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A very hungry kitty
A very hungry kitty at 9:00am
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R.I.P Bleeding Llama Dance Party
That moment when Your chromebook background Is from a video you can't view anymore Long live bleeding llama dance party I'm not okay (I promise)😦
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Video finally! (MCRX and other stuff~)
Wow I am so bad with this geesus But yeah, MCRX came out, my friend woke me up to talk to me about it and I screamed Mahaa!
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Helena The Tank Engine (Helena and Thomas The Tank Engine)
just a stupid thing i made for class and also wevideo uploaded this before i could make any edits to the description lol I do not own Helena or Thomas the Tank Engine theme song I just used them for a weird thing the only thing I own is the badly photoshopped picture and the edit. Reprise Records and MCR own Helena and I'm not exactly sure who owns Thomas but I sure don't lol mahaaaaaaa
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Updates for stuff
Helo, Just another update video. Mahaaaa!!!!! (?)
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Merry christmas 2014
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Turkeys, Christmas, and a Game Boy oh my!!!
Helo, So yeah, showing you guys around the house a lil bit. Yes, I do have my christmas tree up already. My family is crazy(sortalol). I will try to make another randomness video over the weekend.BYE
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Making choclate chip cookies in my kitchen
Helo, Sorry about my camera. It does not exactly match my words with my mouth, so that is kinda annoying when I am watching this video to make sure it is good when mouth is moving without any words!
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My Edited Video
If you guys like these, then I will make more:D
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Helo, Just a parteh kitteh
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The Life of a Mrows
Helo, Just a quick video I did before I go to school of my wonderful mrows. Mahaaaaa!! (?)
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