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Hey Look! Silly Gummibär The Gummy Bear Video

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Text Comments (1950)
Evelyn Cintron (6 days ago)
Ohhhhh my Goodness now my grandkids want this gummy bear soooooo cute jajaja
Ian Howell (7 days ago)
Did gummy bear Have his driver’s license? why Did Gummy bear Get checked out at the supermarket? Gummy bear was getting gas at the gas station. And It’s Sand pit not sand Basket. The garden swing has little swings. And what show is gummy bear watching? And Gummy bear sat on a fence, and if he falls down off the fence , He Will Get Hurt.
Jurassic Park (9 days ago)
Кто российский ставь👍
Juan Espinal (10 days ago)
Man Man (13 days ago)
Lord Shockwav (15 days ago)
Hey look I’m dancing in the refrigerator ....
Chris Maniego (16 days ago)
Hey look, I'm tickling you
Mary Luz Rodriguez (16 days ago)
betim Sulejmani (16 days ago)
The doll is even moving mouth when talking
betim Sulejmani (16 days ago)
What a doll is alive and can drive a car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????
Oibing Lau (19 days ago)
Hey look! I'm cumming!
Solon Eclipse (22 days ago)
Hey look that’s an odd flex but ok
Danny Nguyen (23 days ago)
0:03 watching camp lakebottom
hayley1hb84 (25 days ago)
Ran out of fuel
Sonu Randhawa (22 days ago)
hayley1hb84 bm
shakeel chaudry (27 days ago)
Someone dancing under the table
LaRetha Robinson (29 days ago)
LaRetha Robinson (29 days ago)
Howard Heng (29 days ago)
He is so cute
Karleen Wilson (1 month ago)
U r weird but................ FUNNY!!!!!!!! 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
OLIVIA Z (1 month ago)
Saturday Supercut
Martin Tannehill (1 month ago)
Hey look I’m dancing on the fridge
Paweł Latocha (1 month ago)
ツПишутер (1 month ago)
Кто от Акра?
lukiton valentin (1 month ago)
Marley Schumann (1 month ago)
I love the gummy bear song
Blake T (1 month ago)
It keep going hay look
Blake T (1 month ago)
E.P.M. :3 (1 month ago)
That was boring.
Marinês Rodrigues (1 month ago)
O Gummy Bear
Гуми Гумми Бер игрушка желаю декламировать вычитать Мечтать
TarrierWolf91 (1 month ago)
Raul Ali (1 month ago)
Kashius Martinez (1 month ago)
2 try u776er66sr2123/455667&oòsstyopueghhssdhjcVn,
Dylan Grant (1 month ago)
Nancy Bautista (1 month ago)
Tia the best of the day before the game is to get a free to contact us for the first one to the new York times in a while to respond with your friends to be the best way to go back in town for a few weeks and months of 3rd and the kids are in a while to respond
Rinor Krasniqi (1 month ago)
I’m driving a car
Margaret Maniatis (1 month ago)
Margaret Maniatis (1 month ago)
JACK CHANNEL (1 month ago)
GummyBear in Real Life
kanal kapali (1 month ago)
Hey look hel
JACK CHANNEL (1 month ago)
Hey look, gummy bear is LOVE
Makayla Pinsent (1 month ago)
HI This is hilarious I am laughing so hard.Please reply
Kotl 2008 (1 month ago)
кто от акра?
Alejandro Garcia (1 month ago)
Edward F. Pignataro IV (1 month ago)
Can you guys make one of those for a Christmas 🎄 gift? That sings and dances to this song! That would be a hoot! 🎅🏻
Lú D Melo Morais (1 month ago)
Aby fernando (1 month ago)
Lela Lela (2 months ago)
Bryan D. (2 months ago)
Kimyara Leonard (2 months ago)
I watched this when I was 6 I'm 11 now 🤓🤓
Brittney Boyd (2 months ago)
LeAnn Marudas (2 months ago)
I think its so funny
John Shea (2 months ago)
Omg that great
soares Maximus (2 months ago)
Ayden Mowry (2 months ago)
I did not know this.
