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$1 Eggs Vs. $89 Eggs • Japan

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Text Comments (12868)
Paigethemermaid (6 minutes ago)
Adams face when he picked up the egg yolk was the most adorable thing ever, aww☺️
kaicooper87 (1 hour ago)
Vivian Nguyen (1 hour ago)
Man... You can really tell Kichi absolutely loves cooking. It's wonderful how interactive he is.
pewdieapplepie pewpew (1 hour ago)
eyyy malaysia
K.A. GORDON (1 hour ago)
Chickens dont have a sense of taste? Coming from an Asian I find that funny. Asians will eat anything..and I mean anything. If a rock could be chewed up they would eat it. Of course chickens have a sense of taste. I suppose the dog he ate this morning didnt have a sense of smell...cuz everyone knows dogs cant smell anything.
K.A. GORDON (1 hour ago)
The chicken rice with the egg literally made me throw up my pizza in the sink. People really do eat anything. My chickens lay the best eggs in the world. They have an amazing diet and have special enrichment areas in their yard for them. They are loved very much and are treated like my family. Even if their eggs tasted horrible they are the most incredible chickens in the world and I would never trade a single one for anything. Its horrible that people eat them...if only they knew what they are capable of...they are very loving, sweet and they deserve to be treated with respect.
Wasim Farooq (2 hours ago)
You should try Pakistan
imagine we use the 89$ egg to make the Omurice.
GuD DamnRight (2 hours ago)
what the hell..whos that adorable behind steven in the beginning????????
DualShock 2 (2 hours ago)
i hate adam.
Jes is fab c: (3 hours ago)
"But then ketchup arrived..." omg haha And the last one, his egg is so cool. When I'm rich, I need to go try it <3
I like kichi kichi!!!
Peechaboo (3 hours ago)
ik How To Basic will love this .
mrcheeeseair (4 hours ago)
I never comment but I have to. Japanese people are so great 😭
Caroline Sine (5 hours ago)
I adore the omurice guy ^_^ it's people like him that make me so excited for our trip to Japan next summer. I've never been but I'm beyond excited!! <3
BlitzWin (5 hours ago)
Mitsuo Ito looks and sounds like a Japanese Stan Lee
Mate O' Mates (5 hours ago)
Uniquely A Dork (6 hours ago)
Who else just loves Adam
joshua rutherford (6 hours ago)
jjoeturn (6 hours ago)
BBQ 17:59
terasuu (6 hours ago)
the kichi kichi chef is so precious... FIYAAAAAAA!!
Mercury vazquez (7 hours ago)
Unsweetened chocolate with beef ?? So mole
Kye thecrazycatman (7 hours ago)
Country 20 trillion in debt. Spends 80 bucks on egg
Guacamole (7 hours ago)
LOL @ Egg fact
Mr. Obivous (7 hours ago)
How he cut that omelet open yolk yummy
Angel Song (7 hours ago)
idk why but adam has always reminded me of lingguini
joshua baraiac (7 hours ago)
on the 1 dollar eggs i think they pump the eggs out faster than the people can eat them.
DementedDarkness546 (7 hours ago)
So not only is Kichi Kichi San a kitchen badass, but his hair is pretty fantastic too. I'm pretty jealous, tbh.
iggy gonzalez (7 hours ago)
1:28 my guy the Asian Stan Lee
Kplayer v2 (7 hours ago)
So they eat fertilized eggs because the color is orange 😣🔫.....
Chem Is Cry (8 hours ago)
Japanese food is the beeeeest. So much of it focuses on many sense. Visually appealing Scent Texture Taste
Tiff any (8 hours ago)
who is that lady in the background at 0:52 ?!
soka soka (8 hours ago)
Rea is so f-ing cute.
adison montoya (8 hours ago)
like always i got a halo top add
Jkou Files (8 hours ago)
He kinda looks like matthew mcconaughey at 8:15
Aye Dani (8 hours ago)
Idk why I’m watching this... I hate eggs.
The Ninja Otaku (8 hours ago)
$ Tide Pods vs. $$$ Tide Pods
Lil Small Cat (8 hours ago)
I feel like this should have been the season finale, the kichi kichi chef was the highlight of the season!
pat leyland (8 hours ago)
looks gross no matter the taste lmao
narwhalnel (9 hours ago)
7:55 oh my god I had to rewind like four times....kichi kichi san is amazing sugoi af
Ali Rama (9 hours ago)
Im intended to make a fried egg as im watching this, but somehow it turns into full fledge omurice as im finish this video
Lanoira13 (9 hours ago)
I'm so confused, who doesn't eat ketchup on eggs???
Magikboy 16 (9 hours ago)
What kind of anime did i just watch?
Massimiliano Loschi (9 hours ago)
vende omelette a 24 dollari, ci credo che è sempre contento
fungirl98 lol (9 hours ago)
I just went to japan this summer, I had a whole lot of raw egg
Luffy King of Pirates (10 hours ago)
How to basic is sweating now
Vicky Logic (10 hours ago)
Going to Japan soon and this makes me so excited!!!
Joe danero (10 hours ago)
Very nice episode.
