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Stay (Instrumental) - Rihanna ft. mikky ekko + Lyrics
Enjoy this beautiful song, but with your own twist. Sing along and have fun with it. Created using Garageband for IOS devices Lyrics onscreen
Views: 309853 Jarrod Bain
Umbrella - Rihanna (Piano Instrumental) + Lyrics on screen
This is my version of Rihanna's Umbrella. It was inspired by the acoustic version of the original song. Created on GarageBand for IOS Devices
Views: 562529 Jarrod Bain
Wish You Were Here (Instrumental) + lyrics - Delta Goodrem
This is my instrumental remake for the beautiful delta goodrem song, Wish you were here. You are free to use this track only if you link back to my account please. Created using Garageband for IOS Devices Lyrics on screen.
Views: 27561 Jarrod Bain
Skin (Instrumental) - Rihanna
Rihanna's skin instrumental created by me. On garageband. Lyrics on screen.
Views: 287545 Jarrod Bain
The Last Song - Rihanna (instrumental + lyrics)
This is my intrumental remake of Rihanna's "The last song" From her album "Rated R" Enjoy... Created using garageband for IOS Devices
Views: 27555 Jarrod Bain
All charmed possessions
i found as many possessions as i could but some are missing. season 1 was being borrowed season 5 was being borrowed and i dont have season 8 yet. no copy right intended this vid was just so people would know more about charmed possessions. If you have any questions on what season and ep a specific possession is done, please dont be afraid to ask.
Views: 134704 Jarrod Bain
Bring Me To Life - Evanescence (Piano instrumental + lyrics)
My version of Evanescence's Bring me to life I added a piano and strings to make it like a ballad and i removed the male vocals from the lyrics. Enjoy... All are free to cover but only if you link back to my account.
Views: 40356 Jarrod Bain
goofy dies
Poor Goofy, This scene depicts a moment in which the main characters of Kingdom hearts mourn the death of their beloved Goofy.
Views: 520746 Jarrod Bain
Pound The Alarm (Orchestral instrumental) - Nicki Minaj
A Kind of piano/orchestra instrumental i created. Created on Garageband for IOS Devices.
Views: 39189 Jarrod Bain
Rihanna - Diamonds (Instrumental) + Lyrics
Lyrics in description below. Created using Garageband for IOS devices Sounds best with headphones... Trust me. *UPDATE* Its now been a year since uploading this video and i am so happy that people arfe enjoying it, covering it and linking it on websites... I no have 750 subscribers and this video has become my most viewed video with over 500,000 views... yay Also guys and girls... I do take requests on instrumentals... just send me a private message with the song you want done and the style you want it in... if i deem it worthy enough then ill re create it and upload to youtube and send you a link So thanks for the support guys. Lyrics: Shine bright like a diamond Shine bright like a diamond Find light in the beautiful sea I choose to be happy You and I, you and I We're like diamonds in the sky You're a shooting star I see A vision of ecstasy When you hold me, I'm alive We're like diamonds in the sky I knew that we'd become one right away Oh, right away At first sight I felt the energy of sun rays I saw the life inside your eyes So shine bright, tonight you and I We're beautiful like diamonds in the sky Eye to eye, so alive We're beautiful like diamonds in the sky Shine bright like a diamond Shine bright like a diamond Shining bright like a diamond We're beautiful like diamonds in the sky Shine bright like a diamond Shine bright like a diamond Shining bright like a diamond We're beautiful like diamonds in the sky Palms rise to the universe As we moonshine and molly Feel the warmth, we'll never die We're like diamonds in the sky You're a shooting star I see A vision of ecstasy When you hold me, I'm alive We're like diamonds in the sky At first sight I felt the energy of sun rays I saw the life inside your eyes So shine bright, tonight you and I We're beautiful like diamonds in the sky Eye to eye, so alive We're beautiful like diamonds in the sky Shine bright like a diamond Shine bright like a diamond Shining bright like a diamond We're beautiful like diamonds in the sky Shine bright like a diamond Shine bright like a diamond Shining bright like a diamond We're beautiful like diamonds in the sky Shine bright like a diamond Shine bright like a diamond Shine bright like a diamond So shine bright, tonight you and I We're beautiful like diamonds in the sky Eye to eye, so alive We're beautiful like diamonds in the sky Shine bright like a diamond Shine bright like a diamond Shine bright like a diamond Shine bright like a diamond Shine bright like a diamond Shine bright like a diamond Shine bright like a diamond
Views: 636598 Jarrod Bain
How We Do (Party) - Piano instrumental - Rita Ora
My piano instrumental version of rita ora's - how we do (party) Lyrics are onscreen
Views: 8538 Jarrod Bain
Disturbia - My Music Video - Jarrod bain
I jarrod bain star in this disturbing fan made re-make of rihanna's hit single disturbia. I filmed and edited this my self. no one held the camera for me i did it all my self. no one edited it for me i did it all myself. this is in memory of my fish 'aerie' who died 3 weeks after i filmed this. you see her at 0:17 swimming around Please enjoy. Before my last account was deleted this video had 1,236 views, and im hoping it will be back there again soon. please rate and comment. oh and yes i get teased alot at school for this for anyone who was wondering. And stay tuned for my next big hit music video - Lithium by evanescence Audio = Disturbia - is owned by def jam and island def jam.
