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WORST performances of ALL TIME

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Text Comments (8831)
CaolanDoesStuff (1 hour ago)
I hate mariah couldn't care less Carey with a passion
saulyteS (5 hours ago)
6:23 Mariah Carey
Katlin Cooper (13 hours ago)
At least justin beiber turn around instead barfing all over the people
pamela MP (15 hours ago)
Mariah is a bitch
beebo! at the disco (16 hours ago)
lip syncers are the worst. its like, theyre famous for something cant cant even do properly? if they were professional enough and they could sing well, they wouldnt have to lip sync. and theres thousands of ordinary people with incredible voices that arent noticed by anyone.
Quajhonita Martin (17 hours ago)
Huh mariahhhhhhh STFU go sit down she look dumb af
Quajhonita Martin (17 hours ago)
Miley just talking she look the fool who dressed her 🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️
Quajhonita Martin (17 hours ago)
Wtf Ashlee 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 she look fucking lost
Quajhonita Martin (17 hours ago)
Wtf Iggy bihhhhhhh huh 🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️
Liana Gonzalez (19 hours ago)
Wtf happened with Mariah
Taylor taps ASMR (1 day ago)
Christina’s wasn’t bad at all
Mil Sykes (1 day ago)
*ye shotty do the anaheim roll*
Edgy (1 day ago)
WOW mariah. Thats a sad performance
GachaGirl gg (1 day ago)
No joke,my first name is Gretchen.
kay (1 day ago)
Selena what the fuck
Ruby Whitfield (2 days ago)
Mariah’s was literally atrocious.
Ruby Whitfield (2 days ago)
Christina shouldn’t be here. She was going through a divorce at the time, and is only here because she messed up two lines. Leave her be. Her talent is impeccable.
Jade Molloy (2 days ago)
*Ariana lip syncs* : _oh its alright at least we know she can sing her voice just needs "a break."_ *Selena lip syncs* : _ugh shes so dumb, why would she lip sync live the whole point is to hear her sing in person._
BlytheWorld1972 (2 days ago)
Christina Aguilera's was not bad she just over sang it that is all trying to hard when she did not need to she has a fab vocal ..
D.R Conly (2 days ago)
I saw mariah , i think i was about 18 so at least 27 years ago. She did a duet with boyz to men which was pretaped and was meant to make us think that it was a live stream. It was so terrible and Mariah Carey kinda started the expensive ticketing prices at the newly built Sydney entertainment centre. Man it was a terrible concert. $270 a seat. Lip syncing galore and she got caught out miming on her high notes and heaps of people booed. It was the highlight of the night. She cannot sing those high notes. Its all computers. She cheats with pitch controllers . I dont get it. She is so ugly and has the fattest arse thats always hidden with camera tricks. She definately is the biggest diva in the world with iggy azalea on her heals. Iggy is just a big fuckwit too.
jisoo want chicken (2 days ago)
Mariah you dumb bitch you're supposed to sing your song not the audience
MarsFire (3 days ago)
Ok what’s up with Mariah set. It sounded fine background vocals why didn’t she sing. Live I’m still not understanding she said it failed.
MarsFire (3 days ago)
What’s wrong with Tina. She. Sounds amazing. Let the haters try and do this live in front of millions people. Let’s face it Whitney killed it but it was pre recorded.
New Yorker (3 days ago)
There's a clip of Gaga vomiting but still continued performing like she's not feeling sick. Gaga is just really a legend. That's ok, bieber.
Nash pinder (3 days ago)
I have emetaphobia. Why did I watch the first one
Nerfboi1 (3 days ago)
Am I the only one that actually kinda liked Iggys rap???
Nerfboi1 (3 days ago)
Am I the only one that actually kinda liked Iggys rap???
Nerfboi1 (3 days ago)
Am I the only one that actually kinda liked Iggys rap???
sophia (3 days ago)
christina aguilera wasn’t bad except at the end when she tried to add all the extra parts
ForensicScience Fan (3 days ago)
What was Mariah's alleged technical difficulty? Judging by her speaking voice at the event, and knowing "Emotions" very well... I doubt she could have hit most of the notes. Was THAT the technical difficulty?
Milly Parkers (4 days ago)
Stop trying to make fetch happen
Rimocide (4 days ago)
4:52 bruh this man is having a heart-attack.
Ariana Slowed down (4 days ago)
What was Justin Bieber supposed to do? Keep singing after he threw up? That’s not how getting sick works-
Loren Hanson (4 days ago)
ha omg selena was so mad sis needa chill
I now hate Mariah Carey.
Valkyrie PhantomCain (4 days ago)
ah shit i saw a shit
Melanie (4 days ago)
Molly Dolly (4 days ago)
4:16 I don’t get what was wrong with it?
Christian Dixie (5 days ago)
Mariah has the best fails than any other artists so.. a win-win I guess?😂
Sakun Rai (5 days ago)
Christina's national anthem was not fail she just oversing the song🤣🤣
Mileza Villamero (5 days ago)
when u get old ur voice slowly gone specialy no have practice and longtime no singing it's normal to be lost voice
Leni (6 days ago)
Why when these singers sing national anthems they always gotta make it so crazy?!
Julianna Grace (6 days ago)
Everyone has bad days
Michael Babalola (6 days ago)
I am brightness up emergency room gay bummer for you to do buddy do not want to go to Merida game then you read in his sugar Do you know. Michelle14 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💗💗💗💗
JensYT (6 days ago)
Yeah, live is a bitch!
khairil ezwan (6 days ago)
You missed the best one, Madonna Ray of light 2005 live where she sounded like a chicken who was kicked in the balls.
