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One Piece - Giant shadows appears

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i decided to upload this scene because i couldn't find it anywhere on youtube The epic moment when the strawhats and the masira pirates witness the enormous shadows of the Shandorians and aftermath From Episode 145 I don't own this. One Piece belongs to Eiichiro
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baloo Parker (22 days ago)
RICHARD CHEUNG WU (23 days ago)
Row for your life
Blackflame (23 days ago)
I wonder how their time skip counterparts would have reacted.
the arabian falcon (20 days ago)
Blackflame it will be fine Hell zoro will try to cut them lol
E D (25 days ago)
are these the same as the thriller bark monsters? they look different so i'm guessing no but maybe? they both appeared when the sun was gone and it was hard to see
the arabian falcon (20 days ago)
E D you finish the sky island arc and you say that ?
WhaCK WhOo (26 days ago)
I really thought in the 1st that this is the power of whitebeard cause of the name of the episode 😂😂
G A (1 month ago)
Zoro sweaty? Ahahaha
George Adusei (1 month ago)
You know it's scary when not only a gigantic turtle drops its jaw, but Robin too!
K•sunbae (1 month ago)
Wut episode is this
Monkey D Garp (1 month ago)
No more funny scenes like this anymore.
YouTube Fan (1 month ago)
1:25 Even the giant turtle was _THAT_ scared!
Corinna Sequea (2 months ago)
Albin (2 months ago)
According to my calculations those are about 3000-6000 meters tall...
Arthur Cywren (2 months ago)
Alright, firstly, for everyone still asking that hasn't actually paid attention to the series, these are stated to not be actual creatures, but shadows cast by shandians that live closer to the sun. Now, this does, however, raise two interesting questions, the first being if their size is comparable to those of the actual creatures shown in Thriller Bark, and the second being whether or not this implies that the Florian Triangle is actually the location for something important. Thoughts?
Qᴜɪʟʟ (3 months ago)
Now that I know they were just shadows of the people of SkyPiea, they are a lot less intimidating. When I first saw this I was like “hoooollllyyyy”
KING OF TDM (3 months ago)
1:11 first time i see robin scared. the shadow probaly Cthulhu
Elifou (3 months ago)
What is this
the arabian falcon (20 days ago)
Elifou wanna get spoiled?
fdl mhmmd (3 months ago)
What are they? They size too huge man....
Carlos The Athletic Weeb (4 months ago)
And that kids is how Attack on Titan came to be
Nakul Khatri (4 months ago)
That was shadow from sky island
Jonathan Flores (5 months ago)
Does anybody know the name of the song that starts when they appear?
Deku Wolf (6 months ago)
Esta es mi escena favorita desde que la vi por primera vez, recuerdo que yo había quedado igual que ellos en plan SHOCK! incluso ahora que lo e visto varias veces me sigue erizando la piel con ver a esos gigantes 😰
GunsolKyle (6 months ago)
A little part of me wishes they were really monsters, instead of shadows from Skypeia..
the arabian falcon (20 days ago)
Hattan AlShutaifi (6 months ago)
Shadowy giant and everyone scared is funniest thing I ever saw in series to the point I even almost pee and fart when I laugh so hard it hurt stomach 😂🤣😆
AhmedHan (6 months ago)
I wonder how they would look like from space, of course if they were actually in that giant size.
the arabian falcon (20 days ago)
melagkomas20 (5 months ago)
ChocoKaylaRobin (6 months ago)
Are they the same things that were in the florian triangle??
the arabian falcon (20 days ago)
ChocoKaylaRobin no
Es la escena mas extraña en toda la serie y en la unica donde la tripulacion tiene miedo jajajjaja yo creo que tiene que ver con raftel
eairvin (7 months ago)
back when there is no coup de burst lmao
Ultra man
It must be the guardians of the lost ancient kindgom... its there!!! hahaha
obito uchiha (7 months ago)
Luffy and them could barely see there legs
obito uchiha (7 months ago)
Sanjis reaction is the best
c1ue scroll 07 (7 months ago)
What if saitama sees these
TheDubBEY (8 months ago)
Is this ever explained …
the arabian falcon (20 days ago)
TheDubBEY wanna get spoiled???
pauljackowacko552 (8 months ago)
I think they are guarding Raftel. Just a theory.
the arabian falcon (20 days ago)
pauljackowacko552 wanna get spoiled???
