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[♥]Akaito Won't Say He's In Love[♥]
Yay for invisible benches. My MMD was fucking up so I couldn't watch it on the programme. TT A TT Eff u MMD Eff you and your laggy ass neess DX So gomene about that I will maybe make a newer one. Also, As i said, my programme would not play the movie proper... so i could not proof edit so thats why kaito is there still -.- But , well enjoy. I do not own the models apart from Akaito edit. rest are kaito Cha_Mu I downloaded Adult Len off of DA, same goes for Arrest Rose Gakupo Zeito is Crazed Vampire Girl. :D
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Akaito Grotesque Romance
I was so bored so I decided to try and make this old VMV of mine I used Cha Mu Kaito , edited into akaito by me I used Swatmares luka TDA and Chibi Kaito =] So I just hope ya all like it. ^-^ I love Akaito and Kaito and Luka
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Talk Dirty To Me Akaito
I swear to all that's good and decent. If any dumbass comments like "durrr this is stoopid" Look in the damn mirror for the definition of idiocy. I never made you come here, you did, so any damage you do, is your own fault. I already deleted my first video cause of some dumb fuck of a user that refused to go away peacefully. I'll block any user I deem rude. Anyhow. I used HZEO Kaito model, edited by me. Supplied by Asterose. I love this model a ton! Again, this is for the fans, by a fan. If you don't like it, Then get off this video at once. Also, VAMPIRE AKAITO WOOP WOOP Kay. good Fine.
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MMD [//♥Laughing Jack♥ Missing//♥]
Am I so insignificant.... Isn''t someone missing me? Laughing Jack :( I feel sorry for him.... OKAY so I know he's evil and so... But in a sense. He was made to be everything that Issac was wanting.... so if Issac was happy, LJ was happy. Issac then left him to rot away in a box for 15 years....imagine all that time, alone and no one to talk to, clinging to the hope that your friend will come to see you again. It's pretty harsh. Anyhow. I think this song suits LJ. So I used it. :3 Euphobea made this model I done the background image.
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Rainbow Jack and Laughing Jack Circus Monster
Yay I did a video! Haha models in it are not mine. For a change. Haruma designed the outfits but they were originally HZEO kaito's, I love LJ . RJ is epic too, cause... he is the only clown of the 2 that won't kill me.... Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the video. I just wanted to make a LJ RJ video. Will probably make a Ben one next or a Ticci Toby. Whatever rofl I do not own the motion, I downloaded it from mediafire. So need to look. Enjoy!
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♥Create A Sim ♥ Michael and Jason ♥ Sims4
So I found these amazing mods to make Jason from the friday series and well, I had to make him and Mikey xD Too bad there is no freddy stuff or people cant convert the sims 3 to 4...id love to do a horror icons sims series. xD but yea, here is Create a Sim Horror Edition.
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Somebody I Used To Know undertale
I made a video from the Len models I'd edited earlier into some of the Undertale people. I might go back and change some hairs of them so they don't just look like recolours xD But I had been excited to make models. TDAloveblepandaLen is the model I used, in the rules it said edits were allowed, just not to be redistributed. I have, Sans, Blueberry and Edgey also a lot more just not in this vid.
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♥Oh No!♥ Tokyo Mew Mew♥
Decided to make a video. B.Girl made the motion But models of Kisshu, Ichigo, Zakuro and Lettuce are made by me xD Kisshu looks so happy. For being used as a stool hahahah I could of used a real chair but the point of the vid is to make Ichigo look spoilt xD But yea, I don't claim ownership of the song it is property to it's rightful owners.
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\\Yu-Gi-Oh//♥Kaiba's Candy Store♥//
I used a voice part of Little Kuriboh, because it fit with the song. I do not own any part of the anime or the song used. It was made by a fan and for the fans. So I loved Heathers the musical XD and no body has made an amv with anime or such. SO I did one with Kaiba XD It was intended to be Puppyshipping but turned into Prideshipping XD My friend and I are both laughing so hard at the end result. I'll upload more videos soon . It feels good to be back in the habit. So, thanks and please sub me for more. Ciao~
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/☉/Halloween/☉/Michael Has Everybody Fooled/☉/
A tribute to how Michael became a murderer, I don't follow the thorn cult thing, I loved the first Rob Zombie Halloween, I hate Laurie in it, he bloody just wanted to find her and she tries to kill him :((( He even showed her the picture he had kept all those years of her and him and... Omfg I just cried my eyes out when she attacked him, I'd hug the shit out him and say I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S YOU MICHAEL!? But, then again, I guess it's cause I feel bad for everything he had been through, so Laurie deserves to die in this film. =-= DISCLAIMER : I OWN NOTHING, ROB ZOMBIE AND JOHN CARPENTER HAVE RIGHTS TO ALL MOVIE MEDIA USED IN THIS AMV , EVANESANCE OWNS ALL MUSIC USED IN HERE ! I am just a fan of the silent killer. I do hope that you enjoy my new fan video of Michael, I admit, I did feel extremely bad for him in this movie. He goes through all that shit to find the sister he loved and she forgot him and is terrified of him. Very sad . MYERS FAN FOR EVER !
