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Doflamingo's Speech about the Throne Wars One Piece 746

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Chi Saki (7 months ago)
who's here after chapter 907?!
run from life (12 days ago)
+sarmadwarraich2 i am with you, it is just that many OP fans are just narrow minded people, they are just reading LITERALLY instead of reading between the lines, thus for some advice bro stop debating with these kids
sarmadwarraich2 (1 month ago)
Gelos Lives This is YT and that is your opinion dumbass, I'm not asking you to believe me.
Gelos Lives (1 month ago)
+sarmadwarraich2 youre the only idiot i see here trying to argue against something thats obvious.
Rahul Manoj (1 month ago)
I made the 907th like
IceGoCrazyy (2 months ago)
I doubt he was talking about that throne in holy land lmao.
12 kasumaru (2 hours ago)
やっぱりドフラミンゴなんか知ってそうだよな ワンピースにとってかなり重要なキャラなのは間違いない
YG STAN VIP ARMY BLINK (21 hours ago)
Hate to admit this but Dofalmingo’s speech here is SUPER! 🔥
Unknown Guy (1 day ago)
I was so hyped when i watched this scene like damnnnn wtf is gonna happen
Slowbucks (2 days ago)
Doffy talking about *WANO*
古橋智佳 (3 days ago)
Holding the reins to the monsters in the world? How bad can people like Big Mom or even Kaido be? I mean, Kaido was held back by Shanks during the Paramount W- *Chapter 921* OH MY GOODNESS!
brainiac642 (11 days ago)
Great! Now let's spend two years with the candy people instead of an actual awesome final act of the story!
Xirtie Senjo (10 days ago)
+brainiac642 Well, you're not wrong. However, the pacing of WCI is clearly better so far compared to Dressrosa, both are good arcs nonetheless.
brainiac642 (10 days ago)
+Xirtie Senjo Sure, but it doesn't need to be 80+ episodes long. Even if I can't criticize the manga pacing; compared to previous arcs the pace of episodes per manga chapter is slowing.
Xirtie Senjo (10 days ago)
WCI Arc is actually integral to the story, though. Don't rush everything.
Dodo _2004 (11 days ago)
For me Doffy is the best villian of OP
マンアンパン (11 days ago)
Jayke Narn (12 days ago)
I keep on coming back here, and I'm sure you know the reason why
expendableloner (13 days ago)
We have a new Yonko who has two of the strongest devil fruit powers, insane durability, cunning strategy or timing anyway, and a crew of freaks the full extent of powers we haven't seen yet. We have yet to see what the Red Hair Pirates are capable of too, and judging by the fact that Shanks is the quality>quantity type of Captain, you can be sure his crew unleashed in the war will be a force to reckon with. Meanwhile the Worst Generation top players are climbing the ladder, not too fast but at a steady pace, alliances are being made, and the balance of power is switching dramatically. Also the Shichibukai, except for the World Government not messing with their territories and business, what to they have to gain in being the pawns of the WG and CD (Celestial Dragons) ? MIhawk and the others will have to pick a sides at given time, not for attitude but simply for survival and agenda. And the Navy is not standing still either, the draft brough on board Fujitora and the Green Bull, who knows what other monsters they have rallied in their ranks? A new CP9 roster? Also CP0 still has to show its full power too. If Wano Arco is really supposed to make Marineford look like a bar scuffle, I believe it is the first act of the ending of ONE PIECE. After Wano there will be the race to Raftel and then the final war, CD + WG VS Revolutionary Army, BB Crew VS SH crew (Luffy ascending into the rank of Yonko after Shanks' death?) and Supernovas siding with a Yonko faction of their choice or just caught up in the crossfire, the wildcard here are the Shichibukai, and the dark horses like Crocodile (I believe Crocodile IMHO has the chance to be revamped and return in full force as a Yonko too, who knows? That would be a big surprise) The survivors of each faction will rewrite the world's order, dismantling the Celestial Dragons and leaving up to the uncorrupt Navy members like Kuzan, Smoker, Sengoku, Fujitora and few other high rank officers the duty of enforcing real justice in a fair manner not being the lapdogs of the nobles. Garp will probably die saving Luffy in a big battle, cause he already stood aside witnessing Ace's death, he won't stand for it a second time. Everything is all made up by hypothesis but that's the great thing of OP, makes you wonder and keeps you on the edge.
