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6ix9ine & Nicki Minaj - “FEFE” PARODY (Official Announcement)

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Bart Baker (5 months ago)
Hey guys! I know a lot of you have been wondering whats going on and here is the truth! Please subscribe to my new channel - https://www.youtube.com/lilkloroxxx - and watch comment and LIKE (really important) my new video that is on there! Thank you guys so much and Parodies are coming starting with FEFE!!! - Bart
Sira Traore (21 days ago)
Je tador
Dyosa Redondo (4 months ago)
No i want BTS - DNA parody please
Please do No Tears Left To Cry Parody or God Is A Women Parody
Dyosa Redondo (4 months ago)
Can you do kpop parody please
lily blu (5 months ago)
So where exactly was the "truth" lol??
Omar Awik (4 days ago)
your song gave me cringe💔
Nah Lyrics (4 days ago)
YouTuBe killed Bart Baker in the years 2015-2017
Larrtica Gates (7 days ago)
Larrtica Gates (7 days ago)
Make more parodys now we all love you best parodies ever
Harrison Payne (18 days ago)
sophia baade (18 days ago)
Did you actually get a tattoo on your face ?looks good!
Nooo no fefe
Millie Dolan (27 days ago)
He's changed.:(
HoneyMSM (1 month ago)
No brainer! Make *another one!*
Sophie Moon (1 month ago)
Anyone else been watching bart for years? I've been watching him since I was 8 and now I'm 13
Christal (1 month ago)
lil klorox😂 i love that name dk why
THE MAES (1 month ago)
No brainer
Lynn Kayee (1 month ago)
The channel still doesn't have 100k lol
Yeah,thats what iwant to tell I don't want you to get hurt but ur going too demon look at ur videos I subs u since I was 7 years old with my cousin
Little Mixer (1 month ago)
FaZe Lynx (1 month ago)
Do billy by 6ix9ine
The MUSICUBER (2 months ago)
no brainer parody plz
Patricia Ann Taylor (2 months ago)
Johnnys Journey (2 months ago)
*tekashi parody*
shaheedha nazeer (2 months ago)
Do a no brainer parody
Ak 47 (2 months ago)
No brainer
Kitty Kats (2 months ago)
Bruh! I love yo parodies don’t listen to the people screeching in your ear XD
Ado Antonescu (2 months ago)
Where is the parrody?
Sam gutierrez (3 months ago)
6ix9ine. Stoopid parody pls
HairBall Vlogs (3 months ago)
Your lil kloraxxx!?!??
epic axe (3 months ago)
Don't stop joke bro
Adriel Flores (3 months ago)
Do a Bebe Parody of 69
ARDA Danii (3 months ago)
Zildjian Bersano (3 months ago)
Fuck off bashers
nightcore lover (3 months ago)
Do talyor swift are h ready for it because I love the demon her hhahhahahahahahahawha
Dragon Ball Fan (3 months ago)
How are people saying click bait it literally says " Official Announcement "
andreas Hamilton (3 months ago)
Lil klrook
andreas Hamilton (3 months ago)
No brainer
Sara Xoxo (3 months ago)
Love u and always will bart dont care what u do❤❤
Your Ugly Homie (3 months ago)
You look like the oldest teenager.
Kayne Obie (4 months ago)
Keep making them
C.Ronaldo (4 months ago)
Plz Plz Plz No Brainer Parody!!!
SNOWMAN SMITH (4 months ago)
Do freaky Friday lil dicky and Chris brown
Kamiah The Great (4 months ago)
No brainer.
