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Designs By Humans - Wacom - Contest Process Video
http://www.vincentfink.com wow this was torturous. I had everything I needed, went and took a sh*t, then came back, started the clock and my wacom pen was missing the whole time. I had a back up crappy pen I had to use and trying to record it slowed me and my machine down so I had to cut it off half way, and submitted with 5 seconds left! My 1st recorded process vid, this also documents my worst nightmare to get the random design prompt of anything "cute". A tough challenge indeed.
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How to Paint a Surreal Sunset - FAST
Part instructional/entertainment/time-lapse video of me painting a quick sunset with some surrealistic elements going in the sky. I always incorporate geometry in my paintings, and usually a bit more detailed, but I wanted to do something loose and fun for this one. Let me know what you think in the comments! (Painting is for sale.) music credit: "Desert Search for Techno Allah" by Mr. Bungle
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Beginning Stage 4 of 4, 3-point perspective lines, early progress drawing
From http://www.vincentfink.com This video is to give a glimpse into my process for this series of 3-point perspective drawings. I find the more I do this and see it done, the more I understand my process and can better adapt my habits. Enter The Atlas Metamorphosis project finally in the 4th stage that takes place in a Medieval architecture setting hosting the first flight of the final stage in God Beetle's life cycle. The chapels, spires and flying buttress of the cathedrals are pointed high up to the 3rd point in this 3-point perspective drawing. The 2 points below make the left and right vanishing points on the horizon line. These are the points at which I'm drawing each line from. Once a manageable grid is in place it's time to let the creativity flow into the grid. The last part of the video show progress from over 2 weeks of starting the project. More documentation to come. Thanks for watching an let me know what you think! Song "9 Ghosts I" by Nine Inch Nails off Halo 26 - Ghost I-IV album.
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Timelapse Sumi Ink Gothic Architecture God Beetle 1
Longer clip from "The Making of God Beetle" a short film that is still in production as this piece progresses towards completion. Once finished all the photos and videos will be assembled into a documentary of the 2+ year long endeavor to make the most complex image inspired by a lucid dream.
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God Beetle - Ink Drawing 3-point Perspective Art - Gothic/Medieval Architecture
This is it! I finally got around to uploading the inking process from beginning to end, with some views of the final product as well. From the sketching of perspective lines to finish took about 1 year and a half! Sketches and planning before-hand spanned an extra 6 months. This video doesn’t even include the progress of sketching, which took the longest. We’ll save that for next time. Atlas Metamorphosis Stage 4 of 4: God Beetle Risen This is the final stage in the Atlas Metamorphosis where we see God Beetle taking off into the skies embarking on a new journey, being manned by two steampunk engineers alluding to the progress that brought us out of the dark ages into the Renaissance. Gothic cathedrals loom overhead in this dazzling 3-point perspective, adorned by the most magnificent symbology depicting the scriptural scenes of his holy teachings. In this alternate timeline, one will notice a similarity to our Christian churches, but in this dimension, the beetle is our depiction of God. Christ is very similar to the beetle god in our previous stage (taking place in ancient Egypt) where Kapri was seen with a beetle for a face. Many parallels are seen throughout our timeline's religions as well as this other world. Be on the look out for the last piece of this puzzle, as even though this is the final stage of metamorphosis, the prophesy started with Stage 2 of 4, and therefore, is incomplete until Stage 1 has been born. Stage 1 is the Egg stage, and is prophesied to take place in a primal, ancient central American civilization, perhaps that of the Aztecs. Please like, comment and SUBSCRIBE to my channel to help me keep going! Even more important: SHARE THIS with everyone who likes art. I need to sustain myself by selling prints and originals, and the more people see my work the better chances I won't end up dead before my work is complete. You can find prints and more of this series at my website: www.vincentfink.com Music by Bear McCreary & Pain of Salvation
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Forsaken - By Progressive Death Metal Artist Vincent Fink