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//Freddy VS Jason // DIE IN A FIRE// DVD QUALITY//
Yay I figured out how to add HQ on Cyberlink xD I am a MAJOR Freddy and Jason Fan. Go figure. Holy crap, SO AMAZING!!! THE QUALITY!!! I used this song as I felt it went along with it lol not any particular reasons, also I fuckin' love Ellie Monty XD But Freddy died in fire and FVSJ has 50% of explosions and fiery moments xD so yea I will stop rambling now. Sides, Freddy Kruegar, Freddy Fazebear. You get the idea, xD I don't own anything at all. I just love FVJ and I hope if they ever make number two, Mikey is in it x3 or Leatherface. o.o I'd not sleep for weeks if it was 2 v 2 o__o ENJOY ALL MATERIALS IN THIS VIDEO BELONG TO NEW LINE CINEMA, ROBERT ENGLUND, KANE HODDER AND WHOEVER ELSE INVENTED THE NOES AND FT13 SERIES O-O ENJOY MY HQ VIDEO!!! I will work on another halloween video one verrryyy soon with HQ clips :3 I just have to think of a song to use haha xD Also, if you like my vids, check out my DA Channel, i do halloween pictures of Jamie and Michael! {Set AU to 6. 6 should never be named, they shouldn't of killed off Jamie in a horrd way, which is the reason that Harris declined the offer to star as he character was ended so easily} I will leave you a link so you can see some :3 ALL IN ALL It was made for fans, by a fan heheh! I had fun time editing this together. So I really hope you will like it in the end. ^^ http://prettyskitty16.deviantart.com/ So yesh, check it out and I shall see you on the next AMV I do. hahah! This is also by TLT and in FNAF in case no one can tell who sang it. I don't own anything.
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Vincent's Confrontation [COMPLETE ANIMATIC]
The first ever animatic I have done I did it with the Purple Guy aka Vincent, Ok , the story I use is that Vincent has a split personality, he lapses in and out of his sanity, taking two seperate identities, one being 'Purple Guy' the other ' Vincent' He acted out as Purple Guy to get his murderous kicks, but soon came to realise he didn't want to be this way, so he buried Purple Guy away, but whenever he looked in the mirror, it was always Purple Guy he sees, This is the confrontation with his inner demon. I choose to see him this way, so I will, my opinion. ^^ I drew every picture in this video. :D Again, 2 days it took for this vid to be made so woohoo! Big PG fan! Haha ^-^
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[♥]MMD YuGiOh[♥] I'll Never Leave You/Why Are You My Clarity[♥]
I decided to do this again! Next I'm gonna use Jeff and Liu. I never made the motion I downloded it off of RandomAnime. She's a deviant art user. :3 I used Wondershare Video Editor! This is Older Yugi being unable to let go of the memory of Yami, it's causing him to be depressed , so a vision of Yami tells him that he will forever be his partner and that he has to let go of the past. :3 I made both models! Enjoy my video!
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Kisshu X Ichigo Until We Bleed
I got this done wooohooo!! I am gonna go write more of my story now. :3 I used Lykki Li Until we bleed. I hope you like! I felt I did an okay job I am still rusty. Kisshu and Ichigo are my OTP but I love making him a yandere. :3 I really like dark minded anime guys.
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\\MMD//CreepyPasta\\♥Mama -Ticci Toby♥
Recreated from a previous video. Skitty is gonna go pass out now. 5 hours...5 DAMNED HOURS THIS ALL TOOK TO MAKE. Including the fact that it crashed for 2 seconds and I felt like sobbing my eyes out but it didn't shut down. I love MCR. I wanted to use Ticci Toby for a long time and I like Dissidiss Ann's model. I used my self model as the mother xD Again, another model I never use. The self burn worked well too. ANYHOW Enjoy the video Yay for animating something and being happy at it. LOL xP Stage is from Amaiyamaya. and 3DCG. My Chemical Romance wrote the song MAMA from the Black Parade.
