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Kiesza - Giant In My Heart AUDIO

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No Copyright Intended! I have changed the pitch, speed and tempo.
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Text Comments (47)
patrick grondines (3 years ago)
why the fuck did you do that bitch
Jessica May (3 years ago)
Why on earth would you make the pitch of her voice higher? In fact the whole damn song???? Ruined.
Yannick S (3 years ago)
+patrick grondines copyright..
Katt Mousanz (3 years ago)
Lol, sounds like a chipmunk Kiesza :P Anyways, this is my favorite song from her! I love it so much that I recorded an acoustic cover of it. Feel free to check it out on my channel :) (Sorry for the self-promotion)
Dark Night (3 years ago)
shes weird but cute
Rafal Skuratowicz (4 years ago)
jest ok...
shayy__._ (4 years ago)
I love her. She is just wow
Eric Martinez (4 years ago)
great song... feel like im in the night at the Roxbury...who was on my left.. Emilio Estevez, I was like EMILIO!!!
ExtremeBaka (4 years ago)
Yasss plz come more of these 90's sounding songs!! THIS IS MUSIC TO MA EARS , JEBUS <3
Ali Alherz (4 years ago)
She CAN sing. But its not enough these days with the likes of Miley Gaga Minaj Kietty and other whores who sell sex instead of real art...i didnt bother to spell their names correct
ok love it ok i like it ok ok 
Belladonna Lund (4 years ago)
miles better than hideaway
Haseeb (4 years ago)
Hideaway was fucking awesome
April O'Neil (4 years ago)
Very cool ;)
Michael De Santa (4 years ago)
God she so fucking weird...But amazing song.
Amaya Papaya (4 years ago)
Does anyone else think that when she sings "baby I can't loose you" she sounds like Shakira?
Matelas Selection (4 years ago)
This is sooooooo goooood and make me want to dance
Bax Martin (4 years ago)
dascha martin (4 years ago)
dascha martin (4 years ago)
besik (4 years ago)
Adam Debski (4 years ago)
Explozja mózgu!!! Świetne
Adam Debski (4 years ago)
Explozja mózgu!!! Świetne
Luxci Korkov (4 years ago)
Great song!
Travis Rabble (4 years ago)
Giant shit in my ass.
Joshua Han (4 years ago)
Aria LM (4 years ago)
SkeeTer Reach (4 years ago)
hahaha :D
Ilze Zeimane (4 years ago)
Love it :))
krilaz (4 years ago)
Is this downloadable? I like this version much better than the original.
Harvey Specter (4 years ago)
it is the original?...
pinco pallo (4 years ago)
Hannah Bushen (4 years ago)
i have this song on repeat
Louis-Philippe Dion (4 years ago)
This mix sound's much bigger than the original track but it's peeking. This kind of mix should give more "Hip" to the song and your close; just need a bit more space to breathe... Never stop music!
Maria Nicolaou (4 years ago)
perfect song
Marcin Bergander (4 years ago)
Świetny Kawałek :-) niesamowity glos i nowe brzmienie
Valster ps4 (4 years ago)
She's got some belter songs
Julie (4 years ago)
Benjamin Hülsen (4 years ago)
the 90's are back <3
Quickblood1 (4 years ago)
This sounds just a little bit off after listening to the video version.
cath erina (4 years ago)
kinda want to make me listen to rather be -clean bandit. u have a very good song!
Davers1352 (4 years ago)
love your music !!!!!1
Adriana Gräfe (4 years ago)
Dieses Lied ist richtig geil ,mach weiter so kiesza
MrCastoro1983 (4 years ago)
so 90's <3
trookers (4 years ago)
such a shame i never saw here before her chart song called hideaway, this girl had some nice songs before ^^
Jessica Müller (4 years ago)
i think this will be her next song... on amazon it will be released on 22. Aug
BLACKZFINEST (4 years ago)
DamN This Girl Is HoT!! Energetic, Special,

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