Download this song for free: https://soundcloud.com/vincentfink/forsaken Subscribe and tell your friends! Lyrics: We were forsaken they have taken everything from us it's time to awaken I'll make these reptilians pay for our loss Our lives unravel and so we travel land and air to bring out present a gift to bring back humanity I dug this hole just for you I'll spill your cold blood as a sacrifice to the earth mother, my brother now we can reap the seeds we've sown your child has grown So long we struggled until we found there was no point Now we leave our shovels drop in the trenches of mud I dug this hole just for you I'll spill your cold blood as a sacrifice to the earth mother, my brother now we can reap the seeds we've sown your child has grown All music, lyrics & performances by Vincent Fink Camera - Tina Fink
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Stage 4 of 4: God Beetle - Ink Timelapse (short) - Drawing Gothic Cathedrals & Medieval Architecture
I sped up the 20 min timelapse video to just over 4 mins, so this is 5x faster than the default timelapse recording of an iPad Pro. (see the full-length in my videos) From the sketching of perspective lines to finish took about 1 year and a half! Sketches and planning before-hand spanned an extra 6 months. This video doesn’t even include the progress of sketching, which took the longest. We’ll save that for next time. Please like and SUBSCRIBE to my channel to help me keep going! SHARE THIS with everyone who likes art. I need to sustain myself by selling prints and originals, and the more people see my work the better chances I won't end up dead before my work is complete. You can find prints and more of this series at my website: http://www.vincentfink.com http://www.vincentfink.com/fine-art/ You can also donate to keep my practice going: https://donorbox.org/keep-the-dream-alive-1 music by Vincent Fink
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Big Red Sky Time-lapse Acrylic Speed Painting Texas Landscape Artist
One of my favorite things to paint are sunsets. That moment when the sun hasn't quite reached the edge of the earth and it creates that beautiful, vibrant red color across the clouds. I've heard that mostly comes from all the pollution in the air. If that's the case, I must say, pollution can be beautiful at times, because it's my favorite part of the day. I believe the reference photo I shot for this came from a road trip somewhere in Texas. Anyways, here's something I did today in the studio. It was a quick, fun challenge to paint something that could be "done" in one sitting...er...standing. I enjoyed making this and it shows a bit of my creative process as well, so maybe it might entertain and also inform in a way. Haven't decided yet if I want to add my surreal sacred geometry to this one yet, and if I do, in what way... what do you think? Let me know in the comments. Is it possible for me to do 1 painting without getting all weird with it? Time will tell. To find out more about me and my art visit http://www.vincentfink.com
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Artist Studio of Vincent Fink 4/15
Getting ready for the Spring Biannual this Saturday and the Eye Candy group show at Spring St Studios on the 25th. I don't know where to put all of this art, so I can't wait to sell a bunch more! Spring Biannual: https://www.facebook.com/events/1381316155524022/ Eye Candy: https://www.facebook.com/events/1628820927341071/
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Beginning Stage 1 of 4: 5-Point Perspective Lines + Artist Interview Clips - Annotated
This was the beginning of Stage 1 of 4: Emperor Egg, which is set in a Mesoamerican style 5-point perspective image to give it a spherical warp, much like a cosmic egg coming down from the heavens to enlighten mankind. I used clips from an interview with Miscellaneous HTX in January 2018, where Debbie Villasana asked me some great questions to open up about my artistic journey. She also ended with some very odd questions that I enjoyed a lot and had to throw one in at the end of this vid! Read the whole interview here: https://www.miscellaneoushtx.com/single-post/2018/01/16/Vincent-Fink Full interview video to be released, along with a full documentary this is a part of for my Atlas Metamorphosis Project, spanning 9 years in the making. Subscribe for more videos like this and show some love with a like or comment! Namaste
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ReDiscover Winter St. Studios with Vincent Fink & Rhonda Lanclos
Quick promo video for our Artist Talk this Saturday at 11:30am at Vincent Fink's Studio#B8 at 2101 Winter Street and more fun with The Houston Chapter of the Portrait Society upstairs. All happening at Winter Street Studios, August 11, 2018. #winterstreetstudios http://www.vincentfink.com
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Peeling off Liquid Masking on Painting
Always enjoy this part!
