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FORTNITE DANCE CHALLENGE with Gummy Bear and Friends - Gummibär The Gummy Bear Song

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Gummy Bear and Friends take on the FORTNITE DANCE CHALLENGE!!! How do ya think we did??? Starring Gummibär aka Osito Gominola aka Ursinho Gummy aka Gumimaci aka Funny Gummy NEW Gummy Bear Onesies, Hoodies and MORE: http://www.teespring.com/stores/gummybear Official Gummibär WEBSITE - http://www.thegummybear.com The Gummibär SHOP - http://www.gummybearshop.com Sign up for the Gummibär mailing list to WIN GREAT PRIZES! - http://www.gummibar.net/newsletter INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/gummybearintl FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/funnygummy TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/imagummybear PINTEREST: http://www.pinterest.com/imagummybear
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Text Comments (2423)
Jaskulsky (19 hours ago)
2:23 is what you all came for
axecotix _ (20 hours ago)
My brain for real started to hurt im 47 secs in
Anita Rojas (1 day ago)
Im having a fuckin seizures
AvriCay 6288 (1 day ago)
This guy still posts?! What the hell....
swag inbound
Nyaem Mostafa (2 days ago)
YouTube: What should we recommend to everyone? Also YouTube: Yes.
vitalie sanchevici (2 days ago)
edicarlos pedrolo (2 days ago)
Fortnite ganhou Gummy Bear perdeu Aceita aceita gente deixa comentário e se inscreve e deixa o like se você gostou do Gummy Bear fortnite
Eevee star1995 (3 days ago)
Lord help me
ReallyRick (3 days ago)
*watches this video* *sees like from dislike ratio* Everyday, we stray further away from God.
Lv. 4999.5 General (4 days ago)
Trying to stay hip in the 2020s
Luke Brenner (5 days ago)
* b u t w h y ? *
Wildcard Fortnite (5 days ago)
2:13 oo nice
AshBme86 (6 days ago)
AshBme86 (6 days ago)
(make sure)
AshBme86 (6 days ago)
Please do a fortnite vid that has the Orange Justice PLS! (With Gummibär and Friends.) 👍
Egg Thanos (6 days ago)
The Trendy Gamer (5 days ago)
Egg Thanos k
Ali Alasafreh (6 days ago)
Moon Tea (7 days ago)
Why does that gummy bear look like a bmiddle aged man on drugs
Brazz Goat (8 days ago)
josemiguel 1189 (8 days ago)
Al Pablo y al José Miguel le excito unu y al José Miguel lo violaron :)
Pls not ruined my childhood
Mikey the wolf (8 days ago)
Isn't there supposed to be a bat character
I switched to the porn tab because it was easier to explain to my parents.
The Ultragamers 2.0 (6 days ago)
Sicko Bamba (8 days ago)
This is the first thing you see when entering hell
BRUNA LIMA (9 days ago)
Fortinite Winner Fortinite ganhou
Gabriela Paiva (9 days ago)
Gamybeee danssa melhor
Puppet Complexion (10 days ago)
I made you out of clay
Alguém falar português
Rachel Wrathall (10 days ago)
The gummy bear wins
Blaze (10 days ago)
Dad: *walks into room* Dad: what are you watching *looks at screen* FFS BILLY WE WILL DISOWN YOU IF YOU KEEP ON DOING THIS
Steve Proulx (9 days ago)
Stephanie Härling (11 days ago)
Unqueue (12 days ago)
my childhood is ruined
S. Lachelle (12 days ago)
Twilight Sparkle (12 days ago)
Go gummy bear
Bazz Official (9 days ago)
I will say the frick word
LensRaccoon (13 days ago)
*just why*
Mutizes 9977 (13 days ago)
Oq que eu to fznd aqui meu deus😒
Roasted Pig (13 days ago)
Retarded Yporolsa (13 days ago)
oh no
Mcepicness115 (14 days ago)
Wow just why?
