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Pencilmate Doesn't Want to Clean his Room -in- SWEEP STAKES - Pencilmation Cartoons for Kids

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0:00 - SWEEP STAKES Pencilmate has to sweep the floor and hates it. Can he trick the Pencil? Don't like chores? Would rather never touch a broom? Keep watching for some house/home work gone wrong : 2:14 - SIT MY BABY ONE MORE TIME Pencilmiss entrusts Pencilmate with a very important mission but when he receives a phone from the Pencil, things get complicated. 5:25 - MATHTERPIECE THEATRE Pencilmate’s math homework meets Alice in Wonderland… 7:46 - PANCAKE'S LABYRINTH Can Pencilmate have his pancake and eat it too? 9:56 - WORDPLAY Who is messing with this toon’s perfect font? Sometimes it’s better not to assume things too quickly. 12:05 - CHECKED OUT Little Blue Man is stuck at check out. 12:46 - HEAP OF TROUBLE Little Pink Girl finds Grumpa’s dirty laundry… 15:38 - DIAPER ANOTHER DAY Pencilmate’s baby has a stinky surprise for him! 16:40 - POSTAL DISSERVICE A special delivery leaves Pencilmate all bugged out. 18:13 - TURTLES IN TIME Time flies when you're having fun! 20:46 - BUBBLEGUM GRUMP Grumpa Green and Little Pink Girl have a color show-down. Green frogs versus pink bubblegum! 22:44 - NOT SO SILENT NIGHT Stocking duty is not going that well for Pencilmate… 24:48 - MC HAMMER A running hammer and a bulky little toon nail it! 26:50 - ANT MISBEHAVIN’ It all goes down the anthill for Pencilmate… 28:15 - PERIL OF THE BELLS Christmas carolers and a stubborn tree drive Pencilmate crazy as he prepares for (what used to be) his favorite day of the year. ABOUT PENCILMATION : Pencilmation is a cartoon channel for kids and not-too-serious grown-ups. It is made with love and a lot of fun by an international team helmed by Ross Bollinger who started the channel alone in his room a long time ago. Follow the new, wacky, and often times quite silly adventures of Pencilmate, Little Blue Man, Pencilmiss and other toons every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. CREDITS FOR SWEEP STAKES Producer - Ross Bollinger Writers - Ross and Ama Bollinger Supervisor - J.R Gloyd Storyboard by Charles Brubaker Director - Sam Johnson with Christian Flannagan Animated by Yuri Custodio with Josh Floyd Music by Jay Purdy (incorrect credit in the title card, sorry Jay :( Voices by Oswald Garrington Supervising Sound Designer - Ryan Boone Assistant Sound Editors - Cameron Kane and Brandon Gentry Pencillers - Ralph Ravina and Mike Campbell Associate Producer - Ama Bollinger Production Coordinator - Greg Pearce System Developer - Cameron Jones ADDITIONAL EPISODE CREDITS : https://www.dropbox.com/s/1xm2l8h56k8kbyv/000_Episode-Credits.odt?dl=0
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Text Comments (1959)
Jassy Gennrich (13 days ago)
The answer is 684!
elodie Rey (15 days ago)
Scared h
David 75K (16 days ago)
Robin Saevels (17 days ago)
Usman Mazitov (17 days ago)
Ladawan Klinchan (17 days ago)
Prashanth .Kini (18 days ago)
Poor thing 🙁
Khansa Yasmin (21 days ago)
Who love pencilmation
ALCATEL OnetOUCh (21 days ago)
MOONER DIE TV (22 days ago)
Sao lại quết 1 mình????
paddington the bear (23 days ago)
Heel grappig😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Pederico Niegas (23 days ago)
Pederico Niegas (23 days ago)
Arif Kurniawan (23 days ago)
a awalnya bagus bangeeeeeet i love you pencilmate
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 that was funny i like the blue and pink one whooooo9oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo kill meto laugh
Say whaaaaaa- 😂 in the what blue dude Or dtdtdydgxdtdtyfhyxghdzgzgrggydxyxtggdtfygjhfctxxtxhchcyhfxyxgdtfzzfzfzzfzfxgvvjvhchhchc nchchhch hchcyfcucjvcjgificuuffuffujcjccnhcjcchchchxhc
Okyeame Nti (23 days ago)
Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
Onyxx Dymock - BAD BOY (23 days ago)
No running in the halls
Tee Mo (24 days ago)
Not so funny just make it look better
Loccos Loccos (26 days ago)
Gotta sweep sweep sweep!
DJ Vi edit (26 days ago)
DJ Vi edit (26 days ago)
What do you see gotta sweep
carley Staten (26 days ago)
It not yet plz❄️🌊snow guy
I'm Buddy (26 days ago)
kick the BTS Buddy https://youtu.be/GbBHCHMzfrQ 😭😭😂😭😂😭😂😂😭😂😭
Astryd JiGa (26 days ago)
Primer comentario 1+1=2
Rhaveena Shay Oficial (27 days ago)
Jeremiah Iturralde (27 days ago)
Charles Amos (28 days ago)
Make an episode about a spider biting him
Ritha Uddin (29 days ago)
Gotta sweep sweep sweep
Marwoan Nahshal (29 days ago)
eko siswoyo (30 days ago)
Pencilmation good job
Altynai 0о (30 days ago)
chepina perez (30 days ago)
😆😆😆😢😡😠😁😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 😍 😍 😍 😘 😍 😘 😍 😙 😞 😼 😺 🙏 🙎 💩 💑 💖 👏 de la 😅 😅 😑 😑 😅 😅 😑 😑 😑 😑 😅 de la 😆😇😉😉😯
Alejo Velandia (30 days ago)
Good pancakes and rain of pancakes.
