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Sea of Death ~ The Good Sorcerer | WATGBS

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The Sea God made his decision; he chose Uomi as the next ruler. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ All videos also posted on: http://remmysc.tumblr.com/ All updates are posted on: http://remmysc2.tumblr.com/ All art belongs to Deep Sea Prisoner. Audio belongs to The Protomen.
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Lee zhe German squid (4 months ago)
Bless you for making this. Man, this editing is so well done!
That_Happy_Child (8 months ago)
Can someone tell me what is going on? I was watching someone play it but then I completely forgot about watching it and stuff It seems that there is a war going on but still
Remmy SC (8 months ago)
There was a war that happened before WATGBS between Mikotsu and Uomi for control of the kingdom. This is that, but it's a different timeline where Mikotsu wins instead of Uomi.
Anime&stuff (9 months ago)
it's been 48 years...
smilelolmandogbro (9 months ago)
Where is this song from?
Remmy SC (9 months ago)
The Good Doctor by The Protomen
rosedarkling (9 months ago)
I was just thinking of you the other day, so very cool to see you on here. :D Very nicely done with this video; I do not even remember a lot of these scenes from the game, so very cool to see. Keep up the fun, and God bless yours and you, Remmy! :)
rosedarkling (9 months ago)
Oh, wow; that's truly amazing. I seriously thought I had missed a lot in the game. You did awesome with them. :)
Remmy SC (9 months ago)
Many of these scenes aren't actually in the game! The backgrounds are, however. I had to make all of these myself.
joey _ (9 months ago)
It's been 10 years
Incognito (9 months ago)
Holy shit. This video is amazing
Remmy SC (9 months ago)
Someone beat me to commenting on my own video when I haven't posted in half a year. holy crap.
Incognito (9 months ago)
Remmy, you’re alive!!!
Remmy SC (9 months ago)

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