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Extreme experiments our NEW channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/amicobbb/videos EXPERIMENT Shredding GIANT GUMMY BEAR (Five pound) Thank you for watching don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/serbiangamesbl_yt/
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Text Comments (19276)
Ryuuji Scarlet (26 minutes ago)
No pobre caquita en el munuto 6:55
Madhukar Patil (2 hours ago)
It was gummy bear murder how it was looking
maria manno (5 hours ago)
Joey's gaming channel (13 hours ago)
You monster you crushed so many kid loving things
Maymay Killer45 (16 hours ago)
It’s not statist yin’s fk I un sun.b up
Nicholas Henson (17 hours ago)
My hand would go in first
Nicholas Henson (17 hours ago)
Put my lil birth dog in
Robert Hernandez (17 hours ago)
Everyone who committed is so rude
Nesreen Alfawal (23 hours ago)
leopard girl 201 (23 hours ago)
At 8:56 it sounds like help me
LilRed (23 hours ago)
I'm just saying I don't like seeing stuff to time there's nothing wrong with the video I love your videos I don't like seeing stuff to times it's boring we already seen it okay okay big deal if
Kelci F (1 day ago)
steve flores (1 day ago)
Man the stick 😤
AMER O.C (1 day ago)
Fak man
Rosa Grönfors (1 day ago)
Invia Materie (1 day ago)
12:09, you are welcome.
amyx95 (1 day ago)
kinda hurt by the gummy bear
jazzy jay (1 day ago)
Honestly though, this is animal cruelty
poliii (1 day ago)
Dislike xd
This dont seem like a very strong shredder
Grizzly CMT (1 day ago)
This music ruins the vibe
Feline.Gen. 101 (1 day ago)
OH THE BEAR TO rude the madness
Feline.Gen. 101 (1 day ago)
THE POO NOO why .......WHY
Lluvia L Orozco (1 day ago)
So you can do it a the park?
lI Unknown Il (1 day ago)
The shredder can shred everything else’s that is hard, BUT a gummy bear?😑
KD 04 (1 day ago)
I thought the gummy bear would be satisfying
Brad Jr (1 day ago)
Shredding a Wii
my love salman khan (1 day ago)
ليه الفساد حرام عليك اتصدق ببهم علي طفل يتيم يكولك اجر عند الله
psychofanka kruszwila (2 days ago)
Vovka Vovka (2 days ago)
Есть российские?
Raphie O (2 days ago)
2:59 I’m gonna teach u a lesson
f g (2 days ago)
6:40 is what your channel is
Fernanda Dundi (2 days ago)
Inves de estragar essas coisas doam pra crianças q adorarian ter um brinquedo ou um objeto dessses,inutil🙄
Akire etak (2 days ago)
Miss Lady (2 days ago)
I Nursery you YOUTUBE
Felix Z (2 days ago)
12:10 thanks to me later
Victoria Arangue (2 days ago)
Te pasaste loco o loca
Raven Larai (2 days ago)
Anyone else tempted to put their hands in 😂
Juliano Berticelli (2 days ago)
Descanse em paz ursinho de goma
فاطمه عباس (2 days ago)
12:10 is the gummy
Constanza Ceconello (2 days ago)
Paraque destruis las cosas
Adriana Lima (2 days ago)
Quem fala português e tá vendo esse vídeo em 2019 da like
Elif Kuş (3 days ago)
O koca jelibonu nerden buldun
O oyuncakları Parçalıycana Evsiz çocuklara verseydinde onları sevindirseydin
Türk olup kanalı izleyen var mı?🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷 like atın
ぽた (3 days ago)
Arslaan Ganaie (3 days ago)
You tube pa search doo how to make a fake viwes and subscribers in you tube iss ne vaise hee kiya var na viwes kaha sa aati
PotatoDressing2 (3 days ago)
This machine could even take half a minion 🤦‍♂️
Shaneka Hubbard (3 days ago)
Shaneka Hubbard (3 days ago)
ceecee and the savage (3 days ago)
Why is he shredding all his little sisters toys 😥😂
Yeet Skeet (3 days ago)
Who cares if it’s satisfying it’s funny
Susan Whelan (3 days ago)
This gets stuck too much....there's other ones that chew right through anything
Only how a minion dies 5:14
Aleksandar Jovanovic (3 days ago)
Jaooooooj serbo serbo serbo
Nylatah Manyeh (3 days ago)
you're wasting stuff just for views and subscribers
Luan Fiuza (3 days ago)
Maureen Auman (3 days ago)
get a better shredder man
this is boring inn slomo
Kim Washington (4 days ago)
Lol at 12:54 it looks like the gummy guts coming out
Carlos Ortiz (4 days ago)
Tus videos los paras mucho dale tipo deja que el cocito se triture
aa70queen01 (4 days ago)
I thought he meant gummy bear candy
juneee (4 days ago)
i was fucking yelling at the gummy bear one QUIT MOVING IT BACK HEADASS
Cherish Jones (4 days ago)
That shred was ass.
_memariah (4 days ago)
Its not a good video when you keep going back and forth with the machine. Smh not worth the watch
De'Airah Mckinzie (4 days ago)
Medina Khedir (4 days ago)
''WARNING WE ARE TRAINED PROFESSIONALS DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME'' im a trained professional too,At eating😊😊😊😊
Lauren Wish (4 days ago)
a new level of asmr
McLawrence Family (4 days ago)
Fatu Sesay (4 days ago)
A pillow
Iyana Norment (4 days ago)
That gummy bear looked so good
imperator 2 ef (4 days ago)
Bok serbijane
قديم ذا الاختراع
Roger That (4 days ago)
Ur crusher sucks if it cant crush a fuckin gummy bear easy.
Shiningforceking (5 days ago)
Could you stop rewinding? Its unsatisfactory
Pokémon Lord666 (5 days ago)
Lucinda Geale (5 days ago)
sjaminah (5 days ago)
is anyone getting anxiety by watching this?
the_pickle _is_real (5 days ago)
Depression Obsession (5 days ago)
Have you never watched toy story?!
Maisie DuBois (5 days ago)
7:18 sounds like the quads from fortnite..lol
Aldo Perez Mondragon (5 days ago)
Connie (5 days ago)
Most unsatisfying video of my life😂
Rugal Bernstein (5 days ago)
You know the crusher is giving it all when it starts screaming 12:51
Semaj Lovely (5 days ago)
12:12 is the gummy bear ☺😘
LELEPLAYZ TV (5 days ago)
briana eyelash (5 days ago)
Mr. Stark I don’t wanna go
Lexe Cat (5 days ago)
Imagine that being ur fingers 😬
Tanta criança precisando de um brinquedo
Sevgi Bozkurt (5 days ago)
Tek Türk benmiyim
。ナナチ (6 days ago)
ボール、パァン!て割れると思ったら プシュォンだった((語彙力皆無
TAHRIYA WILSON (6 days ago)
Here if you want to skip it 1:55
Darlius 12 (6 days ago)
Temple Bright (6 days ago)
Hurry up!!!!!!!
Jilliana Sparkle (6 days ago)
Wendy army (6 days ago)
12:10 A lo que veniste Quiero mis likes >:u xdxd
Jennifer Williams (6 days ago)
Can u do this to my homework 😂😂
Tru Anthony (6 days ago)
Tru Anthony (6 days ago)

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