2380knight (5 months ago)
pauljackowacko552 a damn good one
Risky Corp. (8 months ago)
02:47 this scene can kill me with laugh 😂
JustJaxxThatsAll (8 months ago)
Me vs my mom.
Infamous Pirate (8 months ago)
Those shadows are for shandians in the sky .it is just like when luffy rang the bell and was seen by the montblanc ancestor and his monkey friends.
Akhilesh Basu (8 months ago)
Think about kaido's reaction after seeing those shadows😱
lord sushi (8 months ago)
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 sanji's face😂😂😂😂😂😂
황shin zilla (8 months ago)
Some Lovecraft type of horror it gave us when we first saw it
Sanji's face @ 0:50 almost mad me shit myself while lmao
julien manuel (9 months ago)
Everyone these giants are controlled by imu-sama the final vilain.... remember this comment
Max (8 months ago)
Nah, they are the sky people
Mitsuki (9 months ago)
1:38 Run terererttetetetetete
ALEN V JOHN (9 months ago)
Zefanya Lt (8 months ago)
ALEN V JOHN (9 months ago)
DenifClock I know...just trolling the anime watchers with that name.
Katakuri (9 months ago)
They have nothing to do with it. They are just shadows of the people from the Skypiea that is explained later, I guess you didn't watch that part of One Piece
burak çolak (9 months ago)
When I saw it first I laughed to die
Red (9 months ago)
Even i almost shit myself when this thing appears
sokocul (9 months ago)
What ia that... Those are more tall than kaido
the arabian falcon (20 days ago)
sokocul wanna get spoiled?
cloud8 (9 months ago)
Even robin is scared
Marco Vallesteros (9 months ago)
What is the name of the soundtrack?
van canque (9 months ago)
They padelled so fast that sunny became faster than kizaru's speed 😂
joe kariba (9 months ago)
2:40 what a shame. he was fitting in nicely
frog gamerPlayzEX (9 months ago)
Is it Umibōzu
Asto (9 months ago)
Any idea of what they could be?
Katakuri (9 months ago)
They have nothing to do with it. They are just shadows of the people from the Skypiea that is explained later, I guess you didn't watch that part of One Piece
CastielUchiha (9 months ago)
Kinda bummed when we found out they are just shadows, and not being that were actually that big, when I saw that for the first time it made me think the one piece world was HUGE turns out it wasnt
Ernesto Chiu (9 months ago)
Good thing they escaped in *ONE PIECE*
FBI Team (9 months ago)
Who is Akainu Who is Yonkos Bruh thos 3 Can Destroy World easly
Ensei Mada (9 months ago)
FBI Team except they're just shadow. No big deal..
吉良吉影 (9 months ago)
Mugetsui (9 months ago)
Chapter 905
Katakuri (8 months ago)
Well, the shadows in Thriller Bark is a mystery, however the pig like creatures in the New World were just black for the dramatic effect, they are nothing special to pay attention to in my opinion.
Mugetsui (8 months ago)
yeah my bad, i thought the man with the harpoon was the same. I watched the skypea arc in 2006. memory is a bit hazy. still curious about shadowws in thriller bark and in the background of the first new world scene with Kid.
Katakuri (9 months ago)
They have nothing to do with it. They are just shadows of the people from the Skypiea that is explained later, I guess you didn't watch that part of One Piece
ogichi32 (10 months ago)
Most epic anime "lets get the fuck out of here" moment ever!
FBI Team (10 months ago)
those 3 Are Strong Than marine And 4 Yonkos By Far lol
Ice Queen (10 months ago)
to be honest, when I first saw this, up until that WIDEEE ZOOMED OUT ANGLE I really couldn't even tell what the hell it was for the first minute or so XD
Ice Queen (10 months ago)
RenXo D (10 months ago)
They thing “THEY’RE” big, wait till they see whos watching their anime
Um, correct me if im wrong but. Arent shadows suppose to be not standing up??? Shouldn't it be laying down on the ground??? Plus those faces...
Sin_winder _ (8 months ago)
Monkey D. Dragon the revolutionary army they are falling on the fog.
抹河茶門 (10 months ago)
「肩パットやべーよ。〇イヤ人並みじゃねえーか・・・ ん?なんか空島の住民あの位置あたりに羽無かったっけ?」 と、昔の記憶を朧気に思い出した。
the guy (10 months ago)
You know its bad when luffy gets scared.
