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6ix9ine, Nicki Minaj, Murda Beatz - “FEFE” PARODY

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6ix9ine, Nicki Minaj, Murda Beatz - "FEFE" PARODY ▶ WATCH ALL MY PARODIES - http://goo.gl/EahJC3 ▶ INSTAGRAM - http://instagram.com/bartbaker ▶ LIL KLOROXXX - https://goo.gl/ST2x8W ▶ GET THIS SONG - Coming Soon ▶ MERCH - https://shop.bbtv.com/collections/lil-kloroxxx ▶ Twitter - http://twitter.com/bartbaker ▶ Get the original song - https://6ix9ine.lnk.to/FEFE ▶Watch the original video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_MXGdSBbAI Nicki Minaj voice by Tiffany Tynes - www.youtube.com/misstiffanytynes http://instagram.com/miss_tiffyt All other voices by Bart Baker - http://www.youtube.com/user/BartBaKer “FEFE” PARODY STARRING 6ix9ine – Bart Baker - http://www.youtube.com/user/BartBaKer Nicki Minaj – Tiffany Tynes - www.youtube.com/misstiffanytynes | https://www.instagram.com/miss_tiffyt Tr3yway – Emmanuel Howell - https://www.instagram.com/emanhowell Girl – Danielle Andrade - https://www.instagram.com/andrade_danielle Murda Beatz – Jordan Rockower - https://www.instagram.com/jordanrockower Chris Hansen – Troy Dillinger - https://www.instagram.com/troydillinger | https://twitter.com/troydillinger | https://www.facebook.com/TroyDillingerComedy/ Boom Operator – Andrew Nunes - https://www.instagram.com/drew_noonz “FEFE” Parody Created/Written/Directed by - Bart Baker “FEFE” Parody Producer – Jason Nelken - @jnelx “FEFE” Parody Producer – Jordan Rockower - @jordanrockower “FEFE” Parody Editor – Bart Baker “FEFE” Parody Director of Photography – Santiago Calogero - @santiagocalogero “FEFE” Parody Steadicam Operator – James Geyer - @skymallliving “FEFE” Parody Gaffer/Key Grip – Trent Turner - @thewestisyoung “FEFE” Parody Grip – Gale Saldana - @galegeosal “FEFE” Parody PA – Arun Miriyala - FB /amiriyala1 “FEFE” Parody PA – Andrew Nunes - @drew_noonz “FEFE” Parody Wardrobe Department Head - Aoife Baker - @vivaciousvandal “FEFE” Parody Assistant Wardrobe - Sierra Barrett - @snbarrett4 “FEFE” Parody Key Hair & Makeup – Brittany White - @brutalbee “FEFE” Parody Assistant Hair & Makeup – Angie Peek - @makeupbyangie “FEFE” Parody Art Department Head – Marshall King - @ilumeniking “FEFE” Parody Art PA – Jimmy Anderson “FEFE” Parody Art PA – Ruby-Ann Lee - @rubyann808
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Lil Kloroxxx (4 months ago)
Everybody been asking about me - well here I am - cum to my channel if U wanna see what true talent look like ⭐️ 🔥🖕🏼I’m giving a Rolls Royce away 2 a follower cause I’m that rich 🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼
emporer Pw (11 hours ago)
Cummmmmm to my channel lol
We get it your rich stop bragging
heaven minter (2 days ago)
bart didn't post this Lil whatever his name is but he is a FAKE
DaliahLovesKittens (3 days ago)
Lucas Hahn (12 minutes ago)
This sucks and 6ix9ine is awesome
Adrianna Katwaru (33 minutes ago)
I'm done the crime watch daily party cant stop laughing 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣😭😭
Ahmed Okah (1 hour ago)
The best father son brother son son father father son brother son son and father son son father brother father father son father father and brother son father brother father father brother and brother brother and family father son son and son father son brother son father brother brother father father son brother father brother and father brother brother 😘🤑
Ahmed Okah (1 hour ago)
And brother son brother father brother And I love the family way too emany and family family brother father
pitXel 150 (1 hour ago)
WTF =)
DepressedJackie (2 hours ago)
swag twins (2 hours ago)
TheDominicanLlama (3 hours ago)
She actually looks like nikki
Saihajpreet Singh (3 hours ago)
The thing is that 6ix9ine thought the girl was 19 🤦🏼‍♂️
Your Queen Mildred (3 hours ago)
OMG GAY!!!!!
