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Sea of Food at the Dead Sea

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On Day 8 of our trip to Jordan, we drove from Wadi Rum to the Dead Sea. But in the morning before we left, we first had a camel ride in the desert. It was amazing to see Wadi Rum from the back of a camel, such a peaceful way to experience Wadi Rum. Once we reached the Dead Sea we enjoyed a couple of excellent Lebanese meals. 01:37 Camel Ride at Wadi Rum - Along with a truck safari, one of the best ways to see Wadi Rum is my taking a camel ride. Due to the rain, we couldn’t ride camels the day before, so we decided to ride today in the morning. Although it quite hurt my legs, it was well worth it, and a very fun way to see Wadi Rum. After having breakfast at the tented camp, and riding the camels, we jumped in the car and started driving towards the Dead Sea. 05:08 Mount Nebo - 1 JD ($1.41) - On the way to the Dead Sea, we stopped off at Mount Nebo, the place where God showed Moses the promised land with a view overlooking an expansive area of land, we could even see the Dead Sea. It was an amazing view. 05:59 Ocean Restaurant (Dead Sea) - As soon as we reached the Dead Sea, we were all very hungry, so we stopped at Ocean Restaurant, a Lebanese restaurant with a view of the sea. All of a sudden they started bringing masses of mezze to our table, until the point where there was literally not a single empty space on our table. There were so many different dips and appetizer dishes to choose from including cheese sticks, kibbeh, heart of palm salad, hummus, grape leaves, tabbouleh, and moutabel. There were so many different Lebanese mezze dishes that I forgot all about the Dead Sea! For our main dish at Ocean Restaurant we had a dish called sayadieh, which is a seafood platter including fish and biryani rice served with a tomato sauce. There was both fried and grilled fish, and what I really liked in the dish was that it was served with a deep fried onion, which tasted fantastic. For dessert, they brought out giant plates of fruit and a variety of different desserts including osmalieh and aish el saraya. 13:13 Crowne Plaza Jordan Dead Sea Resort - After our incredible late lunch, we drove to the Crown Plaza Resort, and checked in. We stayed just for one night. 14:07 Burj Al Hamam - Lebanese Restaurant at Crown Plaza Hotel - For dinner we ate at Burj Al Hamam, one of the most well known restaurant names in Lebanese food in Jordan. Again, we were served an impressive array of different mezze starter dishes, but they served us a few dishes that were different from what we had eaten for lunch including kibbeh nayyeh. I’ve always been a huge fan of different types of raw meat dishes, and kibbeh nayyeh is the Lebanese version of raw minced beef mixed with a variety of spices. It’s typically eaten with garlic sauce and olive oil to garnish, and scooped up with pieces of bread. It was amazing. For our main dish we had mixed grill, including kebabs, lamb pieces, and chicken, and then kebab khashkhash, kebabs in tomato sauce. Again, the food was excellent. -- Check out my Amman, Jordan Travel Guide: http://migrationology.com/travel-guides/amman-jordan/ (Including where to stay, what to see, safety information, and extra tips) MY WEBSITES: Migrationology.com: http://migrationology.com/ EatingThaiFood.com: http://eatingthaifood.com/ TravelByYing.com: http://travelbyying.com/ T-shirts & Food Guides: https://migrationology.com/store/ Resources: http://migrationology.com/travel-resources/ SOCIAL MEDIA: Snapchat: @migrationology Instagram: https://instagram.com/migrationology Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/migrationology Thank you very much for watching this Jordan food and travel video! --
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Doa&Mum W (9 minutes ago)
Nice thx mark
Sofia Shums (1 day ago)
How does Mark manage to swallow a whole mouthful of food without chewing ? I think his attempts to combine all ingredients of a dish together as a taste test is a good idea. It seems the secret of his food tasting videos is because he has camera-charisma. I wish his wife and son were included more often in his videos as they make a happy family. Good luck Mark in all your future eating adventures ! . I enjoy watching your videos very much.