Jevilz (10 months ago)
No problem for someone who cut a mountain sized being *cough, cough* Zoro
2380knight (5 months ago)
Donald Duc 10 times? Try 1,000
Donald Duc (8 months ago)
you are retarded, that shadow is 10x times bigger than pica, and he looks in dressrosa like a small thing
Sin_winder _ (8 months ago)
Jevilz they are nearly as big as zou.
Jevilz (9 months ago)
They are omg...
FBI Team (9 months ago)
FBI knows *
Andy Abdullah (10 months ago)
This scene was executed extremely well done. First we see them act as if it was nothing but a dark sky. And when they realize there were a super big giant enormous shadowy giants, they stopped and looked in scare and awe. The way the camera panned out and the background music following it were really spot on. And their reaction? Priceless. This is by far one of the scariest thing in One Piece if anyone ever watched it the first time.
Bakary Dembélé (10 months ago)
This is some Galactus sized shit
Donald Duc (8 months ago)
it's totally 2x Mt. Everest big
Frisk Key (10 months ago)
If this scene is made in today's current pacing,it will be an episode.
Xcryptic Garbage (10 months ago)
1:08 at the that moment..... the crew knew that they were fucked up
Terrell Raye (10 months ago)
You know shit got serious when Zoro and Robin both have gotten the shit scared out of them!!!
Sakura Megumi (10 months ago)
Actually its the people in sky people. Even nami said that the Log Pose are pointing upwards
Wiston Clair June (10 months ago)
Pez (11 months ago)
*2:48** ahahaha so funny. This is why I love pre-time skip One Piece, full of funny stuff*
Giovanni Bendazzoli (11 months ago)
Episode number ?
rockabye baby (11 months ago)
gomu gomu no ain't doing shit when its started to move
Ho Lee Siyet (11 months ago)
Those shadows are shandians
ひさな (11 months ago)
SrTNick (11 months ago)
One of my favorite scenes. Such a cool way to foreshadow Skypiea really existing.
Quadesio THOMAS (11 months ago)
The moment your inner nigga reach peek level
Nasho Ba (11 months ago)
How do the shadows' sizes compare to Zunisha?
Nasho Ba (10 months ago)
Jason Zunisha's feet reach the freaking sea floor tho. They might've just made it seem smaller
Jason (10 months ago)
Back View they're way way way bigger than zunisha
Back View (11 months ago)
i'd say similar size but maybe they're a tad bigger
学生最古 (11 months ago)
Abdallah DZ7 (1 year ago)
At that time Merry was going faster than Sunny with its Coup de Burst.
Stapler (1 year ago)
Whatever those things were, Chuck Norris could beat them filing his nails
이열렙 (1 year ago)
진짜 사이즈 하나는 저때가 가장 사기다ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
-BeyondAir- (1 year ago)
the monsters that guards raftel
marko piroli (1 year ago)
Is it possible that they are Guardians of one of the 4 island where red poneglyph send and there is told how to reach that place. After that they can go to raftel... And the three giant where was thriller bark are the same... Is like those guardians are different dipending on what place they are... If i'm not wrong those are shadows of skyipea tribe and are near from skyipea... (Sorry for my english, if you want i can translate to italian what i want to say lol)
Chris Emiya (1 year ago)
Music in the background please ?
Nicenryu (1 year ago)
*gives the 900 like* c: imagine if they saw this giant shadow on thriller bark hahaha
Errold (1 year ago)
I think these Giants are relevant to why Zunesha (Zou) continuously walks in the ocean for many millenia.
Jason (10 months ago)
RenXo D (1 year ago)
This even scared the shit outta me. Whats the ost tho?
sometimes chicken (1 year ago)
That turtle is as big as mountains and the giants is 10000x bigger then that turtle.wtf!!😱😱😱 is that bigger then wadatsumi in fishman island?
the Reaper (1 year ago)
World is to big bro
Tyler Rodriguez (1 year ago)
If only those giants were real, they would literally pawn the Yonko, Marines, and the world entire.
James Edwards (1 year ago)
Them faces tho lol xD
phoenix risi (1 year ago)
The most Epic Faces l never see😨😵
Fumi Kitamura (1 year ago)
Earl Andrei Luis Luis (1 year ago)
The shadows look like Shandians

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