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Homemade Gummy Bears // Keto Pre-Workout Candy

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• Living Fit with Corina Body, Mind, & Soul • ** Certified Nutritionist | Keto Coach | Menu Planner | Macro Consults | Training Programs | Recipe Developer | Chronic Illness Sufferer ** Keto friendly gummy bears without any funny ingredients anyone? I have such a fun recipe idea for you in this video! If you've been on the hunt for a keto friendly pre-workout that will produce a powerful and sustained CLEAN energy without any type of crashes... this new product from Perfect Keto has you covered. This pre-workout contains no fillers, no corn starch, and no fiber additives. It also contains 7.7g BHB (to boost your ketone production), 5g MCT (to boost energy levels), with BCAA (to help maintain & build lean muscle), creatine, L-citrulline, beta alanine, and caffeine from green tea so you can boost your ketone levels and crush your workout! The collagen found in these gummy bears is wonderful for your joint health, it can reduce joint pain, boost satiety, improves hair/skin/nails, and is also wonderful to help heal leaky gut. I hope you love this quick, easy, simple, and FUN recipe! ** FIND THE RECIPE HERE ** http://bit.ly/2zaIEKQ ** Get PERFECT KETO for 20% OFF** http://bit.ly/liveketofit PROMO Code: LIVEKETOFIT20 ** PRODUCTS USED IN THIS EPISODE ** The BEST Lemon Juicer- http://amzn.to/2rUd6Wj Gummy Bear Molds- http://amzn.to/2lloJTd Gelatin- http://amzn.to/2gMHbTr Perfect Keto Pre-Workout- http://bit.ly/liveketofit (PROMO Code: LIVEKETOFIT20) ** CONNECT WITH ME ** Blog- http://bit.ly/2qxOQ7G Facebook- http://bit.ly/2pI6lWM Instagram- http://bit.ly/2pI5zss Pinterest- http://bit.ly/2qpwuIp * Please note I am not a medical doctor. Please do your own due diligence and research with any of the information I may have mentioned in this video. * Music By: Epidemic Sound ** Contains Affiliate Links **
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Charlene Janiak (4 months ago)
I made these and my gummy bears stuck to my molds. I followed your instructions exactly and used the same products.
mwint1982 (9 months ago)
BCAAs and Keto dont mix well lady
What a great idea! We think this is such a fantastic example of why Keto is sustainable long term - can eat your favorite foods, and reap dividends for your health at the same time, without sending your body into a sugar overload. Thanks for sharing!
Tiny Fury (1 year ago)
Hi I wonder how long we can keep those gummy bears! I don't always take preworkout so 70 gummy bears might last me awhile.
lisa wiswell (1 year ago)
Can I buy the keto products in UK charge a lot of tax to order from USA 🇺🇸??
Katie Wonders (1 year ago)
This is genius. Regular gummy bears used to be my most favorite pre-workout and I've had a hard time not using them...drinking something just isn't the same. Definitely going to try this.
Folsombarbie Has (1 year ago)
Can you do a video on pre workout you take before they gym? unless youve done it , if so can you direct me to it/thanks
NaturalSouthernBelle (1 year ago)
Does exogenous ketones help if your trying to get into ketosis? I’m trying to decide if I need to take it once I’m in ketosis, use it while I fast to get into ketosis, or does it help to maintain ketosis? Thanks ❤️
NaturalSouthernBelle (1 year ago)
Corina Nielsen Thank you so much!
Corina Nielsen (1 year ago)
NaturalSouthernBelle of exogenous ketones? Check out the video I posted about a month ago, final review on Perfect Keto! Same link that's in the description box here as well. Hope that helps.
NaturalSouthernBelle (1 year ago)
Corina Nielsen is there a certain brand you recommend ?
Corina Nielsen (1 year ago)
NaturalSouthernBelle oh absolutely. It's one of the very few ways I actually promote exogenous ketones! Using them during the early adaptation phases helps prime the body for seeking out ketones! Highly recommended for that use 100%
Courtney Minx (1 year ago)
My husband is going to love these! Gummy bears are one of his favorite candies. We haven't had them since going keto! Thank you for this recipe! So awesome! 👌🏽
Corina Nielsen (1 year ago)
Courtney Minx then absolutely... you'll be making lots of batches of these!!!
magic woman (1 year ago)
grate idea !!! i can not find the liquid stevia on amazon Germany ;(
Corina Nielsen (1 year ago)
You could really use any sweetener that you like!
Edwina Coubrough (1 year ago)
Another awesome and helpful video .....keep them coming please.
Corina Nielsen (1 year ago)
No intention of stopping now!!!  Lots in store :)
Primal_Hut (1 year ago)
My kids are going to love these! And they're a great snack for me to take to work!! I've yet to try the Perfect Keto... Keep hearing exogenous ketones are a waste of money but you seem to love it, so it must be beneficial...? ❤
Primal_Hut (1 year ago)
Corina Nielsen Thank you, I will!! PS: I got my results from EverlyWell back today (metabolism)! Cortisol=Normal Thyroid=Normal Testosterone=The highest I've ever seen! Lol... A "normal" high is 61; mine is 661!!! Aaaaaaa!
Corina Nielsen (1 year ago)
Primal_Hut check out the video I posted a few days ago or my final review on exogenous ketones! I don't use them often, but do feel like here is a time and a place for them!!!

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