Fairly Vague (7 days ago)
Why does getting caught lip syncing destroy your career immediately?? Some people, lots of singers have built their entire careers on lip syncing lol
Sister Snatched a wiG (7 days ago)
Tf. Justin had to let the vomit out. It's a natural human body thing. I mean it's embarrassing, but vomiting hurts bad..and he was lip syncing because he was sick. When you throw up, you can't really use your vocals. Ariana Grande was sick, but I mean she probably didn't have to throw up at the moment 🤷
Cherie Wang (7 days ago)
Did Mariah even perform? She didn't even do the whistle notes did she? I heard her talking through them
Ana.Carolina (8 days ago)
Miley is ugly and zero talent!!!!!
Susan Chilumbu (8 days ago)
Miley was a complete diffrent person.
E E (8 days ago)
Justin’s isn’t that bad like cmon give him some credit he just puked on stage
Also Justin Bieber lipsynced at the 1. One
Chad Hunter (8 days ago)
OK so Christina had one bad part her voice started scratching but doesn’t mean it was one of the worst performances ever because she killed it
Emma Jane (8 days ago)
**fergie has left the chat**
Kasey-ann Lane (8 days ago)
Christina Aguilera was NOT bad mate fucking fergie was Jheez
Ayo Mane (9 days ago)
Christina Aguilera actually sounded good, your opinions are now declared invalid
Jose Torres (9 days ago)
Mariah is a bitch! Just look at her dumb face!
Kharime Vite (9 days ago)
The thing is, why is a list full of girls? There’s guy singers that lip sinc too
Desy Mallie (9 days ago)
Christiana wasn’t even that bad at all like bwtf
carmen lb (9 days ago)
Ariana Grande Fan (9 days ago)
I feel like Christina enhanced the national anthem
Shelby yeEt (9 days ago)
A Miley’s performance was iconic we have to admit
Shelby yeEt (9 days ago)
To be fair, all snl performances are lip syncing, it’s in the contact type thing, bc it’s live
iguess ig (9 days ago)
Anyone else noticed Justin throw up disappeared
Asmr MyLoveToU (10 days ago)
Australians rap like that though lol I saw an Australian guy rapping like this on the UK but was rapping to reggae music lol that's how they do
Beverly Stewart (10 days ago)
Jewel Bass (10 days ago)
The Mariah one irritates me because people pay a lot of money to go to things like this, and she just didn't care. I get some things happen and her voice might not have been in the best shape, but she should at least try to put on a good performance. I've always been a fan of Mariah' s music, but this isn't it sis.
AlphaJumbo (10 days ago)
You shouldve put fergie singing the national anthem
Stéphanie Tanner (10 days ago)
I’m Canadian so I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ what she messed up
Stéphanie Tanner (10 days ago)
0:09 look I’m not a belieber but what do you want him to do keep throwing up on people?! Ok and if y see dis reply what u would if u got sick in the middle of ur performance
Mary Bear (11 days ago)
miley was on drugs there 😂
Sir. Moonlight (11 days ago)
Miley wasn't bad its *Goooood*
Laya Rajee (11 days ago)
Iggy aezlea no joke stole the first part of her freestyle from kendrick
Kitty Meow (11 days ago)
Mich'ele.heitz (11 days ago)
Before watching this im expecting to see fergie. I'll edit this when i find out. Edit: were the hell was fergies performance? Cause that was a mess.
Angeline Mveng (12 days ago)
Christina did well. A little off note. Y'all too much.
Idk what was wrong with Christina’s bc I’m Australian did she fuck up the lyrics?
Teetee Scott (12 days ago)
Mariah is a ego maniac it wasn't that bad
Scissors Boi (12 days ago)
Christina is good but I feel like she did too much
carolyn smith (13 days ago)
See this Instagram video by @billydakiid https://www.instagram.com/p/ubRJVTRLsa/?utm_source=ig_web_button_native_share
Andrés FRR (13 days ago)
WFT Mariah
lol this video has 6.9 million Views
Shannon Carney (13 days ago)
I love how Mariah is the thumbnail LOL
Ryan Greer (13 days ago)
Christina did amazing 😉 fergige did hella badge
Avery Futrelle (13 days ago)
During Christina's performance I was waiting for a voice crack.
Tiger Smith (13 days ago)
Love that this has 6.9 million views
Annie Foy (13 days ago)
I think selena's was the worst cause she didn't even keep her cool she just swore and got mad at the people behind stage
Joey Denver (13 days ago)
If you want a bad national anthem fergie just entered the chat.
Queenyla !! (13 days ago)
elaina fowler (13 days ago)
Whitney Houston still has the best national anthem singing of all time babyyyyy! Not only did she get the lyrics correct.... butttt she absolutely killed it!!
Jessica Doro (13 days ago)
And Mariah is an absolute legend it isn’t her fault her equipment wasn’t working
Jessica Doro (13 days ago)
What was wrong with Christina? She was amazing
Slime Besitos Official (13 days ago)
Iggy tho.
cяαzү ρяιηcεss (13 days ago)
What the actual hell Mariah
Aryon Baker (13 days ago)
christina did good just forgot the words and the end was bad. 😂😂
Caio Antonio (13 days ago)
Miley's 2013 VMA shouldn't be there that was just amazing
Tyrone Chance (14 days ago)
I’d take Mariah’s New Year’s Eve performance over any of today’s singers tbh she still sounds better then most of the worlds singers!, and I think she handled it like a pro, because if sang, the world would have just said “she sounds awful, she can’t sing anymore” 🙄 so either way she would have been criticised!
Its Korasu (14 days ago)
Christina’s performance was good though? Okay then bud
Ju's Outdoors (14 days ago)
Lmao Justin Bieber is so talented that he can sing while vomit is pouring out of his mouth!!

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