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Witch's Heart - THE BONUS STAGE ENDING, Manly Let's Play [ 25 ]

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The finale of Witch's Heart Bonus Stage, after learning the power of friendship we finally get another happy long earned ending, again. Witch's Heart Playlist: https://goo.gl/UfehsW Witch's Heart Info: http://vgperson.com/games/witchheart.htm "Everyone loves Claire." ヽ(・ω・`)----Crummy Personal Links Below This Line----(´・ω・)ノ My Masculine Patreon: https://goo.gl/e8XfHN My Cool Twitch: https://goo.gl/neioFL My Manly Twitter: http://goo.gl/wStB6o My Chill Instagram: https://goo.gl/8nPFzi My Heroic Facebook: https://goo.gl/HL5BMy My Awkwardly Manly Tumblr: http://goo.gl/fvDCem My Weeaboo Manly Steam Group: http://goo.gl/v50fAa
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BlueToad J (8 hours ago)
What if Noel could just simply force Claire not to come into the mansion on the final cycle and stop this entire thing happening at all?
ironysteeth (1 day ago)
Before I knew this wasn't the end, I thought this "10,000th loop is the last one ending" was a trap to make noel kill claire for some occultic reason. That heart that Noel has has got real potential for a plot twist, especially now that its been freed up from its looping duties.The chat with charlotte about bringing someone back to life with a heart being desparingly hard I thought was forshadowing. Up till now, only wish atta time had been attempted. What if wilardo's death can play a part in lillia's resurection? The sacrifice of an immortal aughta bend a rule or three in resurection magic right?. It's been months since I saw the other routes, but I'm sure there's other gems such as this laying about.
Ms Caramel (9 days ago)
Am I the only one who loves all the characters in this game including Lime and Ashe?
Cloyd Babcock (9 days ago)
Technically, the fifth ending could be Claire saving her own story, though I'm not sure what that would entail.
Kuroneko Mai (12 days ago)
thought this game was boring at first but whew...the story is quite something. Have no regret watching 'em. I love how they made the character design and the plot of the story and all concept of this game...i'm kinda get a little annoyed with the pixelated art-style of this game but i'm kinda find it understandable that they purposely did that (though it could look more and seriously better without being pixelated) at any rate, now i'm adding the Blue Star Entertainment as my favorite RPG game maker. Hope to get to see more of their awesome works <3 ...and yeah... they probably got me on Matty... thought it was him at fist but yeah... got lured by another character behavior.... good job on that plot twist! yup...too many plot twist that i love in this game and a very understandable story ^^
bingo bongo (12 days ago)
54:10 just a time stamp for me, don’t mind this
dukc (15 days ago)
I bet all my chips on PiPi the Forest Fairy
Jesse is Madness (16 days ago)
Lime is the worst
Mia Ishata (19 days ago)
So, can i just say this, Noel is the poorest man here. If you do the math, that claire died almost 10000 times with this, and each death went from 1~5 days, so lets say a average of 3 days, this gone for over 30 000 days, he endured this shit for years on end.
bingo bongo (12 days ago)
Mia Ishata it’s was around 137 years in total, i’ve seen the math on another’s comment. it’s wild how long it’s been for them
Sixshooter 9 (23 days ago)
God i fucking hate Noel all he does is just whine. THE WORLD ISN'T FAIR, YOU NEED TO DO WHAT YOU NEED TO DO FFS. These kind of characters piss me off so much.
bingo bongo (12 days ago)
Sixshooter 9 honestly, i thought noel was the best, but i think we can all agree that ashe/lime is THE worst
Fandom Victim Buzzy (23 days ago)
i was hyped throughout this whole shit omg, i love the ashe and wilardo scene,, this game was amazing
Gokugo Re (24 days ago)
Maybe someone tells Ashe that his wish cannot be granted? No? Okey....
