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Gummibär - Bubble Up - Song and Dance - The Gummy Bear

132852 ratings | 143198774 views
Bubble Up music video by Gummibär aka Osito Gominola, Ursinho Gummy, Gumimaci, Funny Bear, The Gummy Bear, etc. Good clean fun! Visit http://www.gummibar.net PuRCHaSe On iTuNeS: http://www.gummibar.net/bubbleupitunes PuRCHaSe On AMaZoN: http://www.gummibar.net/bubbleupamazon Wenn sie in Deutschland wohnen und dieses Video nicht sehen koennen klicken sie bitte auf folgendes Link: - http://tinyurl.com/bubblegummy Sign up for the Gummibär mailing list to win great prizes! - http://www.gummibar.net/newsletter GUMMIBÄR T-SHIRTS AND MERCH: http://www.gummytees.com PLAY GUMMIBÄR (THE GUMMY BEAR) GAME: http://www.gummybeargame.com VISIT ON FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/funnygummy FOLLOW ON TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/imagummybear VISIT ON MYSPACE: http://www.myspace.com/funnygummy FOLLOW ON PINTEREST: http://www.pinterest.com/imagummybear SEND A GUMMIBÄR ECARD: http://www.funnygummy.com GUMMIBÄR JAPAN: http://www.gummybear.jp OSITO GOMINOLA: http://www.ositogominola.mx Everyone's favorite animated dancing and singing gummy bear!
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Text Comments (5730)
Karina Gomez (2 hours ago)
Gummy bear song he sa
Ahmet Temuroglu (5 hours ago)
Pauline Garcia (3 days ago)
Always sung this while taking a bath as a kid.... UGH MEMORIES.
Jazzy 🌸🎀💖 (3 days ago)
I unironically love this
aria thegamer831 (3 days ago)
2018, anyone?
Laura Batista (4 days ago)
Musiquinhas viciantes manooo do céu
Nicolas gamerReal2 (4 days ago)
asma salhiHani (3 days ago)
asma salhiHani (3 days ago)
Somebody from 2018!!
asma salhiHani (3 days ago)
asma salhiHani (3 days ago)
Omg mee
Socorro araujo (4 days ago)
Pra quem não gostou que se fôde
Socorro araujo (4 days ago)
Pra quem não gostou que se fôde
Hoang anh Tran (7 days ago)
Cuong Pham Finh (8 days ago)
Bhit Hm (9 days ago)
GoldenDogPooper YT (9 days ago)
Please not go away gummy bear is old ye but he`s need a new change to get back please i want more!
Frères Youcef achira (9 days ago)
Frères Youcef achira (9 days ago)
Lil Timmy The Alpaca (10 days ago)
what the heck is this
Daniel Slewa (10 days ago)
Gummy Bear can you make new Bubble Up 2018 please?
Daniel Slewa (10 days ago)
I love Bubble Up!
she is my favorate song
karolayne oliveira (11 days ago)
amoo muitissimo essa musica
Baby Bobby (12 days ago)
stupid i m angry i m mongoliaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Omar Oliva (12 days ago)
Bubble up 😀✌️
Terese andhorses (12 days ago)
i love this song
El señor xd :v (12 days ago)
Duyên giải trí (14 days ago)
Mekhi Collins (14 days ago)
(Sigh I like that song
SCP_Abeille 137 (15 days ago)
2018 ?
mohammed alabdouli (15 days ago)
لقفشللثفصلقءبثققث. بب
Zarrar Jaan (16 days ago)
GamerKarlene (18 days ago)
I never knew he had a beard....
Noob Noob (20 days ago)
Maroš Lukáček (21 days ago)
Music h h h h h h h h😎😎😎
Spartan XsCaster (22 days ago)
Same this was my childhood
Moni Rahman (23 days ago)
0:24 pennywise dance
Janna Zabala (24 days ago)
I like you're bathtub. 😘❤️🛁
bass bozted (25 days ago)
my chidoch muzic
bass bozted (25 days ago)
Aasim Osmani (27 days ago)
G m gmmbuiiimimbkb mby*I
rachel ignatious (28 days ago)
Yes (30 days ago)
i used to waatch this in my childhood
Aru ;w; (1 month ago)
This song, along with The Gummy Bear song, were my childhood.
sweaty lad (1 month ago)
I used to think this was satisfying to watch.
