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One Piece Funny Moment - Falling off Sky Island

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Luffy, Sanji, and Usopp thinking about falling down from Sky Island by choosing the wrong ordeal. From episode 160.
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Kevin Lopez (20 days ago)
They almost got a stroke 😂😂😂
Kevin Lopez (20 days ago)
Now i see that the road says "ball" cause they fall and bounce like a ball hahaha. That oda is so hilarious 😂😂😂
Fana clover (23 days ago)
The 3 having a bridge lol then they choose the only one without 🤣🤣😂😂😂 lol nice choice 🤣
DARKHOME (25 days ago)
you dont need intro and ending on something you dont own.
super avenger (1 month ago)
Oh my god memories 🌷so funny moment
Mangaku Ota (1 month ago)
Sky island is the most funny Arc in my opinion, the gags so pure. Even Zoro scream like Tarzan is priceless 🤣😂🤣
Empress Gaming (1 month ago)
this made my day haha
Traf-guy HP (1 month ago)
Luffy saying that he was scared but still he's laughing like he wanted to do it again😂
ninga 4 u anonymous (1 month ago)
Kaidou has picked the wrong door
Lucifer (1 month ago)
Mephileshomer (1 month ago)
For some odd reason I can Imagine Rayleigh kicking Roger after (and if) they did this...
SHAH (1 month ago)
I love his dumb laugh shshshakkzsjsjsjdjsjhddhdhshdhdhdh
Murtaza Kanorwala (2 months ago)
ordeal of love
MrRuidiaz (2 months ago)
I have not laugh this much in a whole while
somethingtodiefor1 (3 months ago)
Being the rubber man that he is, I'm not sure why Luffy thought that he was going to die.
Ahmad Wicaksono (3 months ago)
のび太万歳 (3 months ago)
IvanSensei88 (3 months ago)
Ah, so they actually *_can_* die from fall damage in here
Cody Rockwell (3 months ago)
HAHAHAHAHA. I WAS SCARED I THOUGHT I WAS GONNA DIE. Can we just appreciate this dialogue for a minute lmao. #livingyourbestlife
I Don't Care (3 months ago)
Favorite scene
Faizan Hameed (3 months ago)
0:38 luffy voice is so funny 🤣🤣
Auron basumatary (3 months ago)
My my luffy will kill his friends some day.
Badass_ Luffy (3 months ago)
Luffy u r unbelievable 😂🤣
Christlyn Tagalog (3 months ago)
i so love sanjis panting voice 😂
Peter Wilborn (4 months ago)
This will never not be funny
M Wilson (4 months ago)
How many times was that usopp
Richard (4 months ago)
These moments are why I love One Piece so much
Illidan Stormrage (4 months ago)
How the fuck it's Luffy's fault? lmao
SHAH (4 months ago)
Lmaaooo why am i laughing jsjsjdjdjd
Spas Delev (5 months ago)
Gravity doesn't work if you don't realise you are supposed to fall.
Chanrei Horam (5 months ago)
Hahahaha ohhh luffy I wonder how will he gonna be when he become a pirate king.
YouTube Fan (6 months ago)
Classic late gravity pull reaction XD
Darkside Loneliness (6 months ago)
You know.. i can really watch this over n over without boredom. Every time watching this scene..that every time i get burst to laugh till my stomach ache
jawo jawo (6 months ago)
Luffy is a troll
Vanesa Lo Dico (7 months ago)
1: 19 there's smoke coming out of Luffy's hat.
Old tokyo Sandblaster (7 months ago)
This is one of the episode that you should watch when you have amnesia.
90ty82489 (7 months ago)
couldn't luffy just make himself into a parachute like the mom from incredibles
大塚高幸 (7 months ago)
Sakura Rose (8 months ago)
これ青海じゃないにしても余裕で数百メートルは落ちてるだろwww これは怖いわww
Derrick Marrillo (8 months ago)
Funny Luffy, Usopp, and Sanji moments!😁🤥😍
Fahda Khalid (8 months ago)
Luffy laughing while saying, "I was scared! I thought we were gonna die!" was hysterical!
Wacha Al Pharoh (8 months ago)
I would love another arc like Skypiea, no plan, no yonko, no saving a kingdom, just a fun adventure to a place thought myth. I love that we are going into Wno now, and I am hyped, but to have another pure adventure mode straw hats again would be amazing.
chapacoka (2 months ago)
+John Doe I never said anything about 80% nor am I really basing it on anything Oda said or any real evidence. It just feels like the point in the story where the usual One Piece wandering shenanigans (no plan, no war, no alliance, just pure adventure) is over. I feel like there's just too much "serious plot" happening right now for a lighthearted adventure. Again, I'm not really saying this with any concrete evidence and if I'm wrong I'm not going to be particularly disappointed.
John Doe (2 months ago)
+chapacoka We're still far from the end. I believe there's still at least 6 to 8 arcs after Wano. Oda just says shit like "80% done" so people can stop asking him when it will be finished. We're not at all near 80%.
