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One Piece - Luffy Usopp and Zoro fishing in the NEW WORLD EP 564

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luffy usopp and zoro want to eat in the grand blue
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アイネクライネ (23 hours ago)
ラムレーズン (1 month ago)
0:06 あらーたのップそうね!
Nnnn KkkK (1 month ago)
嶋袋政和 (1 month ago)
新堀智也 (2 months ago)
かおなし (2 months ago)
日本人いる~?(T_T) 不味い魚の顔ww ツボるww
かおなし (2 months ago)
NY NM くっそキモかったww まだ、絵のは可愛い方だねww てか、絶対食べたくないよねΣ(゜­_゜Σ)­
かおなし (2 months ago)
NY NM まじ?! 調べてみるわww
NY NM (2 months ago)
チャップリンチュッパ 画像調べたら分かるけどほんとに気持ち悪いですよww
かおなし (2 months ago)
NY NM まじか!? www ありがとw🙌
NY NM (2 months ago)
チャップリンチュッパ 👨‍🚀0:53ブロブフィッシュっていう深海魚
前鶴咲来 (3 months ago)
Darren Brishen (4 months ago)
The first time Hijikata disagreed on putting something with mayonnaise.
Agung teguh (4 months ago)
Wow, ussop can shoot in deed sea water with high pressure, with out any special gun or something
cloud8 (5 months ago)
0:07 Luffy's arm is bugged.. They need to fix that on next update.
Bernice Koh (5 months ago)
I still wanna kno why sanji n Brook got burned tho...
Vanitty Beerman (4 months ago)
they peeked while nami was showering
little Devil JG (5 months ago)
lucky for the bolpfish because die without mayonnese and bad day for the viperfish
Mister J (7 months ago)
Russian doll
O.G. Loki (7 months ago)
Damn...even in anime blobfish get bullied
Loneliness Eric (7 months ago)
Luffy knows which fish to catch XD he just triple killed
AgentSanchez95 (7 months ago)
In case anyone wanted to know the amazing soundtrack that's playing throughout the video it's, 'Straw Hat Cave Exploration Corps'. :)
DarkLiquidX2 (7 months ago)
In the words of master qui gon jin There’s always a bigger fish.
Gandalf The Hipster (7 months ago)
DarkLiquidX2 thought about this as well!
King Meruem (8 months ago)
brook didnt take damage in bolt of zeus but damaged in namis tempo
The Doctor (7 months ago)
Kaiser Agustin You CAN touch logias even without haki. The thing is you have to actually activate your logia ability to not be touched by non haki users.
Iam You2b (8 months ago)
You mean namis tempon 😏
Kaiser Agustin (8 months ago)
King Meruem Luffy could touch smoker n ace yet he doesn't have Haki.. When is for comedic purposes,anything can happen
Echo _x (9 months ago)
Anyone else rememberd the old days where gear 2 was used to beat shichibukais and defeat cp9? Now it is used to catch a fish.
The 8th Hokage (1 month ago)
+Echo _x that was pre timeskip.post timeskip hes 19/20
Ben Gass Ultra Instinct (3 months ago)
No more chibi luffy
GamerTV (3 months ago)
Yeah and zoro uses 360 pound to catch fish lol
n00d13sandr1c3 (6 months ago)
G2 shortened his life because his body couldn't handle the strain of the faster blood flow. I'm pretty sure that's not an issue anymore after his timeskip training.
Charred to Death (6 months ago)
I mean, he already shaved off a decade from gaining immediate immunity from poison and more years from the adrenaline hormones injected into him to keep fighting in Marineford. I think G2, shortening his life slightly is the least of his problems.
Strange Girl (10 months ago)
Strange Girl (7 months ago)
menno graafmans The chihuahua
menno graafmans (9 months ago)
Strange Girl Which do you mean? The one with the chihuahua or with the shar-pei puppy? I prefer the shar-pei.
menno graafmans (9 months ago)
Strange Girl Not yet. Give me a minute.
Strange Girl (9 months ago)
menno graafmans Did you see the dog eating a strawberry video?
menno graafmans (9 months ago)
What's the fun in being annoying on Youtube I always think. Especcially when talking about cute animals. I just came upon the kung fu dugongs again, loved those.
Morocco Morocco (10 months ago)
1:38 1:42
BadBoxer (2 years ago)
The right episode is not 564, it's 574.. I had to go through 10 episodes to find it...
Christian Lobo (5 years ago)
soundtrack name?!
TheBrainiak10 (5 years ago)
0:55 Wait a minute... I come here from searching, "luffy fishing", and run into this to the right.... watch?v=mderEHfR6K4 @ 2:05
Cee Woo (5 years ago)
Good funny episode, though I felt the way zoro's attack was shown better in the manga
Paul S (5 years ago)
Laughed so much xD

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