Jennifer Fleischer (1 month ago)
✨ 🎍 🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃 🎃🔥🎃🎃🎃🔥🎃 🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃 🎃🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🎃 🎃🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🎃 🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃 ☀✨✨✨✨✨✨ ✨✨🎩✨👑✨✨ ✨✨😘❤😊✨✨ ✨✨👔💍👗✨✨ 🌸🌸👟🌸👠🌸🌸 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 ☀✨✨✨✨✨✨ ✨✨🎩✨👑✨✨ ✨✨😘❤😊✨✨ ✨✨👔💍👗✨✨ 🌸🌸👟🌸👠🌸🌸 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 😷 😷 😷 🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬 🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬 🚬🚬🚫🚫🚫🚫🚬🚬 🚬🚫🚫🚬🚬🚬🚫🚬 🚫🚬🚬🚫🚬🚬🚬🚫 🚫🚬🚬🚬🚫🚬🚬🚫 🚫🚬🚬🚬🚬🚫🚬🚫 🚬🚫🚬🚬🚬🚬🚫🚬 🚬🚬🚫🚫🚫🚫🚬🚬 ❄❄❄🍓🍓❄❄❄ ❄❄🍓🍓🍓🍓❄❄ ❄🍥🍥🍥🍥🍥🍥❄ 🍥🍥🍥🍥🍥🍥🍥🍥 🍥🍥🍥🍥🍥🍥🍥🍥 🍞🍥🍥🍥🍥🍥🍥🍞 🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞 ❄🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞❄ ❄🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞❄ ❄❄🍞🍞🍞🍞❄❄ ❄❄❄🍞🍞❄❄❄ ❄❄❄🍞🍞❄❄❄
Adi Adrian2006 (1 month ago)
taehyung's wife (1 month ago)
Isidora Rivas (1 month ago)
TEMAZO !!! 😍😍
Zackneb (1 month ago)
dat gummy bear T H I C C T H O
Bayron Joaquín (1 month ago)
*Memories* 💜💜
Rafael Gamer (1 month ago)
Legao muito💚💚💚💚💚💚😎😘😍😍😍⚽😉😉😗😗💚🤔😏😚😏🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄😇😇😇😇💚👕👖👟😭😭😎😎😉😂😁😁😁😁😃😂😂😂😂😂
Rafael Gamer (1 month ago)
Muito legao
Ofu Boi (1 month ago)
My favorite song
Alyssa Brown (1 month ago)
Jorge Barrera (1 month ago)
0 :19
Jorge Barrera (1 month ago)
0 :19
Jorge Barrera (1 month ago)
0 :19
Jorge Barrera (1 month ago)
0 :19
Ioannis Drosinos (1 month ago)
Ante Krulic (1 month ago)
Ovo je dobro
Gacha Minty (1 month ago)
Why did I watch this when I was small?? 😂 😂😅
Давай приятельствовать
Sukru Cetin (1 month ago)
Bkj7x ㅊ*'^ ^~^^/"^"!. [email protected][email protected]~~* , . 9122203 5 3463+.👜💰👔💊🔮📪🐇🐔
Rebeca Jatahy (1 month ago)
Rebeca Jatahy (1 month ago)
Love gummibär in portuguese😍😍😍
dean jago (1 month ago)
God thank u gummy bears for keeping those mummy daddy sharks outa my house these bears are going places !!
Elivia Williams (1 month ago)
I grew up on the gummy bears songs omg bring me back to 2007
ferraricuongusa (1 month ago)
Delcinea Lucas (1 month ago)
Eu. Amo. Atua. Musicais
LUXFERRI696 NataS (1 month ago)
48 years old & This is Pretty Cool Music!!!! P.S. A once in Awhile Music to Listen to....
Duc Nguyen (1 month ago)
Little T's Adventure (1 month ago)
First time we’ve heard this. We really like it.
Paulo Henrique (1 month ago)
Quando eu tinha 4 anos eu tinha um dvd do Gummy Bear
Bianca Hötzl (1 month ago)
SUPREME NOBLE (1 month ago)
🛀bubble up bubble bath
peep (1 month ago)
Polish version has more views than this lol
видео LIKE (1 month ago)
Ana Hrvoic (1 month ago)
Big Boss (1 month ago)
Xavier Kirkness (1 month ago)
My sister likes this I think this was scary you guys are amazing make a Kiki do you love me one plzzzzzz
Xavier Kirkness (1 month ago)
So so cute my bother Keegan likes this he goes on this song like 1000000000000000000000000000 times its nice
Joyce Neuza Lorin (1 month ago)
ta muito legal
Joyce Neuza Lorin (1 month ago)
Emil Zbinden Marstal (1 month ago)
det en god sang!
chinchillin b (1 month ago)
My childhood noo
MsViter (1 month ago)
И и. М
Диана Котик (1 month ago)
Русские кушать?
Candy Chen (1 month ago)
Tainted Dolly (1 month ago)
My childhood
Aline Gomes (1 month ago)
Ronaldo Fernandes (1 month ago)
Derek Simins (1 month ago)
So creepy my kids hate this up
Inferno Guy (1 month ago)
What the hack is this
Atirach Phutjeeb (1 month ago)
I like
{Nyah _chan} (1 month ago)
Bubble up bubble up bu bu bu bubble up blo blo blo 😍😍😍😍
slasher darkness (1 month ago)
My old childhood music now I am 13 And I will not stop hearing this music till i get and die
Brian Byrne (1 month ago)
2dvq z ń j ,, . X
Sandra Regina De Santana (2 months ago)
Marco Antonio Camino (1 month ago)
Super Gamer (2 months ago)
baby really?
September 2018
Mark Pizzuto (2 months ago)
I love this song
Zilla 2014 Ceja (2 months ago)
Dis is what my little brother watches 😂😂

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