Michelle Crawford (7 days ago)
Mark, I love the way you describe the food and the Flavors... i am in love with all the cultural foods you try.. my favorites are the Mexican and the Chinese etc. Ive gone as far as to see the list of foods you have tried and have looked a few up.. Keep up the good work.. you are bringing the Cultures Home to those of us who cant travel.. I love it..
Zach B (13 days ago)
not a fan of raw kubi
Scarlet Letnor (17 days ago)
Next time, squeeze lemon juice on the kebbeh
Marianne Gabrael (23 days ago)
amazing thanks
Afurakan Emporium (29 days ago)
The story of Moses.. Awesome Mythos but even more beautiful terrain... ⚖🤴🏾
Dino Demetro (1 month ago)
I just want you to know you eat like a dog
abu zazuleikha (1 month ago)
I suggest that you eat grilled white fat with a piece of bread. It is so delicouse
Cherise Jones (1 month ago)
Yes he's always has a great smile and attitude makese me smile watching him as well
Betty Njoki (1 month ago)
I cant take my lunch without watching your videos mark, am enjoying it
Tiara Nepagtic (1 month ago)
Mark Weins, was so glad hearing you telling the story of Moses. was even amazed when you mentioned a bible verse! wow!
humaiz anaaya (1 month ago)
Haha haha the last scene was funny. I love when u share these types of mistakes mark.
Real Deal (1 month ago)
Anitha Raj (1 month ago)
Nice trip .. N nice food ... I enjoyed a lot ..thank u
Babhey Batz (1 month ago)
Big thumps up for all ur informative videos Mark Weins! It's trully an amazing day whenever we get to see ur new videos!Big salute to u man!We love u!from Cebu Philippines.
Ricardo G Ortiz (1 month ago)
Why he makes all those weird faces when eating and noticed it happens on every single video he makes Funny but get monotonous at the same time
J E (1 month ago)
I love your videos Mark and your humility wherever you go. If I may suggest, please use proper utensil and smaller bites. It will look more appealing to your audience.
J E (1 month ago)
I just love this series. Everything was so beautiful. The sights, the people, the food. Wow
thomas (1 month ago)
Camel look so comical that long nose and the long eye lash, and the way he Move his mouth. He make me laugh every time I see one a close up. Remind me of a Moroccan who work at our restaurant his name is muse but everyone called him moose.
Ivy Fernandes (2 months ago)
Mark i massaging you
Wesley Fernandes (2 months ago)
Mark my daughter Pearl is a huge fan of yours. Please send her a message from your end.
Sniper phoenix (2 months ago)
Did you do any fishing at the dead sea ? lol
Tod Ganzer (2 months ago)
All of that coffee you were drinking Mark ??? You must have been running behind the vehicle or tent to go to the bathroom . ...😃
Ashley Steinkamp (2 months ago)
Is this the trip where Ying found out she was pregnant with Micah?
Nolan Nalon (2 months ago)
I killed dead sea.
Tabassum Huq (2 months ago)
Hi mark can u tell us which one is your favourite dish in ur hole life 😘😍😍
Infinity warzon (2 months ago)
Hi Mark ..How could you eat so much and still so smart 😃🤔
Sarah Metcalf (3 months ago)
Everything looked AMAZING... except the raw beef 🤢 sorry I just couldn’t
John Brown (3 months ago)
I really want to visit Jordan some day. When you ride a camel, it is a bit like riding a horse. Get a slight rocking motion with you hips to match the movement of the steed. That will take most of the bumping out. See movie " Lawrence of Arabia " to see proper seating of a camel. It is different than a horse. When the camel stands up or sets down, you should grip with your legs and put both arms up in the air. It is an Arab macho thing. I made the mistake of riding down Mt. Sania on a camel in Egypt. At Mt Sinai people climb the mountain in the middle of the night and they are on the top of the world for sunrise. If you ride down a mountain on a camel. all of your weight rests on your balls.
