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WORST performances of ALL TIME

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Text Comments (7676)
I got Diabetes (3 hours ago)
I do not know what's wrong with Christina's performance.. can someone please explain this to me??!
hello hello (9 hours ago)
I think iggy was just drunk😂
Bonnie Lockwood (14 hours ago)
And then came Fergie.
Serenity Areopagita (16 hours ago)
Why mariah is on thumbnail?
Alexia Herrera (20 hours ago)
I was about to write a comment in about how I thought Christina agulera sounded really good...then I heard that last note. I was like yeett. 😂 Edit: didn’t mean to hurt no ones feelings, this is just my opinion.
XxLivxX💛 (1 day ago)
They forgot Fergies national anthem it was worse.
Sam Armstrong (1 day ago)
christina agulara frickin rocked that national anthem! she made it her own and thats what makes it so good. maybe the last note was a bit off like but all in all i dont think it sounded bad
angie (1 day ago)
they cant sing live all the time,, they tour for months their vocal chords would be wrecked if they sang every show live
rachel kikoak (2 days ago)
Miley is so far from sexy
Jackson Horan (2 days ago)
Who else paused at 4:35 and screenshot
PINHEAD ll (2 days ago)
Sophia Lewellen (2 days ago)
Christina was amazing!
Kaitlyn Bassford (2 days ago)
For all the people that don’t understand why Christina’s performance was on the list it is because she messed up the lyrics. She did not sound terrible. She was amazing. She just mixed up two lines.
Gabriella Angeles (2 days ago)
What was wrong with cristina?
In This Life I lead (2 days ago)
Bill Overbeck (2 days ago)
You will now become a rider on the storm. Riders on the storm! Riders on the storm! Like a dog without a bone, an actor on a loan! Riders on the storm!
Imani Chatterjee (3 days ago)
5:58 Aaron Rodgers!!!
Gago Alaverdyan (3 days ago)
Miley's VMAs performance was ICONIC. There are no other variants.
sixtyton angel (3 days ago)
Beiber is a giant wet stinky pussy.
Bill Overbeck (2 days ago)
1, 2, 3, 4! I'm a hand in Mona Lisa's dress! I'm a smile on every criminal you'll ever acquit! I'm the things you've done you'd never admit! 'Cause one hand is on the Bible and the other's in shit! Right now, your face is in the crowd! I'm shouting out loud, the one you counted out of the game! Oh wow, take a good look at me now! Should have never had a doubt! Is that you I hear screaming my name?
Matilda .K (3 days ago)
Justin Bieber Gross 😷 Miley Cyrus cringe 😕 Christina disappointing😟 Mariah ridiculous 😒
Matilda .K (2 days ago)
+Bill Overbeck u should steal the show on Nicki! 😱😊😏😍
Bill Overbeck (2 days ago)
Take advantage of tonight! 'Cause tomorrow I'm also doin' bad! Perform for a princess! But tonight, I can make you my queen! And make love to you endless! This is insane the way the name growin'! Money keep flowin'! Hustlers move aside! So, I'm tiptoein', to keep flowin'! I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan!
SARISS80 (3 days ago)
I"d be mad as HELL if Bieber vomits on me, I paid to see him sing not wear his vomit, Gross!
Bill Overbeck (2 days ago)
Put it on my life, baby. I'll make you feel right, baby. He promised tomorrow, but I promise tonight, dale.
“I’m just gonna throw up in front of these girls and they will make it a Starbucks drink”
Carmina W (3 days ago)
Christina Aguilera was really good but she was just being a little more extra
Doodfrumspace11 (3 days ago)
Anyone feel sick after seeing this
Princess Deonna (3 days ago)
Miley was going through it 😂😂
4:27 I'm Canadian so can someone fill me in on where she messed up?
Christina Aguilera’s wasn’t mad it was just too long and you can tell the players wanted her to hurry up
Mia Esteve Spencer (4 days ago)
Christina Aguilera: *sings american national anthem* Helicopters: *have left the chat*
Bill Overbeck (3 days ago)
Look what we've become, now you're messed up in my thoughts, thinking of you being with someone else well it's eating me up inside! Now we've ran our course and we know that we're okay!
KidA (4 days ago)
I thought Christina was okay, not her best but still a good performance
Galylea Chavez (4 days ago)
I’ll miss iggys success 😪 I liked black widow baby ✨
RUORNG? (4 days ago)
I was at the concert when Justin threw up, lmfao
Aeryn Taylor (4 days ago)
The thing is this video has 6.3m views but this channel has 35k subscribers Why cant talk just simply tap a button it's not that hard
Aeryn Taylor (4 days ago)
Jaw dropped for Miley and robin
bob johanson (5 days ago)
Christina showed every pipe she had. I missed Mariah singing.