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Blow Up The Outside World - Live Acoustic Soundgarden Cover
A candid acoustic cover of "Blow Up The Outside World" by Soundgarden filmed as a tribute to the late Chris Cornell, may he rest in peace. This song is one of my all-time favorites as I relate to the lyrics and lunacy of the calm verses in contrast to the livid chorus. It encapsulates exactly how one bounces from positive to negative in life. How you can try to take the good advice of others, and that works alright for a while... but eventually you spiral out of control and just let your emotions take over. So I allow myself to let my frustrations with this fucked up world "blow up" when I play this song. Especially the last part of the song. The final countdown to the end. When we finally take matters into our own hands. Also, my audio software kept glitching and pissing me off, so it comes out in my performance. I had to live with this take as it was the only one where the audio didn't get vastly butchered by anomalies or completely stop on me due to buffer/software malfunctions. You can hear some of this in the take, where it gets distorted for a second here and there. It was the best my equipment and myself could do. I hope you enjoy. You can download the mp3 for free here: https://soundcloud.com/vincentfink/blow-up-the-outside-world-live-acoustic-soundgarden-cover
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Van Halen - Eruption Live - Fan Beated & Assulted by Security - Houston, TX 9/25/15
Eddie Van Halen does his signature two-handed-tap whilst a fan gets pinned to the pavement and trapped there for the entire 10 minute guitar solo. I must admit, I was distracted by the chaos happening next to me, but you can clearly hear the solo eddie ripps during it, which is hellaciously good. I had a good time.
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Sweep Picking Technique - neo-classical metal guitar solo
Just practicing this sweep section of an old song I wrote called Cold Case Murder under the band Illustrate The End.
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Surrealism Art: 3rd Eye Pyramids, All Seeing Eye, illuminati, Sacred Geometry, Tetrahedron
Fly-through showing Casting A Shadow Into Hyperspace painting and installation of Tetrahedron Pyramids with All Seeing Eye. All creations of mine that you can see at my Winter St Studio B8 by appointment or during Second Saturdays open studios. This Friday is Houston Press's Artopia.. Ok see you here! Please subscribe for more studio work, process, progress vid's and more creative, science-inspired art.
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Time lapse Ink Illustration of  Gothic Cathedral Architecture in process
More progress on the greatest ink illustration of my career using Staedtler pigment liner and straight edge on gessoed eucaboard panel.
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Stage 4 of 4: Timelapse Inking Process - Staedtler pigment liner, straight edge & flex tool use
Just started the pigment liner process of ending and wanted to show some of the tools I use. Staedtler pigment liner 0.3, a clear straight edge for lines and keeping hand from smearing ink as well as a not so commonly used flexy rubber thing I got from the art store that is my favorite for drawing arcs. Its a great drawing-hack for hard-to-draw curves as seen here. More to come as I hopefully finish this soon! Please like this vid, subscribe and thanks for watching!
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Listening to Metallica while trying to do Art
Jamming Metallica's new album whilst trying to draw proves to be harder than one would think...
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Building Great Pyramid with Thoth & Vincent Fink
I explain part of my artistic process in creating one of my most labor intense pieces, Metamorphosis Stage 3 of 4: Hail King Pupa. It features the funeral barge and the pyramid (which is actually a half sunken octahedron) for him to lay to rest for the afterlife. The mythology says he will rise again as a great 3-horned scarab beetle that will fly them to the heavens. Read and see more about my work at www.vincentfink.com
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Timelapse Sumi Ink Gothic Architecture Drawing Of God Beetle
Short clip from "The Making of God Beetle" a short film that is still in production as this piece progresses towards completion. Once finished all the photos and videos will be assembled into a documentary of the 2+ year long endeavor to make the most complex image inspired by a lucid dream.
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String Theorist Robbert Dijkgraaf Answer to "After Finding The Higgs Boson, What's next?"
Eminent string theorist Robbert Dijkgraaf, Director and Leon Levy Professor at the Institute for Advanced Study, conducted a live session as part of his World Science U Master Classes, where I got to submit a question via youtube, and the man answered the burning question on all our minds! For more science related stuffs subscribe to this channel and get you some geeky clothing at my brand site www.point506.com
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Fly through of contemporary art Surrealism Painting nearing completion
This was filmed the other day in my Winter St studio B8 in Houston, Tx... it’s 3ft tall by 4ft wide acrylic and oil on eucaboard panel. It is beast and taking a long time to finish! Almost there...
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Gamma The kitten finds a Mouse to Toy With
via YouTube Capture
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And What Exactly Is A Dream?
48" x 12" Sumi ink drawing by Vincent Fink. www.vincentfink.com
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Star Wars Art Show 2017 (teaser)
May the fourth be with you. We got Death Star State t-shirts! Visit http://www.point506.com for more!
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Edge of Chaos -walk through
This is a quick look at some of the details of possibly one of the largest, most complex sumi painting that I have ever seen or created. This 8ft wide by 4ft tall sumi ink on panel is sold now to a great collector! of mine as well. Check out my website www.vincentfink.com for a better look at the art I make for a living.
