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Meghan Trainor - Dear Future Husband Lyrics
Audio belongs to Meghan Trainor I love this new song by Meghan! Although it kinda sounds like dance with me tonight XD I hope you guys like like the new video though Update: OMFG I never expected this many views thank you so much!
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George Ezra - Did You Hear the Rain? Lyrics (Album Version)
This great song belongs to the equally great George Ezra :) Album: Wanted on Voyage
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Ella Eyre - If I Go Lyrics (Live Version)
Lyrics for Ella Eyre's new single 'If I Go' The audio belongs to Ella Eyre The audio is the live version - that's why it's cut a bit short at the end :/
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Sanna Nielsen - Rainbow Lyrics
The new single from Sanna Nielsen from her new Undo EP! No copyright infringement intended :) Her new Undo EP also features 'Undo' the 2014 Eurovision song which came 3rd place on the night (should have won haha :)) Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video.
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Ella Eyre - If I Go Karaoke
Here's the karaoke version of If I Go! :) Audio belongs to Ella Eyre and Cobalt Hits for making this karaoke :) Comment which songs/ karaokes you want next!
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Keith Tippett - [NEW SONG 2014] Millipede
Audio belongs to Keith Tippett :)
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