Ashley Geary (5 days ago)
Christina was good
Nabiha WDW 4EVER (5 days ago)
Angela Campbell (5 days ago)
I remember watching the Ashley Simpson one lol
Wais Nordin (5 days ago)
just want to remember ur all that : no one is perfect lol
Lily Len (5 days ago)
I didn’t get Christina’s one
CakiePieSquared (5 days ago)
I don't think anyone here realizes that it's not so much that Christina Aguilera sounded bad as it was that she completely fucked up the lyrics to the NATIONAL ANTHEM.
Bill Overbeck (2 days ago)
Take me on a date, I deserve a break! And don't forget the flowers every anniversary! Cause if you treat me right, I'll lead a perfect life! Buying groceries, bu-buying what you need!
During Christina Aguilera’s performance everybody looked confused AF
Bill Overbeck (3 days ago)
That's because lately, they've been, they've been thinking, they want her to be happier, they want her to be happier. Even though they might not like this, they want her to be happier, they want her to be happier.
L Meto (6 days ago)
selena can’t sing, can’t act but she has a disease and she dated Justin that help her to stay relevant ... or NOT
Bill Overbeck (6 days ago)
Now baby baby baby why you wanna wanna hurt me so bad? I tried to tell my momma, but she told me this one for your dad! Yes she did! I was like ugh, WHY?! Ugh, WHY?! Ugh, WHY, LADEEUUAAGH?! OHWA! I LOVE YOU! OH! I STILL LOVE YOOOOUUUUU!!! OHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
Elle Fox (6 days ago)
is it just her screaming, or.... singing?.... or did she mess a word or two
Bill Overbeck (6 days ago)
You would not believe your eyes if ten million fireflies lit up the world as I fell asleep! Cause they fill the open air and leave teardrops everywhere! You'd think me rude but I would just stand and...STARE. I'd like to make myself believe that planet Earth turns slowly...it's hard to say that I'd rather stay awake when I'm asleep, 'cause everything is never as it seems! I fall asleep!
Miranda N (6 days ago)
I remember watching Mariah’s New Years performance on live tv and god what was that? She could’ve at least tried
Bill Overbeck (6 days ago)
May I be shown, the man I have inside......may I be shown, the thing that swallows my priiiiiiiiIIIIIIDE! I TRIED....TO HIDE....FROM THE LANDSLIDE!!! I cannot hide the staaaaaakes...of my miiiiind! I cannot free what's in meeeeeeee! It's been there for all time....
hannah conti (6 days ago)
i hate miley cyrus
Bill Overbeck (6 days ago)
Baby you're all that I want! When you're lying here in my arms! I'm finding hard to believe...we're in Heaven!
PJ ChJ (6 days ago)
Mariah costume is far from class
Bill Overbeck (5 days ago)
You're so far away, so far away, so far away for far too long! Stop breathing if I can't see you anymore!
Mariah has a low IQ if it helps explain something.
Bill Overbeck (5 days ago)
Well, that is it guys, that is all! Five minutes in and I'm bored again! Ten years of this, I'm not sure if anybody understands! This one is not for the folks at home! Sorry to leave, mom, I had to go! Who the fuck wants to die alone all dried up in the desert sun?
Dezerea Horowitz (6 days ago)
How did Christina mess up lol by saying star spangled banner?
Dezerea Horowitz (6 days ago)
LMAO omg iggy nooo
LiFe WiTh GoLsA Golsa (6 days ago)
*videos starts* Me: *causally turns down volume*
Bill Overbeck (5 days ago)
Once a turning point? No more joy...I wanna ride three, idealistic boyyyeeeauugh! I drove right through the wind on everything from above! That was a game we used to play! Enter the third dimension, I'll show you Thor's kingdom! A choice, I bet, you will regret! I wanna help control so pass it to me, please!!! Loki is up there, so be careful for me, please! To hide my weakness, I'm a king of defeat, yeah!
Jojo Siwak (7 days ago)
Jojo Siwak (7 days ago)
Miley’s breaking her cervix
Teo (7 days ago)
the american national anthem sounds so weird, its like it doesnt have a melody
Rowdy There (7 days ago)
christina always goes forward and does the high notes
coco harm (7 days ago)
It seems like the national anthem is the one song that no entertainer in the music business can sing
Mary Ayen Opague (7 days ago)
No matter what happen. Mariah is still the LIVING LEGEND.