Pro Strat (4 hours ago)
Want to hear a joke 69 is free.
Imran Bazanov (4 hours ago)
69 played 69
Lucía Belén (6 hours ago)
Que genios 😂
pedro aj gamer (11 hours ago)
Hi bitch
xxxtentacion sad (11 hours ago)
Clone do 6ix9ine
Mega Mijit (11 hours ago)
“I let my nuts hang” “Good.. that’s good.”
gekyume 10 (12 hours ago)
I hate people who copy rappers like this guy thumbs down
Faze Little Bear (13 hours ago)
What did I just Experience
Das Priscilla (16 hours ago)
Jude Terry (16 hours ago)
Are you dumbdumbdurumbdumbdumbdumb
Yzrael Josiah (17 hours ago)
Abby Ryan (18 hours ago)
Ew kinda got mad when he shouted himself out 🙄🤣
yo mom gay lol (18 hours ago)
when 6ix9ine drops the bar of soap in front of Bill Cosby
Lance Hondrade (18 hours ago)
*6ix9ine DISS TRACK*
Quien la traduce a español
Memelover 6ixy9iner (21 hours ago)
It’s fucking trayway!!!!!!!!
Alina Leon (23 hours ago)
James Top Ings en cuenta mi
Xander Pappas (1 day ago)
It actually looks like Nikki Minaj
Ella Gallagher (1 day ago)
That song sounds so annoying the only person I like that was it it was cool and her name is Nicki Minaj that sounds so weird and I think that it should be posted off of the Internet
VNem Vee (1 day ago)
Bart has balls made of steel for creating great parodies that also speak the truth about the shitty situation that takes place to the music industry. No good music anymore. Just negative role models, scandals, drama, sex and guns. Now, where's my R Kelly parody? 😘
Theodorus Y (1 day ago)
I'm waiting for thank you next parody ... Bart Baker, where is ur new parody? I miss it so much
Bobby Gonzalez (1 day ago)
I needed this.
BabyPooh Mejia (1 day ago)
blahblah man (1 day ago)
first fuckin line "king of new york looking for preteen" got me dead af 😩😂😂😭👌.
Gamerovich TV (1 day ago)
*До чего забавно!!!*
Olivia Mueller (1 day ago)
Please make a parody on 7 rings by aranna
Cassie Rodgers (1 day ago)
"Who the hell u bro"😂😂😶
Michael Gunn (1 day ago)
Hello .... Baker is there going to be more parody's
Dakota Fleming (1 day ago)
7 rings parody
jasmyne coolgirl1 (1 day ago)
Do you hate 69?
cierra beck (1 day ago)
Why u making him and everyone u did look bad
Enrica's Life (1 day ago)
Preteens don't look like that these days i'd be wearing crop tops and wearing makeup like a fucking teen
Cole Control2003 (1 day ago)
Check out my music
Invincible Man (1 day ago)
This shit dope tho
Bart Baker why were you a bunny
funny fortnitegod (1 day ago)
Creep predator
liliana Ilayian (1 day ago)
Bart I know you so always say you make vidoes just for the fun of it but honestly I won't lie to you but in gods names I feel it is a sin for u to insult some famous people like Taylor swift or anyone Bc u can hurt others feelings if I were u I would stop and just be kind God likes Kidness it's not good to hurt others feelings so stop if u love God u would not be this mean !!
