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One Piece funny scene - Sanji and Nami regain their bodies

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Sanji's dream is over From Episode 604 I don't own this. One Piece belongs to Eiichiro Oda
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VinsPawz Animation (4 months ago)
I can explain ogow ogow ogow ogow
B Alex (4 months ago)
Awwww i love him for that 💛 such a gentleman
Mikrak Chisim Sangma (5 months ago)
sanji has seen Nami’s naked body. Poor brook.Missed it
lolo kun (8 months ago)
0:50 koko koko koko
Mr Presence (9 months ago)
"You took my clothes of didnt you?" Nigga you got no clothes on he just basicaly put a coat on and thats it.
YOU NIC Mechevellian (9 months ago)
I think law is under estimating hes powers And i think laws power was too op it could have been a mistake giving him that ability
YOU NIC Mechevellian (9 months ago)
Is it just me cause i really think trafalgarlaw is the strongest one piece character he could easily win a fight with anyone He could fight kaido by using shambles on kaido and one of his trusted crew member Kaido will be weaker than him
Hs ємρєяσя (3 months ago)
YOU NIC Mechevellian yep it's just you and delete your dp
Ziemniaczany (9 months ago)
Looking at how Sanji is enjoying himself being im a womans body he could just ask Ivankow to transform him
kostas kamikazi (9 months ago)
Nami is one punch
大塚高幸 (9 months ago)
NICO ALIZA FRISK (9 months ago)
basterd sanji
karma the llama (10 months ago)
I think you can say that sanji get beaten by a girl
Kanika A (10 months ago)
0:50 was funny af😂
火拳のコープ (10 months ago)
probotboyxxx (11 months ago)
Nami... you got more to be pissed about, when it comes to what Mr. Nosebleed did in your body.
Isaac Olandez Roberto (11 months ago)
Namis haki
Jeff Sketch (11 months ago)
Me in the past : I wish I was Nami... Me right now : aw shit naw!..
高音女子 (11 months ago)
サンジどこまでもいい男やね(´•̥ ω •̥` *)
Lone Woulfe (1 year ago)
0:41 you know you're fucked when nami switches to Hakuba. Nyahahaha
cloud8 (1 year ago)
This is definitely better than the Clear-Clear fruit. Become the woman yourself *insert lenny face*
sadman hoque (1 year ago)
why didn't Law do this thingy for doflamingo? it'd have been so much easier
Julien Gamble (1 year ago)
Sanji is just perfect lmao
Mark Santos (1 year ago)
That "You're so noble!" part tho, well lil did they know...
Re:Dawn (1 year ago)
and yet some said older episodes are the funniest it just gets funnier through the episodes
Yu Ja Ma (1 year ago)
Sanji you're so noble!
Jared Hamilton (1 year ago)
Am i the only one who cracked up when he said “I can explain” even though he actually could explain?🤣😂🤣😂
Batangrok (1 year ago)
nami with a blue eyes?... hm im gonna smash 😂
Tora Law (1 year ago)
Ussop: You're so noble! Lord Ussop, foreshadowing since the beginning.
Jay Dursley (1 year ago)
Nami turned into hakuba
Sprite (1 year ago)
"You're so noble!" Well, he is a prince...
Unknown Question (1 year ago)
Nami demon look is hilarious. So evil looking
LunarisX Hearts (1 year ago)
0:49 to 0:54
Gin Freecs (1 year ago)
Hahaha Sanji is funny af
Minato D Roger (1 year ago)
This Bitch always hitting people for no reason fuck
PCY HEAVEN (1 year ago)
the "oi oi oi" part 😂😂😂
Natasya Changi (1 year ago)
0:40 Hakuba Nami-Version !!! ~^○^~
Yes! i'm disgusting! (1 year ago)
the way trafalgar click his tangue is so hot "tch!"
legal gaming (1 year ago)
haha sanji
AstraDatBoi (1 year ago)
Noor Aliah Aloyah (2 years ago)
Poor Sanji 😅😅😅
Ladies' Knight Sanji (2 years ago)
Title: A man's dream comes to an end.
Rebekah Funches (2 years ago)
couple of idiot's AHahaha
Bored (2 years ago)
"im so glad that it was my body that got hurt!" what a gentlemen this is why i love sanji
Akhi (2 years ago)
I love how nami calls Sanji as Sanji-kun
AwesomeNess (1 year ago)
Akhi it'll stop eventually
Jekson Sitompul (2 years ago)
very sad when usop cry because sanji is so noble...😂😂😂
febrian christo (2 years ago)
0:40 it's hakuba
ame87 (2 years ago)
oi oi oi oi lol. yeah, he is indeed very noble.
Pro139103 (2 years ago)
Kimi No One Piece...