Eldrin Nunez (10 hours ago)
andrew forgot kichikichi
CTG028 (10 hours ago)
That egg from Kichi Kichi looks so GROSS! When he cut and and it opened, it turned my stomach! This video has put me off eggs!
Ashton Holter yo (10 hours ago)
You should do worth it fruit. Like go to an Apple farm, a special farm and then in Japan eat the prized expensive fruit.
ALKEN (10 hours ago)
Disney Watchers (10 hours ago)
When they split that egg and it just opens up, omg! :D
Christina Huang (10 hours ago)
lmao the woman with the umbrella
Shannon Dobell (11 hours ago)
So jealous of you guys
baciu14 (11 hours ago)
DUDE , that omlette spreading over the rice is so sexy
Carsomyr (12 hours ago)
"What is your secret? You have all of this energy and this friendly disposition." "... what's Japanese for 'cocaine?'"
David Dalmatian (12 hours ago)
0:52 When bystanders can't handle the goddamn eGgMaNiA
Simone Dennis (12 hours ago)
“It’s like eating Tide Pods.” “Steven noooo.” 😂😂
V ank (12 hours ago)
I put ketchup on my eggs too :o
PusheeLover (12 hours ago)
Has anyone noticed that if you have captions for the Japanese speech it Is completely different to What it says in the video
LucasKiller (12 hours ago)
Damn this editor is really good, you can imagine a conversation between the americans and the japanese, even though they're speaking different languages
Harold Dominguez (12 hours ago)
Rie is so beautiful
Adam A (12 hours ago)
Wow Kichi Kichi got special attention from you guys since like most of the video was about him, at least it felt like that..... but men that beautiful men made some beautiful dishes like holy sht.
Temulgeh (13 hours ago)
Honestly I just came here for Kitchi Kitchi
Velvet Frost (13 hours ago)
Adam is so cute <3
Elle R (13 hours ago)
Kichi Kichi....he is the Yan Can Cook of Japan. I would eat his food just because he is so entertaining. lol
Leonard Corraya (13 hours ago)
So why I subbed you.cause you show up somethings amazing from all over the world.thank you so much
Dexter Staschen (13 hours ago)
Rie looks exactly like Mirage from The Incredibles. Incr-edibles.
Human Heart (13 hours ago)
10:09 his eyes 😂😂😂😂😂
Rohit Rai (13 hours ago)
I loved eggs but i got allergic to them :((
Isolani Media (13 hours ago)
I'm squeezing my hog to this. Gonna keep doing it even if you ban me.
William Crosswhite (13 hours ago)
Worth it weed
mallorygunz (13 hours ago)
Samy Malhotra (13 hours ago)
Kichi kichi cheaf is Japanese antonio banderas
corndog984 (13 hours ago)
aight everyone get on the plane we are going to kichi kichi
OpticalArxenal (14 hours ago)
People def. beat me to it, but that Kichi Kichi chef is such a delightful dude. His attitude is just...the best.
John Ryan Parman (14 hours ago)
that omurice chef is the reason they made cooking anime
Kitchy kitchy 🤣😂🤣
Only Egg
Gary Bettes (14 hours ago)
I consume 1,460 eggs per year :o I've eatedn 4 whole eggs every day for the past 5 years lol
wewoo (14 hours ago)
Hes making 180 dollars ove course hes happy
Ghost 91 (14 hours ago)
tht asian girl is cute af
Sven Boudewijn (15 hours ago)
The audio woman is so beautifull.
6ixxxMajiin (15 hours ago)
You can tell the last cook has been to Mexico
EMPTY_WALLET (15 hours ago)
wow seriously malaysia #1. couldn't be any prouder
Rong Kim (15 hours ago)
KnightTheKing 413 (15 hours ago)
God I wanna go to Japan and just try food because I’m so curious now
graine12345 (15 hours ago)
Let's be real, DBZ fans checked the comments
Lackin Issues (16 hours ago)
I feel like im watching anime
Mouney Nidhi (16 hours ago)
Didn't expect them to eat the raw egg with rice
Kevin Melara (16 hours ago)
Fish market guy sounds like Stan Lee speaking japanese. 😂😂😂
Nurul Farishah (16 hours ago)
malaysia . we eat nasik lemak with egg , laksa with egg , mee kari with egg . everything with egg . then kentut bau telo nok harom hahahaha
Jam Fuentes (16 hours ago)
"Your happiness my happiness."
dota chaah (16 hours ago)
Cecilia Cassis (16 hours ago)
It all looked so amazing. I got super jealous of the Gudetama store you all went to.
Kyle Travers (16 hours ago)
I want to know where Rie got her dress from, it looks so comfy
Gosip Mingguan Nenek (16 hours ago)
Adam's way of eating is so freakin adorable.
AllThatJazz (16 hours ago)
I LOVE eggs. But sorry, as a person who knows what a case of food poisoning feels like AIN'T NOOOO WAY I'm bout to eat them raw. XD
muse two (17 hours ago)
It's funny they think you can't eat eggs raw. I eat raw eggs all the time. The only issues come from factory farms where bacteria proliferates from the antibiotics and unclean conditions. Eat pasture eggs and you will never have a issue.

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