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Britney Spears & Iggy Azalea | PRETTY GIRLS | @BrinnNicole

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Thank you for watching this week's #PUMPfidence class video! I love sharing what I created every week with you! Stay tuned for new week's video & watch the last 4 I've posted! :) Choreography & #PUMPfidence by : @BrinnNicole Dancers: @Aliya_Janell @MarissaHeartt @_pjack_ @brittaniebrant @chelccorp Class Location: Millennium Dance Complex Videographer: @Shaboobs Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE :)
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Text Comments (67)
MylittleMochi Park (29 days ago)
2019 comment if you are looking for it
S K (3 months ago)
Stooop isn't that ALIYA JANELL?!
Samuel Garcia (7 months ago)
Dance doesn’t go with the song
Rainbowe Kilborn (8 months ago)
Who thinks Brinn looks good in lighter hair color?
Bea Flores (1 year ago)
Tutorial plss
Bhavika Bhandari (2 years ago)
wow who cannot fall in love with the choreography!! please could you upload the tutorials for these??
Youtuber10234 (2 years ago)
the right girl hits the moves just right. the middle one is overdoing it. slay the girl on the right
Natsuki (2 years ago)
is it required to wear heels for these videos
karol arake (2 years ago)
no tiene tutorial?? este video?
ceceyellow27 (3 years ago)
that was tested
Cass M (3 years ago)
tus videos 😍😍😍 de lo mejor, éxitos
Kyamone Pearson (3 years ago)
I would like to have a dance choreographer to help me and teach me
Gabrielle Ferreira (3 years ago)
a britney está de volta rapariga s
Angelita la crack (3 years ago)
i wish i could dance like that!! be my teacher!! 😍😍😍
Abigayle Maduro (3 years ago)
the girl with jacket white i like her dance
Ray Leung (3 years ago)
If Britney can dance like this in the video, I will die!
Marina López (3 years ago)
bailais muy very good XDDDD
Kwee Siu Ting (3 years ago)
hehehehe god
Jammali Dina (3 years ago)
why i m not one of this pretty girls ?
celine bourgeois (3 years ago)
GENIAL vs êtes tte manifik😊😍👍
kimmysenpai (3 years ago)
you deserve a million subs! >:c
Brinn Nicole Gooch (3 years ago)
+kimmysenpai AWWWWWW!!!!! Hopefully one day!!!!! :D Thank you for making me smile!
Mariah Minny (3 years ago)
Allll arounnnnnd pretttty girls!!! Your chereography once again!!!!
shelly chaudhary (3 years ago)
Next to Perfection +Brinn Nicole. Awesome choreography.
Brinn Nicole Gooch (3 years ago)
+shelly chaudhary AWWW!!!!! Thank you SO much!!!!
Marco Colula Estrada (3 years ago)
Hermosa coreografía me gusto mucho la bailamemos yo y mis amigas en la Cq que dicen
nathalie ramirez (3 years ago)
Omg I love how you dance and I was wondering howuch classes cost?
bear bearo (3 years ago)
Fanny Navarro (3 years ago)
+Brinn Nicole first of all I love this dance it's so amazing I watch it over and over again. I was wondering if you could put your old videos back up. They were the reason why I subscribed to you and how I found out about you. I love watching those videos but now I can't since you took them down. I was wondering if you would put them back up. Please reply soon.
Yessenia Tonche (3 years ago)
They look stupid wearing those heels and those outfits, when u are dancing and doing choreography u need to be in comfortable clothes to be able to do complicated dances
Eduarda Campos (3 years ago)
OMG,this is the best choreography EVER.I watch this 3.000 times lol
jameboyy (3 years ago)
Yo you choreographed this to PERFECTION. The amount of hairography used was ON POINT. Any more and it'd have been too much but you just knew EXACTLY when it was necessary. Also the balance of punchy, fast-pace versus slower, more effeminate was inCREDIBLE. Your talent is ridiculous.
addwantedparadise (3 years ago)
+Brinn Nicole MORE BRITNEY... DO SLAVE 4 U and TOXIC
jameboyy (3 years ago)
+Brinn Nicole You're very welcome dahhhling. You deserve to be told IN DEPTH how absolutely brilliant you are and that people are appreciating not only THAT YOU ARE good, but WHY you are good. 😊 x
Brinn Nicole Gooch (3 years ago)
+jameboyy Wow! Thank you so much for going into so much detail and recognizing all of the above! Beautiful comment!
Destinee Pearson (3 years ago)
has anyone noticed the girl in the back by the door dancing too?? but besides that they did SUPER good dancing and it was impressive. ive been trying to dance like that by myself cause i cant join a dance team
Apollo Reysol (3 years ago)
Omg😱😱😱😱😱😱 amazing
Natalie Nicole (3 years ago)
Hey Brinn, do you think you can tell me where I can start for living on my own highest path like you. I want to be spiritual like you but I don't know where to start? Can you please let me know what you did to get you to where you are today spiritually? Thank you! Love you!
psycho bshbsh (3 years ago)
hey brinn i really love your dance moves and i am asking for your permison to make a trutorial video of your amazing dance! i am trying to learn it and ofcours i would give you the credit please reply my message as soon as possible ^-^
Brinn Nicole Gooch (3 years ago)
+psycho bshbsh Awww! Yes as long as proper credit is given sweetie! Of course! I can't wait to see it! :D
Nandi Bee (3 years ago)
plz break down the choreo step by step! i wanna see how it is done thoroughly, ya know?
Emmanuel Espinoza (3 years ago)
You guys should have choreographed Britney for billboard! That was hot!
Rana cute (3 years ago)
I can't even walk with heels .. OMG
tiny (3 years ago)
+H. Alobaidi yes sir
tiny (3 years ago)
+H. Alobaidi lol
High May (3 years ago)
That should be britney choreo,if she was able to do it now.
TacoLlamaz (3 years ago)
Well she can she kinda does this about everyday maybe for her tour
Andres Vazquez (4 years ago)
Weiller Nolasco (4 years ago)
Arrasou! <3
M K (4 years ago)
Can you do tutorial/steps please?
Dakoni Dan (4 years ago)
wow like it!!!
Kat Blaque (4 years ago)
LIBSIMS (4 years ago)
Natalia Sabitova (4 years ago)
wow! amazing
Rockstar da bf (4 years ago)
Dançou mais que a Britney, amore Pena que a música continua sendo um lixo, então eu já dei o meu deslike Quem tiver bom gosto musical, faça o mesmo Kiss kiss
Tortise (4 years ago)
hehe im still subed from when you danced with chim
Brinn Nicole Gooch (3 years ago)
+PurpleMrCow Awww! Yayy!
chico (4 years ago)
Awesome.... I wish Britney would move like that still lol
Gustave Barn (4 years ago)
+Anthony Dimmick britney is way better even
HANI Tr (4 years ago)
its fucking cool
George Malik (4 years ago)
wow, love it <3
jdpm17 (4 years ago)
I love it!!!
Mariah Minny (4 years ago)
yassssss BRINN!!!!!!!! <3 we're just so pretttyyyy
San (4 years ago)
Blocked in the UK :/
paroli59 (4 years ago)
This is hot
1Shott (4 years ago)
awesome ^_^

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