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Satan's Diarrhea Hate Bears - REAL AMAZON REVIEWS
Think Gummy Bears can't hurt you? These bears can. Real Amazon customer reviews brought to life in graphic detail. Based on this: http://www.buzzfeed.com/michaelrusch/haribo-gummy-bear-reviews-on-amazon-are-the-most-insane-thin « less
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Free Yourself from the Slavery of your THOUGHTS
The single greatest gift you can give yourself and the world is to free yourself from constant Ego chatter in your mind. You are NOT your thoughts. You are the one OBSERVING your thoughts. Recognize this and you will be set free. VISIT: www.smilingheartrebels.com
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Unconditional (Short Film)
Written by: Melinda Cohen Starring: Melinda Cohen & Adam Roa Directed by: Ravi Vora
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"We Are The Gift" || Melinda Cohen at TMOTM
An unrehearsed transmission on the subject of LOVE at The Meeting of the Minds on Dec 12th, 2015 in Santa Monica, CA. To connect with Melinda visit: www.smilingheartrebels.com
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Doesn't saying "my favorite color is blue" limit us from fully experiencing the joy that yellow or red or purple has to offer? Well, we live in a world of duality. We communicate through distinction, but we need an awareness to this process to live a life of joy. VISIT www.smilingheartrebels.com to find out more about how to work with me.
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The reality of DEATH as a TOOL
We can use death to give life meaning. VISIT: www.smilingheartrebels.com
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Acting with Adam - Submission
Follow us on Twitter! @adam_roa @melindacohen @markoslavnic And visit our personal site to see all our current projects! www.straymongrel.com www.melindacohen.com www.markoslavnic.com
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What Truly Brings You JOY?
The world is constantly telling us what is supposed to feel good and be fun. We're so used to it, that often we don't even stop to ask ourselves if it actually does. I encourage you to figure out what truly makes you happy!
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Create from the INSIDE OUT (not the outside in)
This video is for all entrepreneurs, artists and self-starters who find themselves going from feeling extremely motivated to totally stuck when it comes turning their many brilliant ideas into measurable action. ALIGNMENT WITH PURPOSE IS KEY! www.smilingheartrebels.com
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Melinda Cohen Demo
Melinda Cohen
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Sometimes You've Just Got to Cry About It
Being positive doesn't mean you should deny 'negative' emotions. In fact it is important to give yourself permission to feel every emotion fully in order to release the energy and move past it. Only by leaning into the feeling - no matter how painful - can you stay truly present.
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What it means to be PRESENT
Being truly PRESENT can turn even the most mundane activity - like washing the dishes - into a profound and beautiful experience. Understanding this is the key to a joyful life. www.smilingheartrebels.com
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Here's a prime example of how our society continues to create the perfect consumer - without us even noticing that it's happening. www.TheRebelBody.com
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Sometimes the Universe FORCES you to snap out of your complacency and wake up to your own power. This is what happened to me 8 years ago, and the transformation it caused has been life changing. www.smilingheartrebels.com
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Life Sucks? Hug A Tree
An introduction to choosing happiness. (Shot this back in 2014 and never did anything with it -- till now!)
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Why am I doing this? THE HONEST ANSWER
It was time to share my true feelings about why I've decided to do this work and share what I've learned with the world.
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Identify Self-Limiting Beliefs & Reprogram
Many of us have no idea that our thoughts about life are negotiable. We have blindly taken on and accepted the Belief Systems of our parents, and never questioned them since. It's the reason that we often don't get what we want. Because wanting something isn't enough. We have to BELIEVE it's possible, and more importantly-- that we deserve it.
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We Are The Gift
We are the gift. Embrace this simple truth and watch everything change. For guidance, visit www.smilingheartrebels.com You are loved. #smilingheartrebels
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Worthiness - And How It's Sabotaging You
Have you unknowingly fallen into the 'information trap'? The 'information trap' is when - instead of actually taking action and DOING the work on yourself - you spend all your time accumulating more knowledge, getting 'ready' to make the change. This is a sure way to never actually get any results. Don't let your worthiness get in the way of your true greatness. Live NOW. www.smilingheartrebels.com
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Why No DIET Will EVER Work
Most of us struggle with our relationship to food. We eat too much of the wrong foods, and feel somehow like we've lost control of our cravings. Food was a constant power struggle for me, until I decided to change my relationship with it, once and for all. www.smilingheartrebels.com
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Why You Should Avoid Being Realistic
Don't let being realistic limit what you think you're capable of accomplishing and receiving in this world. Take inspired action instead! www.smilingheartrebels.com
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Let Go & Trust VS Creating Your Reality
There's two seemingly contradictory ideas you might have encountered on your path. On the one hand, it's about getting out of the Universe's way and 'allowing' whatever needs to happen to happen. On the other, it's all about shaping your reality through the power of thoughts and intention, and consciously attracting and manifesting that which you desire. So which one is it?
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We've heard the word so many times, but how do you really grasp the concept of consciousness in a way that you can apply to your own, human experience?
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I know I come across pretty confident, and often I am. But not all the time. The launch of my new business website www.smilingheartrebels.com inspired this video. Much love to anyone watching. VISIT: www.smilingheartrebels.com
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Eat Well. Meditate. And Forgive Yourself When You Don't.
Striving to be the best version of ourselves, to connect to our highest Self, to know ourselves, release that which doesn't serve us, and nourish our minds and bodies carefully is vital. But it's also important to remember that we are human beings in physical form, and sometimes we like to indulge and stimulate our senses in a big way! The key is Balance. Life is never black or white.
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Why Unhealthy Habits & Distractions Are a GIFT
It's easy to condemn those things in our lives that aren't working and try to eliminate them. But pushing things away without understanding their origins and recognizing their lessons is only going to create inner conflict with yourself. Choose to learn from your Unhealthy Habits & Distractions instead.
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How to Deal With Those Not On the Spiritual Path
When we shift consciousness there are inevitably people in our life who aren't on the same path as us. So what's the best way to navigate those relationships?
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The power of FORGIVENESS
Feeling frustrated, disappointed or annoyed by someone else's action is a CHOICE that you have made. You have willingly given away your power to that person. FORGIVENESS IS THE TOOL TO SET YOU FREE. Visit: www.smilingheartrebels.com
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Why We NEED a Shift in Consciousness to SURVIVE
Look around. There is an unfathomable amount of unnecessary suffering happening in this world. This is entirely our doing. It is a result of what happens when you strengthen the Ego and neglect the True Self. When you forget that we are all one, all equal. I, for one, will no longer participate in anything that feeds into this illusion. I make LOVE my goal, always. HERE'S THE LINK TO THE UNITY TRAILER: http://smarturl.it/UNITYTrailer
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Much like a recovering alcoholic will say they never truly stop being an addict, all of us carry deep-rooted Belief Systems in us that we can work to release but will never fully leave behind. All we can do is be aware of them and learn to live with them in harmony by constantly coming back to ourselves and the Present.
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The notion of TRUST
Trusting ourselves is the first step to coming into alignment with all that we desire. But trusting ourselves is just the first step. Next, we must learn to trust the universe.
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This Is Not My Face
Who are we without our beauty, our occupation, our name? Let's find out and tap into the potential of who we are. Only then can we align with our purpose and begin creating extraordinary lives. www.smilingheartrebels.com
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The Price of NOT being Present
I talk a lot about how being present is the key to a joyful existence. But what does it mean to NOT be present? Well, it may resembles your current state of mind quite accurately. Visit me at: www.smilingheartrebels.com
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