Mike Hun (1 day ago)
6six9nine is trash
Cool video by my
Natsu Dragneel (2 days ago)
Tiffany who plays Nicki actually sounds like her
Elizsbeth Camara (2 days ago)
Do no brainer
Lindsay Nicholson (2 days ago)
😂😂😂😂 Better than the real song 100%
i like turtles kid (2 days ago)
i fucking love 6ix9ine
Tijuri Thomas (2 days ago)
I dont care anymore (2 days ago)
And now 69 is in jail jokes on him
oscar claros (3 days ago)
This Nicky minaj give me a hardone
Marielena Banuelos (3 days ago)
2:42 i see what you did there Bitches say im stoopid i aint stoopid
ESAMJ HD (3 days ago)
Did anybody realize that the length of this video is 420?
CarlDDawgs (3 days ago)
Is this his last parodys he will every make
#YA BOOTY*** (3 days ago)
Suck my best friends Peepee😂😂
Fantastic Videos (3 days ago)
We’re is Bart he has not been active on any social media or YouTube is he okay
moonie chan (3 days ago)
I wonder what 6ix9ine and Nicki Minaj will react to the video I would love to see the reaction 😂😂
Nah Lyrics (3 days ago)
I found it better than the original
Hector playz (3 days ago)
Colton Potter (3 days ago)
69 is gay
Sage Amaya (3 days ago)
Fuck you
Kaianah Faulks (3 days ago)
I got nothing to say!! 😨😨😨
Fredo J.Y (3 days ago)
Thank u, next please Bart
Bill Denbrough (3 days ago)
i love this song but holy shit haha the parody is real funny. esp since i watch chris hansen type vids too i wasn’t expecting that
gemcatcher100 (3 days ago)
Does he even post on this channel anymore
Diamond Queen (3 days ago)
Man the girls face it was funny and the music video was fun
Dominio Niga Gamers (3 days ago)
Radian (4 days ago)
Is this the last parody ever?
Ssswamp Monster (4 days ago)
Is she tryna hump the mushroom?
Harris Kameza (4 days ago)
Dreja baby (4 days ago)
Norlizawati Azumi (4 days ago)
You should make a parody of look at me by XXXTENYACION
Some Guy (4 days ago)
" six nine this and six nine that.....I let my nuts hang" 💀💀💀💀😂😂
profetional veiwer (4 days ago)
brent wang (4 days ago)
What's that lyric in between? It sounds like: "I'm fuckin' draywhite"
brent wang (4 days ago)
but what's that supposed to mean? I'm fuckin' treyway?
PositiveAnna (4 days ago)
Tucker Gibbs (4 days ago)
This is annoying cuz check Nicki's views lmao, she definitely relevant wtf
RichFMW :D (4 days ago)
Alexis The moron (4 days ago)
3:39 When u study hard for a test thinking u’ll do good then u look at the 1st question
Undeniable (4 days ago)
He looks just like him almost
Randomz Rebeccazz (4 days ago)
Can you do thank u, Next? Please 😁
Her facial expressions on point
Kylie Adams (4 days ago)
Your the hoe and the predator and the f ing raptist he is gonna beat [email protected]**
Tommy Ng (4 days ago)
Bart nearly predicted the future
Block Landia ortiz (4 days ago)
Do lil pump
tyfighter 789 (4 days ago)
my parents when they go somewhere and they tell you do something but when they get back you don't do it 2:00
Ya Boi (4 days ago)
Wanna know a secret. Keep reading read more
clare Aguirre (4 days ago)
When I seen Nicki i was like heck nah
urla TV (4 days ago)
haha 6ix9ine is so [insert prison joke]
Shister Shook (4 days ago)
DynamoHD (4 days ago)
4:20 duration coincidence??
Jere Ojanen (5 days ago)
Nisliox (5 days ago)
Pnt tout lesfr regard 69

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