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Iggy Azalea - Work LYRICS

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Lyrics to Work by Iggy Azalea NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED!
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Yessi Cervantes (23 hours ago)
Destany Brown (4 days ago)
we be hittin the woah dance to dis
Rick Grimey (4 days ago)
Iggy is slept on idgaf this white girls dope
Cale Thatcher (10 days ago)
Why does everyone hate Iggy so much? Unlike some artists she has worked her butt of to get where she is now. Sure she has made mistakes but she has owned up to then and apologized. Unlike some of you who won’t even emit your mistakes to yourself. I think she is an amazing artist and should be respected for how hard she and work and her good attitude to keep going when things got rough.
ratatatata tatatata (18 days ago)
The story is depressing lol I the beat is dope tho
Purpose Malkin (26 days ago)
Kayla Poinsette (29 days ago)
Cássius Cosgrove (29 days ago)
Melissa Sanchez (1 month ago)
Juilssa 🙄🤑😡😠🤫
Kionah Cox (1 month ago)
Who be listening in 2019??💕😍😎
Olivia & Ebony Kidd (2 months ago)
jenni rodrigues (2 months ago)
No money. No family. 16 in the middle of Miami
Shawn Clougherty (2 months ago)
this song is really wicked awesome mang
Jo Lafa (3 months ago)
TRUMP 2020
Johnny B. (3 months ago)
Trying to decide if I like this. Help me out here. Thumbs up for yes and thumbs down for no.
the dog (4 months ago)
habdwl wahab (4 months ago)
Carmella Pride (5 months ago)
This replay button broke
sakira Hale (5 months ago)
Good song 👍🌹💗
JaffaCake ‘xo (6 months ago)
Damn Iggy, you’re hot😍 I love you’re music so much!! X
Life Adventurer 101 (6 months ago)
Y'all haters just hating her because she's a female raper, and she's better then most male and female rapers in general. She definitely at the top. She's popular. Loves what she do. Was struggling but then become very successful. Y'all haters didn't reach her level.
Kyla Brady (6 months ago)
Love this song
mayadabest (7 months ago)
This still my ish
Purple SepticEye (8 months ago)
She really awesome and Cool
Iam Joclyne (8 months ago)
who listing 2018
Lojain B (8 months ago)
U can hate her all u want but never hate someone for struggles and hard work.
Carmella Pride (8 months ago)
You know you can rap if you can do this song super bass and andaconda without messing up
Patrice Harris (9 months ago)
iggy a is super bad cp
Clout Baby Sarah Bennett (9 months ago)
The song I say to all the fake bitches whenever I get honoroll at the end of the school year
Danielle Mallory (9 months ago)
Amazing song i know this whole sink work work working on my shit
dat_kid_bri 2007 (9 months ago)
2018 anyone.....?
Michael Butler (9 months ago)
iggy is so bad
fanny ramos (9 months ago)
Like 👍if you think that
fanny ramos (9 months ago)
I like this song so much because I thing she is tilking about her life.and I like Iggy azalea im her fan #1
Dashawn Briscoe (10 months ago)
I love Iggy she so sexy
Stella Ligh (10 months ago)
I love this song I hope there’s another one like this from Iggy ❤️❤️☺️
Keana Pierre (10 months ago)
Caenogenesis (11 months ago)
Get it, use it, love it, rep it, spend it!!!!! Great lyrisist
Sammy (11 months ago)
This song is great ,good beat,good story to tell the world
Ladarius Jackson (11 months ago)
Who dat who dat? IGLOO AUSTRALIA
Kiarah Eady (11 months ago)
Ladarius Jackson (11 months ago)
S AM (11 months ago)
Taylor Swift (11 months ago)
2o18 may
Julisa Lyn (1 year ago)
iggy azalea
White Tigers (1 year ago)
I love this song
Teesha Scurry (1 year ago)
I never even heard of a real reason as to why people don't like iggy. Someone help me out please cause im no hater she nice to me as of what we get as music now days
Juliette Zephyr (1 year ago)
Some of these lyrics are totally off.. Just sayin
Juliette Zephyr (1 year ago)
1:24 - shit got real
LizCaro LealArias (1 year ago)
I can't see the lyrics tf
Eleo Eleo (1 year ago)
love this song.
Jayla Newton (1 year ago)
iv'e been up all night trying to get rich iv'e been work work work working on that shit!!!! XD
Alexis Tysm (1 year ago)
Iggy:work Rihhanh:work Fith harmany:work o_0
iggy dat b* fuhh the goofss🤡🤧🤷🏾🤞🏾😎
han. (1 year ago)
The only good song she ever produced
Annalycia Martinez (1 year ago)
who is listening in 2017
Jay Liggins (1 year ago)
I can't stand Iggy but damn this song gets me hype as shit!