Princess Pilot (7 days ago)
Christina was good. That was back when people actually stood for the national anthem at least.
Gidgit VonLaRue (7 days ago)
Hmmmm Freddy Mercury never had these issues - probably because he was a professional and TRULY talented and sang live.
Bill Overbeck (7 days ago)
Party rock! Yeah! Whoo! Let's go! Party rock is in the house tonight! Everybody just have a good time! And we gon' make you lose your mind! We just wanna see you...shake that! Every day I'm shufflin'!
chantal J. Fina (7 days ago)
Christina's was not bad.
Chosen Promise (7 days ago)
" I laughed at 1:25 that's funny 😂💀
Its Jackie (7 days ago)
christina wasn’t bad like ferggie tho
Little Reborn Doves (8 days ago)
Mariah Carey fudged up
Bill Overbeck (7 days ago)
I'm gonna do it, do it, like I wanna do it! You won't show me like we ain't got nobody before! So I'm gonna give it, give it, like I wanna give! You won't show me like we ain't got nobody before! Hello, hello, hello, hello! Hello, hello, hello, hello!
Catshapped (8 days ago)
Justin Bieber was the worst
Bill Overbeck (7 days ago)
Riders on the storm! Riders on the storm! Into this house we're born, into this world we're thrown! Like a dog without a bone, an actor on a loan! Riders on the storm!
cesar martinez (8 days ago)
Haha I love how bands, back up dancers, etc just keep going. They’re like “well damn you may be fucking up but I don’t need to!
Bill Overbeck (7 days ago)
Baby baby, I feel crazy! Up all night, all night and every day!
Adeela Nisa (8 days ago)
lmao I think Christina did well, she was the chosen one for the national anthem.
aestheticgirl subs; (8 days ago)
Who is Serena Gámez?
aestheticgirl subs; (7 days ago)
+Bill Overbeck it's sarcasm
Bill Overbeck (7 days ago)
I don't wanna live forever! Cause I know I'll be living in pain! And I don't wanna shit wherever! I just wanna keep calling your name until you come back home! Whoa oh, oh!
Aissatou Bah (8 days ago)
Mariah is so stiff I can't
Bill Overbeck (7 days ago)
Well Mariah done done you, and you bet you felt it! You tried to be chill, but Mariah's so hot that you melted! You fell right through the cracks....and now you're trying to get back! Back where the cool don't run out depending on the season! It's all up to Thanos...whether he vanishes you or spares you! But you won't hesitate no more, no more! You cannot wait! Mariah is yours!
Julianna Canchola (8 days ago)
I actually saw the Mariah Carey one live! I was like wow that was the best singing I’ve ever heard from my idol.🙃🙄
Cian Narne (8 days ago)
Omg... Green Bay Packers from Pitch Perfect 2!!!😍😍😍
Savannah Martinez (8 days ago)
Christina’s was really amazing despite her mistakes and at least Mariah handled it well
Lily Fox (8 days ago)
What did Christina Aguilera do? That’s such a great preformence
morgan (8 days ago)
I watched Mariah’s performance live lol we were dying
Amanda W. (8 days ago)
Fergie National Anthem should be here too. I feel like as many times as Mariah has sung emotions she could have said "okay, let's stop and let me just sing it a capella" That would have been better than what she did. She's a vocalist. She could have done something better but she did make up for it with this past New Years Eve performance. It was much better.
Amanda W. (7 days ago)
+Bill Overbeck That song has nothing to do with my comment😂
Bill Overbeck (7 days ago)
Step one, you say we need to talk, Thanos walks. You say sit down, it's just a talk. Thanos smiles politely back at you, you stare politely right on through. Some sort of window to your right, as Thanos goes left and you stay right! Between the lines of the Infinity stones! You begin to wonder why you came! Where did you go wrong? You lost a friend! Somewhere along in the bitterness and you would have collected the Infinity stones, had you known of them before Thanos!
#Kra_ Zay'y (8 days ago)
I think Iggy's was the worst of all if I'm being real 🙄
Bill Overbeck (7 days ago)
Where were you? When everything was falling apart? All my days were spent by the telephone! That never rang, and all I needed was a call that never came! It's the corner of First on Amistad!
Itzel Gonzalez (8 days ago)
Who else is looking through the comments to see what was wrong
Sophia Marie (8 days ago)
i cringe so hard at mariahs
TheAmazingMew (8 days ago)
4:29 Fergie all over again LMAO
SweetPiee (9 days ago)
most of celebrities are lip syncing i don't know why this will ruin their career
Yohann Gorichon (9 days ago)
What Mariah Carey's doing on stage ? Is that playback ?