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2018 - Best of the Year - iPhoto Recap
A lot happens in a year! Here's some of the highlights. Not all, by far, but some of the major moments that my iPhone whipped up into a little movie I thought I'd share with ya'll... Here's to an even more epic year with more travels, shows and over all expansion of the soul.
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The Rise of God Kite
Artwork from solo exhibition "Illustrate The End" featuring the art of Vincent Fink, graphic surrealist from Houston, Texas. Godkite is one of the 1st deities conceived by Vincent, years before the Atlas Metamorphosis Project and comes in many forms.
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After Finding The Higgs Boson - What's Next?
Many of us are still in the dark on what’s next, even 2 years after the LHC (large hadron collider) found the elusive Higgs Boson. I looked around quite a bit and couldn’t find very clear answers to this but then I got a chance to ask one of the top particle physicists of our day via youtube submission, and the great Robbert Dijkgraaf gave me, finally, a pretty clear answer! See his video response here: http://youtu.be/ZP6PxJ_GgeQ
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TEASER: 2D moon light eclipses 3D moon in Art/Science project for 5th Sun Cycle show at Studio B8
Thought manifested into higher dimensions eclipses reality tomorrow night at studio b8 whiteness the rise of the new moon https://www.facebook.com/events/241027019648831/?ti=icl
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Brainstorm Process for "A Connected Universe" - Disegno Studio by Vincent Fink
Thought-process of Iteration 57: Map of You for Perceptions exhibit @ Disegno Studio for design prompt: A Connected Universe. This vid doesn't show the final work, just the brainstorm.
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Progression Of The Worm
1st edit of a soon-to-be final draft of a presentation of my artwork. I know I still need to work on the timing. I appreciate any other feedback. Thanks for watching and subscribe to my channel or check out my site http://www.vincentfink.com or http://www.point506.com for cool t-shirts! This and more work can be found on my site http://www.vincentfink.com under the Atlas Metamorphosis Project on the Wall tab.
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Dream Machine - Vincent Fink Art Installation - Recap - Houston TX
A compilation of videos and pic's I took of my installation from Dream Machine at GarageHTX in Houston, Texas, January 12, 2019 along with some other miscellaneous shots of the live music, crowd and Tim Steinke's glowing crystals where my moon was placed in front of at one point as well. I created the animations on the left wall as well as the glowing moon orb and geodesic painted legs that accompanied it on the right side of the space. Check out the article written about the event featuring my work on the headline image: http://www.bylinehouston.com/dream-machine-solidifies-its-position-as-one-of-houstons-most-forward-thinking-events/?fbclid=IwAR0i1YqiTd-RSldISUnUb4dqevWKLHCsqJCxU2qQoJlEdVYW2v353DYZLNg Song credit: "Heavy Metal Lover" by Lady Gaga
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Studio Sales
11 artworks sold in one day. Ba-bam!
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Cat Fight MMA style Fighting Combos
Cats sparing in backyard. Testing to see if this upload retains the slow-motion.
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Nature of Ego & Self - Vincent Fink Art Can by Southern Star Brewery (Teaser)
We're proud to present the 4th installment of our Art Can Series Beer Release, Nature Of Ego & Self Dark Lager. Our Art Can Series features artwork from local artists for each release, for this new release, we are proud to feature the artwork of Vincent Fink. Receive a pint glass and 3 beer tickets to try out this new beer for only $12 at the release party this friday, the 14th at Southern Star Brewery, 3525 N. Frazier St. Conroe, TX. The artist will be showing off his paintings, drawings, and other art around the taproom as we transform the brewery into a gallery of his works. Come out and meet the artist himself and grab the first pints of this new brew! Iteration 18: Nature Of Ego & Self This piece explores a Magritte inspired design while incorporating a fine distinction of philosophical imagery. The faces serve almost as a split of ego (or by some viewers, perhaps even male and female energy) in us all. The tree is a symbol of growth, development and connection with nature's process. The only geometric element tying it to the rest of the series is the box. The hexahedron, which represents earth/ground, seems quite subtle but for this reason it can be held as a symbol of personal compartmentalization that we must break out of, much like a seed. It appears like a chunk of flesh, a piece of ourselves from which we separate. Check out more artwork by Vincent Fink at www.vincentfink.com
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Metamorphosis Stage 2 of 4: Expanding Horizons
and what exactly is a joke?