Sarrah Med (16 days ago)
Paladin 447 (16 days ago)
The best part of this is at 2:52
The purple pebblez (16 days ago)
It's time to stop
Karla Batista (17 days ago)
Achei q o gummy bear dançou melhor q tds 🤩
bautista dipiero (17 days ago)
que lindo recordar cuando vi tu canal cuando solo tenia 5 años :D buen trabajo
kss viis (18 days ago)
1:59 is so so funny
Graciela Ramírez (18 days ago)
Hazaragi new song (18 days ago)
julha games (18 days ago)
A gata
Narwhalsaman 44 (19 days ago)
How to delete someone else’s videos on YouTube app mobile iPhone 2019
Popcorn 6705 (19 days ago)
I think I just got brain cancer
Misha BG (19 days ago)
Лапайййй уе шкембооооо
De. primeira. consegui. todas. as. danças
Foxy Brown (20 days ago)
•lime dahyun• (20 days ago)
I hope my parents dont find out I watched this.. thing
VIVIID (20 days ago)
Why are they bouncing so much
Haydemka (21 days ago)
My childhood is ruined.
CallMe Brody (21 days ago)
i always wanted to know how it was like to have your eyes bleached
The Blake Channel X (21 days ago)
I thought i’d never see the day where the gummy bear guy default dances...
laith albasri (21 days ago)
Amber’lynn (22 days ago)
I love the cat ore better she’s pretty
Malik DuBois (23 days ago)
Nobody: Channel everyone’s forgotten about: fOrTnItE
SpiderAnimations 197 (23 days ago)
the freaking cuphead (24 days ago)
My cousin like this so then he had cancer then i beat him up
Laetitia Coffee (23 days ago)
the freaking cuphead uiuilknkkkiiijjjjju
Sonic the Hedgehog (25 days ago)
please end me right now
Roberson Mano (25 days ago)
Nel gummy bear
Nitro Nitrix (25 days ago)
*god has left*
Jason Tyrant (26 days ago)
Rafael Garcia (26 days ago)
what XD
UNICORN CAKE (26 days ago)
У кошечки 👍а у других 👎😒
Haitham Ali (26 days ago)
الي سوري هون لايك 😻
MrEpic9000 (27 days ago)
end my suffering before i must end it myself
novaria handayani (27 days ago)
Camila Santos (27 days ago)
VC gamim
squid kid5 (28 days ago)
Bobby Coggins (28 days ago)
Luis Palomino (28 days ago)
Yo puedo bailar haci y es fácil😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋
-ItzJB- (29 days ago)
This is cringe ...
Aigeon (29 days ago)
*I would like to report Drug trafficking at this location*
Adedayo Orel (29 days ago)
I love it .it is funny😂😂😂😂😂😁😁
Yucci (28 days ago)
Let me geuss, your 10?
Malik DuBois (29 days ago)
What have you brought upon this cursed land?
Maliki07 Malimi (23 days ago)
We got same name ayyy
Nagz Gaming (29 days ago)
Cool video
Yucci (28 days ago)
Hamdi Ismail (29 days ago)
Zoe gave the gummy free header
dominik hadlow (1 month ago)
Damn that bat thing is thick af
jaredish (1 month ago)
jaredish (1 month ago)
every day we stray further away from the light of god
Taylor Johnson (1 month ago)
Pp Pppooooobbbbbb4
Eve Lyn (1 month ago)
Drop it smarty pants! 0:45😛😛😛
Yucci (28 days ago)
No one say's "smarty pants"
Yucci (28 days ago)
You like this? God help us all
Maxii Urrea (1 month ago)
Flame Flame (1 month ago)
Don’t know why am still Watching this
Thomas Edison (26 days ago)
Me: **sees the thumbnail and watching this video** Me after watching this video: "look how they massacred my boy." (i was searching 'just dance gummy bear' and this is what i found.) (This is even worst than the video of Cartoon network characters dancing to fortnite.)
Twitch_ jack yt (1 month ago)
idiot your rahmed
One Marfi (1 month ago)
Frog is god
Mateo Porrtillo (1 month ago)
El primer baile esta feo no me gusta a nadie le gusta como quisiera que pasara de moda
Goska Regalado (1 month ago)
The only thing that I can do is that
maria luiza (1 month ago)
Ay Love yu fortnat😀

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