Angelina Mahata (24 days ago)
I hate lime
Midori Gurin (24 days ago)
Me the moment Sirius and Noel run to Claire first: CLAIRE PROTECTION PROGRAM LETS GET IT-
Olena Kyryk (26 days ago)
I suspect that all "characters endings" will be bad and only the true one will be happy. Noel will probably choose the fourth option to deal with (tr)Ashe and Wilardo. But whatever he choose - he will not be with Claire because he can't get out of the mansion. So I guess only Claire can think of some sort of a happy ending for everyone.
Loveverything Zzzz (26 days ago)
btw she killed herself so Noel doesn't have to do it. Her cause of death was herself this time so Noel will only forget that she killed herself but will remember that the others tried.
Momo-taro (27 days ago)
How ironic it is, the fact that Sirius, for the first time, held the will to kill Claire. Just to get killed himself. RIP best boy in Witch’s Heart.
Viremi (28 days ago)
Ashe could still revive is family. For example, wishing to travel back in time and erase the arsonist's existence altogether would indirectly save his family, while still doing a negative wish. There are other indirect ways to accomplish it, and this just gives me the idea that Ashe is not that smart after all.
Viremi (17 days ago)
+eti I'm aware of that. But since the heart wasn't consumed when Claire tried to revive Sirius, it leads me to think that the wish can be changed or re phrased to fulfill the rules. So, at the end of Ashe's route, when Wilardo finds him mumbling to himself, he is on that state because he wanted a positive wish that can't be granted. But if no wish was granted, where's the heart? Like I said, Claire wishing to bring back Sirius didn't kill her, meaning that the heart wasn't used by her wish. Either the demons took the heart, or Ashe wished for something else, and in both cases it demonstrates Ashe wasn't smart enough to bypass the rules and instead caved in by his sorrow after learning the truth (again, Claire after learning the rules, did not fall into despair, but was killed by Ashe before she could use the heart)
eti (18 days ago)
Lime hid the word "negative" in the contract Ashe found, though.
Zwei (29 days ago)
I just want an ending where Claire, Noel and all the demons just hang out together for eternity.
Bruna Nora (30 days ago)
I love how Manly spent the entire series thinking Ashe was going to poison their food, when he didn't Just to have him poison them at the end lol
Ricardo Cavaco (1 month ago)
Remember when Sirius killed Ashe in the bad ending? Good times.
Yours_Truly_Mari (1 month ago)
Ashe is that one guy that everyone hates. But can't deny he's a well-writen character. Still Trashe though. Lime is pretty much the Joker. Wilardo is the laid-back killer with even more selfish reasons then Ashe, Sirius's true self is a selfless hero, and Noel is a suffering cinnamon roll. Either way, wouldn't it be nice if everyone got a happy ending through a True End?
Malawmi Fanai (1 month ago)
EternalNight88 (1 month ago)
My soul is forever cleansed with that Noel picture and I'd let him be the perfect Disney prince lol. Thank you for finishing the bonus stage Manly!
dat boi (1 month ago)
With how this is ending, I feel like it's possible to make everyone happy. If Noel uses Dorothy's heart to make Ashe forget his memories for good, and Wilardo can just wait for Claire to die of old age and then grant his wish after, it can just possibly work. I always thought about how Noel's just using it to rewind time, but if he just asked to make them all forget their memories, wouldn't it just be easier? They'd all just be confused and go home or something. After all, Dorothy asked for Claire's memory to be erased, and even if she meant it in good intention, she still was able to grant it. I'm actually hyped for the next game, the ending of this shocked me. I was expecting some cliche "you can't win" and Lime or some shit giving that weird sadistic face again, like this was going to be a shitty Danganronpa "constant despair" ripoff game lol
chavamara (1 month ago)
Considering how good the story is so far, the ending parts should be worth the wait!
Moral of the story: Green hair is a sign of evil. Throw all the broccoli heads out the window.
Ryner (1 month ago)
I seriously liked this game, I mean, the art had put me in a way that this would be a silly, short horror game with visual novel that I would compliment more the effort on art than everything else, but surprisingly, this is a horror novel behind a shoujo-ish art, which is putting this game above the so surprising Ib, Witch's House and Uri's Man series in my opinion, it's a lot of stuff going on on a freaking mansion, too bad that side-quests doesn't have a impact on the lore tho.
