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Most AMAZING Hotel Rooms!

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Check out the most amazing hotel rooms! These amazing suites look like awesome resorts to spend a night at! Subscribe For New Videos! http://goo.gl/UIzLeB Watch our "AMAZING Places Around The World!" video here: https://youtu.be/xdWeyQ86cPM Watch our "Most MYSTERIOUS Structures In The World!" video here: https://youtu.be/ZEUfITeNw7k Watch our "AMAZING Animal Superpowers!" video here: https://youtu.be/RWrJtOVN_y4 Tags: most, amazing, hotel, rooms, hotel rooms, amazing hotel rooms, most amazing hotel rooms, room, hotel room, resort, resorts, amazing resorts, amazing resort, accomodation, accomodations, amazing accomodation, amazing accomodations, suite, suites, lodging, lodge, lodges, amazing lodging, amazing lodges, amazing lodge, amazing suites, amazing suite, list, top, top list
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Text Comments (1508)
Midnight Turbo Foxy (1 day ago)
Lets gooooo 👿
jj a (1 day ago)
My girls moans are gonna sound like an opera😅
jj a (1 day ago)
We living in the fure🤤glass igloo 😏
jj a (1 day ago)
So they painted it in the jungle?
jj a (1 day ago)
Look chief this ivory sink was made from the tusk of the mother of that young elephant you see before you😭
Noah murray (5 days ago)
I like you alot your so kind
Jim Bob (6 days ago)
0:15 my favorite giraffe manor
ERKAN _ (6 days ago)
4:43 that is not that cold xd JK that really cold
Una Autumn (7 days ago)
My sister in law just stayed at the ice hotel!
Lugano Nsubisi (11 days ago)
Search singita room in tanzania country
Phoenix Rayne (12 days ago)
Surrounded by the ocean sounds real fun... Until you discover Megladon...
ogi Drapic (14 days ago)
I want to go to the sixth one so bad 😭😫
beef nacos (14 days ago)
I'm not paying to sleep in 58 degrees
Robin Rosander (16 days ago)
I want to go to the Giraffe Hotel. That would be soooo awesome.
jedsart jedsart (17 days ago)
Ow wow a robotic hotel cool! 😎
jedsart jedsart (17 days ago)
I seen a video on the ice hotel already it's famous.
Juveria Rahman (18 days ago)
Sorry i don't want to wake up from a bad dream a see an octopus in my window😰😰. Heartattack 😱
Jas WB (19 days ago)
they should slow down when they speak!
Amy Zhan (19 days ago)
Pop Mine (19 days ago)
So many voice cracks...
Antti S (27 days ago)
Suomi mainittu Torilla Tavataan PERKELE
Roxie Kelley (1 month ago)
If I see it coming and I am eating I wood 🏃 run run
I would go to number 1 but wat if at night u turn on lights u see a big ass shark lookin straight at ya OH He'll NAW
Brian j Nunez (1 month ago)
They fought hard to create such isolation in the woods and make a world that is different but as a hail to the chef architecture they feel is condusive
Brian j Nunez (1 month ago)
They Are as they wore
Bonny Heirangkhongjam (1 month ago)
Ice hotel no4 Sweden Juk kas jar vi !!!!! That how you should spell.!!
Johan Sunnberg (1 month ago)
I ❤️ your personality like it was a great cool video thank you
Johan Sunnberg (1 month ago)
The hennnna one no thank you
Johan Sunnberg (1 month ago)
Kakslauttanen looks so cool going there when I am returning to mother Patrice Sweden this was so fun thank you 😊
anshumaan chandra (1 month ago)
8:00 remember FROZEN??
Mina Kumcuoğlu (1 month ago)
No is Bodrum
susan jokela (1 month ago)
4:33 i’m proud to live in Finland
Benjapha Yongsakul (1 month ago)
I went to the igloo one
NightOwl (1 month ago)
hell no to the robot hotel I want real ppl, no to ice hotel and hell no to the underwater hotel, I would love to go to the igloo one but 58° is too cold for me
Hepsi Finney (2 months ago)
Project zorgo is watching you
Xinyu LIU (2 months ago)
Shofna Begum (2 months ago)
When you’re like “wow! I definitely wanna go there” but then realise you can’t afford that sh*t 😂😂
Ashiela Prandita (2 months ago)
I like hotel Ho have robot
Aarav Sinha (2 months ago)
I'm going to the Ice Hotel now, 'coz if God grants Trump his wish (of Global Warming coming back), it'll go down fast.
Aarav Sinha (2 months ago)
After I saw photos of the ICE hotel, I thought- "Dammit, my sister would love to go there, looks just like that Elsa princesses' palace!!!"
Алёнка DIY (2 months ago)
And most expensive
Sara Ayman (2 months ago)
*Ariana Grande entered the chat*
Frisk Dreemurr (2 months ago)
this video was good until she said octopi
/: (2 months ago)
Daniela Dimova (2 months ago)
WOW! All of the hotels are super cool!
My Queendom !!! (2 months ago)
I Don't Like The Robot Hotel And I Will NEVER EVER GO THERE!!!! Are You Sure This wasn't Siri's Idea To Take Over The World?!?!?!?!?!?.!.!.!?!?
Annas Gym (2 months ago)
The ice hotel actually started in Quebec FYI
UnicornGaming TV (2 months ago)
I'm sure you're missing one... Capsule Hotel, Tokyo.
bernadeth miguel (2 months ago)
Ice hotel was really insane 😱
under taker (2 months ago)
Her voice sounds so rough it keeps Peking and cracking sounds like she struggling to keep it regular
Janella Marie Miranda (2 months ago)
Try this trip! https://www.dolphinscuba.com/trips/Little-cayman-resort
Noah Ashton (2 months ago)
Lol idk why I found this funny xD
Bella army love BTS (2 months ago)
Wow! I Wanna be tHere!!
