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One Punch Man - Episode 006

2564 ratings | 676093 views
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Meg Manalo (2 days ago)
tf 666k views
SpyderFromYT (5 days ago)
Saitama can get tired but he can recovered in just 3seconds lol
CoolGoldMike (7 days ago)
Best anime ever
Requiem Winner 2.0 (7 days ago)
9:15 look at her she is so cute
Phillip (8 days ago)
The mustache hero should get ranked higher than his partner
TARUSH DHONDE (9 days ago)
20:04 who is that?! tornado's mother??
soloist home (10 days ago)
So powerful monster could mean Saitama instead right? Right? That makes sense because nobody had seen him except the dead?
APS Bang (15 days ago)
please view my channel
千条有栖 (17 days ago)
noah toler (17 days ago)
This guy is a lot like sans from undertale. He possesses great power, but is too lazy too do much with it.
LEGENDARY BANANA (17 days ago)
The guy said "tomboy" in pilipino it means funny
石堂安律 (18 days ago)
:D (20 days ago)
5:37 .-.
Anisa Dimakuta (22 days ago)
Sumeyra WALKER (23 days ago)
Bu dünya da kimsenin saitama dan haberi yok XD ahahah
sonsen (25 days ago)
23:16 一瞬シカゴブルズのシャツ着てるのかと思った。
Earth J (27 days ago)
Gender Masked (28 days ago)
It’s Saitama.
ぐらしすみっこ (30 days ago)
何この神作画と音響 主は有能すぎるな
Sai Jenkins (1 month ago)
Only 10 ep ?!
Molly senglath (1 month ago)
Anime = life Fake anime = hell both = boredom to me.....
OOI KHAI SIN - (1 month ago)
2:07 Saitama may just make it up but it is a truth.
Mangansana Loushambam (1 month ago)
Saitama bald head is reflecting sunlight and it is shining like a bright star
Alex Benavidez (1 month ago)
I love Genos lmao Characters like him are usually fairly bland in personality, and exist to be nothing but powerful and cool He has a naivete about him that breaks the typical stereotype of his kind of badass character
潮八木歩乃 (1 month ago)
あなた ゆうのう ぼく うれしい ぼく あなた いっぱい かんしゃ
Lady In Black (1 month ago)
Poor sonic btw
Lady In Black (1 month ago)
That smile of sonic it creeps me out than saitama
GoldenCraken 18 (1 month ago)
its so funny they don't even care about who took down the giant steroid monster.
SvmKgtMusic (1 month ago)
12:32 soundtrack name ??
BaconMan Plays ROBLOX (2 months ago)
pumpkin Guy (1 month ago)
nekkoMaster (2 months ago)
Konbu LOL
Max/rose Fox anime (2 months ago)
I'm actually curious what if he kick will everything still get one shot lol
Cars Everything (2 months ago)
Damn Saitama Just Cook her Ass
Dj Pelmeninator (2 months ago)
Oleg Grishkevich (2 months ago)
i right hire! куку епта! похоже, не истина ли?
dchoi dorj (2 months ago)
16:01 - 16:12 is Luffy +Zoro
N. Y. (3 months ago)
4:53 6:23 めっさ好きな場面www
potato Carrot (3 months ago)
Asjrb rrd fjfj aihrfjf (3 months ago)
Spring Mustachio could've been a class S hero that is one of the top superior ranks with great skills like atomic samurai.
Faith matthew john Karly (3 months ago)
RETFARD (3 months ago)
14:24 🤣🤣
Codename Aki (3 months ago)
Being a class C hero is boring
Corona Black (3 months ago)
serously saito is bad at his thing on being a teacher, heck! he even got bad on his 49% of his test
Levi Afix (3 months ago)
Ayer / Jun (4 months ago)
So furries can be hero's too
j x (4 months ago)
HAHAHAHAH u know what cracked me up though - saitama mistaked the monsters hair for seaweed lol
Are you guys for real
TH3 R3AP3R (5 months ago)
Brien Blue (5 months ago)
Por spring macho
Brien Blue (5 months ago)
I like spring macho
Brien Blue (5 months ago)
Ouch I feel bad for Golden ball he threw up blood
fredy sihombing (5 months ago)
fredy sihombing (5 months ago)
Roblox Afitux Gamer (5 months ago)
9:16 *THICC*
Chainmanz (2 days ago)
+bing bingbung lol jk I know
bing bingbung (2 days ago)
Chainmanz (2 days ago)
She's like 12
bing bingbung (2 months ago)
As hecc
Roblox Afitux Gamer (5 months ago)
pause at 7:45 His face is like momo But the scariest than momo is... *HIS SMILE*
Paul Moore (5 months ago)
Why can't I find a Japanese version of this show? Just English subtitles.
No Name (2 months ago)
It's the same
The Power of Zen (5 months ago)
Tornado powers up like broly
Sassy Meme (20 days ago)
+Dizzi Diamond exactly LOL
Dizzi Diamond (25 days ago)
+bing bingbung no one asked
bing bingbung (2 months ago)
Saitama one shots goku mui and broly
L. Lawliet (6 months ago)
5:32 Hair Style Is Just Like Sasuke And The sword placement is also like Sasuke
Sones Jpacefish (6 months ago)
Sones Jpacefish (6 months ago)
This is the best sub video i could find...!
octavia farrelly (6 months ago)
Is the voice actor of Sonic the same as Eren's from Attack on Titan??