Rafael Santana (2 years ago)
I thought nami was on frankly's body
Ahmed M (2 years ago)
Rafael Santana they changed again
DiLaine (2 years ago)
I wonder if Nami checked out his package.
Soul (2 years ago)
sanji likes to be a girl so much
coolalatool33 (1 year ago)
Soul Lol no....I think it's to investigate her body more if you know what I mean ;)
brizi1515 (2 years ago)
he was a okama after all
Leonhart (2 years ago)
Nami is awesome ;D Best girl
Trumps Anime (2 years ago)
Sanji is GOAT. Even though he gets cock blocked and cucked by most of his encounters with women, he still always manages to out the ladies first before himself. I feel bad for him sometimes. Nami is really missing out on this action
Kappei Ann (2 years ago)
I'm laughing to death Lmao
Pika Boi (2 years ago)
Secretly nami was playing with sanjis dick the whole time ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Josh Martinez (1 year ago)
Richard B 69 likes...😈
Akhi (2 years ago)
Richard B lmao comment made my day
Jewel and her roommate (2 years ago)
law looks like he wants to facepalm
Carter Hurd (2 years ago)
sanji and nami switched back and I can't believe that nami punch sanji in the face
Smash master Down (2 years ago)
Megaman Z (2 years ago)
"You're so noble! 😭😭 oi oi oi oi!!!"
Victor Davila (1 year ago)
Wish that there was a clip of that moment to hear that over and over. XD
alton perez (2 years ago)
Oh damn the dream is over!
alton perez (2 years ago)
Law is like what a perv,and a naggy woman
alton perez (2 years ago)
I like how Sanji wanted to stayed in Nami-san body
Freak Ster (2 years ago)
feanoR (2 years ago)
Exactly, I would want to have permission to insert myself, or at least a part of my body, within the area of her interior, with the speed of at least 30 times per minute and total amount of time for the penetration ranging anywhere from 2 days to eternity. If she gives you no more after the 2 days, you can always switch her for Robin, imagine the possibilities that would arise due to her ability.
ShadowWriter45 (2 years ago)
I know I wouldn't want to stay in her body
Loispealz!!!HERE (2 years ago)
Wouldnt't you?
Black dragon story (2 years ago)
You know if zoro and nami switched body zoro would also start crying: "I will not lose again!"
AngieGandalf6 (2 years ago)
Kinda like Smoker in Tashigi's body
Eason Phang (2 years ago)
Imagine zoro fighting with namis body kek
noah dragoon (2 years ago)
...sanji don;t earn a woman.... he should die alone....
AGbaby235 (2 years ago)
Now that's a little dark, don't you think?
Ky Tabora (2 years ago)
Law is cute
Escort Booking (2 years ago)
christopher pelayo (2 years ago)
0:40 hakuba is born in nami's body
Beth (2 years ago)
christopher pelayo LMAO
Z e r o (2 years ago)
christopher pelayo 😂
Kyla Otey (2 years ago)
Zell Williams (2 years ago)
The reason Sanji lost to doflamgino & tied wit vergo
King Jay (2 years ago)
I agree about the vergo but doffy would still stomp sanji
Trill Hours (2 years ago)
sanji would have been stomped by doffy regardless. Doflamingo was shitting pre 4 gear luffy and law like it was nothing.
Oluf The Explorer (2 years ago)
It's funny that Nami doesn't notice the different clothes until AFTER she gets her body back. She's about as dumb as Zoro xD
Isaac Gleeth (2 months ago)
Excuse me!? Nami is the THIRD-most intelligent person from East Blue, behind the Red-Hair Pirates' Benn Beckman at #1 and the Black Cat Pirats' Captain Kuro.
Ali Gracida (5 months ago)
At least, she won’t get cold! Be happy that Sanji gave her a good coat to wear.
Zero Black (1 year ago)
please, i love zoro to death but he's a complete idiot. for example, when luffy had the tattoo 3D(crossed out)2Y, all the other straw hats had it figured out the moment they saw it, it took zoro a while to figure it out. plus you could tell the man to go left and he'd go right
Beth (2 years ago)
Oluf The Explorer Zoro is not dumb.
Yuu Otosaka (2 years ago)
Nami Isnt Even Thinking What Sanji's Body Did For Her
Pertev Aky00 (2 years ago)
One of the greatest man's dream: having a female body! xD I love it how Sanji says no to changing back
itamar megidish (11 months ago)
lol the dream was to perv on her but yeah
dragonsbreath 9876 (2 years ago)
also after he got changed back he said "the dream is gone"
mitchel19942504 (2 years ago)
"You are so noble" said Usopp. Well Usopp you were right, Sanjii is a noble!:)
Ignis King (3 years ago)
$5 says Ivankov switched his gender at least once during their training. Besides putting him in a dress.
Haikyuue :P (3 years ago)
i really hate that tra guy
Big Bad Wolf (3 years ago)
😢😭 I don't like it!
