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Cute Doll Halloween Makeup Tutorial!
Today I did a Halloween tutorial and it was pretty awesome! If u liked this video and u want me to do more like this video and comment what tutorial u want me to do next! Other than that please subscribe and have a great day!! And also my birthday is soon, October 31st!!!!
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How to block a person on iMessge
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Hammy's New Fluffy Home
Hey guys! I will not be posting a video of me talking for a little bit because my microphone doesn't work, but I will be getting a new device so I can talk.
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Hey guys! Sorry for not being active lately. I have been busy and had no time. Here's a new video and comment what I should do next! Bye!!
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The Hamy Adventure!!!!!!!!
Hey guys! I know I haven't posted since October but this hamster video is so cute! Special thanks to Hamy The Hamster!!! Please subscribe and wait till the end of the video, I have something to say!!!!! Love you all!!! BYE!!!!!!!!
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The adorable ice bucket challenge
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Messing around with my brother!!!!!!!!!!! (Halloween Special)
I made this video a Halloween special because I'm really scary by my face and I made a scary filter!!!! Subscribe and like this video!
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My hamster being an idiot
I love my hamy
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The Bean Boozled Challenge!1
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All of my Musicly's!!!!!!!!
Hey follow me on Musicly! @serenahaas. Both accounts with my pic as my profile picture!! SUBSCRIBE!!
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Rip: Hammy Haas🐹🙏
Well, she's finally gone. I know she died a month ago but it was really hard making this video. I can't look at videos or pictures without crying. I made this video in memory of her. She was everything to me. I hate to let her go, and I can't let her go. I hope she is walking with both her legs and looking at God with both her eyes. I know she is going to be the first one in front of the Heaven gates waiting for me😊 September 22, 2016🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
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5 Things To Do In The Winter In The Snow!! (Ft. Kyra)
I'm very lucky to have my friend in my video because without her this video would've been boring! Well like this video, and if u like it then comment and tell me what u want me to do next! Plz subscribe and I'll see u all next time, bye!!
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