Mocha Mocha (3 months ago)
Nice music
Manisha Singh (3 months ago)
Please don't eat raw meat...its not good for health and infective tooo...
Ibrahem Ameen (3 months ago)
It seems you like Jorden.
Daiana Khader (3 months ago)
The. Desert omg
Cornwall 59 (3 months ago)
Ying never speaks, typical Asian wife
Dina Alineese (3 months ago)
I love Jordan mark is so lucky
i really like your face expression when u taste the food
Ming Ferrer (3 months ago)
Wow! Im salivating looking at the foods you eat! I feel full after looking at the foods and you have eaten them..
Teniera Loo (4 months ago)
Love all your videos ..thank you for Taiwan one ..I basically based my holiday round your experiences ...
Jan CW (4 months ago)
I love the music!
heather lochner (4 months ago)
I just love watching your food tours and love your little family my daughter who is 3 always says hi to Micah when she sees him she watxhes your blogs with me as well as my sons
doris barnes (4 months ago)
Martin thank you and your wife are such a beautiful couple she's always happy you're always happy I know you guys probably not happy all the time but I'm so glad to see something positive on YouTube and I just love your videos I love the food I got a lot of places to go getting ready to retire in a couple years right now
Jahangir Md (4 months ago)
Mark looking awesome
Khaledh Tahan (4 months ago)
I love camels !
Tamara Nyasha (4 months ago)
Jordanian food is outstanding. This video series has really opened my eyes and I can't wait to visit.
Yakov Isaacs (5 months ago)
Med food is the best.
Elsie Hendricks (5 months ago)
Beautiful n incredible sight to see... Thx for sharing with blessings
Marmihne Heine (5 months ago)
Been watching your videos and it was amazing how you n ying have been visiting places all over the world and i enjoyed every one of your videos. Thank You for sharing your experiences.
Marmihne Heine (5 months ago)
Hi there.. was just wondering if you ever considered visiting our Islands in Micronesia specifically FSM. Search FSM (FEDERATED STATES OF MICRONESIA).
John Shevlin (6 months ago)
And this will be my first bite. 😠😠. Don't need a running commentary on what you eat.
kishan singh (6 months ago)
Sir,, Why u didn't include the beauty of dead sea in these video😥😥
Ejaz Khan (6 months ago)
Plz Can anyone tell me the name of music at 1:50
Joe Erebia (6 months ago)
I been following you for a few years my questions is how can I be like u lol I know it's a crazy question but I love to travel n eat
Shireen (6 months ago)
LaNina Wyatt (7 months ago)
Beautiful place, beautiful food
Salim Chandia (7 months ago)
That was excellent!!
Maysuun Maysuun (7 months ago)
There is not a thing this guy doesn't like.
martial Arts (7 months ago)
Going there for the food 😋
Parvathy Rajan (7 months ago)
plz come to kerala and enjoy the variety reciepies of sea food you vil luv it and i am a great fan of u
Cynthia Castanon (8 months ago)
Oooh yah!!! ✌👍👅
M K (8 months ago)
Mark, you and Ying are the BEST EVER duo to have ever graced Youtube. Your amazing enthusiasm and Ying's sweetness just makes the videos such a pleasurable and happy time pass. Love the content as it inspires me and my wife to travel for food too and also create great dishes for when we get back to the UK. Saw the other new video in which you actually cook yourself, which I think is a great idea in order to evolve the content you produce. Absolutely impeccable work mate, do NOT give it up.......EVER!!!!! All the very best to you, Ying and Mika (apologies for spelling of your sons name).
michelle marcial (8 months ago)
Namira Gaming (8 months ago)
I love chicken livers the most haha 🤤
Lokopi (8 months ago)
I can't believe he reviewed orange
Charise Palacio (8 months ago)
Ms.Emii (8 months ago)
Omg the beginning of this video with the camel riding was sooooo cute :)
Sayeda Maher Anjoom (8 months ago)
Mark, I am travelling with you, wonderful !