Julio Acceus (2 months ago)
Well that might not happen considering everything that happened before and after the war. And believe it or not, there are a few clues from the Skypea arc that connect to bigger things; i.e. Gold Roger reading the Poneglyphs and Enel's trips around the moon.
Mohammed Khan (3 months ago)
chapacoka (6 months ago)
It might not happen since it seems like we're heading closer and closer to the endgame of one piece. It just wouldn't feel appropriate considering everything that's going on. Though I guess they could have a breather arc somewhere along the way. It would be nice.
Monkey D Luffy0505 (9 months ago)
ahahahahaha luffy you totally got strong imagination until it came true:))
igme bradley (9 months ago)
One of the funniest
Dumo JackTony (9 months ago)
Sanji's face😂😂 after saying "nothing's gonna happen"
KotoRyu (10 months ago)
The concept of your life passing before your eyes, and then you still aren't dead so it happens multiple more times is hilarious.
Griffon (10 months ago)
1:19-1:23 P is for priceless, the look upon your faces!
SamAce (10 months ago)
When times were simpler and the stomach aching jokes were flowing like a river
Al Ahmad (11 months ago)
Foreshadowing Luffy's Kenbun Haki
Alien Nation (11 months ago)
"4 Doors, One of them is a prize door, and the rest are all losing ones.." And they got the prize door! 😂😂😂
Lavar Ball (1 year ago)
Lol, they need Zoro's luck here, theres a 75% chance they get the safe route and they failed 😂 Also, Sanji blamind luffy's story lol
Izaya Orihara (1 year ago)
Dude was Waiting his chance in zou.
Aクッシー (1 year ago)
salima salima (1 year ago)
HAHAHAHA bibitaaa HAHAHA shinoka tomotaa I love you luffy
Luxeinfernal88 (1 year ago)
Poor Luffy, he just wanted to troll Ussop but end up trolled everyone even himself.
pingkoy pakayat (1 year ago)
Kaido be like: bitch please
Crappy HR (1 year ago)
Mason Kane (1 year ago)
Its always funny seeing Sanji or Zoro with face faults to situations they'd otherwise be stoic about.
Mason Kane (2 months ago)
Right. It's so much better once you get to know their character better. I feel the same way about Sasuke in the Naruto series. That within itself is a rare occurrence
Disdanny (1 year ago)
What is even more funny is that they just picked the wrong one cause the other three were fine.
AGbaby235 (1 year ago)
Man I had totally forgotten about this scene. Lmao classic!!
Ferdinand Andre (1 year ago)
Truth is, there are 4 doors. One of them are losing ones.
Rachel Bermejo (1 year ago)
hahaha ha ha!!! awesome luffy!! you totally predicted whats going to happen, you totally scared the hell out of sanji!!! haha ha ha!!!
masterdon187 (1 year ago)
and then kaido jumps for jokes
akagami shanks (1 year ago)
i see.. they so usless without nami XD and usoop shock is the best XD
omgseriouslydude (1 year ago)
I love how Luffy laughs in the face of death every time
Jacob Calkins (1 year ago)
so funny I cried and I almost peed my self
KC Batista (1 year ago)
This never gets old! Watched it like a million times.
daishinkan-sama (2 years ago)
c'est très gentil d'indiquer l'épisode sa m'évite de chercher
Jared Hamilton (2 years ago)
They have both been up 10000 meters and down 10000 meters, i just realized that
Jared Hamilton (2 years ago)
To skypiea and to fish man island
Thomas Joseph Cullinan (2 years ago)
Help! I can't breathe!
DOU DOU (3 months ago)
but you can type umm
Yao Siabi (2 years ago)
This is definitely one of the funniest series of scenes of One Piece. After this, there was that incident where they were playing with the surprise balls and got really surprised.
Yao Siabi (2 years ago)
+Adrianto Sukarso That is definitely at the top. But the beginning of the Ordeal of Balls just had one ridiculous thing after another in quick succession.
Earth Chan (2 years ago)
Yao Siabi i prefer when sanji saw his bounty but yea this was funny af
FewRxi (2 years ago)
buawaha ha ha buawaha ha ha bibitta, shinuka te omou ta
John Constantine (2 years ago)
__ (2 years ago)
meanwhile Kaido jumping of sky islands is part of his hobby
painhellemental 9000 (2 months ago)
+the dramatic life of daniel well he said it hurt but he didn't look phased by it at all
Ensei Mada (4 months ago)
Kaido is a dragon, he basically invincible
Prashant Gurung (5 months ago)
+Rizal Nur Salam laughing my ass off
Rizal Nur Salam (5 months ago)
+AGbaby235 what's the meaning of LMAO ?