WhodouthinkIam:D (3 years ago)
I swear Law turned Sanji into Nami and Nami into franky and Chopper into Sanji and franky into chopper?
WhodouthinkIam:D (3 years ago)
Thx for the answer :P
april may (3 years ago)
+WhodouthinkIam:D then he turned everyone back but at that time sanji(in nami's body) wasnt present so without anywhere to go nami ended up in sanji's body while rest of the others got back to normal
Tinkeroftime (3 years ago)
Really love the interaction between Sanji and Usopp. They are definitely an awesome comedic relief.
LBboarding b (3 years ago)
usopp crying, oi oi oi oi 😭😂
AlveinFencer (3 years ago)
Honestly I was hoping that Nami's reaction would be to cough uncontrollably. "I gave you one pack! Did you actually go through the entire pack?"
feanoR (2 years ago)
Why should he? I have two grandfathers, one of them has never smoked in his entire life, died of lung cancer the cause of which can most probably be attributed to industrial labour. The other one has been smoking since the age of 13, AT LEAST one pack a day, now he's 76 years old and that old prankster won't even give us a simple cough. However, they will not stop you from labouring, out of pure necessity, for a bunch of capitalists who lack any sort of compassion whatsoever, so why the fuck should anyone tell me not to smoke? Ionizing radiation will probably get you sooner than all the tobacco smoke you could ever think of, also read a bit about why the gas called chlorofluorocarbon still floats happily in our atmosphere, devouring the ozone layer, and you might actually figure out that finding a way to gradually kill yourself of your own accord is probably much more dignified. Yes, you could be the lucky one that does not get affected by the other carriers of cancer, the ones that have nothing to do with tobacco and that I have already mentioned, but why take the risks?
michael komsky (2 years ago)
+Champsr0ck2247 consider the time he spent underwater in Arlong arc and that was 3 years ago, now his lung capacity is at least 10 times that
Champsr0ck2247 (3 years ago)
+AlveinFencer I'm pretty sure there was a scene where Nami gave Sanji permission to smoke, but he refused. Though why didn;t anyone else cough in Sanji's body? That guy has to have some serious lung problems
Paul Klein (3 years ago)
Foreshadowing--> Usopp: You're so noble... on the latest 801 Manga.. sanji's bounty requires him to by only captured alive conclusion: sanji is a celestial dragon!
Kakashi Hatake (11 months ago)
Sanji is a prince
unicornz_of1ove (2 years ago)
Paul Klein his family is a high up assassin lol
DeepSearch27 (2 years ago)
+Loispealz34 They are nobles, but they also lead the germa 66.
mysteryman111100 (3 years ago)
Serves him right
BlackLeg Sanji (3 years ago)
the greatest time of my life was inside nami ;)
NES Player 292 (2 years ago)
That can be taken out of context so much...
JoBLack LAW (3 years ago)
+BlackLeg Sanji not yet
Tanay Varshney (3 years ago)
Y cant law swap akainu and a frog?
Frank Lance (3 months ago)
Or throw a rock in the water and switch doffy with the rock because of how he can't swim.
Moon manVIVIVI (5 months ago)
Tanay Varshney because he would still be devastating yes a fucking frog fleet admiral
Nemo_Omen (10 months ago)
essspada64 I UNDERSTOOD THE JOKE (AND YOU NEED TO BE RECOGNISED FOR IT!). Hahahha. If Akainu got swapped with a frog, he could be... Akanyu? :D Damn, Ginyu.
A I (1 year ago)
Law doesnt know how to control his power properly yet i think
DarkBlaze (1 year ago)
CnarFor I honestly think he might have been able to if luffy didnt go ahead and fuck with his plan by going and hitting doflamingo with red hawk. I honestly think that it would be law vs trebol and doflamingo vs luffy instead of luffy and bellamy and law vs doflamingo AND trebol. If he just sticked with laws word im pretty sure the battle would have gone alot better and quickly
pikazard27 (3 years ago)
I love how for once Sanji was actually not being a perv but he still ended up getting punished for it
CnarFor (2 years ago)
+feanoR Well that, and the fact Nami hit him because she thought he took off every single one of her clothes
feanoR (2 years ago)
Well, it is quite easy to get to the bottom of the problem by the use of a simple analogy. Imagine a junkie, a heroin addict that has tried to fuck with you on so many occasions that you don't even bother counting anymore, would you believe him if he told you that this one time he had not actually committed the deed? I guess not, as not a single soul containing even the tiniest fraction of sanity would actually believe a pervert like Sanji that he has not taken a simple peek at Nami's tits. Taking into account that the guy is rightfully suspected of being affiliated with almost every single fetish humanity as a whole has been able to come up with, he might have taken a lot more than just a simple peek.