Hanna Bäckström (1 month ago)
Hanna Bäckström (12 days ago)
bingo bongo oh good! 👍🏼
bingo bongo (12 days ago)
Hanna Bäckström indeed! there will be four more parts released (i don’t know the dates yet but when i do i will get back to you)
- DARLINGBEAR (1 month ago)
bruh claire really has stab wounds right in her tiddies
Tsuna (1 month ago)
Man I love this series :o Can't wait for the next parts
Mayumi Sato (1 month ago)
This game surely knows how to get you. Goddamnit.
Mayumi Sato (1 month ago)
Leg Ume (1 month ago)
Any chance you might lp Crimson Gray: Dusk and Dawn now that you're done with Witch's Heart?
Kuja (1 month ago)
*How To Play Russian Roulette/Roulette of Six-to-One* 1.You Spin The Revolver,Who It Lands On Goes First,Spin The "Spinner" 2.You Can Either Shoot,Shoot 1 Other Target,Spin The "Spinner" or Pass The Revolver NOTE:This IS NOT A Game of Fun But A Game of Math & Luck,If Someone Passes Constantly There Is A High Chance They Will Get Scoped(a professional term for Focused,usually they get shot by the player they passed to) -GIVE IT A TRY-
Nether Spirit (1 month ago)
Aaahh and here I was, hoping to see Noel crossdressing for the pic (he's sooo pretty). But that was fine as well <3
bingo bongo (12 days ago)
Nether Spirit we love a cross dressing boy tbh, i stan 🙌🏻
Jason Bourne (1 month ago)
Claire getting gangkilled already
Fye-chan Rozas (1 month ago)
We still need to know where Claire's mom's heart is...then they can ALL have one xD
V Vv (1 month ago)
Oh Wilardo u did not disappoint me. <3 Except should have shot Ashe indeed. And Ashe really is an ashehole, he is definetly aware of what he's doing is wrong, how dare he kill Sirius again.. he almost made it this time :o I'm glad there will be more eps, I was all wtf! at the end lol.
Rouge (1 month ago)
Sirius is a true fucking hero T^T
cujonuke (1 month ago)
killer 7, thats just what I was thinking of!
Elliot4 0 4 (1 month ago)
Hey Manlysenpai! I read on twitter that there'll be a remake of the Witch's House, and it will be released on steam at 31th October!
Lime Soda (1 month ago)
Lol thats morenatsu music at the end
•The moment I heard the music building up before Claire killed herself had me in instant tears. My baby boy Sirius went down a way that had me yelling "fuck yeah, son, flame they asses!" •I feel like the best way for Lime to pay with her interference would be her facing all 10000 deaths that Claire has had, every day. • Wilardo came to his senses and finally realized the fault in his desires, and how much more pain it would bring those than it would him. Fucking good on you, son. •I feel like the one who hasn't gotten any development at all in this series is Charlotte. She pretty much is a follower to Lime, besides the rule-breaking part. Lime herself should just rot forever in limbo— oh wait she is. • Noel is just, words can't describe my undying love for him. He truly deserves the ending he wants, his love for Claire hasn't died at all, not even after the thousands of times he's manipulated time and space to his liking. Literally, best boy. • Claire killing herself was so selfless, her and Noel need to be together. They're the ultimate couple. •Rouge and Zizel are my favorite demons by far. They just scream this "big sister" aura. I love em both to bits. The haters are the worst sort of demons. • Ashe is redeemable, no doubt. And before you all start saying why he's shit, let me remind you that the whole reason behind why he feels such an urge of savageness and uncaring when killing people is all because of Lime. She manipulated so much shit and lord does she deserve the worst sort of sensation ever. •I wish Dorothy was alive to see her grandaughter become such a wonderful girl. She probably would've sheded an oceans worth of tears at her, and even applaud Sirius for his selflessness. •It's clear at this point that there's gonna be a true ending. Because all the four shards corresponding to their respective owners. The only one not standing amongst them all being the light blue shard, Claire's shard. So yeah, harem ending theory instantly debunked. *Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk, have a nice day.*
Blue Dragon Ryoten (1 month ago)
>plays Russian roulette >Aim right for your eye Hardcore Claire is badass lol
evelinux333 (1 month ago)
Charlotte&Lime: We'll show you a good place to hide Me: F*ck off
Here's my top 5 favorite characters: 1. Noel 2. Sirius 3. Zizel 4. Wilardo 5. Rouge
AK JAY (1 month ago)
Can’t wait for this to be an anime just like angels of death
AK JAY (1 month ago)
Claudia •v• (1 month ago)
Noel shines brighter than the sun *And you know it*
misopunny (1 month ago)
angelbott0 (1 month ago)
It is pleasure to me to saw Lime fell down endless outside the window. xD She is EVIL!!