Volleybal_Is_Life (2 months ago)
Here in Wisconsin, it is -50 degrees Fahrenheit with windchill. I have NO heating in my room.
Diana Hakouk (2 months ago)
All of the hotels are amazing
Cheryl T (2 months ago)
I have so much respect for you for admitting that you don't know how to pronounce something. Some YouTubers just plunge along with no regard for how people feel when there home place is mispronounced. So, thank you.
Rosita Baquiran (2 months ago)
1 is best
KKaisi KKaiselgruber (2 months ago)
If they didn't use "retard units" i would be soooo happy..
KonoIsAwesome 1234 (2 months ago)
Dan Lewis (2 months ago)
You forgot the Presidential Suite at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York City. I swear it rivals Buckingham Palace ($10,000/night)
living in Wonderland (2 months ago)
I knew about the kakslauttanen arctic resort. I always wanted to stay there. Growing up in Florida the cold and snow fascinate me so much and the northern lights look so unreal and beautiful. I wish I could travel but I can't miss work😞
My Fake Name (3 months ago)
Novus Ordo Seclorum, Novus meaning New , doesnt take a linguist to recognize the similarity between the words. Ordo meaning Order, again these words have clear similarity. Seclorum meaning Ages, what the fuck...? Im no cunning linguist but Seclorum sounds a lot more like Secular.
Who notices she kept saying “phere” and not “sphere”?
HayHayIsCrayCray 1256 (3 months ago)
8:06 Only a $100 a night?!?! That’s how much money my Retainer costs xd
wolf galaxy (3 months ago)
id luv to go to the robot hotel
Lorenzo Lovato (3 months ago)
The Plane Hotel Is a house.
LuLu Luna (3 months ago)
Giraffe's that to me would be great.
Le greatest TACO (3 months ago)
1 is the best!
Pinoy Pride Channel (3 months ago)
Best hotel in the world https://youtu.be/a4PlKsRrmCw
Pinoy Pride Channel (3 months ago)
Ariel Bennett (3 months ago)
Well I found $6435a making system that is really working:(just go to)
Maddie L (3 months ago)
Kamilla Iqbal (3 months ago)
Nice. Thanks for the video.
Instant Billionaire (3 months ago)
Hell no robots... Who support this... Creepy
k w (3 months ago)
10 would definitely be a no for me i don't play about food. And those animals would give me a heart attack that close to me while I'm eating. Lol
Pitbullsaredabest Woof (3 months ago)
In the ice hotel I’ll just lick all the ice 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Heidi s (3 months ago)
We have a Treehouse Hotel in Washington State as well...It’s called Treehouse Point in Fall City, WA... beautiful place!!!
Insha Merchant (3 months ago)
Someone else wants to go to all these AMAZING hotels ? Please hit the LIKE button down below
Linseigh Green (3 months ago)
#5 is an automatonophobe’s worst nightmare
Msp Lillan0258 (3 months ago)
I live in Kiruna Sweden about 15 min away from the ice hotel every winter I go visiting over a day to look at all the amazing work they put in to the hotel!! I absolutely recommend to go there it’s so much fun to experience it! It’s a one in a lifetime experience that absolutely is worth going to!
Angel Sines (3 months ago)
Ok like all of them
Sara Charron (3 months ago)
An amazing animal like that needs to eat to
Lorena Bocku (3 months ago)
This hotels are amazing and cute i gone visit all of this hotels room?!?!?!?🏤🏤🏤🏠🏠🏡🏡🏡🏨🏨🏨🏨🏩🏩🏩
chelce tie vlogs (3 months ago)
The clear ones are not for me because if I need to change I’ll me watched but if there’s curtains than yes
Kpop is Life (3 months ago)
the japanese one is really interesting but I still prefer Korea.
ChimeInWithSochima (3 months ago)
I want to visit all of these, you are crazy if you don’t.
Jas WB (19 days ago)
people are not crazy for not going there . some people don't have the money too do that.
kulsum Khan (3 months ago)
I stayed in all the hotels that shows in the video
kulsum Khan (3 months ago)
Thats amazing
Teuta Ilyriana (3 months ago)
The underwater hotel makes you feel like an Atlantan.:) I want!!!
Tamera Tychansky (3 months ago)
did she mean "schools of fish" but pronounced schools wrong? because she said shools......
Veronica Kendel (3 months ago)
Future hotel all the way!
Jennifer Refinnej (3 months ago)
I wish that i coud live in one of those hotels FOREVER
青Blujay Gamer (3 months ago)
Haley Jade (3 months ago)
sharingan draft pick (3 months ago)
Yay I want to sleep in Sandy's home
Son of Hecate (6 days ago)
I bet that Elsa from *Frozen* can make her own Icehotel.
MiniatureLabyrinth (3 months ago)
The icehotel is fucking amazing, been there before.
Sutapa Mudi (3 months ago)
I liked the Henn-na hotel 😊😊😊
tas boolaky (3 months ago)
The bubbles hotel is also find in Mauritius......
Dashaway Magic (3 months ago)
I loved the one in Japan
Andy M (3 months ago)
Number 2,a voyeurs dream,pass,hideous is the best way to explain that monstrosity.
Lady Lotus (3 months ago)
#4 is beautiful but totally impractical.. Maybe menopausal women would enjoy it but other than that 😬 #2 even with a private road,still too open for me

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