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Dan Reynolds vocal range - belting Notes ( Imagine Dragons )
I love Dan Reynolds's voice, his voice is so strong and raw. And you know what? He can belt C5 in chest voice, what a powerful voice. I know there are plenty of other rockers who can belt even higher than him. But he and his band are the one who makes me jump on my feet everytime I listen to them. If you know some other high notes from their song, tell me. I know there are a lot out there missing but these are those notes I like the most. :)
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Dan Reynolds - Imagine Dragons Belting Notes - Smoke + Mirrors
Fuck, it's Smoke + Mirrors not Smoke & Mirrors. Anyway, in this album, the band really amazes me, not only because of high and powerful vocals but also creative beats, interesting harmony (mostly falsettos, in this album I realize Dan can falsetto very well, he peaks at G5 in The Fall and tons of E5 and D5 in songs like Summer, Second Chances and Shots), unique sounds and meaningful lyrics. In general, they are still the Imagine Dragons in "Night Visions" that got me jump on my feet, but not the classic. I've been replaying their songs in my iPod for months and I never regret that. Better than Night Visions, personally.
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Dan Reynolds - Imagine Dragons Low Notes
Dan Reynolds from Imagine Dragons is one of my favorite male voice. Recently they've released "I Bet My Life", which I don't like much, but in this song the vocalist reaches a bunch of lower notes he has never shown us before. He's a great belter so I will make another video about his upper chest notes soon. His voice is unbelievable.
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