Megan Ledesma (1 month ago)
Wow, adding more gameplay. It's like they're running out of ideas for the original one.
Loneliness4ever (1 month ago)
so bonus stage isnt also a real ending huh.....only can wait D: but the next part might be u can play as ash etc and alternative their ending so they dont need the heart? just sth in mind
Shawn Heatherly (1 month ago)
Ah, what a satisfying end to the Bonus Stage. Sirius may have died, but he also had what is arguably his coolest scene and put to rest and doubt that he'd kill Claire to get Dorothy back. Wilardo proves he can be reasoned with. Claire just saying screw the rules and taking herself out so she will be ready for the final loop. Rouge trying to help Noel by making sure he knows that he has a trump card with the Witch's Heart in his possession. I am pumped for those final routes.
Wina Utomo (1 month ago)
What did rouge said when she wore the costume? “hohohoh this suits me”?
LiliumSnow (1 month ago)
I honestly did not see that ending coming, I really thought Noel would finally kill Claire himself. We give Claire such a hard time for being a naive airhead who trusts too easily (and it's for the most part true), but she's honestly one of the most badass characters in this game just for being able to kill herself and face death without hesitation like that. I really hope there's a good ending for her in the final stage. With the way Lime manipulates all these characters and events to get to this point, I'm kind of wondering now if she's also partially responsible for Nicholas' actions. Don't get me wrong, he's still the biggest fuckass and was probably always evil, but I wonder if Lime might've had a hand in his douchebaggery.
Xander Grant (1 month ago)
I'm soooo fuckin' HYPED UP!!!
Tebea Kim (1 month ago)
Wow this bonus stage was so interesting and exciting. I am looking forward to the continuation of this. So my favourite characters are definitly: Claire, Noel, Sirius, Wilardo, Zizel and Rouge. ^^ Yes, they can/should throw Ashe and Lime out of the window, maybe it helps that the others will survive. Lime´s evilness reminds me of Junko (from Danganronpa). It seems that the real demons like Rouge and Zizel have more sympathy than the demons who were once humans like Lime and Charlotte. Maybe the real demons are curious about the humans and the others have hatred of all humans and wanted to see their suffering like they did when they died. I am wondering how this story will end and I am so exciting about it. Hopefully it will release soon. ^_^
Morgashimer Deckshimer (1 month ago)
I really hope Lime gets caught.
Jester's Cat (1 month ago)
I really can't wait to see what happens next, I was expecting a happy ending where no one dies in the end. Definitely didn't expect Claire to kill herself.
gatochick14 (1 month ago)
I STG if the creator doesn't give me at least one happy ending....
itskarebear (1 month ago)
Need Wilardo on Noel side and Idk who I want Clarie to be with Noel or Sirius! Just through Ashe out a window problem solve and then expose Lime so she can go to super Hell lol.
aethire (1 month ago)
I need to think about changing my profile now. I don’t think I can consider myself to be a Lime fan anymore...
Alex Doiron (1 month ago)
It's Lime's fault Ashe kills so much, she withheld important information. If he knew it could only grant negative wishes, he would likely accept his misfortune and move on, realizing he can't get his family back. He may try to get them back by other means but if he knew, he wouldn't have to kill Claire and things would likely play out a lot differently
Phudge (1 month ago)
You know I wonder why Noel doesn't just, yknow, travel back to when they were kids? Like, problem solved.