Angie Kardos (30 days ago)
7:45 1 + 1 doesn't equal pencilmation
Paulo Renan (1 month ago)
ele é muito teimoso tentando não vai à casa mas tem toda vez que o lápis aparece ele é muito teimoso e toda vez que eu tento falar isso ninguém eu eu eu quero que esse menino de para fazer isso né 🗺️
Paulo Renan (1 month ago)
Amanhecer pisódio gosto muito AMC pisódio adorei
Micaela Arce Pèrez (1 month ago)
Como haces estos videos me gustan
Christine Lee (1 month ago)
Nicklas Peters'en (1 month ago)
Ññb. Mm
Szofi 469 (1 month ago)
Oh is iphone girl oh hello baby old.io
Szofi 469 (1 month ago)
Arts And Crafters: Whoosh!!!!!!
Sari Fyffe (29 days ago)
Johana Hernandez (1 month ago)
Awww so cute
Я этот езык непанимаю
nabila wati (1 month ago)
Radha Devi (1 month ago)
Clean nicely 😢😢😢😢
Roody Ahmed (1 month ago)
говно говно видео
н н (1 month ago)
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Panica game (1 month ago)
Fitri Hastuti (1 month ago)
Hei pencilmation
Fitri Hastuti (1 month ago)
Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute hahahahahaha
Cece Lee (1 month ago)
sakaqua channel (1 month ago)
許嘉琳 (1 month ago)
許嘉琳 (1 month ago)
Isabela Pinheiro (1 month ago)
Amei o pencilmation 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👰👰👰👰👰👰👰👰👰👰👰👰👰👰👰👰👰👰👰👰👰👰👰👰👰👰👰👰👰👰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘❤💖
Bima Bima (1 month ago)
Господь,по о том, а в декабре в шоке от тебя не куда не уу
Veronica Campillay (1 month ago)
Como. Odio. El. Bideo. Queisierapatarlisa
Benjamín GamesYT1 (1 month ago)
Hijo De Mierda
Naya Kid (1 month ago)
Vanessa Sena (1 month ago)
Bernadette Kowlessar (24 days ago)
Do you do like to go question how how how go home you do you have tell me the guess this riddle from my email you have to send me back anymore how go home you do send me a video of you or else you're going to be gangster by Baldy okay goodbye I'm getting freaked out
Ana Egwui (1 month ago)
Ana Egwui (1 month ago)
+george palakkad тю-тю придурак
george palakkad (1 month ago)
4:54, это не истина что мать бьёт отпрыской
Minecraft Carmo (1 month ago)
Lais Figueiredo (1 month ago)
Cody Mcclean (1 month ago)
eva lider (1 month ago)
конечно кушать российский я умею декламировать на англиском языке ну-ка не умею перевадить я учусь в 3 классе
Mila Cuevas (1 month ago)
Ññcxx5z4zkldk,f,ff,,r,r,,r,r,,r,d,d,,eďñeñdñe.d.ñd..e.e👀💪💅👱❤💋🐱🐓🐥🐕4pñ0 snsjjekeleleolel2l2llw.eñwñwolñle.e.e.
Alejo Velandia (1 month ago)
Pencil + animation = pencilmation
John Zummo (1 month ago)
Gotta sweep sweep sweep.
Love pecilmation
Joan Marc Abalos (1 month ago)
gotta sweep sweep sweep!!
Raenelle Nez (1 month ago)
A noob
Nikola Gorecka (1 month ago)
What noob
Arifin Aritonang (1 month ago)
Lagu natal
ayesha kanwal (1 month ago)
Bab cartoon characters
根岸由紀子 (1 month ago)
1+1=2 2+2=4 3+3=6 1-1=0
Fatima Zohra (1 month ago)
raziel sean t. reyes you blaaoanroat maooot me you :) 262? Boss Map Saiiot massaoiassioupa? Me
Mikella Tompkins (1 month ago)
Me too and you should to
NUZHAT BEGUM (1 month ago)
Well this is good animation
ظلال رزوق (1 month ago)
ههههههههههه 8
Priyanshi Sawariya (1 month ago)
Priyanshi Sawariya (1 month ago)
Nice video
Diego Cordeiro (1 month ago)
isabella Lima (1 month ago)
Heath Miller (1 month ago)
Enung Khadijah (1 month ago)
Диля Аюша (1 month ago)
We 're from Kazahkstan
Диля Аюша (1 month ago)
Ой, дурачина вот этот голубий человек
Annie Montanez (1 month ago)
so sweet
Naysa Athar (2 months ago)
MCtwist PlaysMc (2 months ago)
9:40 "It's raining pancakes, from out of the sky" a parody of it's raining tacos.
Husainbi Fulari (2 months ago)
Super duper hit
Llayla Smith (2 months ago)
fahri net (2 months ago)
botakheadandy (2 months ago)
botakheadandy (2 months ago)
Eat a TV Instead of chicken
botakheadandy (2 months ago)
botakheadandy (2 months ago)

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