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Britney Spears - Oops!...I Did It Again (With Lyrics)

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Britney Spears - Oops!...I Did It Again (With Lyrics)
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Text Comments (2986)
Marianna Monclin (8 hours ago)
VeeJeeDoubleYou (23 hours ago)
2018 🙋
Inkyubus (1 day ago)
Me and my friend have an inside joke where we say “britney spears is my idol” because im a dude and i screamed that in a public area wearing really edgy clothes and she found it hilarious
M!5T TM (2 days ago)
Oops... I saw it again
نود المالك (2 days ago)
2018 ..?
Alec Heesacker (2 days ago)
Alvin And The Chipmunks Have A Serious Breakup On The Chipmunk Sisters.
Eduardo507 (3 days ago)
Silly Slime001 (4 days ago)
I love you
Joshua Lane (5 days ago)
This reminds me of hit me baby one more time.
ᄌᄋ (5 days ago)
Liz Reagan (5 days ago)
2018, Anyone? :))
Ibuki Mioda (6 days ago)
Oops I did it Mikan...
Mehroz Mahjabin (6 days ago)
Imagination Forever (7 days ago)
This is sooo cheesy
Caelius TV (7 days ago)
Oops! I did it again!
S and B Music Videos (8 days ago)
I love all your songs
Nouf Sami (9 days ago)
Nouf Sami (9 days ago)
Hey girl how was
Mars Madewell (9 days ago)
Anyone in 2018??
The Mango Simmer YT (9 days ago)
2018 Where you at?
Tetsuo Urashima (11 days ago)
Tetsuo Shima makes sure to play, dance, and sing to this song in the shower. If you're thinking about the manga, he would be in the ocean.
Anita Pelich (11 days ago)
Bin seine Freundin mit Bernd Löwisch Oops I did it again
Andy Burgos (12 days ago)
Oops i'm seing it again.
Wiwita (12 days ago)
I lile Britney Spears oops i did it again
Warida Salmiati (13 days ago)
Oppss! I did it again
Noor Yadak (14 days ago)
Angel Garachana (15 days ago)
Aleksandar Saveski (16 days ago)
10 years of this song😍
nur alyafaliha (16 days ago)
Who come here because of 9gag?
Aastha Vaal (17 days ago)
October 2018 😘🤗
Anna Hakobyan (19 days ago)
Jasmine Low (21 days ago)
Oops... i did it again i played with your heart 💯🔥❤❤
Muo Katasamu (21 days ago)
Everytime I waste my money: Oops I did it again
The Queen is my name (22 days ago)
*2018?* 🙄
Demonz101 (23 days ago)
Lissy2355 (23 days ago)
this is the original friendzone song :D
Rajarshi Santra (23 days ago)
Who's here after watching 442oons?
dark ninja (23 days ago)
I woke up in the morning in the weekend 😑
Katy Hernandez (26 days ago)
Etoile Brillante (26 days ago)
2018 ?? xD
Rebeckahsscanner (27 days ago)
10 years
Colette Greene (27 days ago)
My local police station danced to this!!
Olivia Jones (28 days ago)
oops! I ate your chicken
TelepathicTortoise (28 days ago)
“So what do you think of that corporate pre-packaged pop kids like these days?”
Elle (29 days ago)
"oh... *you shouldn't have"*
Jair Mondragon (29 days ago)
I played with your heart 😂🙄😂
afraeem sakib (30 days ago)
Children of bodom did it better
saxeli gvari (30 days ago)
She deliberately makes guys fall in love with her just to friendzone them later :(
Matias Paciello (1 month ago)
From aboveeee❤❤❤
Irfan Musa (1 month ago)
Oops i played it again
Nandita Bhowmick (1 month ago)
The chords are terribly fantastic
XxStickyRiceXx Rice (1 month ago)
2018? Anyone
Danish Rajan (1 month ago)
Oops I did it again played this song again in 2018 October 🔥🇮🇳
Karla Medrano (1 month ago)
Στ. Αρ. (1 month ago)
Zoe Bueche (1 month ago)
Ooh baby hehe yeeee!
Althea Mendoza (1 month ago)
Maine mendoza bought me heree
Phương Nam Nguyễn (1 month ago)
Dont know why but i think about this song the whole day. And here I am 0-0
The Drago (1 month ago)
Perfect song for AMV of traps xD
Mary Jones (1 month ago)
Ops I did it again!
Little Slayer (1 month ago)
Lovely_Trash (1 month ago)
Listening on 09/29/18 💙. 2018 anyone?
yuke yurike (1 month ago)
Kagamine Len O.T.N gigantic.
marcus Ulrich (1 month ago)
Is she still doing music what happened to her
Vivian Qitong (1 month ago)
I also led someone when I just being nice and friendly and he think I am in love with him =_=
Darling Britt (1 month ago)
KB TV (1 month ago)
2018 anyone, where are you guys? Don’t let this song die!
Aaron Johnson (1 month ago)
mnnngh yeaauh
Mily Devries (1 month ago)
september 2018
Douglas Santos (1 month ago)
Fuck this crap man.
Akshai Khan (1 month ago)
2018 ?
Emily G. (1 month ago)
Alciee Chan (1 month ago)
Friends:She likes rap & emo genres Me: *quietly fan girls over Britney spears* Friends: who is this? Me: oh uh no one Friends: *laugh* I didn’t know you were that type of girl -worst moment ever- 💔
Pro graming LAS (1 month ago)
chimchim_ ARMY (1 month ago)
Alex Blake (1 month ago)
tfw when u were a kid u thought "im not that innocent" was referring to something else like beating someone up or smth
puppy love i love wwe (1 month ago)
Oops i killed it again
Leanne Rel (1 month ago)
Makes me wanna go with the beat and dance til I am worn out.
Skyler Albrecht (1 month ago)
2018 anyone?
Emz Julz Vlogz (1 month ago)
2.14 I hate when in the lyrics they add this's part
ALEX VOICE (1 month ago)
Οοps!..You think I'm in LOVE😍
DippersTaco (1 month ago)
Fuck I just wanted to listen to Britney and came here for nostalgia but listening to the lyrics now... damn
Lian Wass (2 months ago)
* pressed reply button * Oops i did it again..
Timon Tasic (2 months ago)
The Package
mag vera (2 months ago)
CringeFramesTNM (2 months ago)
I came here for the nostalgic feeling don't mind me
madabout _reality (2 months ago)
Waffle AD (2 months ago)
I associate a very specifac car smell with this song
Evelīna Jankevica (2 months ago)
Kimberly Thorpe (2 months ago)
Who came here to compare the Brittany version with Hayley’s post modern version?
Global Panthers (2 months ago)
the song sounds good, but the meaning is just hurtful
야옹tv게임니 (2 months ago)
Oops I did it again What is it? Watching 'Oops I did it again'
Nobody (2 months ago)
This song is from my crush to me
N Sanchez (2 months ago)
Doing my homework at 2:00am “Oops I did it again”
Eva Adrian (2 months ago)
I really love this song.....
myownnumbr1 (2 months ago)
I love this song
Rockin’ Ruby (2 months ago)
Bellatrix: AVADA KEDEVRA!!! Me: bruh...... what the heck Bellatrix: oops I did it again. Me:...... really? Bellatrix: yes..😁
Rockin’ Ruby (2 months ago)
I just listen to it one more time... *20 replays later* *in class* *humming this aloud* Everyone: wow, you can sing. Me: ummmm........ I- uh no I don’t........😳

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