !!!
Sin D'Angelo (1 month ago)
Monster Cereals!!! 1980s Count Chocula was like eating a bowl of candy for breakfast. Holy crap it was amazing. I still remember the smell when you opened the bag of FrankenBerry. I remember they came with stickers that smelled just like the cereal. See if you can get your hands on a box of Nintendo Cereal!
Melissa Service Pack 7 (1 month ago)
I am so jealous!! I loved the ninja turtles! I was in 7th grade when they first came out. I never had the pleasure of trying the cereal though. I dind't even know it existed. I do however, remember eating the ninja turtle pies from hostess. They had a green filling. They were soooo good!!!
Acadian Jutasy (1 month ago)
Wow gross the second I read the Flutie name on the cereal box I all of a sudden could taste them in my mouth from memory. Like Airy 10 year old stale corn chips.
Kevin Vandeford (1 month ago)
Its like you have the real life Iron Stomach perk from Fallout 4 lol
Tyrion Lannister (1 month ago)
Don’t ever change!
Travis Downs (1 month ago)
Doug Flutie dislikes this video 😂
Travis Downs (1 month ago)
Doug Flutie disliked this video 😂
Travis Downs (1 month ago)
A poor man’s Chex cereal = Great value corn squares 🌽
Enes Ozturk (1 month ago)
0:14 Nice Breaking Bad reference
Thomas Reyes (1 month ago)
4:52 😂😂Billy Bats
Eyaura Eya (1 month ago)
1000 $ for expired cereals. :)) To make it more authentic could have eaten it with 30 year old milk.
Clit Squiggle (1 month ago)
LA Beast: I have an idea! Beast's stomach: pls no
Casey (1 month ago)
Count Chocula was my shit
Let's make it happen (1 month ago)
Love the captain crunch reference to the roof of your mouth getting cut up ... dam there so good ... love when you do this nostalgia type videos new sub here lol ya crazy fucker
Anton Hausgeist (1 month ago)
13:46 best
Majestic Jackson (1 month ago)
His descriptions of what the cereals taste like had me dead.
Love the throwback clips at the end, Kevin!
tim murphy (1 month ago)
When he puked and covered his mouth almost sounded like a gunshot
Teeb Seeb (1 month ago)
Shout out to Carl Winslow
RIP stomach
Timur Aliev (1 month ago)
9:17 why the vampire has a Magen David (jewish symbol) chain on his neck?
Timur Aliev (1 month ago)
Did you puke in the end by eating all those expired cereal?
Why is he taking more spoon fulls as he throws up 2 pounds of puke in his mouth
singingcowboy674 (1 month ago)
Laughed my ass off. So cool though how you included clips of your younger self. Amazing what time does!
Romell Love (1 month ago)
A poor man's box of fruit loops LOL
Nathan Coleman (1 month ago)
Dam I want a bowl of those 1985 GI Joes bro...
Ison Reign (1 month ago)
Why you gotta exaggerate all the smells ?
F'er MaGee (1 month ago)
Reid Chase (1 month ago)
13:34 really beast? 😂
fckyou (1 month ago)
The Goodfellas reference 😂😂😂
Johnny Yum (1 month ago)
Count Chocula! They bring the Big 3 Back for Halloween.
Dan Stewn (1 month ago)
Oh dear, at least it's still crunchy tho :/
The Snuggler (1 month ago)
In the 80s, Froot Loops only had three colors: red, orange and yellow.
falcon night (1 month ago)
Wish they still made cracker jack cereal that was my favorite.
Apollonian Germ (1 month ago)
The fact that the Urkelo’s box was already opened and the cereal didn’t taste so bad leads me to think there’s a possibility that someone switched the bag out for some newer look-alike. Also, the older cereals seem to be packed to the brim with cereal, but the Urkelo’s were like half full, like more modern cereals. Just sayin’, it’s possible.
Patrick Tröbs (1 month ago)
Now i'm hungry! Lecker knusprig! Greetings from Germany!
S/o to doug flutie lol I remember him off the chargers when he had that amazing season lol. Them was the good ol days for sure
Matt Eldred (1 month ago)
You are so wrong..
sven schulte (1 month ago)
awesome idea great video
Vinny Ufie (1 month ago)
Billy bats lol
Nick Persin (1 month ago)
There are professional food tasters with pallets so refined that their tongues are insured for 1million$. Then there's the L.A Beast, who I'd rather listen to describe food.
The Flyer (1 month ago)
how do you Know what car floor mats taste like or some ones bald head taste like or there undies lol
Bryan Peto (1 month ago)
LOL. Your descriptions are fu**ing hilarious 😂😂
EmperorEmpoleon (1 month ago)
bet you won’t eat 33 year old cereal with 33 year old milk
TheZenarck 550 (1 month ago)
Count chochula can be bought in stores now
It did smell and taste like Capn crunch.
Paul Vorster (1 month ago)
That was epic! I cannot believe you sticked that. What were the after effects? You have to let us know.
NIc K (1 month ago)
the tmnt cereal was seriously fucking amazing. I remember it vividly now
Stigmata Martyr (1 month ago)
His Urkel impersonation.......lmao. 😂 The monster cereals always come back out around Halloween. Count Chocula will forever be my favorite cereal. I used to like Boo-berry and Frankenberry too but they couldn't hold a candle to Count Chocula.
L.A.Wolfman (1 month ago)
Man, that was funny 😂 The commentary and pics are flippin’ hilarious. Hope you didn’t make yourself sick.
Imersiion (1 month ago)
I’m surprised the cereal was still crunchy but I guess it’s because it was still sealed
Stephen Swift (1 month ago)
LA beast is my hero
dwarfer777 (1 month ago)
22:32 thats not the reaction u want after a 69
TwiGGy (1 month ago)
This had me dying
Nocturnal Collective (1 month ago)
I honestly love your channel and content dude. Not only does it bring me some awesome nostalgia but your analogies are hilarious 😂
All Roads Lead Here (1 month ago)
Legitimately, you've helped me overcome bouts of depression. Thanks man.
William Bertram (1 month ago)
No disrespect toward your Grandmother, Beast, but every room in her house apparently smelled like a different 20 year old cereal.
Liberty Central (1 month ago)
You Sir are a hero.

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