Wasilej Wasiliewicz (1 month ago)
The butterfly effect. Claire could end up in a way worse situation
Elsa García (1 month ago)
I hope Noel's route comes first, but probably Ashe or Willardo would come first so there's still something to yearn for. Also probably only one route it's the canon ending or just one it's happy.
Rina Shiawase (1 month ago)
The order will be Sirius-Wilardo-Ashe-Noel and I think I can understand why they choose this order.
Kylie The Dandere (1 month ago)
I am glad thee will be more but sad to wait. This game is so good, too good for a free game!
Joan Cheng (1 month ago)
this game is so fucking good and i'm excited to see all the endings! maybe there will be a super secret bonus ending where everyone can be happy lol ;u;
Hannabal_96 (1 month ago)
I love you Zizel but damn I would punch you in the face
MyCurrentObsession (1 month ago)
Also Manly, some people have already theorized/pointed this out but since you seemed confused - the reason Claire killed herself is because per the rules the demons set up when using the Witch's Heart to reverse time, Noel only forgets Claire's CAUSE of death. The whole "third option" thing isn't so much a specific deal struck between Noel and the demons where he kills Claire (to their enjoyment) and in return they let him remember everything, it's literally just loophole abuse of the rules (that at least some of them are encouraging, for their own complex motives). Once Noel gets a good idea of who/what is a threat to Claire and how she might die, he (or in this case, Claire herself) kills her to go into the next loop retaining that info while forgetting what EXACTLY killed her. I'm thinking that since ultimately Claire killed herself, the fact that Ashe TRIED to kill her doesn't matter - he's not her cause of death. Thus Noel should be able to go into the final loop knowing how big of a threat Ashe and Wilardo are.
Miguel Morales (1 month ago)
Is Claire missing her thumb on her left hand in the credits image?
MyCurrentObsession (1 month ago)
This game is honestly the best RPG maker game I've ever seen. The story, characters, and even music (though to be fair in that department I'm not sure how much is original to this game and how much is just free songs found online and put in the game) are all absolutely fantastic. I'm looking forward to the route completions. A few small things you missed Manly - you could have dressed up Lime and Charlotte in the hint menu on days 2 and 4, and the room with all the character portraits and info (after beating the game) has new info for everyone. Anyway I love these characters so much. Even the villains are enjoyable to watch and have understandable motivations, though Sirius is ABSOLUTELY my favorite character and his rejection of the Witch's Heart and reprimanding Ashe and Wilardo about it just further cemented that. What a legend. At the VERY LEAST he better get a good, happy ending in his own finale, though I'm hoping he makes it out of the others alright (I know it's unlikely considering Zizel said an ending where everyone is happy will never happen).
Shinji Itoi (1 month ago)
*Spoilers (Final Comment)* Personally if it was up to me, I'd have a particular order in mind when it comes to helping the other people. :p From least to most, I'd rule the people out in this order... Ashe, Wilardo, Sirius, and Noel... Of course, it's also the order of most kills to least kills done to Claire, but it goes a lot deeper than that. :p - Ashe: Despite all the psychotic things he says and does to you, I still sort of feel bas for him... and as fucked up as it sounds, especially with losing his family so young and tragically, I feel like even with all of that he should be killed and put to rest with his family, especially since the witch's heart doesn't grant positive wishes... instead of like, living in agony over it and all... - Wilardo: If I remember correctly, can't the dark lily be found a second time even if it's really hard to do? So Wilardo could find it again somehow.. though it seems suicide is a negative wish that can be granted... Funny how the onr with the positive wish like with Ashe is more evio than the one with the negative one, same with Lime having the most tragic backstory for the demons which I'll get to later. :p - Sirius: His story is seriously messed up... becoming an orphan with his parents being executrd for supposedly being witches at a young age, then adopted by Dorothy, then becoming jealous of Claire... Between him and Noel, it's hard to say, but he's the bigger jerk of the two with a slight inclination torwards murder, so idk... - Noel: Well... come to think of it, while the others may have metaphorically gone through hell, Noel goes through it LITERALLY. ._. Just give poor Noel a break... And if it wasn't for Sirius dying all the time too with Claire, outside of the witch's manion curse, his life would almost be fine albeit lonely now... I think.. compared to back then... Finally, aa for the demons... I feel bad for the hater/human demons Charlie and Lime but they also ironically seem the more evil of the four, especially Lime over Charlie despite the more normal and tragic in thr beginning. :p Figures she also cosplays as a pirate... So I guess it would be Lime, Charlie, Rouge, and Zizel for me. :p And that's despite Zizel initially wanting Claire to losr and being a bit messed up in the Ashe ending and the russian roulette thing... she helps you the most and Rouge arguably does the same or at least play fair even though she's kind of a bitch, though they all are in a way. :p I guess they'll all have to be hell forever though, even with the personal torment they go through all the time... poor them I guess. :p I guess deep doen inside, I'm a bit like Claire or Noel myself. XD Damn, I wish people that loving and forgiving actually existed... or in my life anyway... what an enigma...
