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Britney Spears & Iggy Azalea - Pretty Girls (Lyrics)

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All rights go to Britney Spears & Iggy Azalea I don't own the rights to this. Britney Spears & Iggy Azalea - Pretty Girls Check out the lyrics for the new hit song by Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea! Buy "Pretty Girls" new single of Britney Spears featuring Iggy Azalea: http://smarturl.it/BSPrettyGirls Also, SUBSCRIBE! Britney Spears - Pretty Girls ft. Iggy Azalea (Lyrics) Britney Spears - Pretty Girls ft. Iggy Azalea (Lyrics) Britney Spears - Pretty Girls ft. Iggy Azalea (Lyrics) Britney Spears - Pretty Girls ft. Iggy Azalea (Lyrics) Britney Spears - Pretty Girls ft. Iggy Azalea (Lyrics) Britney Spears - Pretty Girls ft. Iggy Azalea (Lyrics) Britney Spears - Pretty Girls ft. Iggy Azalea (Lyrics) Britney Spears - Pretty Girls ft. Iggy Azalea (Lyrics)
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Text Comments (186)
MOMO (14 days ago)
did I tell you about the lasy I saw on the TV earlier?
Maleiyah Mclean (1 month ago)
I wish I had a turn up day
Panini Flowers (4 months ago)
Me when a boy I don’t even know opens the door for me
imogen (4 months ago)
such a bop
Callie 00712 (4 months ago)
little mix wrote this
Sania Weed (4 months ago)
Love this song!❤️
Camila Acosta (5 months ago)
Español quiet habla
jordyn Soler (3 months ago)
Camila Acosta YOOOO
Yuki_100 (5 months ago)
This is my ringtone
Sebastian Newcombe (6 months ago)
This version of this song
Psycho Clown (6 months ago)
This is my first time hearing this song in 2018'
lauren dawn (7 months ago)
mine and my squads song
dulce garcia (7 months ago)
This is the best song 🐶
Tony The Go!Animator (7 months ago)
Sexist no offence
Melanie Ann. (8 months ago)
Little Mix writing is amazing
Sandra Maducdoc (8 months ago)
Fun fact: LITTLE MIX WROTE THIS, i hope i can hear/watch them sing this tho, 💗
jayde rushbrook (9 months ago)
I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I so so loved Britney Spears. She allowed me to cast herself as Gidget in my play since Jenny Slate quits.
Tia Dennis (9 months ago)
This is my cheer song for jumps🎀
x3Flamingox3 (10 months ago)
Who else is here on International women’s day?!?!😁😁😁👋👋
Eseana Stanciell (10 months ago)
i love you
Ralsei (10 months ago)
Destiny A (11 months ago)
I don't get the lyrics can someone explain
Karah Maracelin (11 months ago)
Latoya Young (1 year ago)
I love it
Paige Morris (1 year ago)
Like I have only just found out this song was written by my Queens 👑 I wanna hear them sing itt 😣😍
Camila Melo (1 year ago)
🍹🍄 Acabei de ganhar um iPhone 8 nesta oferta. Apresse-se, basta mais alguns! http://winningapp.cf/rFAUs
Amani (1 year ago)
How to people like maggies song? Thats shit, this has way more tune plus this song doesnt sound depressing, cute thats how maggies song sounds. No offense, and din comment if u like Maggies songs, this is MY opinion so i dont want all u maggie fans hating on me. Plus, this has more beat maggies is like so s a d.
Amani (1 year ago)
2017, anyone???
Amani (1 year ago)
I could listen to this song a million times, ill never get bored of this song, so good! RIGHT NOW im singing out loud plus ive re played tho like 20 or 30 times!
Amani (1 year ago)
I can so relate. Like in school im that girl that is so popular, plus all the boys always want me in their teams or always want me next to them.
Tiarn Jaensch (6 months ago)
Sorry wrong comment replie
Tiarn Jaensch (6 months ago)
Chapstick_emma Onig Says u who is too embarrassed to show your face, I don’t show mine for privacy but she shows hers and she is pretty, we don’t need people in this world telling rude remarks about us and how we look, if u don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all
leila_ Rodriguez (6 months ago)
John Marcos lmaoooo
John Marcos (11 months ago)
Amani Shaqeel sure you are....😐🙃
Cece Spring (1 year ago)
Super Cousins (1 year ago)
Yassss little mix wrote this yassss
•LeighJade • (2 months ago)
+Jessie Rose Girl yeah?
Jessie Rose Girl (3 months ago)
Stefanie Huwe (1 year ago)
I really love this song I subscribed
zac efron love 1010 (1 year ago)
Iggy shouldn't be in this song she is ugly
Allie Austin (3 months ago)
Miranda Dison (9 months ago)
In your opinion
The Flaming Headphone (1 year ago)
Iggy Azalea voice is out of this world it's amazing even when she sing with Britney. Spears you rock Iggy!
