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Gon Freecss All Enemies Defeated

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Text Comments (123)
옆집빡구 (1 hour ago)
Julien McCallin (15 hours ago)
Pitou didn't lose, she never managed to engage the fight before she got wrecked.
lemuellala2 (19 hours ago)
Gon successfully getting Hisoka's tag should also be included. Some fans, including me, consider it to be part of a possible "Best of 3" scenario between Gon and Hisoka. Currently at 1-1. 1st win went to Gon during the Hunter Exam arc, and 2nd win went to Hisoka during Heaven's Arena Arc, ending with Hisoka saying that next time they fight, it will be a no holds barred match and one must kill the other to win.
vince pedres (20 hours ago)
where is razer?
adel adel (2 days ago)
You forgot gon also deafeared his dad by finding(hunting him)
Quen Angcog (4 days ago)
Not complete
cc513503 pc3344520 (7 days ago)
Unknown Reaper (9 days ago)
This isn't all his enemy😠
Wavemaker (9 days ago)
Is this a good anime?
Adnan Zahaf Mohamed (8 days ago)
Yes, Is awesome.
sixkoroPl YT (10 days ago)
Kiriko looks like pikachu tbh
james tommy (12 days ago)
I thought Gon was Escanor. Hehe
Mario Sarque (13 days ago)
Gon is so cute... Well at least I think so...😁😁😁
Panda A (14 days ago)
Could i have name of the outro song?
Jerome Samuel Batac (14 days ago)
damn continue this anime pls ! haizzzz
Joel Largado (15 days ago)
Leandro Passe (16 days ago)
"Hanzo" Hmm... Nope
V SQUARE (16 days ago)
- LuckyAce - (17 days ago)
This video is stupidly retarded half the things in it he never defeated but won in a bet or won by default
- LuckyAce - (17 days ago)
He never defeated kriko because they stoppes fighting
Light Yagami (17 days ago)
I remember that test morel gave 😂😂😂 gon had him shitting his pants
Allain Daiffan (17 days ago)
I don't like janken power....i miss he stick bait
Iron.Fossil (17 days ago)
Mane of the last song?
The last one isn't right 'cause what Gon did to pitou can't be considered just as a defeat
Owen Oakley (11 days ago)
That is very true cuz he fully destroyed Pitou
Light Yagami (17 days ago)
That was literal rape
ghost fantasy (18 days ago)
Is there any indication that Gon may still be alive after the fight with Pitou
Aaron Harding (16 days ago)
Did you not finish the anime? Aluka ( killua sister) wishes for gons recovery
AstraChan Plays (18 days ago)
When people say anime is for kids to Me: have I watched this anime and Tokyo ghoul
A.M. Arteaga (19 days ago)
Huh? Some of these aren't even enemies defeated. Centipede? Killed by Kite because of Gon's carelessness. Knuckle? It wasn't a fight, it was a free hit Knuckle gave him. In both training and the real fight, Knuckle always defeated him easily. Morel? Not even a fight, it was an aura showdown to prove his resolve was strong enough for the Palace Invasion. Adding these was pretty stupid.
Lavon beamon (19 days ago)
She pissed him off to the MAX
I miss this Anime
Alizar Domaco (20 days ago)
Idot! The episode is not complete. Why?
Jiren Invencível (20 days ago)
Virou bleach no 9:13
animerz Music (20 days ago)
Gon vs killua I thing Gon win
Lawayy (22 days ago)
Qual anime da intro?
Killua Zoldyck (17 days ago)
One Punch Man
Little Lad (22 days ago)
At 7:04 Kamehamehaaaa!
carlodeth besmonte (24 days ago)
gon never had a bad ass cool awesome tranform. she just become a body builder freak with muscles. with super duper long rebond hair. and that pants become shorts and tshirt becomes a bra.p
denis viher (8 days ago)
If you didn't get gon would look like that when he was grown up...
Trinicia Lewis (20 days ago)
carlodeth besmonte erm. HES. A. BOY..
Renada Gema (25 days ago)
Damn i miss this anime so bad! Even the manga also hiatus. Please comeback😭😭
Jon Santo (15 days ago)
not yet
Kristian Basile (17 days ago)
Abimelech Lopez Is Gon back in the story?
Noah Harp (21 days ago)
Anime will likely return after this current big arc I belive, then they'll have a steady idea of when to make more episodes.
Renada Gema (22 days ago)
+Abimelech Lopez yup! my prayer is brcome real
Abimelech Lopez (22 days ago)
Its back
Prayutz john Gun shar (26 days ago)
at 6:33 supersaiyan
Skyzze Games (13 days ago)
No its Mystic Power
Marick Anthony (27 days ago)
I hate the character of Gon, but i like the attitude of killua
Noah Harp (21 days ago)
To each their own, but going from an *almost* innocent whatever year old to someone who has amassed an alright sized body count is big character development I'd say. Leorio is the most innocent imo
enmanuel gonzalez (24 days ago)
Maricka Lo que pasa es que eres un gringo mongolico
Uh Who?? (24 days ago)
Why?? Character development of gon is good one.he is simple minded but smart and optimist. Nothin to hate
Sean mel Cuñado (29 days ago)
How come gon able to use ONE FOR ALL quirk without damaging his arm?!