Views: 1937 Jarrod Bain
We found Love (acoustic pop instrumental) + lyrics
this is my instrumental remake for rihannas hit "we found love with calvin harris" lyrics are on screen.
Views: 12876 Jarrod Bain
Hot and Cold - Nikki and Kellsie - Music Video
This is my sister and her friend in their debut music video, Hot and Cold. Director - Jarrod Bain Editor - Jarrod Bain Camera - Jarrod Bain & Nikki Young Actors - Kellsie Bain, Nikki Young & Jarrod Bain Song - Hot and Cold - Katy Perry
Views: 1328 Jarrod Bain
Disturcus (Disturbia and Circus mashup) Rihanna ft. Britney Spears
A mashup remix i made a while ago, i made it cause i got bored and im good at this stuff. i do not own the original songs nor the original music videoes all rights go to their filmers composers singers and creators.
Views: 4771 Jarrod Bain
Luke and Annabella Leone - Wipeout Australia
no copyright infringment intended, i just want to show how badass my teacher is. my Teacher IS A BADASS, yeah. this is my english teacher making it into the wipeout zone on wipeout. I wish she won it. ever since she went on the show shes been really famous at school.
Views: 19549 Jarrod Bain
Whos that Chick (Instrumental + Lyrics)
this is my own version of Rihanna and david guettas hit. "whos that chick" Lyrics onscreen. created on garageband for IOS devices
Views: 834 Jarrod Bain
harry potter 5 wii voldemort battle + possession
i play my wii game harry potter ands the order of the phoenix. and i play as dumbledore and battle voldemort. after defeating voldemort, voldemort possesses harry and i fight him off in my mind. (yay im insane) may contain swearing and traces of nuts.
Views: 20270 Jarrod Bain
Only girl in the world (Orchestral rock instrumental) - Rihanna
This is my own instrumental version of rihanna's hit song "Only girl in the world" Lyrics on screen Created using GarageBand for IOS devices. Available now at the appstore
Views: 10687 Jarrod Bain
Russian Roulette Music Video - Jarrod Bain
Hi people. Finally I have managed to upload my Russian Roulette music video. Ive been meaning to finish this video and perfect it, but I never got around to it. So im gonna show it to you the way it is. This video is very special to me. It is special because it helped me win Camden High's 2009 Movie competition. It was fun. I plan to be Filming more video's in the future so keep a look out. Tell your friends to watch this!
Views: 281 Jarrod Bain
jarrod mack - the other sides 1/2
i take on the role of alex mack in my new 1 only episode of jarrod mack. part 1 of 2 jarrod mack was just enjoying the day when suddenly a guy from the science labs payd a visit. jarrod morphed to hide in the dryer but the scientist found him and pored a chemical called gc divide into the dryer. (gc divide splits the chemical gc-161 in half) then he turns it on and the chaos ensues. jarrod splits into 4 blobs each with their own personality. Sloth Happy and Cool they all get away from jarrod and are missing. jarrod now must get all of them to morph with him by sunset or they will be split forever.
Views: 534 Jarrod Bain
Eye Of The Needle (Video)
The Sia Project. When the fear of loss makes you go to incredible lengths to survive the pain. The only step is to move forward and don't let your sorrows drown you. Created on: Videostarapp Filmed by: Jarrod Bain Staring: Catherine Thompson All rights and privileges go to the writers and producers of this song: Sia Furler, Christopher Braide, Greg Kurstin & Their respective producers. This video is not for profit, Its just for fun!
Views: 821 Jarrod Bain
the powers
One day a weird liquid possessed my body and gave me supernatural powers like: ability to stretch teleportation liquification power blast telekinesis ability to control water ability to stop time technopethis (ability to enter and control technology) transmogrification (ability to change shape or form) possession ability to walk through stuff and ever since i got my powers nothing has been the same. its was awsome.
