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How To Be Confident - Philip Green (Original Song PARODY)

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Philip Green lets Tania Yavolki show you HOW TO BE CONFIDENT in this Original Song. Parody. But How To Be Confident isn't something to be learned. It's something you have to embody! This is a Tania Yavolki song production, all rights reserved to Tania...not Jeff cause he smells like ham. And Jeff's mother is an idiot. She won't let me make parodies anymore cause of copyright. So no I just make my own eh...well, when Philip Green lets me do them eh. Philip Green parody suck eh anyway. I much prefer singing about Jeff and his annoying habits. Big thank you to Jodie, Hollie, Beth and Callum for the help with this video...and Philip for letting me do it. I am Tania...And I am confident eh. SOCIAL MEDIA: Patreon: http://patreon.com/PhilipGreen Website: http://www.philwgreen.co.uk Instagram: https://instagram.com/philwgreen Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/PhilWGreen Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/philwgreen FAQ's Why are you "hating" on my favourite artist? Remember, the meaning of "Parody" does not mean "hate" or "dislike". It is an imitation of the style of a particular writer, artist, or genre with deliberate exaggeration for comic effect. For example: If there is a hat in the original. Making the hat ridiculously big would make it a parody! The artists and songs I decided to do parodies about is because I am a HUGE fan of them. Why are your videos low budget compared to other parody, spoof, sketch YouTubers? Everyone has to start somewhere, and in the long run I hope to get better at developing my parodies, sketches and impression videos. Do not compare peoples chapter 10 to my chapter 1. YouTube is a big space, there is space for everyone. Where you on Britain's Got Talent? Yes, back in 2013 I was in the semi finals of Britain's Got Talent. It was an amazing experience and enjoyed showing some of my early impressions to the British public. Without it, I wouldn't be doing YouTube. Who inspires you? Who are your favourite YouTubers? I get a lot of my inspiration from brilliant shows like Saturday Night Live, French and Saunders, many comedy movies and fabulous YouTubers like Grace Helbig, Jenna Marbles and Pewdiepie. Who is your favourite impression to do? It often changes a lot. I started learning Lois Griffin first when I was in college, by just mucking around. However, my favourite changes from time to time. From Jennifer Aniston to Ellen, I enjoy them all. -------------------- Secret Quote Of The Week: "Tik Tok "Oooooh Fashion Pop Sockets are a few weeks away from launch!!!" End or is it... yes it is.
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Text Comments (769)
Layla Kiely (1 day ago)
This is on the top of my favorite songs list love you Tania soooo confident
Dentoden 5609 (1 day ago)
I really dont know how this still isn’t a meme Edit: I successfully taught my friends about u and every day we sing 12 days of Christmas on our way home
Freya and sister (2 days ago)
I love the mother in law one 😂😂
Kate’s club (3 days ago)
My confidence is over 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
Audrey Chambers (4 days ago)
be like Tania bruuuuuuh
Kate’s club (4 days ago)
My confidence as went up and ur subscribers have went up by one 😄
I came from tick tock like if you came from tick tock
Liya 268 (4 days ago)
Omg i saw this on tik tok now i cant stop watching it 😂
CheshireKitty_ (5 days ago)
Absolutely genius!
Fallak Khan (5 days ago)
Be like tania
Tizz Whizz -Waz (5 days ago)
Be like Tania!!! I love ur tic toks and yt channel !!!!!
Black BANDIT (5 days ago)
I’m more confident Alot more
Maggiepoo1 Yeet (5 days ago)
Be like Tania!
Grace Youngchilds (5 days ago)
Be like tania
Mahlaney Jones (5 days ago)
Be like Tania!
Slime Lover (6 days ago)
Be like Tania
Naomi Gibson (6 days ago)
Mad Eye moody (6 days ago)
I’m very bad at drama I have to make a character in drama to be So I named her Tania
charliexroblox tv (6 days ago)
Be like Tania - from tiktok
Freya Hayes (7 days ago)
This is the best song ever xD
Sarah Gabrielsen (7 days ago)
Be like tania
Cutie Pie Girl (7 days ago)
Just be Tania. Seen in your tik tok channel plz reply
Love Candy (7 days ago)
Be like Tanya
Maddy Mayes (8 days ago)
“Lets be tania”
Poor shay Hirrrt3650 (8 days ago)
Lol the part when you say poop into your husbands Bed I think AND THIS IS SO FUNNY BETTER THEN THE POOP SONGS
Tami Trollip (8 days ago)
Be like Tania
Be like tania
Cartoon Bean (8 days ago)
“Be Like Tania” I can remember you on BGT! I’m also from UK.
Trinity Lucas (8 days ago)
Miss Marshi-Mellow (8 days ago)
Be like Tania! (Tik tok reference!) You crack me up Phil 😂
Shrek IsMine (8 days ago)
Be like tania!
isabelle hamblett (9 days ago)
BEEEEE LIKEEEE TANIA yaaaaaaassssss QUEEN 🤣🤣😂😂❤❤❤
Elizabeth Boensch (9 days ago)
Be like tonia!!
