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Sengoku talks to Law about Corazon One Piece 742

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830 E (3 days ago)
K, Jetix's Sucessor (3 days ago)
So that’s why he’s a ducebag
TheMagnificentPeaanut (7 days ago)
You know, if Corazon lived, Law probably would have been a marine instead.
dasten123 (8 days ago)
Thanks for the cut, we almost got the complete conversation.. phew!
Sengoku, Garp and Aokiji - the old but golden marines. I can't wait to see how Coby and the new gen of marines are going to turn out.
キャベツ (16 days ago)
Charles Andre Baliga (17 days ago)
Charles Andre Baliga (17 days ago)
What a cute profile jezil
Charles Andre Baliga (17 days ago)
I tought is songuko
メルトMelt (19 days ago)
Samuel Dorado (19 days ago)
I just don't know why Corazon wasn't stronger since he was rised by the fleet admiral.
Crippling Autism (20 days ago)
I swear Hiroshi Kamiya voices some of the best characters in anime smh
Ernesto Ibarrola (23 days ago)
新井赤空 (26 days ago)
キャベツ (26 days ago)
れお! (29 days ago)
ロシナンテ...なぜその島にいる?! エース...何故わしの言う通りに生きなんだ?!
Basteal (30 days ago)
I wasn't done watching that..
Nicholas Plesko (1 month ago)
No tears for tearing Garps family apart in front of his eyes huh? Sengoku is on my shit list.
納豆仮面 (1 month ago)
Toumaとうま (1 month ago)
EscanoR LOD (1 month ago)
I hear levi
EscanoR LOD (1 month ago)
Akainu Sakazuki didn't say who came first tho. I know law came first 😁
Marcos Oyola (1 month ago)
Law was first than levi since 2009.
きたやん (1 month ago)
Majid Al jaburi (1 month ago)
I’m sorry sengokus voice now is trash in his prime well I’m talking about his new voice actor I love his original voice actor better than his voice now
Marcos Oyola (1 month ago)
Original voice actor is dead
キャベツ (1 month ago)
i really hate sengoku and doffy
Jevilz (1 month ago)
i really hate you
Corazon was kind of an idiot. He had a pretty stupid smile. He also lived his life completely about freedom. And he wasn't afraid to make a scene as long as it was because someone had said something bad about someone he cared about. I can see why Law and Sengoku took a liking to Luffy.
Ilmanu (1 month ago)
So Sengoku used to dye his hair, correct?
SantomPh (1 month ago)
His Devil.Fruit kept him looking young since it is a Mystical Zoan (like Marco, who should be Shanks' age).
:海ブタさん (1 month ago)
なは (1 month ago)
さかなクン (2 months ago)
DEaD-'-RiSE (2 months ago)
Sengoku was a good man
Constantine Joseph (2 months ago)
I highly respect the Two dead marines, Corasan and Zephyr.
Ddd Bbb (2 months ago)
Songeku himself is scum He was one of the reasons ace and WB since he gives orders Even after ace and WB death he refused to give back their dead bodies because he wanted to show them as example to everyone And if you are not convinced by this Who was the reason for the extermination of Robin's village and its people including her innocent mom who wants to know the real history , they weren't even pirates or hold guns !! No justification at all after what they did to Robin and her mom and village That's why it's weird from ODA to show him as Merciful here while he wasn't that Merciful to what happened to poor Robin family Oda is a human after all not perfect he make mistakes
Steve Smith (2 months ago)
Uhhh last I checked Ace and WB are pirates. Sure, we the audience love rooting for them, but they are still pirates. Sengoku didn't even capture Ace, blackbeard delivered him. Execution or life in Impel Down was his only fate at that point. And it's clear something happened in the void century. Something the government is willing to kill over. The death of the archaeologists was something that was going to happen no matter who was in charge. Sengoku doesn't have the power to not have them killed. They violated one of the most forbidden laws in the world. Probably enforced by the celestial dragons. Sengoku doesn't make laws. If Sengoku says, eh let's let them go free cause I disagree with this law, his ass is toast. Under your logic, Garp is horrible scum cause he didn't try and save Ace and works for the Marines who do this kind of stuff. Sengoku was a cog in the machine. There were things expected of him that he could not refuse. Did he have his bad aspects. Sure. He wanted to kill Ace based on his bloodline, so that's scummy. Sins of the father and all that. But he's not scum. He has a moral compass. Sure it sucks that Robin had to be in the run. But the government wants stability, and exposing what happened in the void century is going to rocket the world.
Dick Urkel (2 months ago)
Wait how did Sengoku get white hair?
SantomPh (1 month ago)
He is older than Garp
Steve Smith (2 months ago)
He probably dyed it before while on the job and now no longer cares
Dragonamy5 (2 months ago)
Law is LEVI! Shit I might watch one piece now.