Remark (12 days ago)
All that theory and no mention of the Ancient Weapons. Who will get Pluton? Where is Uranus? What role will Shirahoshi play? Those who have the ancient weapons controll the tides.
Zack WhoAmI (13 days ago)
Goosebumps. Doflamingo is def one of the best written villians ever.
RoRoNoa ZoRo (13 days ago)
who is the 3rd admiral on the right 1:30 ?
Jevilz (13 days ago)
Zz_ESCAPE_zZ 0227 捕まってる一人が寂しくてひとりごとをはいてる可哀想な状況になってる
Zz_ESCAPE_zZ 0227 (8 days ago)
저작권 침해를하는일본과 미국을 불허 맨 まだ捕まってるんですか?
Anthony Mukoko (16 days ago)
What if Doffy had a kid with Viola(since it was kinda implied ,and strongly believed in the fandom,that Doffy raped her) or another woman ? Imagine some where on an island,a litlle Doffy Jr laughing like a crazy devil for no reason while watching Luffy wanted poster xD
All About Football (19 days ago)
In my country, the criminal can't use eyeglasses in prison
Marcos Oyola (13 days ago)
"In your country"
D Antho White (20 days ago)
XOF兵 (21 days ago)
Jamal Washington (21 days ago)
His glasses have recovery powers because they were crushed after he was smashed by Luffy.
Saras Putra (21 days ago)
Why dont she wash doflaminggo with her wash wash power ?
Marcos Oyola (13 days ago)
Anime God (21 days ago)
@2:24-Doflamingo said,"...and there's one seat that's totally empty!"- Is this the EMPTY THRONE?👑⚔☠
早く天竜人が引きずり下ろされないかな〜 天竜人が引きずり下ろされる瞬間見たいわ
野々村光太郎 (26 days ago)
林聡耶 (26 days ago)
ジレン灰色の (27 days ago)
つむ (9 days ago)
漫画でシルエットで緑牛登場したんだけど藤虎と同じくらいだった 3mちょっとくらいじゃね?
Crownedbystars (27 days ago)
Imagine if doffy’s father didn’t came down from marie jois, doffy wouldn’t be this smart and cunning and would be another saint charlos.
Silver Soul (26 days ago)
You think if that was the case, Rosinante wouldn't be dead because Doflamingo wouldn't go mad, Law wouldn't have been saved because he'd never meet Rosinante and Luffy would've died at Marineford because Law wouldn't be alive to save him.
虎彦 (27 days ago)
高橋広美 (29 days ago)
覇権争いどうなるんだろう(¨)?? ワクワク🎵🎵
Leo - Kun (30 days ago)
What Doffy is saying is actually true, so the Marines better be buckled up for one hell of a ride.
Bengsu Bengsu Genius (1 month ago)
Well it looks like Dofi knows the truth
Doni Pringles (1 month ago)
Its clear that Buggy is gonna win that war for the throne.
Silver Soul (26 days ago)
Final war will be Buggy D Clown vs God Ussop vs Ma D Monk.
Najmi Roslan (1 month ago)
I want to see Mingo eyes
Mr.ジェジェジェ (1 month ago)
すごいかっこいいんだけどさ 語ってる時の動きなんなの?w
雄大 (1 month ago)
Cunning Smile (1 month ago)
Could Raftel be.... Marejois?
LbMeKing (1 month ago)
2:20 ish Is the seat he’s referring to the one that Im sits in?
Snorlax (1 month ago)
Time for Buggy to ascend to the throne!
Hiw Graji Du Suw (1 month ago)
From the anime _Throne Wars! Shokugeki no Luffy_
アジの肝 (1 month ago)
pugilat123456 (1 month ago)
Doffy has so much power in this world, even captured he's still able to threaten the world whithout being delusional .... <3 Doffy <3
あ あ (1 month ago)
シンジ平岡 (1 month ago)
プル (1 month ago)
PAPA76MAC (1 month ago)
1:36 Morley
speedo simone (1 month ago)
I can’t fir the throne war arc
おちゃ (1 month ago)
ディチャチャ (1 month ago)
nice one doffy 👏 if luffy heard it he would be hats off 😂😂
totan 。 (1 month ago)
1:38〜 ドフィー(背中痒いな…)
The Thrones War is the war between the throne of the Pirate King and the throne of the government, between Luffy and Im.