Swathy Narasimha (8 months ago)
Wow.. ur videos are really so perfect and clear. I just forget the time while watching them. Ur the best food vlogger. Keep making more nice videos.. thumbs up for ur work Mark and ying. And my hugs for the little champ michah.
Peter Luo (8 months ago)
Marium Khan (8 months ago)
Fantastic superb video awesome food simple delicious
TechEDU rao (9 months ago)
11:20 what are those cubes on sky
Droid Gamez (9 months ago)
I wish I was here , Jordan , my homeland.
Suji (9 months ago)
I like you mark and the way u described above old testament
WeekzGod (9 months ago)
12:58 lmao the place cleared out and my mans still eating.
Alistair Cooke (9 months ago)
How come you get to eat delicious looking food and we only get to watch? I want some tabouleh with pita and I take it you drink? Cuz I'd be drinking some beer or liquor with all that delicious looking food.
Inas Najjar (9 months ago)
Why u did not mention the prices !!!
Apurva Kumar Joshi (9 months ago)
Mark, the good thing about your posts is they always remain so fresh. I saw this a while back. Watching it again and I still enjoy it. Well done. We all have very complicated lives, and after a long day, the experience of watching your posts gives us much needed relief and relaxation. Thanks
big A (9 months ago)
Amazing video mark once again so nice showing us all this food mouth watering
Zalman (9 months ago)
The Ocean Restaurant food looks better than first class. I agree with all the UUUUUUMMs and AMAZINGs for once.
Janice Corona (9 months ago)
Love seeing the camels so cute ..
Hola amigo muy buenas experiencias , un favor podrías compartir los ingredientes que de cada plato gracias.
MA H (10 months ago)
Hayyyyyy que rico!!!!!!😊😊😊😊😊😊💞💖💕❤😺
Mini Joseph (10 months ago)
Imaan Goldsworthy (10 months ago)
Hi Mark and Ying...what an amazing video..really brilliant work..well done..i love every single video you have ever made..thank you...
A. GM (10 months ago)
Beautiful! Looks like you had the best of everything that day!
karmaza altan (10 months ago)
at le end instead of Food and travel i heard "Food and Trouble"
S P (10 months ago)
absolutely fascinating
Stefana Harris (11 months ago)
What a fantastic life you all have!!! God Bless.
Insha Reyaz (11 months ago)
You are your travel is so remarkable that i can't define so amazing u and your smile that even u love animals lovely mark love u 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋
Mina T T (11 months ago)
When you enjoy something Mark your head goes to the right and your face shows you love it
Frances Luther (11 months ago)
Beautiful food, country and people.....
elimonjal (11 months ago)
Thank you, superb. San Diego.
Rebecca U Karlin (11 months ago)
I am blogging about things in general to sharpen my writing and then I would sneak to my corner to watch you eat Mark and Ying, although you seldom show ying, who is probably your camera girl.. Yummy!
Shirazul Islam (11 months ago)
Good afternoon
Nour Elias (11 months ago)
Keep up the great work mark god bless you guys
Robert Jackson (11 months ago)
I enjoyed the video, thank you for sharing.
I love noodles (11 months ago)
Mark, God of Abraham bless you, thank you soooo much for this video. It is beautiful and informative. ❤ it!!! So, this area at Mt. Neob, is the promise land, Israel, towards the south of it, or what direction? And is Jordanian food the same Lebanese food, even though Jordan and Lebanon are different countries?
Walaaa (11 months ago)
I love the song...
Dhina Santiago (11 months ago)
i miss arabic foods...i loved kibbeh..dip in yogurt..tabbouleh...fettush..
DarwintheTurtle (11 months ago)
MARK!!! I’m loving this series dude

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