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Britney Spears & Iggy Azalea Perform Pretty Girls @ 2015 Billboard Music Awards

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Text Comments (1980)
J (4 days ago)
Pretty girls where???? You both look a mess
Klaudia Fajkowska (5 days ago)
2019 ❤❤❤
Taylor swift copied this Iggy hair
Edibeth Rivera (20 days ago)
2000 y 2014 televise actiz y BAILARINA modelo CANTANTE ex FUERA pajerq
Edibeth Rivera (20 days ago)
Pop remix
jamesdavidkmoss (23 days ago)
Babe 2019
Luis Manuel (28 days ago)
Vivo por el cabello de Iggy
Pol (1 month ago)
Toby Crawford (1 month ago)
Why are people saying Britney stole the show. She stood there lip syncing. Atleast iggy azalea performed live!
Toby Crawford (1 month ago)
Something that annoys me with live American awards is that they always dub clapping over the top of the performances.
Sheila Hawkins (1 month ago)
Britney could of did that shit herself like usual. That other girl was in the way too much. #TeamBrit
Daniel Osorio (1 month ago)
Marcelo Gianbaptiste (1 month ago)
B O D Y 🙌🏻
Simon Thurston (2 months ago)
Love Britney
great1519 (2 months ago)
Good lip sync
Kiki A (3 months ago)
To be honest this song was made with britney and Iggy but I feel like they were more on Britney then Iggy
Avrora (3 months ago)
Britney arrasou nessa performance, minha nossa
Trisha Marielle (4 months ago)
Britney owned it! Iggy can't even dance well.
adelaida Espinosa (4 months ago)
Que canción tan mala
Manuel López (4 months ago)
Why the Playback? :(
phil gaspar (4 months ago)
Why britney looks so alive in this performance? Cause this performance was more improv than planned...
Bruno Alexsander (5 months ago)
Esse look, esse cabelo, essa performance 😍❤️
Barta Anett (6 months ago)
Rudyard Montas (6 months ago)
Britney's hair was ON POINT? ... who did it?
Sajjad kh (7 months ago)
Queen pop .queen rap
Rudyard Montas (7 months ago)
I still remember how fresh she looked and felt when I first watched this performance. She looked so happy and confident. She is 10 times more of that today. I love it!!!
Daniel Hereera (7 months ago)
Who realized that brittney lip synced and iggy didnt
labellav1103 (8 months ago)
At the beginning its sounds like Charli X and Iggy. Maybe it was made by her???
Blair Devereaux (8 months ago)
Lmao @ Chrissy teigen “that was something. I’ve never seen her like that before” lol
Ibraheem Mouhab (9 months ago)
muara hati (9 months ago)
this is live performing, i can hear britney breathe
Elizabeth Espinosa (9 months ago)
My song
Stijn Theuwissen (10 months ago)
puaka (10 months ago)
I prefer this face
Ahmad Ramadan (10 months ago)
Oh now iggy got thicker...
Caleb Wrubleski (11 months ago)
i don't like iggy i think she is a horrible business woman
sitnger73 (11 months ago)
Great jack off material.
allenrpn (11 months ago)
Britney looks so hot in here
JUST JAPE (11 months ago)
The most narcisistic song ever
Jaffe Davi (11 months ago)
Britney Spears só no playback, que horroooooooor,canta poha nenhuma, mais a música é boa
Famouszao (11 months ago)
2:32 beautiful booty
Famouszao (11 months ago)
SimplyJustin (11 months ago)
apparently she lip syncs every performance because this is the 3rd one I've seen where she isn't actually singing lmao
Sheri Brooks (1 year ago)
Where are the black female dancers? Lol
make me (1 year ago)
แปลกประหลาดมากคร่า MV หน้าแก่เหยี่ยวมากแต่ในคอนเสริตร์สวยสุดยอดมากค่ะหน้าเด็กสุดๆ
Britney Spears, a pesar se los años siempre serás la princesa del pop. Eres un gran ícono de la música, te amo Brit ✨
STS STS (1 year ago)
sitnger73 (1 year ago)
Is it just me, or would those two, Brit and Iggy, make a great threesome? Yeah, it's not just me. They would make a great threesome.