Sean mel Cuñado (17 days ago)
+Potato King chill out bro. Strong right arm are accountable to use one for all! Nyahihihi
Potato King (17 days ago)
Sean mel Cuñado technically then by your logic every one who can use men can use one for all
Sean mel Cuñado (23 days ago)
+Lester PH yeah you hit it bruh! Thats all mights american smash right?!
Lester PH (23 days ago)
yeah its like OneForAll Quirk
Sean mel Cuñado (23 days ago)
+days craft together i know that man! Its a sarcastic comment since im a fan of both anime.. saitama is their first one for all master, then gon freecs is the 2nd hahahaha
T H (1 month ago)
Kissamaaa... Korossu.... PITOUUUU !!! (PURE EPICNESS)
nda dash (1 month ago)
Gon Look like a Saiyan when battle with baro
Ronnie Pradilla (1 month ago)
Alba Dadi28 (1 month ago)
ikeh ikeh komochi.yametee kudasaiiiii
shinblzz (1 month ago)
That guy name is "FREECSS" what do you expect for him beside being an actual freak.
ブロリーBroly (1 month ago)
Gon vs Pito : this fight.. This power.. This story.. It's Simply iconic
Stephen Chen (7 days ago)
That's not a fight mate, a fight is when anyone could win
Anguila Hombre (1 month ago)
You're missing Netero during the Hunter exam and that one guy he pushes during Heaven's Arena.
Kennyojlaw Crazyeyes (1 month ago)
Gon 18 wins 2 kills! Killua 27 wins 15 kills!!! #killua
Nouveau Battōsai (11 days ago)
SmileFace TMG kindness is weak
SmileFace TMG (18 days ago)
+Vrixiz not really Gon is just too kind to kill a person
Vrixiz (1 month ago)
Gon is weak
ϻαrlεΥ (1 month ago)
i have a feeling GON is DON...
ϻαrlεΥ (1 month ago)
+HitSpot remember when ging came home he brought someone a little child and thats Gon..he is Don,rebirth like kite..time will tell,and if im right you can message me
HitSpot (1 month ago)
That makes 0 sense 😕
Hench Hinch (1 month ago)
The last clip brings tears to my eyes
Bayan Adler (8 days ago)
the soundtrack
jerry castillo (11 days ago)
Very emotional
Guanbino (1 month ago)
Has the manga shown Gon recovering his Nen?
valdemar noivo (29 days ago)
hope so, and i hope he can control / master / achieve that power of full grown gon and go further beyond :D
gian franco Perona (1 month ago)
no but he definitely will
Khai-The Casual Player (1 month ago)
Hiatus x hiatus XD
Salty Squid (1 month ago)
+natsu dragneel ok
natsu dragneel (1 month ago)
SquidBoy 09 mom he thinks of her as a mom but in reality she is his mom
Where’s netero
Sebastian Arzola (1 month ago)
Nooo gonada
He forgot Jed the lord of using ON. The one who looks like Alucard of Mobile legend. 😂😂😂
M'rick MERIL (1 month ago)
Movie doesnt count
Quasar Gaming (1 month ago)
Satisfied Bush (1 month ago)
you forgot Jed from the movie... Gon defeated him right?
HexoYt Gaming (17 days ago)
Bob Bob  Boi, you sad, there are 2 movies? or 3? Idk if dark continent will even be released. Still watch the movies though, they're great for me
Bob Bob (23 days ago)
There's a movie? :|
Leonardo (1 month ago)
But the movie is shit and non-canon
flamemaster (1 month ago)
i almost feel bad for pito
Mr Blenk (12 days ago)
Yeah sad for pitou but gon pay with all demage body.that cant healed by any nen cure.. Accept nanika the sister of kilua. In the end of eps gin talk to gon to do not act ridicilus
+RACEUR2 yes, you are totally right, Gon didn't do what a "HERO" would, and that's because Gon is not a hero, he is just the main character who usually happens to be a good guy
Izzy The Lily (24 days ago)
Well i kinda was hoping for a redemption so i feelt bad for pieto
hunter x hunter (25 days ago)
she kiled kite
Opus Custom Tank (1 month ago)
Gon never defeat Hanzo, he is just give up for that fucking brats honor.
lyblie Christofferson (3 months ago)
Gon...my Boi is the best.
lyblie Christofferson (1 month ago)
Ronnie Tolentino (1 month ago)
TheKoolaid51 (4 months ago)
Some of these W's aint even really W's, like with Hanzo and Knuckle. Knuckle beat that ass later and Gon lost his Nen. I guess in the moment it counts
Janice Daos (26 days ago)
Attie Official (1 month ago)
Big MonkaS Yeah, that wasn't really a fight. A simple test he passed
Attie Official (1 month ago)
Big MonkaS Yeah, that wasn't really a fight. A simple test he passed
Big MonkaS (1 month ago)
What about morel? Gon was just showing him his nen
Attie Official (1 month ago)
They are Ws. They count. It doesn't always have to be him beating the crap out of someone. Hanzo admitted defeat. Knuckle passed out.
sbaby11795 (4 months ago)
Damn that was a long gap without a W for Gon from heavens arena to greed island
Nippon World (4 months ago)
yup...Gon and killua more practice Thank for watching

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