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South Park Theme Songs(new version)
I don't own anything Bebe Stevens-Rich Girl by Gwen Stefani Butters Stotch-Fireflies by Owl City Christophe "The Mole"-This Means War by Nickelback Clyde Donovan-Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana Craig Tucker-I Don't Care by Fallout Boy Damien Thorn-The Darkness by Hardstyle Eric Cartman-Pas de Cheval by Panic! At the Disco Gary Harrison-Happy by Pharrell Williams Goth Kids-Destillat by Das Ich Gregory of Yardale-I will Not Bow by Breaking Benjamin Jimmy Valmer-Scar Tissue by Red Hot Chili Peppers Kenny McCormick-Kill Me Every Time by Blue Stahli Kevin Stoley-Star Wars Theme Song Kyle Broflovski-I Hate Everything About You by Three Days Grace Mark Cotswolds-Demons by Imagine Dragons Pip Pirrup-Secrets by One Republic Rebecca Cotswolds-Risky Game by Hatsune Miku Stan Marsh-Jump by Simple Plan Thomas-Bad Apple by Touhou Timmy Burch-Flags by T.M. Revolution Token Black-Lion by Hollywood Undead Tweek Tweak-You're Gonna Go Far Kid by The Offspring Wendy Testaburger-Oh No! by Marina and the Diamonds
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Creepypasta/Marble Hornets Theme Songs
(I don't own anything.) BEN-Devil's Den by Skrillex Bloody Painter-Painted Smile by Madame Macabre B.O.B.-Amensia Run Theme Candle Cove-A Pirate's Life by Blood on the Dancefloor Clockwork-Pins and Needles by The Birthday Massacre Eyeless Jack-Sarcasm by Get Scared Herobrine-Don't Mine at Night by BebopVox YOGSCAST Homicidal Liu-Kill Everyone by Hollywood Undead Hoodie-Unknown Solider by Breaking Benjamin Jane the Killer-Miss Murder by AFI Jeff the Killer-Animal I Have Become by Three Day Grace Laughing Jack-The Greastest Show Unearthed by Creature Featured Lost Sliver-Sing Darkness by Hardstlye Masky-Medicine by Hollywood Undead Nina the Killer-I'm in Love with a Killer by Jeffree Star Pinkamena/Cupcakes-I Can't Decide by The Sissor Sisters Play with me Sally-Secret by The Pierces Slender Man-Tiny, Little by Tub Ring Smile Dog-Lion by Hollywood Undead Sonic.EXE-Get Out Alive by Three Day Grace Tails Doll-Creepy Doll by Jonathan Coulton The Puppter-Discord by The Living Tombstone The Rake-Dead Bite by Hollywood Undead Tici Toby-Break by Three Day Grace Zalgo-Song to Great Satan by Kagamine Rin Zero-Bernadette by IMAX
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100 Subscriber Special:Five Nights at Freddy's Theme Songs 2
(I don't onw anything) Balloon Girl(FNAF2)-Smile by Avril Lavigne Carl the Cupcake(FNAF)-Candy Candy by Kyaryu Pamyu Pamyu Kevin Rodney(FNAF3)-Coming for You by The Offspring Nightmare(FNAF4)-Nightmare by NateWantstoBattle Nightmare Animatronics(FNAf4)-Break my Mind by DA Games 54 Nightmare Fredbear(FNAF4)-Jaws by Aviators Plushtrap(FNAF4)-Just an Attraction by TryHardNinja Shadow Bonnie(FNAF2)-Haunted by Gatopaint Shadow Freddy(FNAF2)-Follow Me by TryHardNinja The Five Dead Children-The Darkness by Hardstyle
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Five Nights at Freddy's Theme Songs