Lexina (1 month ago)
Abigail Robbins (1 month ago)
I just want an ending where Sirius gets to live
Shinji Itoi (1 month ago)
Nooo... more waiting. D: Aw man. :(
Rose M. Gottschalk (1 month ago)
And they say he’s not insane and possibly lost it
Shinji Itoi (1 month ago)
As weird as it sounds, their should be a Akagi or Kaiji crossover with this. :p Idk, LOL. XD
Shinji Itoi (1 month ago)
39:00-40:00 OMG, did you literally do a coin flip for that? XD You know, with all your countless saves, including that decision, you can just keep going until you get it right. :p
Thermora (1 month ago)
I got so many things I want to say. I really want to save Ashe. He just keeps jumping from one thing to another trying to get back his family. And after that betrayal he cannot trust anyone. I cannot hate him. I just want to help him. Sirius is kind and a bit too trusting like Noel and Claire. He never intentionally kills Claire and even after learning about the Witch's Heart, he always tries to help her. He's the one I want to live the most. Wilardo will kill to have his wish granted but he still have a conscience, he can still trust, and he can still empathize so his heart can still moved and stirred. I want him to get the relief he searches for. Noel has suffer so much alive and as a demon. All he wants is to save Claire from her fate but at the same time he doesn't want to sacrifice anyone to do it. He is the sweetest and most self-sacrificing person. I pray that his wish can be granted... Lime is the evil antagonist of this story. Breaking the rules and making everyone suffer, just to try to create a tragedy worst than her own story. A person that's more tragic than herself. And the person she trying to do this to is definitely Noel. I'm starting to think is the cause of every humans in the mansion tragedy is due to Lime's interference. Invoking people darkest desires so they cause suffering to others to find some who suffer the greatest from it. And she ended up zooming in on Noel. I suspect Rouge, knows about Lime's hidden agenda. Because she had that line about not caring as long as someone is unhappy. Which I think means she doesn't care if the humans have a happy ending as long as Lime is unhappy that all her tampering and trickery was for nothing. I want Lime to suffer more than anything. I want everyone to get what they, want happily and for her to be furious and cursing about there being no terrible tragedy. That is my wish. That is the only ending that will satisfy me. If Lime is happy at end, it's not a good enough ending.
Ms.Negative (1 month ago)
Manly: “if we just threw Ashe out the window everything would be alright.” Um I think you meant if we threw ~Lime~ out the window everything would be alright.
Shinji Itoi (1 month ago)
*Spoilers* 25:00 - 26:00 - Honestly, Claire stabbing herself totally reminds me of a mix of Sora from Kingdom Hearts I and Zero Escape, especially 3. :p What with their pure heart and being the main character and all as well as another time loop or parallel universe... "It's okay if I die, because then I'll just shift to another time as if I didn't die at all!" LOL. XD Crazy. :p
dragondawg (1 month ago)
47:35 this scene was ruined for me because I recognized the bgm as Morenatsu music and I couldn't take it seriously. I'm still laughing about it.