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♥Kisshu X Ichigo♥ Little Surprises♥
Decided to test some new models out What better way than with a animation! :D I am over the moon at how this came out. First PROPER animation in a long while. Kishigo ftw. All motion and camera by me :3 Song is magnet. Story, is that Kisshu feels annoyed that Ichigo hasn't been willing to see him for a few months, she completely blocks him out and he suspects that she is being unfaithful, he returns to their house to confront her but instead finds a smaller alien child. Ichigo had been pregnant and was scared he'd not want his child, given his flirtatious ways. But seeing him almost cry as he held his son told her that he accepted being a father.
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♠Freddy Kruegar♠ Tag Tag You're It .
So here is the other video I done It's with the new Nightmare On Elm Street with Jackie Earl Harley I am not fond of the film but till I get the older ones Dlded... this will do I don't own the content I don't claim any ownership All things go to New Line Cinema and Platinum Dunes This is a video for fans and by a fan. Music is Tag You're it by Melanie Martinez. ^^ Enjoy my newest video. Halloween one will be next.
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♥MMD♥Jeff And Liu ♥ Remember Who You Are♥
Edit: Showed this to my friend and she starts crying o_o; but I take it it is good tears xD? Aslo thanks to the 20 views! Probably my longest video I've done for a while, All animation is by myself. Camera angles by myself too. Audio is not my own and is mentioned below. I've wanted to make a Jeff and Liu vid for ages and ages. So I sat and I got to work and I got this done. the song I felt suits them and suited Jeff. The Liu in this video, is a figment of Jeff's imagination. He got caught and sent to jail so now, as his trial day approaches, for the deaths he caused, he imagines his brother with him telling him that he is forgiven. Bryan Adams, Sound The Bugle. Models - Asylum Jeff - Euphobea but the edit is by me Bloodied Jeff- Euophobea but the edit is by me. Jeff The Killer is by Euphobea. Human Jeff and Human Liu are by me. :3
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Akaito X Kaito
Yay I made a video woooohoo XDD happy at it hehehe
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[♥] Boy Version = Onii Yuukai [♥]
Edit: How stupid are people gonna get , before they realise that if they hate yaoi THEY DONT HAVE TO FUCKING COMMENT ON IT AND LIVE THEIR DAMN LIVES. seriously is that how dumb our species is, thats bloody sad. I just lost a member of my damned family and people are losing their shite over an animated guy in a video. shows how little they live for.... :/ so if you hate yaoi, piss off of this video, I am not in the mood for imbeciles Akaito, Len and Taito all have different views of Kaito. Len wants to just sleep with him to hear him sing out his love in the morning. Akaito wants to use him as a love doll and do sexual , perverted shit to him. Taito wants to torture him as some sort of sexual fetish and make him yell out. It took me ages and ages to stop at the right parts for the names to fit in. 2 hours almost? and getting the poses was a bitch too as MMD was playing up LOL Anyhow. I hope you enjoy! I made the song lower pitched to sound like a boy. Happy at it too! Len's Oooooh omfg ♥♥♥ hahaha! But ye please like! If you don't. why are you even here? Ja Ne ~ edit: I see some of you are incapable of using the eyes god gave you, if you hate yaoi why the fuck are you here, if you comment hate anyhow, I will block you, don't need gay bashing fags commenting my vid's. Edit : 26/01/15, 3006?! VIEWS OMFG ♥ I never expected this to be liked so much, thank you all so very much!!! You made this girl very happy!! :D Rock on you vocafans! Edit: 30/05/ 15 , 9,618!?! VIEWS I can't believe how popular this has become, You all are the absoloute BEST ever!!!! Edit : 29/ 08/ 15, 13,537 VIEWS!! This is awesome, you guys are epic. I will create an animated one soon, just can't believe how much views this has gotten!!!
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D O L L H O U S E Jeff and Liu
Have a video I felt like, I love this song and I love Jeff n Liu so I did this I feel it suited them so if you hate get off, fall off a cliff, don't comment stupidity. :P Enjoy! Also I wont redistribute. Sorry, too scared in case they are misused........