Omfg dude that was a sky island he jumped from i hope whoever was there was not hurt
Abdullahi75 Ciise (2 years ago)
usopps face at 1:18
Arjun KG (2 years ago)
Oh my god xD I died when Sanji says, "That's not going to happ-" and the boat floats off xD
AGbaby235 (1 year ago)
This was funny as shit 😂😭💯
Lorena Rodríguez (2 years ago)
I laughed so hard in this episode!
thats definitely my favorite one piece funny moment so far :D
Spider-fighter de Noir (2 years ago)
EndoftheLine I know what you mean
Cura 1909 (2 years ago)
Alis Alis I want to see the part when they leave skypiea, the free fall 😂😂
DiLaine (2 years ago)
yes when I watched the first time I laughed so hard I had to pause the episode
Nondescript (3 years ago)
its so funny!😂😂😂😂
TheSarazzPrime (3 years ago)
It's been years since I've watched the episode this scene is from, and for whatever reason, TODAY, I thought of it and had to see it.... The whole two minutes never gets old and I seriously put myself in tears from laughing hysterically.
Hamada Ali (3 years ago)
the most funny scene i ever seen
Taylor T (3 years ago)
I also kinda want where someone hynotized sanji to be evil and not care about anything and even hit girls and we can see his will power if he does hit them yes he will turn evil but I think if that happened seeing nami he couldn't get himself to hit her breaking the hypnosis and turning good again 
Taylor T (1 year ago)
I saw it i'm glad he finally did. He always would hold back on them, and sometimes puts his friends in danger by not doing it.
Watch the thriller bark arc, "Sanji" hits women in it.
James Connor (3 years ago)
Oda is a fucking genius
The plot is always awesome and oda has nothing to do with animation.
James Connor (3 years ago)
James Connor (3 years ago)
Well everybody has their own opinion. 
Dijurikeit? (3 years ago)
+James Connor Manga is trash too. It's the same thing.
James Connor (3 years ago)
+Bob Marley Not in the Manga, its really going down.
Roland Setsuya (4 years ago)
1:18 Best expression ever!
Haseo Xth (4 years ago)
It's a good thing Usopp was wearing his brown pants on that day! :D
heayawn kim (1 day ago)
Haseo Xth you’re absolutely right!!
KeitaraAkyo (4 years ago)
I love how Luffy laughs his ass off while being kicked by Sanji xD Whenever Luffy thinks he will die, he gets high :D
OPwolf barker (26 days ago)
KeitaraAkyo luffy doesn’t just get high when he is about to die he is high all day every day.
John Doe (2 months ago)
Ds always smile/laugh when near death.
Falgor (1 year ago)
That's what the Will of D. is, after all. ;)
ayub 69 (1 year ago)
or he enjoys it.
AwesomeNess (2 years ago)
That rhymes
Shadow Drifter (4 years ago)
If you get lost in a place and Zoro and Luffy are with you, whom would you pick to lead you out?
painhellemental 9000 (2 months ago)
Luffy might be able to smell anything nearby so that can work
Peachie Pan (5 months ago)
Luffy! I'd like to be lost with someone fun, not brooding; plus luffy's super lucky, we'd end up in our destination with the bonus of one heck of an adventure
BRS's NIGHTCORE (1 year ago)
zoro here cause even if he's lost, its quite an exploration...
Jose Larios III (1 year ago)
GumGumOnigiri I am willing to bet on Luffy's luck
Noob Gamer (2 years ago)
+GumGumOnigiri but hey Luffy can protect you hahahaha.... i'll stick to the bird thanks XD 
SouLKinDMuSiC (4 years ago)
Cong Tran (4 years ago)
lol if this happen, i would die of heartattack :D
Swallow_Skyla (4 years ago)
I just got to this part in the manga I found the scene so hilarious I just had to see the animated version I just love Usopp's reaction, lol
heayawn kim (1 month ago)
I love the way his eyes and teeth popped out 😂
Zeph_1000 (2 months ago)
Sky island is a scary place... Sky island is a scary place... Sky island is a scary place...
•Itz YM• (3 months ago)
+Adam N probably caught up 😂
Adam N (3 months ago)
and where are you now
1:17 1:24 the underrated process, good luck living to tell about it.
YourFavoriteFuckboi (4 years ago)
I love the way usopp's eyes and jaws pop out of his head.
Xd madd l8
joe kariba (4 years ago)
What r u talking about...?
awesome how there's even a wannabekingcobra behind him all the way, they coulda had burgers but- ..Out Of The Way! ..cow-.- got goats to fry, ducks to summon and even geese to call upon. 
Janesays19 (4 years ago)
I remember the first time I saw this scene I had to repeat it like 6 times, I couldn't stop laughing. Now I watch it and I still laugh. This 3 are my favorite
Hamada Ali (3 years ago)
+Janesays19 exactly i did it just like you ^__^
solidTony 77 (4 years ago)
The scene where ussop swims through the island is even more hilarious
Noobizando (5 years ago)
1:20 lol
Zahlen 0 (5 years ago)
Out of the 4 paths they could have chosen, they got the one where they fall.
EsLoQueHayEnt (5 years ago)
i think its the most funny thing that i see in my life XD
funniest, not most funny.
AGbaby235 (1 year ago)
Oda is a total genius!
Wambui Njoroge (5 years ago)
Hahahahahah!! This is best moment, hilarious show!! Luffy laugh was awesome!
Anu Atha (5 years ago)
luffy's laugh priceless

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