Alyne -aly (1 year ago)
cea mai tare melodie
hannaharrogante bravo (1 year ago)
Gymnast Queen #1 aws (1 year ago)
victor pilar (1 year ago)
i love this song
KarleyQuin Lopez (1 year ago)
I wish I could hear a Little Mix version of this
Savannah Lee (8 days ago)
hi im sarah And i hate me uh, they wrote it 😂
Callie 00712 (4 months ago)
+hi im sarah And i hate me it's because they wrote it ☺
Little mix its my fav girlband of the entire galaxy
KarleyQuin Lopez why? Theyll just ruin it
madhatteress 3684 (11 months ago)
+Matthew Rivera that's so cool!
Laine Landrum (1 year ago)
pretty cool pretty girl song
I love this song so much
keisha allsop (1 year ago)
Lpsablurr Werdiocrew (1 year ago)
I love this song
Mya Papaya (2 years ago)
good song
Bertha Montes (2 years ago)
I love your song lukasz J
I don't follow girls, I follow kids
e w (1 month ago)
-K A. (2 months ago)
عبد الله الحضيف الله عليك.
Noah Almanza (2 years ago)
there is only three likes and I'm the only one that was the first on and I did not add a commet cause I was busy
TheDinosaurQueen (2 years ago)
Noah Almanza bro there's 2K likes now.......
Rima Ayoubi (2 years ago)
This is good 10/10
Rima Ayoubi (2 years ago)
Are in Australia
Heather Chandler (2 years ago)
Scream Queens lmfao
Awkward Channel (2 years ago)
I don't really like the lyrics. 'Pretty girls' in this meaning is so mean. Like they're basically saying that you have to be pretty to do the thing in this song! 😤😡😡😡😡😡😡😡! It's just so frustrating!
Stephanie Perez (2 years ago)
little mix wrote this song :)
Stephanie Perez (2 years ago)
+Athina Gagtza yuppp
Athina Gagtza (2 years ago)
Stephanie Jane Perez are you sure? 😨
Angel Leyerle (2 years ago)
Damn Iggy can rap!
Deshea Hall (2 years ago)
+Lexi :3 lmao😂😂
Alexis (2 years ago)
yeah, she sounds good when people can actually understand her.
Vardan S (2 years ago)
95% Of the comments are literally "I LIVE THIS SONG"
TheDinosaurQueen (2 years ago)
Vardan Shahgaldyan did u mean love this song?
Belén (2 years ago)
Sanaysha Blueitt (2 years ago)
it I love this song
Vardan S (2 years ago)
Daniel Lucero (2 years ago)
I like this song and i told my friends about it and they said they never heard It!
Amanda A. Nichols (2 years ago)
I love this song!!!
Kaylee Thomasson (2 years ago)
My jam
Alfred Suliman (2 years ago)
I sang this song to my cousin and she started hitting me with a couple of nails
Vardan S (2 years ago)
I like your cousin
crappeyk17 - (2 years ago)
we're just so pretty
Kiera Freeman (2 years ago)
I love this song so much
jordyn Soler (3 months ago)
Kiera Freeman Me too 😀😀😀
Latoya Young (1 year ago)
Kiera Freeman hell yes I love this song
ChipChip2468 (2 years ago)
I LOVE THIS SONG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW THIS SONG IS BAE.
Veandra Vallien (2 years ago)
in love lol
Dayan Gonzales (2 years ago)
Kay Daniels (2 years ago)
Paige Morris (1 year ago)
Kay Daniels thanks to little mix (;
Alexa Garcia (2 years ago)
I love this song so much☺☺☺☺☺☺ I keep on hearing it so many times alot
Diego Garcia (3 years ago)
i love this song iggy's voice adorable... =)
Bathsheba Peterson (3 years ago)
LOVE THIS ;-) :-)
Sarahappy (3 years ago)
I love this song !! ♥ OMG !
Baudely Marmolejo (3 years ago)
I love this song
jordyn Soler (3 months ago)
Baudely Marmolejo Me too 😀
Brisa Lopez (1 year ago)
Baudely Marmolejo me too
Grace Gabrielle (3 years ago)
girls totally wipe the floor with all the boys!!!
e w (1 month ago)
+Latoya Young don't be so rude
Latoya Young (1 year ago)
Grace Naylor you is ugly
Tyler Jarvis (1 year ago)
Grace Naylor Yasssss girl get it
paulcpn (3 years ago)
Little Mix wrote this if anyone of you's didn't know that
Karla Kroop (2 years ago)
And other 5 people... Including Iggy
i just love this song my favourtie Iggys part Awesome song .