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[♥]Gwyomi / Neko Akaito [♥]
COULDN'T RESISTTTTTTT XDDD I was practising and shizz so here Akaito singing Gwyomi =] I don't own nothing apart from editing Kaito into Akaito , the model is Cha_Mu's. :3 I FRICKING LOVE AKAITO ♥♥♥♥♥♥
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MMD FNAF Scott, Jeremey , Vincent ECHO
Okay! Have this new video with my updated models! Scott, Vince and Jeremey! I was gonna add Mike, but I have another song I will use for him! Dancing to ECHO :D I don't own the motion! But I did do the effects with my programme owo I love Wondershare XD Took a while to render. haha. So proud of my models!
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Just a small Yaoi at the end of the video. I own the camera motions. But the MMD Motions are Black and Yellow and There She Goes. :] PLEASE ENJOY I DON'T OWN THE MODELS!!!!! I OWN THE KISS MOTION :D
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MMD//Creepypasta\\♥Rich Kids♥ Toby, Jack, Liu//
Models are my own. Made Jack last night and Toby this morning, so wanted to test them out with their new designs. Motion is by MaggieFox :3 Felt like having some fun and messed with effects.
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♥Something Missing In My Heart♥ Kisshu And Ichigo
I made a new VMV! I animated this myself with my Tokyo Mew Mew models Ichigo, Kisshu, Pai and Taruto! :3 I'm proud of how they've turned out, I just updated Pai today. He's better looking than the one before in my opinion. :3 Hope you all like it if not, oh well I had fun Backstreet Boys - Lonely.
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Jeff The Killer Singing  My Immortal
Here have this picture video of Jeff The Killer I did all the pictures in this video with MMD Please also, do not rp on my video if it is not associated with Jeff and his story, I don't like fangirls getting rabid in my video also it is very rude to do so when it is not to do with the story. I own only 2 of the models in this video TheNamelessHolocawst owns the more adult looking Jeff. I hope you enjoy. Singing about his brother Liu. Sorry for the delayed text, I tried to time it best I can but YT was being a Biiiittcchhh.
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Yu Gi Oh Let The Monster Rise
Story, Mizure's real father, Tozoku aka Akefia, before he was murdered by the pharaoh's guards, managed to send Mizure to the present, she was found by Bakura, who raised her as his own, not telling her of her true origins. It was not until she had met Yami, that he disclosed who she really was, so she confronted her father to get the truth. I decided to use my OC and some of my Yu-Gi-Oh models. I rarely seem to use them anymore ;-; So Let's get this changed! I used Let The Monster Rise song, I made all the motions and camera! Please enjoy, I own nothing at all. Yami, Omomoi Bakura, Asaka L I can't remember the name of the maker of RA I created Liquorice Whip and Mizure Bakura. enjoy the video! I also used stages by 3DCG to MMD From deviant art. -- M.M
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[x] \\Freddy X Nancy\\A Beautiful Nightmare\\ [x]
Edit : I have no idea, why it is in a box like that, in my editor it's a full screen... : / Which is incredibly annoying to see happen. So I am sorry for that. I decided to do something different, I found this song by Skylar /Skyler Grey and I listened, then I was like, holy shit.. this suits Freddy and Nancy from ANOES LOL So I made this video, I admit I have a slight guilty pleasure for this coupling... xD but , technically it's not wrong as Nancy is 18 xP but if people get hissy fitty, the comments are being disabled as I don't wanna bother with that. All merch belongs to. Wes Craven, New Line Cinema, Platinum Dunes and all other supported media venue. I was gonna add the end part where he says, ' I had to keep you awake, so when you slept, you'd never wake up.' But the part ' Are ya having fun' mixed in with the storyline. I might try and do a Jason video next. I don't think I've done one with him yet. Poor Jay...Still working on APLOLOGIZE for Jamie and Michael lol Maybe I can do a mash up. I'll see. M. M Being scared, is not just for halloween... mwahahha....