Yohann Gorichon (9 days ago)
Ashlee Simpson still has a career
it’s toni my dudes (9 days ago)
blurred lines is the worst song ever. its rapey if you ask me
Bill Overbeck (7 days ago)
But you know you want it! You know you want it! You know you want it! It's a good song! You can't let it get past you! Makes you wanna start dancing, go 'head get at it!
Honestly if you didn't put "ouch" on Christian's I would've had to go into the comments to find what was wrong with it because idk it just didn't seem like anything went wrong lol.
Isanel More (9 days ago)
Ok guys the national anthem is very hard to sing you cant blame them!
Elika Ka M (9 days ago)
What was wrong with Christina Aguilera?
Elika Ka M (3 days ago)
Sofie (3 days ago)
Elika Ka M Way too screamy and she messed up the lyrics
Mariah Carey was drunk af
Glorious Miller (9 days ago)
4:14 she was probably drunk or high
natureispuppyz (9 days ago)
Fatema Tawil (9 days ago)
When I saw Mariah Carey mess up me and my sister were like "ohhhhhhhhhhhhh noooooooo, no no no no no!
HL Watts (9 days ago)
I honestly think Mariah just couldn’t sing that song that night. Her inner ears weren’t working but she could still hear the play back. Notice how she walks and poses on beat 😂😂😂
Cate Frazer (9 days ago)
Mariah carey sucks.
Katherine Lien (9 days ago)
Where is Fergie's National Anthem?
Kamryn Orand (10 days ago)
What was wrong with Christina
jakaylin kelly (10 days ago)
Omg!!! The iggy one had me rolling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Bill Overbeck (9 days ago)
Walking alone in no man's land! Waiting for a blessing or a helping hand to drag you away! Stay, be ready, to pay for your sins! Smooth as a velvet, it forces you right in!
Melissa Bamforth (10 days ago)
0:33 No way! He was lip syncing all of it! As he was being sick you could hear the original video playing
Bill Overbeck (9 days ago)
They see me rollin'! They hatin'! Patrolling and tryin' to catch me ridin' dirty! Tryin' to catch me ridin' dirty! Tryin' to catch me ridin' dirty! Tryin' to catch me ridin' dirty! Tryin' to catch me ridin' dirty!
Rhea Ballani (10 days ago)
Fergies was worse than Christina’s. WAY WORSE 😂
Bill Overbeck (9 days ago)
If you ever need anything...don't hesitate to ask anything! IF YOU EVAA NEED ANYTHIIIIIIIIIIIING!!!! *awesome rock music* Walking alone...in no man's land...requesting for a helping haaaand! Walking alone in no man's land! Waiting for a blessing or a helping hand to drag you away! Stay, be ready, to pay for your sins! Smooth as a velvet, it forces yoooouuu! You stay, you're ready, to pay for your sins! Sweet as a kiss, it drains your life from my lips!
Kamila Jackson (10 days ago)
Rogue2808 (10 days ago)
I love how Mariah said she couldn’t hear herself. Yet her dancers didn’t miss a beat, nor did her backing singers and when she did attempt singing she was in tune. Sadly it gave away that she mimes her whistle notes as they still played.
Bill Overbeck (10 days ago)
I like that you're broken, broken like me! Maybe that makes me a fool! I like that you're lonely, lonely like me! I could be lonely with you!
Hekla Halldórs (10 days ago)
Christina was good
sLIMEcAT (10 days ago)
I don't understand what was wrong with Christina's?
sLIMEcAT (7 days ago)
+Rebecca Edger yeah lol 😁
Rebecca Edger (7 days ago)
+sLIMEcAT I'm not American neither haha but I noticed the lyrics were wrong
sLIMEcAT (7 days ago)
+Rebecca Edger oh k thanks 👍👍 it's just I'm not american and don't know the song well
Rebecca Edger (7 days ago)
She completely over sang it and she strained her voice waaaaay too much. Oh and she messed up the lyrics
madapult (10 days ago)
the "brave" part was the worst
madapult (10 days ago)
christinas was nothing compared to fergie
Bill Overbeck (10 days ago)
One more time...mmm...mmm, no! We can't stop-ah! You can't stop-ah! Hey-ah! Music got me feeling so free! Don't stop the dancing! Oh, yeah, all night! One more time! Music got me feeling so free! We're gonna celebrate! One more time!

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