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One Piece Funny Scene Deep Sea

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Funny scene in the Deep Sea on the way to Fishman Island Be sure to like and subscribe!
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Ptysiek (2 months ago)
"I'm used to being lonely" That's true and sad
VersaMars Productions (5 years ago)
0:26 minisann, oshiri ni naritainndesuka, has a seperrate phonetic meaning. It's "Would you like to become asses".
Salty Has-been (6 years ago)
Nah, none of these jokers would respond well to being bossed around even if it was by a beautiful woman.
tigerqueen007 (6 years ago)
By the way Nami acts, do you think she should have been captain?
DA MotoNeko (2 years ago)
*+Tigerqueen007* Well, both yes and no. She has the intellect to guide and possesses knowledge of the sea but Luffy is actually better to be captain. 1. He knows and cares about what people join. 2. He has the guts and determination to keep fighting and get stronger while knowing when the rest of the crew needs to escape. He's aware of the limits. 3. He doesnt get mad at his crew for goofing off and even encourages it sometimes. Letting the crew be themselves. 4. He possesses the power to make everyone into his allies. 5. He's powerful with both his strength and his devilfruit abilities. But working together they become a force to be noted.
Perfect_ F0rm (6 years ago)
The answer is .. trololololololo

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