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FNAF X MMD Balloons
Also, if you dislike, why are you here, get a life lamo. Do you have any idea how hard animation is? No, then go piss off cause I doubt that you can make anything better. =_= Idiots I swear. This took me so long to damned make I made every single model in this video apart from the pizzariea and the balloons. But I made all the spirits, purple guy and Marionette My eyes are dead now lol I don't like to view them as these sexy people, they are children that have been murdered and are in pain, I don't really see how this is attractive unless you like necrophillia lol But yes, this is my way that I see them. Also when all of the children begin to close their eyes, it is their spirits being set free, the only one left is Crying Child who breaks the chain with Marionette by killing vincent, then he too begins to pass on. READ THIS FUCKING CLEARLY Okay, so this is my retelling of the events of what happened the night that the kids got killed, it has upsetting content and scenes of death, please view at your own damn discretion, do not get all upset if you don't and see it, I warned you! So yes, please enjoy my latest video, I am very proud of how it came out, I animated this all by myself. The song was nightcored Balloons by Mando Pony. Night y'all.
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Balloon Animals CandyPop And Mai
EDIT : 30/07/2015 I am gonna remake this, I feel I could of done a lot better, so I will redo this video. With one of my other OC, since their story actually includes a parental fight, But also, thanks for all the support! M.M -- I decided to make a little vid with my OC Mai and CandyPop to the song by Madame Macabre and Muse Of Discord :3 I love how it came out! Jesterica made CP I made Mai and the model for CP was made by Dissidis Anne! (My all time fave modeller owo for creepy pasta models) ENJOY!
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Freddy Kruegar // Milk And Cookies//
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTVR2-oFJZWqsb8qV-T4bHQ So this person here, said that she liked this song, I had planned on doing another Melanie Martinez song with ANOES, it oddly suits with the flow of these types of songs. So credit to New Line Cinema Jackie Earl Harley makes a great Freddy, course can't beat the number one but he has an eerily good voice :3 So uh, yea I take no ownership of any materials in this video. They are only for fun. :3 Enjoy all you Kruegar fans. ^-^ May work on more soon, need to finish my Apologize video for Michael and Jamie. :3
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Look Into Your Heart PuzzleShipping
I put hard work into this video So if you dislike PuzzleShipping,please just get off as I don't like haters. It is a down pitched version of Damien Dawns song. I found this sexier. LOL Yay Yami x Yugi. But I am over the moon at this. I did all the motions in it. But I don't own the poses. Or the back ground. Reason Yami is so light is he is a spirit, I cant get the ghost effect, also why he says , I'll never be. I made the models . :3
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♦[[FNAF]] Set Purple Guy Free[[MMD]] ♦
If you're gonna hate, piss off. You probably can't do better than I can. So stop being negative. I NEED YOU TO BELIEVE THAT I AM NOT A MACHINE! Yea, I used my Purple Guy in a video I made the model owo I like how he came out.
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Tokyo Mew Mew [♥Mew Lettuce♥] MMD Love Me Like You Do
:3 I haven't used my Lettuce model before. On her own at least. She's such a sweetie. The motion is Love Me Like you do. I never made the motion. I downloaded it from deviant art. Sonicwillrule made the motion. :3 I made the Lettuce Model =D
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MMD//Creepypasta\\♥Homicidal Liu - Duality♥ //
I used Liu for a change. I always seem to go for Jeff in MMD models so decided to have some fun with Liu. Model is my own Motion is by https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1DHCGdhSsE I actually finished this last night. But for some reason , even though I left it on over night to get it all saved....It was still saving when I woke up XDDDD Ben , quit messing with my laptop! Hope y'all enjoy.
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[♥ Michael And Laurie Another Way Out ♥]
My very first try at a Michael Myers Tribute... please sit back and enjoy something other than my normal anime or MMD obsession. If you like this I will make more real live video's. I used scenes from Halloween 2 Rob Zombie's one. [Which sadly, I hated....despite Mikey in it, I just could not grasp interest...] Sorry the quality sucks, I am trying to find one I can DL that is better quality But uh yea, for first time purposes I think I did OK. All the media is not mine, it is property of John Carpenter and Rob Zombie. I do not own Michael Audrey Myers or Laurie Myers. I own fuqq all LOL I am also sorry for the logo too. As stated I will look for a download. So uh please enjoy my first ever tribute. Michael is my childhood boogeyman xD I was scared shitless of him as a kid. Jeff out, PEACE!