Productive Strawberry (1 month ago)
ashe could be like "i wish for my family to come back alive, but they'll forget who I am" and then maybe spend time with Lillia and them to try and become friends again ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Hundike (1 month ago)
Well. It's all Lime's fault. At least she lives up to her species as a demon! She really is willing to go to any length to see as much suffering as possible. Let's throw her out of the window with Ashe! (Fun fact: note the disgust on her face on 47:32) (Ah, its another long comment from this person on a Witch's Heart video...) This route's ending was pretty insane and Sirius got the best final death scene, I love him, my good boy. I do hope he...lives in the true end... (or his true end if that's how these routes will work). If I was Noel, I would give the heart to Wilardo for sure without question next loop. Not only is Wilardo arguably the most sensible of the non-demons and his wish works 100% guarantee no demon shenanigans here and is valid, he's also immortal so he's a great ally combat wise. Either way, we'll see. I liked how Claire sort of stood up here, I hope she does that in the final loop(s) as well. This game has come a long way, Blue Star is doing some really stellar work. Also, Zizel and Rouge still best demons (and og demons). That russian roulette was, yeesh. Though I like Charlie too since she seems to be so whimsical and has a cute design. Also Rouge has best photo---
LordCookieGaming (1 month ago)
Nooooooo, I can't wait for Sirius and Noel's endings!! My heart just broke in a million pieces et the bonus stage ending. This story really played into the feeling I had of Sirius, from the beginning he seemed like a loyal and kind man. I have the feeling he wants to pretend he's more selfish than he is. I love him. Man, I hope there will be an ending where both Sirius and Noel can be happy, like Claire survives, lady Dorothy doesn't come back but Sirius accepts it (and gets together with Claire)? I couldn't care less about Ashe, his story really isn't redeeming for me (yet?). Waiting for all the endings will be so agonizing...I hope they're worth it (and the maker won't stop after one or two of the endings are done)
Duraluminium Alloy (1 month ago)
Multiple endings!? I sure do hope that at the end of one of them Lime will finally get to gently and wholesomely hug Noel, just like she wants! (See her backstory for what would that mean for the poor guy, though)
pizzicato (1 month ago)
Spoiler, do not read befire finishing this video. Man, I really liked Sirius after getting on his route in the main game but I like him even more now. He has my respect for being this gutsy in the end. Weirdly, him dying everytime kinda bonds him with Claire I guess, haha.
HJ Slaughter (1 month ago)
I love this game so much!!!
TheElectrodolly (1 month ago)
Thank you so much for playing this Manly!~ Can't wait for the final route >W<
Lee-on Adroit (1 month ago)
My god, Noel and Claire is such a pure ship, I love it too much XD Can't wait for the final game though, its been a while since I felt hype over a PC game
Azura Raijin (1 month ago)
The goddamm music in this game ITS SO DAMN GOOD
Azura Raijin (1 month ago)
I can't wait to see Rouge punish the *hell* out of Lime
Aymen Lemdani (1 month ago)
I heat lame Translatsion: Ihatelimesheisannoying Whywouldshe Ihatehersheistooeviltobeevil Isthatunderstandable Ihopeso Because shevery annyonying Okay gud bay
Emelia Wynn (1 month ago)
When I think about the multi ending I think Noel deserves it the most but that said my most absolute fave character has to be Wilardo but serious is a close tie will Wilardo as well. And I do feel some sympathy for Ashe but still I would love to see him thrown from the window more than I want to see him alive. And Lime is officially worse than Ashe and I want them both dead.
Judi Ying (1 month ago)
Lime is like Rico in Hidan no aria
Delta Epsilon (1 month ago)
Lime is a good evil character I can empathize with. Fight me.
Kiiko Kyah (1 month ago)
So, Zizel and Rouge are now tied for Best Demon while Lime has finally reached the bottom of the pit. Meanwhile, Claire is a badass, Sirius is a sweetheart as usual, Wilardo can be convinced and Noel has finally decided to stop wavering. I don't know what to expect for Ashe at this point, but I'm hyped.

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