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How naberius became friends with ghost
Nuuuu the limited edition ZsRt lisa body pillow is offsale
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Baby ghost vs Baby naberius
This was made when i was little so the animation is bad
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Killstreak collab entry
This is one of my most procrastinated animations. took me a month to get 10 seconds in the animation and the rest of the year to get 7 more seconds and this day to remove that 7 second clip and make a new 4 second clip
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Darude Sandstorm goes with everything - one piece
I don’t know how this song matches so well with the clip
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Subscribe button is red The like button is blue If you clicked all of this I love you
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Best animal of the sea
Again, this was made on my old ipad when i was little. So i uploaded it
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Bathtub introduction
This is bathtub. He lives on Hidden Restroom village. Once when he was a kid he kept being bullied and was called a faucet. He tried hard to become a wonderfull bathroom instrument. Until one day his rival named Urinal left the village. More desc details on the next video
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MLG babysitting #1
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Asked my classmate for a pencil Gave me a pencil with no eraser So i decided to animate it xd
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Mika’s Roll
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Zenonia S: Rifts of time
Zenonia S: Rifts of time or ZsRt, as i like to call it that. Is a game that belongs to gamevil and i do not own any of the music or characters shown in the video. Regret- main character of Zenonia 4 and has 4 different classes, Blader, Slayer, Druide and Ranger I choose blader as his class because he can do alot of damage in a short time but has low health Neal- main character in Zenonia 5 and has 4 different classes Wizard, Berserker, Paladin and mechanic I chose Wizard as it’s like the blader but ranged I think of those two as rivals as both of them are glass-cannon types but i think the blader is more powerful (my opinion) Chael is going to be on the next episode....
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Naberius test
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That moment when everything goes right | Golf Zero
Really unexpected ;-;
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Ghost test
Sorry, I haven’t uploaded in a while since I’m busy doing stuff other than animating My app for editting is broken so I won’t upload large projects yet
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Rexona won't let you down
This was also made when i was little I was just lingering around my old ipad, i found this and i decided to upload it
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Naberius (Flash)
Tried out flash for the very first time, Couldn't do sticknodes animations cause my phone keeps touching everything by it's own
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