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MMD Anything You Can Do ♦ Freddy VS Jason ♦
I was bored. I wanted to make something with my updated models. I'm mega happy at the result they made , no glitch or anything! XDDD So I did this. I know that Jason is a silent killer but xD imagine if he could talk and don't be getting your dicks or panties in a bunch, I did this for fun alright, if you can't say anything nice, then hold your tongue. :3
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♥Canterella♥ Michael and Jason
So this was requested by a user, :3 I hope that you enjoy the video as it was kinda funny to watch two killers dance to this. LOL Gave me a chance to use my models again
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\\MMD// CreepyPasta\\♥Eyeless Jack - Flesh♥
Messing around with the Eyless Jack model xD and it's new slider I added along with texture. Model is by Euphobea. But I like the song and Euphobea's models are awesome as hell. So please, check her out, :D
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MMD\\ [♠Blood Red Laughing Jack♠] //
I don't own any part of the music at all Every right goes to Lordi. and his album. Euophobea made the LJ model I was really needing to make another video and I'd wanted to do this for a while. So yep, I hope you like it. ^^ It was pretty hard to do. But I enjoyed it. I own the first part of the animation. the second is Eh Ah Sou. :3
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[[Michael X Jamie]] HURRICANE
Second time's the charm. If it don't work uploading, then I give the hell up! So here is my newest Halloween video! With Jamie and Michael I like how it is, just unhappy that my editor has made it.... like a square ._. But eh, so here you go. All credits go to John Carpenter. :3
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Mai Ft Jeff The Killer and Toby Rodgers   Murder
This took ages to make But it was well worth it all I hope you all like it! I made Mai Dissidis Anne made Jeff and Toby models. I used the song by manga minx and Boyinaband. MURDER. =3 This took absoloute ages xD But I am happy with how it's came out in the end. ahah. The motion used is bad romance but I did some of the lipsyncing. :] Mai is Minx Jeff is Dave Toby is Chilled. :P
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If Scar Had Lex
I used my new Alexa Woods model I rather love how she came out! :3 I never made Scar but I did edit the predator into him McChipy converted him and rigged him. :3
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MMD\\♥Let The Monster Rise♥ Killers Son //
-- For anyone confused. - This Jeff is not canon Jeff, he is my own interpretation of the character from an AU timeline story called Killer's Son - OOohhh boy am I happy that this is finished! This is like a small animated segment from my story where Jerry's friend tells him about the newspaper article that has his picture and name on it. Jerry discovers that his whole life has been a lie. I am really happy how it has turned out. Jeff , Jerry and girl models are by me. If you wanna download Jeff here is his link https://prettyskitty16.deviantart.com/art/Jeff-The-Killer-BEST-Version-DOWNLOAD-733932849 Song is from REPO- The genetic opera. I made one of these before, but this one is a hell of a lot better. So yea, hope ya all like it.
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✿Freddy✿ Jason ✿Michael✿ Monster High✿//Newcomers//
Freddy: Oh you gotta be shittin' me, I get pulled out of death for this Jason: .....(We're...dancing?) Michael: ....(I hate dance.......) The 3 most iconic slashers of the years are now in MMD. I made these 3 few days back and I haven't used them SO here ya go. I love how they came out.
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\\SAI♥SpeedPaintChucky The Killer Doll♥//
Started off as few different characters before I decided on Chucky lol xD But yea, I need to try doing more people than just anime characters =w= I enjoyed drawing him xD and colourng too! So yea please enjoy this speed draw and speedpaint :3 Need to finish my piece for my friends art chain xP
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//MMD\\♥Spice♥ Tokyo Mew Mew Pudding X Taruto//♥
Song is SPICE! by Kagamine Len Models are by me same as the motion. I wanted to use my Taruto and my Pudding for a change, I always do Kishigo and xD well these two are adorable. Pai walked in at an awkward time.
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⊙ Halloween 4 ⊙Just A Little Girl ⊙Jamie Llyod ⊙
Jamie...Frickin'....Llyod.... ಥ_ಥ She is only a little girl and she has to endure this shit?! *pulls her into a hug and builds a pillow fort with bazooka's * I'll save you! o(╥﹏╥)o But anyhow. Enjoy my new tribute. I downloaded some of the saga. But 4 is my fave by far. :3 So uh please enjoy this and I will create more very soon, I love this film so muucchhh : D I do not own the film, John Carpenter does and all it's affiliates, also I realised I put the wrong director on my FIRST video so I will go fix that. I love this song and I feel it suited Jamie. Poor, sweet Jamie . (╥_╥) I love Michael but fuck, leave her alone she's only 7 ;~; Go kill Loomis! (Sorry Loomis fans!) It's been a long time since I made anything NON anime related, but it feels good too. So peace out! ヾ(@⌒▽⌒@)ノ
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