Investigacion Cuanti (2 months ago)
Oh my clad
mayra sorto (1 month ago)
Investigacion Cuanti chvvjs
Investigacion Cuanti (2 months ago)
Party run
Marie Montes (9 days ago)
Roseli Alves (1 month ago)
Judy Earley (2 months ago)
Doris Matta (2 months ago)
hhh Riverghha (1 month ago)
Fox /
Doris Matta (2 months ago)
Party year
Asma Imran (2 months ago)
Mert Gökmen (2 months ago)
The New F R E S H (2 months ago)
Yoooooooooo. Coolest song I've heard in my entire life.
Amber L (18 days ago)
The New F R E S H dkdzzzzzzzxxxxsSZz. "Bccbfbffffhxbxbxcbcbxbcjcbccä ä ä är äxäzäxääzäzädäxäääxäääääääx ä
Eugen Neuendank (1 month ago)
Idfb 2 is Satan (2 months ago)
Hey look another comment
Fatima Odem (2 months ago)
Were you in
Sheena Strong (2 months ago)
Hey look I'm doing abcs
Sheena Strong (2 months ago)
Hey look I'm pooping on a dog 😂😂😂😂😂
Lenichelle 09 (2 months ago)
juan zapata (2 months ago)
Donde venden no eseee osoooo mi hijo de 3 años me lo pidió para navidad y no lo encuentro en chileeeeeee
isidora zapata (2 months ago)
Geniallll saludos de chileee Envieme 1 osito de peluche que mi hijo adora el osito gominola Porfisss
CarsMoveMe (8 days ago)
No p poo pool
waqas ahmed (18 days ago)
isidora zapata Day has been
Johann Lopez (19 days ago)
isidora zapata
Space Rainbowz (2 months ago)
*_hey look, I'm dancing in the fridge_*
Sam Hyland (2 months ago)
GOD joined chat
Xghh Ddbdh (2 months ago)
هي لووك حط لايك
angry birds fan (2 months ago)
Hey look i love gummy bear
October 2018 Watch Goosebumps 2 Scenes Gummy Bear
Это от арка
Rogerio Caetano (3 months ago)
Alyssa Brown (3 months ago)
37 37 (3 months ago)
axid02 (18 days ago)
Борис Кац P
Борис Кац (1 month ago)
JR Rubio (1 month ago)
37 37 👁👁👀🧠👅👄💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩👾👾💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩👾👾👾👾💩👽👽👽☠️🤡💀💀👻💀
Queston (3 months ago)
0:41 whos this!?
Евгений Тут (3 months ago)
Hey Look! you pee in pants!
Spooky_Gacha _Gamer_Boi (3 months ago)
This is part of my childhood
cayne.destiny Johnson (3 months ago)
sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute it makes me wanna pick him up and give him a hug
Hey look, I’m Searching for a scar!
Yen Dang (3 months ago)
My Life Stories in Fortnite ‘,.,
Sanam Hafizi (3 months ago)
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😘🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 ew what the heck
Roxanne Jade Villegas (3 months ago)
Hahaha Gummy Bear is the Funniest thing ever
Mix Man (4 months ago)
Das ist deutsch
Vladimir Lisimenko (4 months ago)
Ваш гумибер дурачина😠😲😷
Vladimir Lisimenko (4 months ago)
Спасибо блин за это бриблежэние
ollibon (4 months ago)
Кто от акра?
Lily (4 months ago)
The nightmares...they’ve all come back...
Christian Durand (4 months ago)
Hey look i'm stupid
Le Xuan (4 months ago)
Creeper Boi (4 months ago)
Hey look i got a shot gun and im robbing the bank xD
Karina Bedolla (4 months ago)
That's enough YouTube for me today
xxxatiqa chanxxx (4 months ago)
Hey look....I poop in my pants 😂😂😂😂.......also they so cute
weizer79 (4 months ago)
N Mg N

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