Dark souls layer 1738 (1 year ago)
This song explains life
Hannah Keller (1 year ago)
Loooove this songgg
That moment when you can actually do the 2nd verse without fucking up
cordasia Browm (1 year ago)
I love this song
Cats & Dogs (1 year ago)
J'adore !!!!
Chassidie Steck (1 year ago)
what the fuck is wrong with you electrosharkskin  you don't like iggy
bubble wrap (1 year ago)
1 min in and she ruined a perfectly fine song
Janaya Tamorea (1 year ago)
bubble wrap ikr
Sleazyy Mere (1 year ago)
IGGY IS A BAD BITCH💯.I love her music (TO ALL THE HATERS SHE GOT F**K YALL GO GET A LIFE FRFR BC YALL JUS GO BY SKIN COLOR N SHII👿👿🙄 I love u Iggy hope I see u one day💓💓💓💖❤
Ryan (1 year ago)
working on my shiit
Beauty Queen (1 year ago)
listeners in 2017
Janaya Tamorea (1 year ago)
Beauty Queen me
Lam Khang (1 year ago)
love gegets love have a nice day auf deutsch ltunes https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SMKwU9dObrYGj02hxu-1Akpm_BaxPAPtzExAwsSaDNA
Rochelle Dotson (1 year ago)
now I hate my life know one likes me
Rochelle Dotson (1 year ago)
me and my best freind and my sister's love this song and so one day my mom text me and she said she did not want to be and my life and but it's Finely i went to my dad and I was doing drugs and i was so happy and till I went to my mom's house and my mom said that she was going call the cops and so I went crazy I started to fight her and me and my freind started breaking shit and i went a program and i felt so depress and so my dad got out and so on living my mom I know it's drama and so this is my favorite song
Chuunie (1 year ago)
Louie Vetton*
Caira The lovely (2 years ago)
The beginning like the music in the background always reminds me of shower by Becky g
cici beaudry (2 years ago)
love this song
michel and USE (2 years ago)
I love her
Julian Osorio (2 years ago)
Panda chick (2 years ago)
Iggy is awesome and one of the best rappers out there but that's just my opinion so don't get shitty with me internet trolls and haters of Iggy cuz y'all don't deserve my time cuz I'm working my ass off to get to my dream job and I don't have time to fight with u about Iggy
Janaya Tamorea (1 year ago)
Panda chick ikr I finally became a lifeguard and I don't have time for then haters and drama I'm living a POSITIVE
marcus Ulrich (2 years ago)
her best song
Emma Angeleese (2 years ago)
love this song 💕
Nevaeha Nelson (2 years ago)
I like this song
Nevaeha Nelson (2 years ago)
I feel her
Madison IcyEyes (2 years ago)
she needs to make more songs like this I love this song
OfficialWhavie (2 years ago)
I can rap like her now! I just learned!
Sara Brackeen (2 years ago)
Julia The Angel cool
zakaila Campbell (2 years ago)
i been heared this 2014
Layla Khepri (2 years ago)
Upmost love!! I'm a female emcee as well! You should check out my stuff!
daniel auguste (2 years ago)
Nadiaangel aj (2 years ago)
I love singing this!
LostInADaydreamxxx (2 years ago)
I can't believe the amount of views. Thank you everyone. 😃
maggie Daoudi (1 year ago)
LostInADaydreamxxx hi I want to say thank u for posting this video
K Mo (2 years ago)
That's 'cos you been working on your shhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. ;p
Mrs Odusanwo (2 years ago)
4 million viewers 😄u done a great job!
Anglea Brown (2 years ago)
you deserve it
Sheryl Collins (2 years ago)
Best lyricist ever lived work all day to night to get there.
Sheryl Collins (2 years ago)
36 and mimi
Sheryl Collins (2 years ago)
16 is 36
Michelle Marie (2 years ago)
Sheryl Collins When she was 16. And I think she's in her late 20s any ways
Nevaeh Malek (2 years ago)
nice song
atlantidaunderground (2 years ago)
this song speaks to me...
I love this song and I'm only 9 years old
Alondra Gamboa (2 years ago)
hey watch that because I'm a girl
Sheryl Collins (2 years ago)
work it bitch...
Majessty _ (2 years ago)
So much better than work work work work blahhhhhh
coconut syrup (2 years ago)
Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen agreed
Sierra Cox (2 years ago)
i love iggy😆😆😂😂💁🙆
Lanadia Hillman (2 years ago)
love it and happy birthday
Tamyera Wiley (2 years ago)
Journie Gaines (2 years ago)
this song gets me in my feels
China Wood (2 years ago)
She a bad white girl I like her music
marcus Ulrich (2 years ago)
Porsha Currie u very sexy I wish I could fuck u up the ass

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