魎峰岸 (1 month ago)
なんだこいつらは笑笑 未来から来てるのか。。 公開日どうしたんねん。。 リアルトキトキやん
zgameoverz (1 month ago)
how the fck did he get his sunglasses back to normal?? he left it in the dressrosa and its also broken.... O.o nice one Oda ~
Xirtie Senjo (10 days ago)
He got a new one.
Teh Rigel (1 month ago)
1:23 Luffy looks sinister asf even though he's laughing.
spiritbuu (1 month ago)
Doflamingo is probably the most badass character in One Piece. Shanks a close 2nd.
SUZUME8 (1 month ago)
Yo doohu (1 month ago)
M T (1 month ago)
ゴリゆうTV (1 month ago)
Kaizu Law (1 month ago)
Luffu just started a war
HAL - 17 (1 month ago)
ima riku (13 days ago)
HAL - 17 さすがに草
AHMAD FADHIL (1 month ago)
I'm glad that he know Will of D. will dragged Celestial Dragon down 😁
Ozone1 _ (1 month ago)
I’m surprised that they let him keep his sunglasses with him
Empty (1 month ago)
Didn't doffy get his hands cut off?
Marcos Oyola (13 days ago)
vexx hexx (1 month ago)
I hope someone kills that old lady
ttrop (1 month ago)
white beard og r/gatekeeping of one piece world
ドフラミンゴ んふふふふふふふふふ
ペニーワイズ (1 month ago)
Now最近の中学生 (1 month ago)
にいきむ おつるさんがくれたんやろ
Creak W# (1 month ago)
Empty throne the elders asked im sama that did he choose the one all been waiting for tell his name and shanks came to them and said i wanna talk about a certain pirate he was not talking about Blackbeard he was nominating luffy for the position elders and im-sama talked about and then we see luffys poster on his hand and then when elders asked im-sama tell them his name he was choosing between the lady idk who she is luffy and Blackbeard bcz their posters were with him maybe they were chosen and one of them is gonna be what im-sama chooses idk what it is but i have a feeling that's what it is
jon snow (1 month ago)
I fucking love doflamingo voice actor
Rick y (1 month ago)
赤砂のサソリ (1 month ago)
荒野行動 (1 month ago)
エリザベロー二世 いや俺
赤砂のサソリ ワンチャン俺
しのちゃむ (1 month ago)
ldh_gene__ウオタミ (1 month ago)
ペペロンチーノ (1 month ago)
ドフラミンゴ ナレーション上手いじゃん
ps2601f (1 month ago)
1:08 こっからがアツ過ぎる
︙..︙⋱ ︙︙⋰︙︙⋱ ︙⋱︙..…・︙ ︙⋰.︙・⋰ ︙⋱….⋰ ︙・⋰ ︙
Jel Buenaventura (1 month ago)
why he wearing eyeglasses? luffy broke his eyeglasses the last time they fight...
Intrigued Claptrap (1 month ago)
The family of “D.” have been hiding in the shadow of history. When and where are they gonna show themselves?! Y’all be on the look out for that 7th D, the final one, it’s gonna change everything.
うらは (1 month ago)
かず (1 month ago)
ドフィは、口だけやな 実況者にでもなりゃいいのに
Niko Xazara (1 month ago)
if i remember correctly assasin was sent to deal with doflamingo in impel down can someone confrim that or i am wrong?
Jeremy Lagier (1 month ago)
Niko Xazara yep, that's what he is thinking.
あい (1 month ago)
Patrick Whipple (1 month ago)
No one's here after the same thing blackbeard said in 925
Damn, buggy is really intimidating here. no wonder *Kapp*
cd dc (1 month ago)
feeding monster are kaido and big mom? the one who seats in the empty throne is a D? wtf? luffy family!!!!
Alex Bisht (1 month ago)
If any RPG provides a tank class . They better name it Doflamingo or Garou .
Dark Disney (1 month ago)
So much lore in this show it needs to be a full RPG game done by CDPR
Jeffrey Yehezkiel (1 month ago)
After reading chaoter 925, his words now have way more weight in them
Remark (1 month ago)
Right. Wano will be amazing
Giuseppe Greco (1 month ago)
Ohh you were right, Doflamingo...the Throne wars Is beginning

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