Miracle Agomuoh (4 months ago)
please sub to my channel I make song covers Reply done and I'll sub back
Page Dead (4 months ago)
Galaxir e (4 months ago)
this is it chief (4 months ago)
you're lame as fuck bro
Tyler (4 months ago)
MAKE A NO BRAINER PARODY (doesn’t Justin look like an old trucker )😂
Bleu Delgado (4 months ago)
Man i thought this was actually a parody
Ksenya Ksenya (4 months ago)
Your parody so smart! Great dude)
player one (4 months ago)
Stop trying be a real rapper when you got your name making fun of rappers stick with what you know stay in your lane before someone takes you out for being fake
Olivia Keen (4 months ago)
No brainer
Amber Hill (4 months ago)
NO BRAINERRRRR! ❤(Lil Klorrox)
LiL Wayne VEVO (4 months ago)
#Clickbait 🍀
rekt you bish (4 months ago)
Create another parody probably Eminem kamikaze
I’m a Cactus (4 months ago)
No brainer parody!!!!! Like if you agree
Just Friends (4 months ago)
Yes no brainer
Koenraad Braun (4 months ago)
This is a joke right?
Romontie Allen (4 months ago)
Bro ik every day
Alevia R-Plyam (4 months ago)
This explains a lot thank you, I just hope you don’t act like lil kloraxx in real life.
Lainey Starr (4 months ago)
Hes still super fucking sexy soo
Riya Bhatt (4 months ago)
Fuck you bart if you ever tried to make no brainer parody
Alan corsaut (4 months ago)
Keep up the awesome work the lil kloroxxx thing is working for you prom queen was legit. Your wiping lil windex out.
Moses Fernandez (4 months ago)
No brainer
individual 0 (4 months ago)
No brainer
Void Angelic (4 months ago)
GUYS! that shit was good, so stfu
Alejah Griego (4 months ago)
do no brainer
Justin Y (4 months ago)
He’s cringe now
RandomMemer27 (4 months ago)
HAiKALFox (4 months ago)
The more i see him the more i think he looks like Convolk.
Soskii R51 (4 months ago)
No brainer
Jayce Is Playing Games (4 months ago)
No Brainer
Busterton 39 (4 months ago)
No brainer
Karis Ovuru (4 months ago)
Chronic Milk (4 months ago)
Andrew Kegel (4 months ago)
make no brainer parody please
The first Guardian (4 months ago)
No brainer
The first Guardian (4 months ago)
No brainet
Joel Sitairo (4 months ago)
Finally. Thank you
atharva kambli (4 months ago)
Make no brainer parody
Melendez Castañeda (4 months ago)
Bts 👍👍💞💟
Jake Mayne (4 months ago)
Do an xxx song parody
IDK KDI (4 months ago)
Brent Merritt (4 months ago)
Do no brainer
Bxby Slayy (4 months ago)
LegendaryMaxy (4 months ago)
No Brainer
John Mark's (4 months ago)
Who else clicked cuz they thought it was the parody video
Tracey Johnson (4 months ago)
do xxx rip xxx
Keiko Ayumi (4 months ago)
Do "no brainer" yo!!
Venkatesh Punekar (4 months ago)
I was here for parody 😂
Kenny McCromick (4 months ago)
Make A X Parody Sad Or Moonlight
FORBIDDEN MEMES (4 months ago)
Do lucid dreams
Super_Dar Dar (4 months ago)
TayNewNerd Frazier (4 months ago)
Fuck with it
Tb Wezie (4 months ago)
Bro what happened to the video
Cheatah Dc Your Next (4 months ago)
We Want "No Brainer"
Belieber Thingz (4 months ago)
Hehe I for some reason I find his sense of humor attractive... I'm a weirdo!😏
Lisha Torres (4 months ago)
yes no brainer
Archeologiamisterica (4 months ago)
Poor Bart, I get you, you are having issues with you tube because now you can no longer make fun of anything unless they say it's hate speech! Love lil kloroxxx, people didn't even get it's a joke, they think you are serious... IQ is getting lower...
Abdulrahman Mohamud (4 months ago)
No brainer
Official C-Frost (4 months ago)
Lets work! Cant stand Lil Windex JS
ka mar (4 months ago)
Fuck lil klorox Bart we need you

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