Emanuel Salinas (6 months ago)
Pongan la serie en español
Anas Touhami (7 months ago)
fuke you
Anas Touhami (7 months ago)
fuke you
Anas Touhami (7 months ago)
fuke you
Anas Touhami (7 months ago)
fuke you
made ya look (7 months ago)
@ 5:51 : Serious Series - Serious Tone.
I Wayan Suweca (7 months ago)
One punchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Dizzi Diamond (25 days ago)
+I see I click well I did
Neutral Fox 790 (2 months ago)
That's not how you say it u say like: one puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
I see I click (3 months ago)
One cant simply skip the intro
Mar Co (6 months ago)
The meme Man (7 months ago)
Thank you
Berserker Armor (7 months ago)
full screen with eng sub good
犬鳴Skate Crew (7 months ago)
Tohikoula Aisake (7 months ago)
I love this one punch man is off the hook I love him
Ram Tendido (7 months ago)
did saitama just cooked the monster?.hahaha
RadishLady (7 months ago)
They're so serious about it while saitama cookin the monster
Beezzyy (3 months ago)
Lmao right
Sassy Wendy (3 months ago)
Faisyal Pratama (7 months ago)
gk ada bahasa indo ya
Erzio • (7 months ago)
Why this idiot People think saitama is just a Hero Wannabe Fucking Assholes
Paris Ashton (8 months ago)
8:29 😂😂😂
Lord Ahemn (8 months ago)
Name your favorito charter my is genos
David Hong (6 months ago)
Indestructible flying insect from episode two
Miscellaneous Dude (8 months ago)
8.10-8.20 best moment
Arlu Esplago (8 months ago)
Hahaha lost and found
bing bingbung (2 months ago)
Jack o lantern panic? No its onsokunu sonikku
David Hong (6 months ago)
Seed on the ground
Nefryx - Mobile Legends (8 months ago)
3:10 is that mikasa
Nefryx - Mobile Legends (6 months ago)
RusselGaming1234 yes
Nefryx - Mobile Legends (6 months ago)
Assasins Creed everyone knows that
L. Lawliet (6 months ago)
RusselGaming1234 mikasa is from aot
RusselGaming1234 (6 months ago)
that girl with her pet dog?
Youssef Abdesselam (8 months ago)
The fancy agent screaming really killed his prestige.. -_-
Isaiah Garraway (6 months ago)
David Hong Oh he means Spring Mustachio. I think it's fine
David Hong (6 months ago)
Fencing man
Isaiah Garraway (8 months ago)
Youssef Abd Selam Who?
Jethro isaac C. Galvez (8 months ago)
Lol at the 0:14 I thought it was reAl
Who thinks its kind of messed up
I feel like I’m scamming the guy
David Hong (6 months ago)
I need my $20.99 back
Stefan N (8 months ago)
ik what it would looks like hello im pants are satiama i rank c i have no life and im bored so i probably can get rank 1
Isaiah Garraway (8 months ago)
Stefan N Mumen rider is rank 1 in c but ranks depend not only on how you do your test but also achievements.
Kissanime was removed from google play store
Pfffhahahahha why why its to be funny ahahhahahahahahha my god hahahahahahahhaahhahahahahahahhahahah
ThugFox Gaming-TFG (8 months ago)
The reason sonic didn't died is because saitama didn't punch him 🤣
Animazing BJA (8 months ago)
Where did you download this?
Subham Sai behera (7 months ago)
anime TV kissanime or otakustream or 9anime to name a few
Typhoon Andy (9 months ago)
8:03 Hey it's minato being a pansy! ^-^
Beezzyy (3 months ago)
Typhoon Andy lmao
Ryder Wilson (9 months ago)
Keep uploading more of One Pinch Man anime plz. We love thrm
violithe lyon (2 months ago)
He'll pinch the enemy so hard they'll die of the PAINNN
Etnew cellrock (5 months ago)
Ryder Wilson one pinch???
Bangtandeu Animu (9 months ago)
Bad guys is always under our noses
Lord Ahemn (9 months ago)
I wonder if one punch man hit goku one time well goku die
Dizzi Diamond (25 days ago)
+iSwearSheWas18 no u
Iwan Fajar (9 months ago)
Sub indo nya jarang
Kfc Donalds (9 months ago)
Plus vaccine man could not survive a punch how come sonic survived 2?
SHABANA MULLA (7 months ago)
They weren't punches
Isaiah Garraway (8 months ago)
BuddyLeo 675 Sonic is a human so Saitama uses way less force when dealing with them.
Kfc Donalds (9 months ago)
You broke my sword with your fist and your punch hurt like being punched by a city yet you still fight him?
Norhafizan Hawari (8 months ago)
BuddyLeo 675 teeth man
fransiska audrey (9 months ago)
i vote Stephen Chow to become Saitama in One Punch Man Live Action Movie. That will be great. XD
Petrus Andersen (9 months ago)
22:08 didnt notice the weed
Tom Borrome Jr. (9 months ago)
Saitama has Dem teth

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