Views: 328 Jarrod Bain
Hurt (Instrumental) - Christina aguilera
An instrumental I created on garageban for IOS devices. I hope you all like it. Lyrics on screen
Views: 4159 Jarrod Bain
Phone and Away - Customer Service Video
The whole office was on edge after the brutal murder of one of its valued employees. Who will be next?? Follow the customer service team as we deal with our daily shenanigans with romance, treachery and comedy, while also trying to find out who the killer is!! Directed by: Nicole Young & Jarrod Bain Filming and editing: Jarrod Bain Shot on iPhone 6 This was our customer service video presented at the end of year christmas party. Filmed and edited in under a week, Im happy with the results for such a small time frame. I hope you enjoy it and get a good laugh out of it. If you find it funny, tell your friends and who knows... Maybe we will have a second episode!!!! Certain music in this video is not owned by myself and I must pay respect to the music that helped set the ambiance. Hello - Adele. All rights and claims belong to Adele and her writers. Start the Apocalypse - Robert J. Kral. All rights and claims belong to Robert J. Kral and joss whedon Korben Dallas - Eric Serra. All rights and claims belong to Eric Serra and the entire team that worked on the 5th Element. Including all actors and writers. Private Investigator (a) - Graham De Wilde, All rights and Claims belong to Graham De Wilde. Secret - The Pierces. All rights and claims belong to the Piercers. Sexual Healing (Instrumental) - Marvin Gaye. All rights and claims belong to Marvin Gaye. Falling in love with Jesus - Kirk Whalum - All rights and Claims belong to Kirk Whalum. Scheming weasel & Sneaky Snitch - Kevin Macleod. All rights and claims belong to Kevin Macleod. Wrecking ball (Instrumental) - Miley Cyrus. All rights and claims belong to Miley Cyrus and her writers. Other ambient music used in the clips were un-named from the site i purchased them from. Simply noted as genre style music. I hope the owners of these tracks are not offended. I appreciate their help in making this a hit for us and our colleagues. All rights for all music used in this video respectfully go to their rightful owners. However the opening and ending theme was written and produced by myself called "Brand new Day" Those rights belong to myself.
Views: 231 Jarrod Bain
Me singing Umbrella (Acoustic)
Our school had its 3rd annual Performance Showcase. Its a night of students showing off their Drama, Music and Dancing Skills to parents and teachers. I did 2 drama performances, 1 music performance and 1 dance. Im not putting them up on youtube cause they have other people in them and they might not like if i put them up. I sing the ballad (acoustic) version of Umbrella - Rihanna. This is my second singing performance in the showcases, but i sucked at the first one + nobody filmed me. Guess what, iv conquered my fear of stage fright YAY!
Views: 1296 Jarrod Bain
jarrod mack - the other sides 2/2
Dear Nickelodeon. "BRING BACK THE MACK, BRING BACK THE MACK". recap: Jarrod got mixed with a chemical that split him into 4 diferent parts of his personality. when he tried to get them back they morphed and dissapeared. jarrod had to get them back by sunset or they will be uncombined forever. (why is it always sunset or midnight?) jarrod eventually caught up with sloth and they fused together. later he caught up with happy and he force fused him against his will. finally jarrod caught up with his cool side but when he tried to confront him he morphed into the kitchen sink. jarrod morphed and followed him. as jarrod entered the sink his cool side slipped past him and blocked the drain with a knife. (jarrod would soon run out of oxygen) jarrod slid down the pipes and tried to get out of another sink but his cool side blocked that up too. jarrod slid back down and headed towards the bathroom. but as he got there his cool side blocked every exit point. the last episode ended with jarrod in a dranage hole looking at his cool side standing over him and saying "sorry, but you'll never see the light of day ever again" then he threw a towel over the drain. Will jarrod recombine with his other half or will it be too late. but the real question is... will he survive?
Views: 363 Jarrod Bain
How to Talk like venom using Audacity
This ia a turorial video using step by step procedures and diagrams, lol, to explain and teach you how to talk like venom in spiderman. I finally get to reveal my new logo. Jarrod Pictures Inc. Cant Kill Me Off. im so excited
Views: 12770 Jarrod Bain
poker halo (Lady GaGa vs Beyonce) mashup
This is a mashup remix i created mixing lady GaGa's - poker face with Beyonce's - Halo Its a bit odd but i like it! I do not own the songs or clips presented in this mashup. All rights go to the people who sang them and created them. No copyright intended.
Views: 13611 Jarrod Bain
Commander! - Music video Test
Just testing and experimenting with my new bluescreen program and how special camera angles and positions can make a video more exciting. Enjoy. Also. Enjoy my little Belly dance i do mid way throught the video! LOLOLOL
Views: 185 Jarrod Bain
Fire Meet Gasoline (Video)
The Sia Project. When the world around you collapses in a blaze of fire, learn to find love for yourself and your crazy or calm ways before the end is nigh. Created on: Videostarapp Filmed by: Christopher Cunneen All rights and privileges go to the writers and producers of this song: Sia Furler, Sam Dixon, Greg Kurstin & Their respective producers This video is not for profit, Its just for fun!