Kenshiro_199X (2 months ago)
Cora-San was one of the realest
martin loza (2 months ago)
I fucking hate that sengoku doesn't get what Garp had to deal with but he practically went through it
martin loza (2 months ago)
Steve Smith true now he honestly can show his true colors
Steve Smith (2 months ago)
+martin loza dudes semi-retired now. Plus part of his conviction to make sure Ace was executed was that he was Rogers son. He has no real incentive to hunt down Law. He's more like Aoikiji or Fujitira now, and to a lesser extent Smoker who still doesn't seem to have adopted moral justice. Maybe he finally did after Punk Hazard arc. And a big part was that Sengoku honestly had no control once the cogs started spinning. Not like he went out and captured Ace. Blackbeard dropped Ace into the navy's hands. It was either execution or Impel Down for him (why they don't execute all pirates is beyond me, im not sure what the point of Impel Down is other than a plot convenience)
martin loza (2 months ago)
True but law is
Steve Smith (2 months ago)
Did he? Corazon was an undercover navy soldier in Doffy's crew, he wasn't a real pirate. If you mean experience loss than yeah, but the situations weren't the same.
なりなーり (2 months ago)
Sundström (2 months ago)
Sengoku has to be one strong willed mother fucker, what stopped him from bash Doffys face in at all those warlords meetings?
Silver Soul (2 months ago)
Probably the fact he knew Doflamingo is a Celestial with dangerous knowledge about Mariejois' national treasure. If he wasn't a Celestial, Sengoku probably would've killed him.
This probably puts into perspective how much Sengoku felt for Garp during Marineford.
Nazuna Miyauchi (2 months ago)
........... ((Tears fall down)) Rosinante..... Dammit, why does Oda kill off One piece character's mentors.... GOD DAMMIT!!!!
cami - chan (3 months ago)
Hearing Law is like hearing a pirate version of Yato or Levi 😍😍
Marcos Oyola (2 months ago)
Law was first than levi
vezero 1 (3 months ago)
Carvin Firmansyah (3 months ago)
Check my channel for one piece content
Rujewitblood (3 months ago)
are doffy and corazon only celestial dragons that don't look like fucking blobfish? wonder if there's more of them that cam actually fight, do flamingo is a fucking beast compared to those other snobs we've seen so far
あかやん (3 months ago)
Diego Rens (3 months ago)
wouldve been nice if.. well you know. the scene was finished
ようすけや (3 months ago)
OT RH (3 months ago)
トーマ ス ゼファーと同じ感じか
Noob bot Stylish (3 months ago)
RYQ-Hakaioji- Ochichi-Tamagopurin 一家全員海賊に殺された 大事だった妻や子供を全部奪われてそれから海賊を恨んだ
OT RH (3 months ago)
ようすけや 個人的にはサカズキの過去もみたい。あそこまで海賊が嫌いになるには過去に何がないとならないと思う。
Zoe Dorsey (3 months ago)
Sengoku: ... Law: bitch leave me alone u see i aint talkin to u
GamerTV (3 months ago)
Now sengoku has law and garp has luffy
FallBackSquadUp (3 months ago)
Damnit Doffy, you demon!!! You had a loving and kind-hearted caring family, as great a villain you were I hope you rot! *can already hear him fufufufufufufuing lol*
Majid Al jaburi (3 months ago)
Don’t like that sengoku voice I like the original
Steve Smith (2 months ago)
I'd think most people agree but not much can be done, death being what it is
dbz kai (4 months ago)
“4 things” that was 3
Sebastian (4 months ago)
half assed editing boooooooh
・もやしゼリー (4 months ago)
マッキー (4 months ago)
AMV;S AND STUFF (4 months ago)
Yeah mf know how Garp felt sengoku you fucking bitch
ordspider (4 months ago)
It was hard deciding on a favourite character.....but Rosinante moved up as my number 1
渡部嘉人 (4 months ago)
山田たかし (4 months ago)
Rao Vineet (4 months ago)
Corazan Rosinante , such a beautiful name
Hungry Monster (4 months ago)
Danny Stefanus (4 months ago)
Sascha Star (4 months ago)
One Piece ist seit der Pause zu den 2Jahren der letzte Dreck und Oda in meinen Augen! der letzte depp und Idiot!
Nel Tra (4 months ago)
Komisch, weil allein diese Szene hier viele Stellen von den alten Folgen in den Schatten stellt.
Didokiller Xx (4 months ago)
how the fuck is Sengoku´s hair trun white in just 2 years xD
Steve Smith (2 months ago)
He probably stopped dying it
如月沙羅 (4 months ago)
GamerTV (4 months ago)
Garp :- ace died Sengoku:- corazan died
theRadDan (4 months ago)
Well, I do like that huge King Kong pet Sengoku is walking around with now, but what happened to his adorable goat?
