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Sea of Death ~ The Mistakes of a Sorcerer | WATGBS

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Tatsumiya would never betray Meikai, no matter what. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ All videos also posted on: http://remmysc.tumblr.com/ All updates are posted on: http://remmysc2.tumblr.com/ Special thanks to Elux for helping me get assets! All art belongs to Deep Sea Prisoner. Audio belongs to The Protomen.
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Text Comments (14)
Angel Fox (1 month ago)
Angel Fox (1 month ago)
+Remmy SC oh ok btw nice video I also subbed for u
Remmy SC (1 month ago)
Youtube just tells me "Oops!" Sorry.
Angel Fox (1 month ago)
+Remmy SC and to roleplay
Angel Fox (1 month ago)
+Remmy SC its where we want to chat
Remmy SC (1 month ago)
I love anime so much game
Chloe Hampton (9 months ago)
*Headcanon voices*
Joshua Nowak (9 months ago)
LunaGunPark (9 months ago)
This is pretty spicy 👌
Mari (9 months ago)
Very good!
Marine-blue (9 months ago)
I never clicked that fast before
Remmy SC (9 months ago)
I'm honored, thank you!
Remmy SC (9 months ago)
He made a few, didn't he?

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