Hershey gamer 137980 (9 days ago)
And call her a Horror excuse me why 😂😂😂😂😂😂???!!!!?
Hershey gamer 137980 (9 days ago)
I'm dieing 😂😂😂😂
Chicken Little (9 days ago)
Be like Tania! TikTok ❤️❤️ I love you sm green cx. I am from the uk as well 😁😁♥️♥️♥️♥️
Amelia Haikney (9 days ago)
Be like Tania !!!
Cool dude! Glad I found your channel! You did a good job, keep up the good videos, very funny, never stop being YOU! ❤
Emily Fleury (9 days ago)
Be like Tania peeps
CaT TaC0 (10 days ago)
Be like Tania!!
XxXxBrookeGXxXx 73 (10 days ago)
This is the cat 🐱 This is best cat 🐱 This is vid cat 🐱 This is ever cat 🐱 Now read the third line going to down
Maya Rangel (10 days ago)
Be like tania
Michaela Thielen (10 days ago)
Be like Tania!
Michaela Thielen (10 days ago)
I hope he replies
Brooke Grieve (10 days ago)
I got a confidence boost x900. From tictok love this keep at it 💞
Norse God (10 days ago)
You said on your tik tok if we said 'be like tania ' you would commant to us
Norse God (10 days ago)
Be like tania
Philip Green (10 days ago)
You are like Tania! X
Fortnite Stuff (10 days ago)
BE LIKE TANIA ( I came from tik toc aka musically )
Wolfe Girl (11 days ago)
Be like tania
Wolfe Girl (11 days ago)
Be like tinia
Wolfe Girl (11 days ago)
Be like Tina
Lps Rae (11 days ago)
Be Like Tania! 😂🤫
itz_the_chelz_show (11 days ago)
OMG GA HA 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Anaya Hunter (11 days ago)
Be like tania
Be like Tania
please dont subscribe (11 days ago)
Be like tania
Nicole Stephenson (12 days ago)
Be like tonya!
Daalen Yosef (12 days ago)
In Tik Tok u asked to comment.....JUST BE TANIA!!!
Taco verse (12 days ago)
Be like Tania
Madison_Playz_Roblox # (12 days ago)
Be like Tania!
Be just like tania 😂
Just a Hooman (13 days ago)
I'm definitely not confident
Hemch Gamer (13 days ago)
I absolutely love ya and this is amazing singing
TORRES MORALES (13 days ago)
Cindy Shelley (13 days ago)
OMGosh! You are hilarious Phillip. I am a 63-year-old grandmother and you have me rolling on the floor!
Be like Tania
ZonatedWalnut09 (13 days ago)
love this song
Perla Beltran (14 days ago)
Be like Tania!!!
Sawa's Songs (14 days ago)
Be like Tania!!!!
Clare Parkin (14 days ago)
Just kidding
Skylar Kaldall (15 days ago)
Be like Tania
Kai Collins (15 days ago)
Does anyone know the backing instrumental to this?
CasperZ l (15 days ago)
Be like tania
Autumn Hansen (15 days ago)
"be like tania"
Rosey Mosy456 (16 days ago)
What did I just watch
Eden Gough (16 days ago)
Be like Tania
Clare Parkin (16 days ago)
My mom seen this and she tried it also she got arrested
Samuel Victor Balaba (16 days ago)
Just be Tania I said it Philip now I need a comment now.....or never or ever and Tania is beautiful
The real Iateyopie (16 days ago)
Be like tania
unicorn girl (17 days ago)
My mum is called tanya lol 😁
Mikey. Fan (17 days ago)
Crazy Katie (18 days ago)
“Be like Tania “. I’m coming from musically
Jules Ashley (18 days ago)
"Be like tania" I follow your tik tok
galaxy emporor (18 days ago)
Be like tianya
be like tania
Ginger Ninger (19 days ago)
Be like Tania
Top Trolling (19 days ago)
I couldn’t find this on iTunes
gacha redsparkes (21 days ago)
Alex Russell (21 days ago)
Jane_Makes vids (22 days ago)
How to end world problems: JUST BE TANIA!
KeiraTheUnicorn (22 days ago)
I came here from TikTok to see the full thing... and it’s the best thing I’ve seen all day 💖😂✨
Compilation Station (22 days ago)
This is soooooo funny I saw it on tick tock and it’s so funny and it’s so close to my name my name is talia lol also you are my fave muser (I’m late but that’s me all the time so 😂😂)
Evan Plattner (22 days ago)
Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny
Katee O'Driscoll (22 days ago)
be like tania
Isabel Esqueda (23 days ago)
Charley Smith (23 days ago)
Be like Tania 💕
Grace Miner Monster (23 days ago)
Be like Tania!
snow fox (23 days ago)
This should me called "be just like tania"lol
Anais Cameron-smith (24 days ago)

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