Jarrett Stewart (4 months ago)
I always wonder. Now that Sengoku knows that Corazon sacrifice himself to save Law life is he going to protect him now like Garp protects Luffy (in his own way)
sorkaem (4 months ago)
I love how while telling Law's backstory, Oda managed to give some background and depth to Sengoku...
ボブマ (4 months ago)
芋ジャガ んまー政府が決めるからねえ、海軍なんて表の顔にすぎないよ。。
オレンジフラッペ (4 months ago)
Concerned Commoner (4 months ago)
It's sad, but you can tell that there are people in the Navy that want real justice and don't want to be beholden to the Celestial Dragons. Corazon and Sengoku are two such people. Clearly Corazon agreed with his father, Homings, ideals. Sengoku sees this former CD as his equal and even had a fatherly relationship with him. Sengoku saw Shanks as a man worthy of respect, despite the fact that Red Hair Shanks is an outlaw. Corazon tried to act as a brother and friend to Law, despite Trafalgar's social standing. This men are too good for the injustices the World Government has perpetuated.
Mikey255 (4 months ago)
Law is the only D who doesn't smile consisently lol
ZidaneTribal93 (4 months ago)
Pre Time-skip Sen Goku wanted to kill pirates like Ace but now he Lesbe Law on the hook.
EM-OH-JI (5 months ago)
If senguko knows about doffy then why he didn’t arrest him or something like navy do? Fuck sakes this navy they are just playing
アンコウ大佐 (5 months ago)
Ready Youtube (5 months ago)
Wtf - this scene didnt Hit me that Hard when i watched in!! :'''' Whats going on here
名無しさん (5 months ago)
小林星人 (5 months ago)
アーサーArthur (24 days ago)
小林星人 界王様も近くにおるな
Young Boy Rick (5 months ago)
Still have not forgiven sengayko for executing ace. I’m always happy when that piece of shit is sad.
Tk Tk (5 months ago)
Thailand one-piece
ryuう (5 months ago)
柿の種うまい (1 month ago)
おいしいと思われるポテト コラソンのコラをとってコラさんだと思う
岡部希菜 (1 month ago)
ryu しかもそうまでして救った子供が復讐に走ってしまった。というのも悲しい、だからこそコラさんの心残りが救われたんだけど。
柿の種うまい (2 months ago)
ryuう ガープはエース、センゴクはコラさんだっけ?でもガープのやつは心が痛むけどセンゴクのやつは本当に泣いた(´;ω;`)
Raymund Turner (5 months ago)
For being a celestial dragon, brother of doflomingo and a student of sengoku, Corazon was kind of weak.
Phubodin Maneekan (5 months ago)
Kentval Dela Cerna (5 months ago)
I love how sengoku cried i cried too😭😭😭😭😭
アンパンマン (5 months ago)
ことすけ567 (2 months ago)
コードゼロ ウッホーくん笑笑
大四喜和 (5 months ago)
アンパンマン (5 months ago)
コードゼロ 詳しい説明ありがとう御座います!!
コードゼロ (5 months ago)
アンパンマン 新世界でセンゴクが新たに連れてる動物で、ウッホーくんという名前です。 ちなみに元帥の時に連れてた仔山羊も世界会議編で出てきましたね。
鼻毛。 (5 months ago)
コラソン… コラさん… おっぱい…
Ferdinand Andre (5 months ago)
Law is Sengoku's Grandson, indirectly.
たまうん (6 months ago)
Profound B (6 months ago)
It’s crazy kids raised by marines still become Pirates 😂
Rawiri Tai (6 months ago)
I figured out a theory, luffy is going to die of a disease similar to Roger. Chopper won't be able to cure him just like Roger doctor. Law will use the true power of the Op fruit to bring luffy back to life during the final war, but in return sacrifice himself. Because of The Will of D
Digital Adventurer (6 months ago)
Wondering if Sengoku actually died his hair for some reason. I find it hard to believe he went total grey in only a couple years.
Calm Corazon (6 months ago)
The heartbreaking part after where Sengoku tells Law: "Funny how you, a pirate, is the only one I can share my memory of Rosinante with.."
Warllockmaster asd (6 months ago)
I love how Law's Fruit is called OP twice x-D
三日月 (6 months ago)
Law and levi .. i think the voice actor is same
Nati Zoldyck (4 months ago)
Yes, it is.
ホモキラー (7 months ago)
YaboyDaSensei 420 (7 months ago)
Fuck the Marines coming straight from the underground!
レイ (7 months ago)
One of One Piece's great wonders... the speed of hair turning white

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