I don't own anything Balloon Boy-Hide and Seek b SeeU Bonnie-The Show Must Go On by Mandopony Chica-Welcome to Freddy's by Madame Macabre Endoskeleton-Spooky Scary Skeletons by Andrew Gold and Remixed by The Living Tombstone Foxie-Animals by Maroon 5 Freddy-The Greatest Show Unearthed by Creature Feature Fritz Smith-Stay Calm by Griffinilla Golden Freddy-Just Gold by Mandopony Jeremy Fitzgerald-No More by NateWantstoBattle Mangle-Mangled by NateWantstoBattle Marionette-The Puppet by GatoPaint Mike Schimt-Five Long Nights by JT Machinima Phone Guy-Lift Your Spirits by Unlimited Gravity Purple Guy-Kill Everyone by Hollywood Undead Springtrap-Another Five Nights by JT Machinima Toy Bonnie-Survive the Night by Mandopony Toy Chica-Cannibal by Ke$ha Toy Freddy-Back Again by Groundbreaking
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One Piece Theme Songs
I don't own anything Boa Hancock-Wonderland by Natalia Kills Brook-Spooky Scary Skeletons by Andrew Gold and remixed by The Living Tombstone Franky-Nothing in the World by Dan Castellaneta and from The Return of Jafar Marco-The Phoenix by Fallout Boy Monkey D. Luffy-Centuries by Fallout Boy Nami-Rich Girl by Gwen Stefani Nefertari Vivi-Cinderella by Tata Young Nico Robin-Reflection by Lea Salonga and from Mulan Portgas D. Ace-I Will Not Die by Three Days Grace Roronoa Zoro-Not Gonna Die by Skillet Sabo-My Song's Know What You Did in the Dark(Light 'em Up) by Fallout Boy Sanji-Spice! by Kagamine Len Tony Tony Chopper-I Wanna to be Like You by Louis Prima and from The Jungle Book Trafalgar Law-Monster by Skillet Usopp-You're Gonna Go Far Kid by The Offspring Yuma Chun-Deep-Sea Girl by Hatsune Miku
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Ouran Highschool Host Club Theme Songs
I don't own anything but Kiriko Haruhi Fujioka-Oh No! by Marina and the Diamonds Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin-Straight to Video by Mindless Self Indulgence Kiriko Nakatsu-Be Prepared by Jeremy Irons and from The Lion king Kyoya Ootori-Don't Mess with Me by Temposhark Mitsukuni "Honey" Honinozuka-What's My Age Again? by Blink-128 Renge Houshakuji-Geisha Dreams by Rollergirl Ritsu Kasanoda-I Wanna Be Like You by Louis Prima and from the Jungle Book Ryoji "Ranka" Fujioka-Dude Looks Like a Lady by Aerosmith Takashi "Mori" Morinozuka-Poker Faced by Megpoid Gumi Tamaki Suoh-No Idea by All Time Low Umehito Nekozowa-Destillat by Das Ich The Zuka Club-Dollhouse by Priscilla Renea
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Top 20 Anime Character Songs
Still don't own anything XD 20.Irodori no Kuni by Nefertari Vivi and Carue/Misa Watanabe/from One Piece 19.LOST CHILDREN - Theme of Kamado Ueshito by Yuuki/from Mirai Nikki/The Future Diary 18.Dream Journey by Japan/Hiroki Takahashi/from Hetalia 17.Living Fire by Portgas D. Ace/Toshio Furukawa/from One Piece 16.Always With You...Nordic Five! by Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland/Masami Iwasaki, Keikou Sakai, Takahiro Sakai, Hiroshi Shimozaki, and Ayumu Asakura/from Hetalia 15.Brillant Imitation(Bombing) - Theme of Minene Uryu by Aizawa Mai/Mirai Nikki/The Future Diary 14.Yujo Wa Bannoyaku by Tony Tony Chopper/Ikue Otani/from One Piece 13.Yafu Yafu Na No Ni! by Kurumu Kuruno/Misato Fukuen/from Rosario+Vampire 12.Addictive World by Lau/Koji Yuusa/from Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler 11.Akai Sweet Pea by Moka Akashiya/Nana Mizuki/from Rosario+Vampire 10.Herrscher - Theme of John Balks by Yousei Teikoku/from Mirai Nikki/The Future Diary 9.Futari no Harmony by Soma Asman Kadar and Agni/Shinnosuke Tachibana and Hiroki Yasumoto/from Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler 8.Snow Storm by Mizore Shirayuki/Rie Kugimiya/from Rosario+Vampire 7.KATANA by Roronoa