Xion Memoria (2 years ago)
He wanted to strip her, take photos, and pass them around. Nami should've killed him while she had the chance
nah bruv the world of anime every male gets beaten,slap,kick,punch for every misunderstanding
Dark King Rayleigh (3 years ago)
What a crew...
0:49 is it just me or is Nami using haki to punch sanji?
HotaruZoku (3 years ago)
In traditional Anime fashion, no matter how hard she ever hits him, no matter what name she ever screams at him, two things remain constant. 1. he doesn't hit back, because somehow Japan is still in the 1950's when it comes to being fine for women to beat men in a comedic manner, but flip it and it's bigoted sexual abuse. 2. She has never, is not now, and I doubt ever will....EVER actually /say/ "Stop."
HotaruZoku (3 years ago)
+SweetxCandyyy .......that is LITERALLY what I just said. If, at least, we use "harass" for "showing ALL the tits I make it a point to show 90 percent of already."
SweetxCandyyy (3 years ago)
+HotaruZoku And how would you know that? -__- What she said could also be translated to "Knock it off". Basically meaning to stop harassing her body. 
HotaruZoku (3 years ago)
+SweetxCandyyy Yes, "Stop giving away the goods" not "Stop worshipping and chasing me for a taste of said goods you know you'll never have"
SweetxCandyyy (3 years ago)
+HotaruZoku Actually, Nami does tell them to stop. When Mr. 2 posed as Nami and took off his clothes to show the boys her body, she hit all of them and said "Stop It".
HotaruZoku (3 years ago)
+Despair505 No no no, it was okay to talk to women like they were children, it wasn't okay to just HIT'm.  In public.
Tornado82s (3 years ago)
...And Law is waiting all those stupid straw hat crew, lol..
Maxwell A (3 years ago)
why did law swap their body already? i kinda forgot why he did that, some one mind explaining to me?
Ms. Finley (3 years ago)
The first swap was when Chopper, Franky, Nami and Sanji along with the children from Biscuits Room arrived at the exit door and meet up with Trafalgar Law and Smoker. Law decided to swapped them possibly because he knows they will find him again to return as normal. Nami was actually in Franky's body, Sanji was always in Nami's. When Sanji-Nami went out with Zoro and Brook to find Kinemon, Law (who already formed an alliance with Luffy) was with the other three who got swapped, but Nami's body isn't there so Nami went into Sanji's body. Only after the poison gas attack and they managed to enter Caesar's lab, Sanji and Nami returned to normal. The scene above is what happened in the lab.
Nighton (3 years ago)
That's what he gets for being a pervert
ElectricDreamMachine (2 years ago)
+azio91 Feeling women up without their permission is a healthy sex drive? I love Sanji but seriously, kys
azio91 (2 years ago)
because having a healthy sex drive is a crime.kys
Milistaier (3 years ago)
+Nighton Browes Nami got mad for him putting a coat on, while she walks only in bikini normally xD
Gigi Cristurean (4 years ago)
saysay Moo (4 years ago)
Haha, look at Law's face. He's like; " I will remember this forever for not messing with straw hats....they are suck a pains in the ass"
Storylover (4 years ago)
Haha that pissed off look that Law gave to Nami's pestering! I was convinced for a moment that he would either ignore them or at least cut them up...
Trill Hours (4 years ago)
+becsbabe7465 lol
Storylover (4 years ago)
+Zura- - True... But i bet Law was contemplating the thought for a moment before the consequences of such actions hit him XD
Trill Hours (4 years ago)
Lol luffy would shitstomp him if he ever tries anything
Reem Alsulaimani (4 years ago)
I can explain ~explain~plain~ain~ XD
sanjis leg was already cracked before fighting vergo as jt is stated on the manga but toei animations fuckd the story
darkarm333 (1 year ago)
while im all for the Sanji hype you are wrong, Vergo hadn't done that damage yet, that happened a few episodes after
you can see it on the anime to sanji says that his body is messed up ussop says to sanji that it was during the time nami was in his body and he says he is glad that it happened to his body instead of namis don't worry sanji can prove himself on the next arc.
Superluigi447 (3 years ago)
+Arber Muqaj Really? I'd like to see that, do you know which manga chapter that was, exactly? I need it to counter haters that believe Sanji is weak because a full-health Vergo made a crack on a pretty worn-out Sanji's leg.
Cory (4 years ago)
O OH O OH O oh o oh
Rora Son (4 years ago)
What episode?
Britney Louis (3 years ago)
in the description 😒
Jon Snow (4 years ago)
Britney Louis (3 years ago)
Sounds like he doesn't give a shit 😸
somethindarker (4 years ago)
Sanji passes out mid sentence. "You're so noble!!" omfg that hilarious.
Milistaier (3 years ago)
+somethindarker He actually finished the sentence.

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