Rudá Løner (1 year ago)
A Rainha do playback
Michael Madlock (1 year ago)
I’ve never seen someone lip sync with such confidence
Bruce Karaus (1 year ago)
Britney is 9 years older with 2 kids and still looks far better than Iggy. Amazing.
evka (1 year ago)
Iggy used to be really beautiful, but now her face looks like 40-year-old after a couple of surgeries
Joel Reyes (1 year ago)
Obviously lip sync but I love them both 😭
otsfh mtf (1 year ago)
A roupa mais bonita artística da Britney Spears💐
Daysha Gonzalez (1 year ago)
Who else is watching this in 2018¿? Like if u are
Kasey Marlowe (1 year ago)
Okay... Britney didn’t do great here and her dancing was not great- It’s obvious that we just love Britney and she can do no wrong 💚💜😂💙💚
Sally Lemon (1 year ago)
and here im still wondering why JLo looks younger and dance better than Britney here and why Iggy wears better. Britney's wardrobe needs help
Adam (1 year ago)
Britney looks so amazing here! yassssss kween slay
G A B E (1 year ago)
i love this choreography a lot. most of the times britney would do random things with her arms but this one is totally awesome.
popsingerstar (1 year ago)
i think this was one of the last per4mances b4 britney got a nose job & lip injections :( she should never have :( the face god gave her was sooo hot. i had a huge crush on her when i was little
But cuda been so so so so much better . but it was ok .
They both look real good here
Missy Shope (1 year ago)
She can dances
Lexi Anonym (1 year ago)
Little mix wrote this song❤
crazy lunatic (1 year ago)
How the heck did they just went on stage?? Did they just teleported!?!
Joe the Hoe (1 year ago)
Omg was Britney actually SINGING? lol good for her
rosaspe (1 year ago)
I love Iggy Azalea she is amazing
Gil Torres (1 year ago)
Britney’s smile is a little too fake on this one
Jeff S. (1 year ago)
Better than the video.
Sydine Trinity (1 year ago)
Im not pretty im hot
Felipe Azevedo (1 year ago)
I Love It
Ksenia Ryazanceva (1 year ago)
Fresh performance..may be for now, good look..but soso advertising over the head, an old past path of this perfomence..Britny looking ever for..
charles (1 year ago)
Chrissy Teigen is wearing the same dress Kim Kardashian wear
Kl_ver :D (1 year ago)
Iggy & Britney look like twins right?
Kl_ver :D (1 year ago)
I agree Aj wizard
Moisés M (1 year ago)
Iggy Bem XuXa! Kkkkkkkkk.
Arianator__butera (1 year ago)
The play back plz
Eric Williams (1 year ago)
our times the sad seventies is over for good
F'er MaGee (1 year ago)
Dang that chicks face went completely 2D when she turned 90 degrees
Boom thats whats up (1 year ago)
Lip sync
Kittencat Angels (1 year ago)
Lipsinc again😕
Richard Holland (1 year ago)
Why do they even have mics? Is anyone buying this shit? I means sure they look great but music used to be about you know, music. This "performance" ( and i use that term ironically) is totally talent free. Like they're not even trying to make it look like they're singing anything😂 at least Britney dances and shit. I have no fucking idea what iggy was even doing up there .
Dale Goodman (1 year ago)
The problem with Vegas and all theatrics these musical performers conduct is it saturates them to the point that it overflows into real life and can distort their perception of reality.
Miranda Baxter (1 year ago)
I have that outfit in fuscia..
Robert Rodriguez (1 year ago)
STILL 🔥🔥🔥🔥 2018
Jen White (1 year ago)
They really amped up the crowd noise
Taisha Paradas (1 year ago)
They look cute like the outfit
Ana Isabella (1 year ago)
To big for iggy
amsh dominates (1 year ago)
Britney's only song who didnt flopped and she slamed Iggy that song is a flop, what an b**ch.
Alina Rucai (1 year ago)
Brit aitn no singer and now not even a passionate dancer. she s there just to show off her body and outfits
Dylan Hamani (1 year ago)
Amazing performance but it’s a play back for Britney
safalafagins (1 year ago)
This is her better billboard performances
Jordan Hartley (1 year ago)
“Never seen her like that before?” Chrissy, what?
victor giar viktor (1 year ago)
Stacey Dash asmr TV (1 year ago)
how did u do that?
Jan Kwong (1 year ago)
When was this recorded
Yriimedov Volhebnic (1 year ago)
Очень Красиво 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 Бритни Красотка 👏👏👏
Albert Child News (1 year ago)
Britney had a youthful energy in this performance. I like how she winked to someone at 2:25 lol
Bunnylomusic (1 year ago)
Great performance!

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