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Re: Chris Cornell - 'Do Me Wrong' ['Scream' bonus track]
Video Cam Direct Upload
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Just squirmin' about!
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Teaser Time-Lapse of Vincent Fink painting in progress
These drips were actually used for the final effects in the painting to create a gravity-defying situation for the Divine Feminine who is pouring the last drops of dark matter into the chaotic system (not seen here) below.
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Mural in progress Cecil's Houston Tx
finished version coming as soon as I make it! www.vincentfink.com
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Surreal Moonlight Installation by Houston Arts District Artist Vincent Fink
An older video I never uploaded... Part of my Specimen series, I found photos were simply not enough to capture an artwork that is best experienced temporally and spacial. A fly-through of this stellar original hand painted moon light disc with a diameter of 34" created by Vincent Fink. The video is filmed at Studio B8 of Winter Street Studios in Houston, TX. There is one more disc that hasn't been painted yet. Which heavenly body should it be? Another moon or perhaps a planet? Subscribe for more art. Visit the website to see more work, buy, read and more: www.vincentfink.com Music credit: David Bowie, Blackstar.
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Me playing my Ibanez RG 320 electric guitar.
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Procreate + iPad Pro + Apple Pencil Timelapse Process Art for Houston Hip Hop Artist Apollo X
This is a timelapse process video of me using the app Procreate on my iPad Pro and using the Apple Pencil. It took about 6.5 hours for me to generate this design from first sketch to final shading. This artwork is to accompany the release of his first single. He wanted grotesque, melting text, and so he go it! Did another one for him too called Burden with the same type treatment. Hit me up for a custom design! The music is a demo of mine as well. Like and subscribe for more process videos! Let me know what you would like to see more of from this channel in the comments below.
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Surrealism Projection Mapping in Winter Street Studio B8
My most recent dabbling in projection mapping onto my artwork. I also do 3d animations like the fractal you see on the center globe. Hire me up for your next event! This is at Winter Street Studios, my personal Studio B8. Schedule appointments during weekdays. Open every 2nd Saturday of each month except when I'm showing art out of town and don't have a helper to watch over the space. Find more of my work at www.vincentfink.com Song credit: "He Is" By Ghost (an amazing band you should check out)
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Stage 1 of 4: Emperor Egg - Mayan MesoAmerican Latin Artist Creates 5-Point Perspective Drawing
Yes I am insane. This project came to me in a dream almost 10 years ago and I am finally fulfilling my destiny. I will be the most crazy artist when I am done with this. I will be uploading these a bit out of order but will put in a playlist eventually so the progress can be viewed from beginning to end. These are short snippets for social media and short attention spans... what will eventually be a longer, full video when its done. find more of my work at www.vincentfink.com
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One of a Kind fashion show Chicago, IL - Spring 2018 - Point 506 Clothing
Point 506 at One of a Kind Fashion show Spring of 2018 in Chicago, IL. Point 506 features their new Sacred Geometry Fish design on a heather grey women’s dress/tunic. Scenes and audio cut from the fashion show which ran each of the 3 days of the event. The runway model exhibits this beautiful design, combined with other products at Chicago’s Spring One of a Kind show. Then, just as everything seems to be running smoothly, the fashion show takes an odd turn... Find these products and more at www.point506.com direct shop link: http://point506.storenvy.com Geo Fish dress/tunic: http://point506.storenvy.com/products/23553468-geometric-fish-racerback-dress-tunic
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Art Basel Miami '16/ Spectrum Miami/ Wynwood Walls/ Secret Walls/ Scenes Recap
Art Basel Miami '16/ Spectrum Miami/ Wynwood Walls/ Secret Walls music by Megadeth, song "Conquer...or Die!" off their album Dystopia. Video also features work by Tyler K. both brought to the Spectrum art courtesy of Bisong Gallery amongst many national artists at Wywood Walls and inside Art Basel. Outdoor photos taken at Botanical Gardens and Miami beach.
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Vincent Fink Live, Progressive Metal @ Dan Electro's Guitar Bar, Houston TX _5-15-16
Visionary Noise hosted event of eclectic mix. This is the first metal show I've done alone. There is a lot more where this came from. You can find downloadable MP3s and streaming music at my soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/vincentfink
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