Views: 172 Jarrod Bain
Buffy Choas Bleeds glitch
I was playing Buffy the vampire slayer: Chaos Bleeds, for ps2 the other day and I reached the end of willows level and was battling evil Tara. And for some reason I couldn't figure out why no vampires were attacking me... Then I found the problem... LOL!!!!
Views: 208 Jarrod Bain
my Simpsons intro
i like the simpsons, so i made this intro
Views: 10753 Jarrod Bain
My 16th Birthday
Yay, it was my birthday on 1st of August and im now 16. Well for my birthday, i got: a camera and memory card a rubix cube a watch a sleeping bag (that is very warm and comfy) 2 t-shirts (that didnt fit me) and $130 yay. besides i didnt ask for anything this birthday. you should try it, it makes your parents nervous, it made mine. my friend came over and we went bowling and had 2 games, he beat me in the first game by 70 points but i beat him in the second game by um... 30 i think. then we went to my nan's house and had cake (yum). then we went home and stayed up till 4:00 am.
Views: 247 Jarrod Bain
To My 100 Subscribers!
I dedicate this video to my loyal fans and subscribers as i have finally reached 100 subscribers. Thankyou all so much for helping me achieve this milestone on youtube. there will be a celebretory video uploaded soon so keep an eye out for it.
Views: 380 Jarrod Bain
Where Have You Been (Instrumental + lyrics)
Hey guys... this is my instrumental remake for rihanna's hit "Where have you been" Its not the best instrumental but i hope you guys like it. made on garageband for IOS devices
Views: 1597 Jarrod Bain
Jarrod's resident evil - Haunted
this is my new music video its a compilation of clips with me and some clips from the game resident evil 4 song haunted - evanescence enjoy subscribe 2 me aswell
Views: 110 Jarrod Bain
Jarrod Bain - Past, Present and Future (100 subscribers Tribute)
This is it! My past my furture and my present. all rolled into one. A compilation of heaps of the videos i have made in my life...but not all of them. Thanks again to the 100 subz who made this possible. Hit the subscribe button if you havnt already. Lets try and make it 200!!!
Views: 388 Jarrod Bain
Kill the clone (effects test)
Just a quick test i did with the new effects i got for windows movie maker!
Views: 514 Jarrod Bain
ìts an army man's life
4 army men go into war with dire consequences and losses. enjoy
Views: 196 Jarrod Bain
spiderpig original and mine
just some pictures of spider pig with his theme song and then i sing the theme song all opera style
Views: 1246 Jarrod Bain
2012 Flood
Rare footage of a flood in 2012. In the lead up to the end of the world. Created with action effects app on iPhone/iPad/iPod! Enjoy... I just love how I scream when I get washed away!
Views: 148 Jarrod Bain
Blue screen Test
My first ever blue screen test using rihanna's music video 'please dont stop the music' and one of my blue shirts. HAHA. it's not my first one, but it is my first final cut one, it took a few times to get it just right. Hope you like it.
Views: 403 Jarrod Bain
im ok
i fall off the cubby house roof and survive
Views: 84 Jarrod Bain
My Monologue
this is a drama performance i did back in 2008. Everyone said i was the best one, meh, i thought my idea was a bit sketchy and weird, but my sword fight kicked ass!
Views: 678 Jarrod Bain
wii bar substitution
has your wii sensor bar broke? Dont know where to get a new one? well have i got the solution for u!
Views: 73 Jarrod Bain
reverse test
I finally learnt how to reverse video's using movie maker, yay. this is my first reverse effect test
Views: 120 Jarrod Bain
Broken - Kayleigh and Jarrod
Orginally done by amy lee and seether. Kayleigh wanted to do a duet with someone to do 'Broken' I said yes i wanted to do a duet and she accepted. I guess me and Kayleigh broke the boundries on international dueting, as she live in the UK and i live in Australia, so me and her rock. WARNING!!!! Im a bit louder than Kayleigh, in fact im too loud and it sounds a bit like i am whailing rather than singing. Just hack it.
Views: 119 Jarrod Bain
Kingdom Hearts 2 fan made trailer
i made this because i love kingdom hearts and i finally found a website that gives you free kingdom hearts videos no subscription or money needed. want to know the name? its at the end of this video. KINGDOM HEARTS RULEZ!
Views: 112 Jarrod Bain
Rude Telephone - Rude Boy/Telephone - Mashup / remix - Rihanna ft. Lay GaGa and Beyonce
This is a Mashup i made recently with Rihanna's Rude Boy and Lady GaGa's Telephone with Beyonce. It only took me a few hours but the result was fantastic and awesome! You Guys are gonna love it!
Views: 1926 Jarrod Bain

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