Zoro/Kazuya Nakai/from One Piece 6.Magical Romance by Yukari Sendou/Kimiko Koyama/from Rosario+Vampire 5.Carrots and Sticks by Ukraine and Belarus/Yuki Masuda and Urara Takano/from Hetalia 4.RED Love(Denial Love) - Theme of Yuno Gasai by Faylan/from Mirai Nikki/The Future Diary 3.Greatful Dead March by Kanato Sakamaki/Yuki Kaji/from Diabolik Lovers 2.Cries of Avici - Theme of Tsubaki Kasugano by Hata Aki/from Mirai Nikki/The Future Diary Hononarble Mention.Winter by Russia/Yasuhiro Takato/from Hetalia 1.Dare ga Michibiku Nara by Nico Robin/Yuriko Yamaguchi/from One Piece
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Top 20 Vocaloid Songs
I do not anything (Wonder girl and the Labyrinth Gate picture was made by Aster -chan!/HeartOfLhant on DeviantArt) 20. Rip=Release by Megurine Luka 19. The Riddle Solver Who Can't Solve Riddles by Kagamine Len 18.Alluring Secret ~ Black Vow ~ by Kagamine Rin and Len 17. Ward Room 305 by Hatsune Miku 16. Wave by Lily 15. Evil Food Eater Conchita by Meiko 14. Electric Angel by Kagamine Rin and Len 13. Rotten Heresy and Chocolate by Hatsune Miku 12. Mr. Taxi by Kagamine Len 11. Trick and Treat by Kagamine Rin and Len 10. Wonder Girl and the Labyrinth Gate by Kagamine Rin and Len 9. Calalini by Kaai Yuki 8. Hide and Seek by SeeU 7. Pandemic by Megpoid Gumi 6. Risky Game by Hatsune Miku 5. The Fox's Wedding by Hatsune Miku and Megpoid Gumi 4. Alice Human Sacrifice by Meiko, Kaito, Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin and Len 3. Parade of Liars by Hatsune Miku 2. Witch Hunt by Megurine Luka Honorable Mention. Rotten Girl Grotesque Romance by Hatsune Miku 1. The Spider and the Kitsune-Like Lion by Hatsune Miku and Megpoid Gumi
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My Early Chirstmas Special:Oc Theme Songs
(I do not own the music, pictures[but i do own my Oc's hand drawn pictures], and half of the characters.) Adeline-PonPonPon by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Ageha Crane-Girl by Daokoto Agni Sheep "Sheep Sleep/Sandman"(Created by Martyrous)-Fireflies by Owl City Antoinette Delahaye(Created by HisoHisoKate)-Chikai by Eiko Shimamiya Alaska(Alexis Jones)-Once upon a December by Deana Carter Alice Williams-Addictive World by Koji Yuusa Alyna Hayes-Rolling Girl by Hatsune Miku Blair Nordhouse "Bly"(Created by Martyrous)-Rifles Spiral by The Shins Bellevill Berry "Deadly Sweet"(Created by sayuuchin)-Candy Candy by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu California(Patrick Jones)-California by Hollywood Undead Cassandra Lionella(Created by AlucardeKiyoshi)-Madness of Miss Venomania by Megurine Luka Cylia Sheera "Pumpkin Queen"(Created by Martyrous)-This is Halloween by Marilyn Manson Cynthia Mai-Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People Doyle Gonzales(Created by Opirou)-Brilliant Imitation by Aizawa Mai Dr. Million Hades "Time Traveler"(Created by Martyrous)-Clocks by Coldplay Edgar Bryan "Brain"(Created by Martyrous)-Smarter Than You by The Undertones Edward "Ratcatcher"(Created by Martyrous)-Sarcasm by Get Scared Erika Jin-Deep Sea Girl by Hatsune Miku Fabian Longsock"Fabulous Fabian"(Created by privateCancer)-Pewdiepie Fabulous Song by Roomie Fiore Debole-Blood Teller by Faylan Florida(Richard Jones)-Joystick by Simon Curtis Fukui Ren-Eye Examination by Megpoid Gumi Fuu(Created by TenshiNoFuu)-Angels Fall by Breaking Benjamin Gloria-Gimme Chocolate