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[OPTC Story] Deep-Sea Aphotic Zone to Ryugu Palace - Ch.14: Showdown: Hody Jones - F2P Luffy+

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Text Comments (10)
GrimReaper 196 (1 year ago)
Is there another replacement for colo apoo?
gatsu86 EU (1 year ago)
or ts brook
GrimReaper 196 (1 year ago)
7 DAYS OPTC Thanks
7 DAYS OPTC (1 year ago)
2nd anniversary ace (INT)
Marc HM (1 year ago)
I dropped the story mode Hody Jones but it only appears that i can evolve him into his str version only, there is no option to evolve him into the qck version. Might be a bug.
Marc HM (1 year ago)
Thank you
Kayzax (1 year ago)
Qck Version comes with the next island.
Kayzax (1 year ago)
This was a very easy Story Island.
max mustermann (1 year ago)
nice videos dude, i love that lil mad kid who always dislikes (probably some nub who doesnt have sabo max ._.)
7 DAYS OPTC (1 year ago)
thank you sir! <3

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