Rubyanne Hemming (3 years ago)
Margaret Tamargo (3 years ago)
Tracey Brennan (3 years ago)
i love preety girls
never never (3 years ago)
+Tracey Brennan Hi <3 im a singer too, will you please check out my channel and tell your friends?^^
Nelson San Diego (3 years ago)
ZachBlogs (3 years ago)
Lol i am the worst when it comes to song lyrics. I thought "bees to the honey" was "Keys to the Hyundai"
Jungkook’s Timberlands (4 months ago)
kiryahlee jordan that wouldn’t even make sense.
Laurlie Juice (7 months ago)
my cozy classroom no its not...
Chanel Two (10 months ago)
ZachBlogs lol me too
kiryahlee jordan (11 months ago)
ZachBlogs because it is someone messed up on the lyrics
RareBailey (2 years ago)
dafuq? xD
Amy Cannon (3 years ago)
Love this song 😊
AC Newby (3 years ago)
I love that Little Mix wrote it
Lalo Willow (3 years ago)
How many times does iggy say her name
theblazingangel (3 years ago)
So, pretty girls get attention from boys and those girls can act stuck up? Great. Tell us something we don't know. But what happens when the girls grow into women, the wrinkles show and then the males stop paying them attention... hmm. Not so hot anymore.
Allie Austin (3 months ago)
+Amani says the person who just told theblazingangel to shut his gob
Allie Austin (3 months ago)
+Entsar Osman oh wow you're rude. He was only giving his opinion
Allie Austin (3 months ago)
Good point
Amani (1 year ago)
Entsar Osman OK that is just sexiest if all males r disgusting, then ur trying to say ur dad, ur uncles and ur grandpas r disgusting? Cud theyre male too, plus u wouldn't be here without a male fucking a female.
Amani (1 year ago)
CryBaby Is Yøurs (3 years ago)
Iggy's voice adorable
Britney's voice is the greatest
Tyrese Gibbee (3 years ago)
I'm a pretty boy 💁
lps lover forever (5 months ago)
Z.G. Doc (5 months ago)
Um, u are an idiot. 😳
Jimin Park (5 months ago)
Tyrese Gibbee not
Alea Short (5 months ago)
Tyrese Gibbee lol you do you
kiti282 MSP (3 years ago)
kiti282 MSP (3 years ago)
lol love youuuuuu  ;};}:}:}:}:}:}:}{}":}:}"
shook (3 years ago)
10/10 love this song especially iggys rap part
Olivia Smith (3 years ago)
Amy Cannon (3 years ago)
Same!!!! 😀 I luv purple 2 💜
rebecca lemus (3 years ago)
Madison (3 years ago)
My favorite part is Britney's part!
Panos Sebert Grant (3 years ago)
I just love this !! 😍😍 Iggy's part is my favourite!! Awesome song.. !! ❤❤
never never (3 years ago)
+Lana Del Rey Lover Hi <3 i'm  a singer too, will you please check out my channel and ell your friends?^^
Amy Cannon (3 years ago)
Same I totally agree!!! 😊
Katie Sullivan (3 years ago)
KANERA OMRVlogs (3 years ago)
Iggys the best
alex12foster (2 years ago)
+Avaxxox I'm not judging her personality, just her non-existent rapping talent.
petch from texas (2 years ago)
+alex12foster She's actually really down to earth.
alex12foster (3 years ago)
Lol good joke..... Right?
terry kohut (3 years ago)
id give it a 5 out of 10 cuz its an ok song. but the thing is that iggy isent that great of a female rapper. plus her verse was a very short paragraph. i could even do better then that. hell soo could lauyrn hill.
Legendaryfartmaster (10 months ago)
all of you really need grammar classes, Because your English is terribly inadequate.
Amani (1 year ago)
Crazy Kat (2 years ago)
+Shabnam Kahleghi YOUR HILLARIOUS!(not being sarcastic)haha
Shabnam Kahleghi (3 years ago)
Listen shut the hell up you silly cow Iggy is a great rapper she is relly good at rapping you think you can rap lol😂 you wish you could Iggy is way better than you so shut your gop
Grace Rutherford (3 years ago)
I love this song I listen to this all the time so does mgr friend Jasmine
Nour Channel (3 years ago)
Top Video :)
iiFrozenXP (3 years ago)
Iggy if anything I just love your voice!
I love Britney
never never (3 years ago)
+Emanuele Leo Hi :3
del valle Acevedo (3 years ago)
Pretty girls ;)
The Cutesy Keyboard (3 years ago)
I LOVE the feel and style to iggys rap omg!!! and this song <3 the music video is bae. <3

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