by BABYMETAL Hawaii(Noelle Jones)-One Step at Time by Jordan Sparks Hody Pott(Created by Martyrous)-Eye of the Tiger by Survivor Hyuna Shounin(Created by AlucardeKiyoshi)-Gift from the Princess who Brought Sleep by Hatsune Miku Ireland(Duana Kirkland)-Wave by Lily Ivy "Mrs. Sunny Sunshine"(Created by Martyrous)-Disease Princess by Hatsune Miku Isacc-MeMeMe by Teddyloid and Daoko Kiriko Nakatsu-Alluring Secret ~Black Vow~ by Kagamine Ren and Len Kyle Oakly-Killer by The Ready Set Leisl-Comin in Hot by Hollywood Undead Lesaro-Splatter Party by Ashe Levali Ki-Thoughtful Zombie by Hatsune Miku Lorelei(Created by Martyrous)-Sirens' Song composed by Harry Gregson-Williams Misa Katalina-Bloody Mary by Lady Gaga Monkey D. Maurice(Created by MonkeyDMimi)-Parade of Liars by Hatsune Miku Monkey D. Mimi(Created by MonkeyDMimi)-Electric Sugar Pop by Jeffree Star Moscow(Leland Briginsky)-Matryoshka by Hatsune Miku and Megpoid Gumi Mulla Zafyr(Created by AlucardeKiyoshi)-Evil Food Eater Conchita by Meiko Nathen Columbus-Song for Great Satan by Kagamine Ren New York(David L. Jones)-Lights by Ellie Goulding Northern Ireland(Grainne Kirkland)-I Don't Care by Fallout Boy Olivia Oakly-Regret Message by Kagamine Ren Ophelia Juscas "Ophe-kaa"(Created by HisoHisoKate)-Blind Eye by Ron Sexsmith Pauline Roughimer-Wonderland by Natalia Kills Petra Rize(Created by AlucardeKiyoshi)-The Tailor Shop on Enobizaka by Megurine Luka Petrol(Created by Ethai)-White Rabbit by Emiliana Torrini Pennsylvania(Gabriella Jones)-Uma Thurman by Fallout Boy Python Fernandez(Created by AlucardeKiyoshi)-Son of Evil by Kagamine Rinto Reine(Created by)-Maps by Maroon 5 Rene(Created by)-One Step Closer by Linkin' Park Seversi Frandszk-Demons by Imagine Dragons Sissoreni Erzsbet-1925 by Hatsune Miku Summer Bloss Dew-Kay(Created by That-Magical-Girl)-Unravel by Y. Chang Takamiya Fuji(Created by AlucardeKiyoshi)-Muzzle of Nemesis by Megpoid Gumi Timba Therezia Vulture "sheWolf"(created by Kaalish)-She Wolf by Sakira Tsukino Satoru-Risky Game by Hatsune Miku Vester "Killjoy"(Created by Martyrous)-Been Caught Stealing by Jane's Addiction Vishous(Created by Martyrous)- I Wanna to Talk About Me by Toby Keith Yang Chan-Birthday by Katy Perry Yoshida Kanata-Please Don't Stop the Music by Rihanna Yuka Maki-Mama by My Chemical Romance Yuma D. Chun-Ten Faced by Megpoid Gumi Yves(Created by AlucardeKiyoshi)-Judgement of Corruption by Kaito
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TenshiNoFuu Fanfiction reading
me and my friends reading a fanfiction
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Digitial Art Live Stream
'Cause why not! Follow me and waifu on DeviantArt ;) http://femaletrash45.deviantart.com/ http://charlenerosette.deviantart.com/
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More Livestreams XD
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Birthday Live Stream
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[FE14 OC] Making Map Sprites/Critical Portraits (with Friends)
How many Live Streams have I made now? XD
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[Live Stream] Sinning...
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They're Bueno
I love this too much than I should. Original Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jrr6myk0HPo Follow me on DeviantArt! http://femalesinner45.deviantart.com/
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