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Kingston, Jamaica

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This is on my second day in Jamaica. Showing the house of my relatives, driving on Hope Rd. and then through the Blue Mountains.
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Anthony Burrell (1 month ago)
Jamaica have better quality home's them in America
BeatstalkerEnt (1 month ago)
can u lemme know who u got this beat from? awesome beat
TheMatrixPipe (1 month ago)
It's on the description of the video.
Harold Brown (1 month ago)
Lush and green love it BAD BAD BAD one love
Claudette P (2 months ago)
thank u for showing my beautiful jamaica.
Clever Burton (4 months ago)
That’s my neck of the woods
Happey67 (2 years ago)
Where exactly is this location? I know the vibes in this area would be good.
Happey67 (2 years ago)
TheMatrixPipe (2 years ago)
Happey67 One block south of Hope Rd. Close to Bob Marley's museum.
sandreengr8est (2 years ago)
I'm from Jamaica living in America can't wait to go back and buy me a big beautiful house in Kingston...Kingston is beautiful trust me
TheMatrixPipe (2 years ago)
Keep the dream alive !
Rico Montez (3 years ago)
how do the American currency work over here If I convert 9000 of American money to Jamaican money how much do I have
Janet Cousins (1 year ago)
Jeremy Little... At the present rates close to one million Jamaican dollars
Pascal Beraud (3 years ago)
Vincent Edwards (3 years ago)
house mthly payment
obby obynova (4 years ago)
i didnt like kingston very much
Darkangelof Israel (5 years ago)
Corina Aragon (5 years ago)
You're driving on the wrong side of the street! Yeah Dude!
Happey67 (2 years ago)
That is how it is done in Britain and all the territories.
TheMatrixPipe (5 years ago)
No, I'm not !!!
TheMatrixPipe (5 years ago)
Indeed !!!
Omari The People (5 years ago)
Looks very nice
TheMatrixPipe (5 years ago)
Thanks for the comment and please enjoy the fresh air ! Cheers, Don Carlos
Journey with Stephy (5 years ago)
shut the fk up.bcuz u dont know shit.narrow minded
Jamaicangirl21000 (6 years ago)
So true.
DEwayne Hall (6 years ago)
Jamaica paradise, hahahahha, it is a rub down ghetto infested with criminals.
TheMatrixPipe (6 years ago)
You are most welcome.
Tee F. (6 years ago)
Thanks for this video. At least people can see another side to Jamaica other than "the slums" that the media loves to portray.
TheMatrixPipe (6 years ago)
Right on! Thanks for the great comment. Cheers, Don Carlos
sweedish groove (6 years ago)
Beverly Hills ,Cherry Gardens, Norbrook, Mills borough,Jacks Hill ,Red Hills ,Chancery Hall Belgrade Heights just to name a few
TheMatrixPipe (6 years ago)
No, it is not like that. There is everything in between. Cheers, Don Carlos
TheMatrixPipe (6 years ago)
Sorry !
mzdanut44 (6 years ago)
this vid made me home sick
TheMatrixPipe (6 years ago)
Stony Hill
passion3101 (6 years ago)
Hey can you tell me some of the areas where I can find big houses ?
TheMatrixPipe (6 years ago)
Indeed ! Thanks for the comment .
Jake Mooshian (6 years ago)
Worked in Kingston / Spanish Town for a bit. Had an awesome time. JS.. Kingston is a great town.
TheMatrixPipe (6 years ago)
Yeah man, thanks !
Tokkemusic (6 years ago)
nice man
TheMatrixPipe (6 years ago)
Thanks for watching and commenting Don Carlos
M94 (6 years ago)
TheMatrixPipe (6 years ago)
This is New Kingston. Close to Hope Rd and Devon House.
david taylor (6 years ago)
looks like a nice area in jamica where is this
SouFLoTV (6 years ago)
now imagine if you had never been to america and all you ever seen before and know of it was videos and pics of poverty and the slums>>>
TheMatrixPipe (6 years ago)
Okey Dokey !!!
$Mullah$ (6 years ago)
Nice job cuzzo!!! Can't wait to see ya'll!!!
TheMatrixPipe (6 years ago)
Respect. Don Carlos
reef (6 years ago)
amazing video
Dani Elle (8 months ago)
Makeila De Andrade (6 years ago)
I hope so too! Thanks :)
TheMatrixPipe (6 years ago)
Hope your dream comes true ! Best wishes Don Carlos
Makeila De Andrade (6 years ago)
I want to move to Jamaica one day !! It is such a beautiful location, & peaceful atmosphere. Hopefully I can visit before I finish college
andre munroe (7 years ago)
yeppp...that's my country!
Justin Z (7 years ago)
3 R32's and an evo!! Good LAWD
Justin Z (7 years ago)
omg omg omg I see an R32! *packing up and moving there NOW*
TheMatrixPipe (7 years ago)
@002Tchiputu Thanks for watching and the comment !!!!
TheMatrixPipe (7 years ago)
@MrSmokeGuy Yup, it is. Thanks. Don Carlos
MrSmokeGuy (7 years ago)
Nice house.
TheMatrixPipe (7 years ago)
@MrBlink182ishi Movie business....hmmm kind of. Thanks man Cheers, Don Carlos
MrBlink182ishi (7 years ago)
carlos your vid editing skills are PRO quality my friend..........are you in the movie business? i like to learn some tricks from you awesome place
TheMatrixPipe (7 years ago)
@neuroleptika Well, there are little clusters of houses. But, yes, I would call them gated communities. On the video starting @ 1:57. That's like Beverly Hills of Kingston. Cheers, Don Carlos
peneloperedfern (7 years ago)
@neuroleptika if you say you have never seen such fine houses as you put it, then I know you have never been to Kingston in your life.You are just going by the negative press.KIngston is a large modern city with more middle income and rich communites than the ghettos
TheMatrixPipe (7 years ago)
@backcountrypipe You'll have a great time for sure. Cheers, Don Carlos
backcountrypipe (7 years ago)
Hi Don Carlos, awesome videos, great insite into Jamaica. We are considering going in a couple weeks. Cheers Mark
TheMatrixPipe (7 years ago)
@HolySmokeNPipePadre They were raptured along with Harold Camping....
HolySmokeNPipePadre (7 years ago)
No cars on the road? Where did everyone go?
Janet Cousins (2 years ago)
It might have been a Sunday. Most shops, offices etc are closed on Sundays and people might have been at home or in church.

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