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Transformers stop motion episode 2 a funny episode
Hey guys this is my next longest episode and after this one I'm gonna try to make my episodes 8 minutes very decent episode time on this episode I have decided to put funny bits on it it is pretty dam good with lots of good sound effects and is over 7 minutes long as always please subscribe
transformers stop motion episode 6 christmas special (actual season 1 final)
Created with Stop Motion Studio. Available for iPhone, iPod and iPad on the AppStore. http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id441651297?mt=8&at=10lGyj&ct=yt
Primeval cast then and now
See the primeval cast from when they first starred in the show to now 11 years later
Predator vs terminator Stop Motion for swagwave’s 2018 contest
This is specifically for another stop motion youtubers contest his name is swagwave he’s a far bigger stop motion YouTuber than me
How to make different tones in storytelling
Created and edited with #pocketvideo. Download the app here http://apple.co/1TE5iKV Sorry I haven’t been able to upload in a while I had storage issues (null)
Hound is rescued by cliff jumper remastered
Hey guys this is pretty much the same video as before just with some added epic triumphant music you'll really like it this time as allways please subscribe and this is also episode 0.5 of my transformers stop motion sereies
Transformers stop motion episode 1.5 Optimus/megatron vs galvatron
Hey guys this is my recorder breaker for video time it is over 6 minutes long and Optimus prime and megatron team up to fight the soulless galvatron so please subscribe I'd really appreciate it
transformers stop motion starscream and shocwave get bombarded
Hello again in this one I wanted to show off my new video feature that I can now put in my videos this video shows you a video of as the name says starscream and shocwave getting bombarded hope you enjoy 👍🏻like or subscribe too 👍🏻
Transformers stop Motion Episode 3 jazz is rescued
Guys i know I said I was gonna make these videos 8 minutes long from now on wich the rest of them will atleast be but this one turned out being way longer and even longer as I expected as it is 11 minutes long it took me ages to make this for you guys I really worked hard to i'd appreciate it if you subscribe please to because I think you guys are gonna like this one the best yet!!!
My bad halo stop motion November of 2014
This is a old halo stop motion video I did back in 2014
Ben 10 omnitrix review
Created and edited with #pocketvideo. Download the app here http://apple.co/1TE5iKV Enjoy My first video of 2019 (null)
(Review series review 1 Transformers the last knight 2017 part 2
Hey guys I’ve finished my short mini series of the last knight review on this final part 2 hope you enjoy like or dislike but please subscribe 👍🏻 and I’ll bring out episode 4 of stop motion as quick as possible but I want you guys to give it 100 likes I’ll be very greatfull so please do that
Transformers Stop Motion Season 2 Trailer
Hello again guys this is a trailer teasing season 2 of transformers Stop Motion I hope it makes you excited for it so subscribe to see it if you're not already also please give it a like and leave a comment if you think there's any ware I can improve and as always enjoy the vid
Zacimus the master shooter 1st year anniversary montage best of 2017 and 2018
Here’s a compilation of the videos on my channel to celebrate it’s first year anniversary👍🏻
transformers stop motion episode 4 predacon fossil
Hey guys this is my longest one yet 13minutes! and the first one where I’m not voicing everybody shoutout goes to my dad for voicing ratchet. Since it’s my longest episode and video please give it 150 likes also please subscribe 👍🏻 hope you enjoy it and I’m sure you lot will
(review series) review 3 christmas special/why 2007 halo 3 is the best halo game
Hey guys this is my last video of 2017 with 1980 photos in it unfortunately I don't think I have enough space on my device to make the transformers Christmas special but I'll try maybe it'll be out maybe it won't i'll have to see how much space I have left but as always like comment and subscribe
transformers stop motion episode 5 the hunt begins (final season 1 episode)
Hey guys this is my final episode of season 1 sorry this season has to end early but I didn’t have enough time to make more as I started this halfway through the year but it’s 16 minuets long another longest yet and is a good way to finish season 1 also starting Dennis Moulton as the voice of barricade I’ve game him a shout-out you should go check at his channel and his transformers stop motion universal collision series any way please like the video or subscribe hope you enjoy 👍🏻
Transformers Stop Motion Episode 7 dinobots in distress season 2 beginning
I’ve finally got Season 2 out everybody😃😃😃😎😎!!!
Transformers Stop Motion Season 2 voice actor cast call
I really need voice actors for season 2 of Stop Motion
transformers stop motion bleeding from face test
Hey guys this is a test of a slow motion hit to a decepticon’s face with there energon coming outta there face this slow mo move will be in episode 4 that I’m very sorry still isn’t out but will be out soon Long haul’s taken longer than expected to arrive but anyway please subscribe
Bio versus episode 3 T-Rex vs stegosaurus vs allosaurus
Please share the video I’ll probably do another dinosaur 🦖 versus next I think this is my 40th video!!!
Every movie of 2018 ranked worst to best
These aren’t all the films released this year but a good amount of them
halo stop motion master chief vs the covenant and promeathens
Hey guys I've made a halo video since I do like halo aswell as transformers it's got good footage of vechiles flying and now my toys actually looks like it's flying since I can erase my hands from the image so it actually looks like there really flying it's pretty cool I'm sure you'll like it and as always please like or subscribe
My New channel montage😎 100 subscribers special😃😎👍🏻🎉🎉🎉
To celebrate 100 subscribers I thought I’d show you guys the new intro I’ll use for my channel I hope it’s not too long tell me what you guys think thanks for 100 subscribers I really appreciate the support👍🏻
(Review series review 1 Transformers the last knight 2017 part 1
Hey guys this is part 1 of my review on the last knight and why it fails hope you enjoy you can like or dislike and comment what I did well and where I could improve and also as always please subscribe 👍🏻
Review series review 4 Ben 10 2005-2008
This is my longest video yet 17 minuets long nearly 20 minuets😃😃😃👍🏻👍🏻😎😎!!!
(review series review 2 why transformers 1 is the best transformers movie 🍿
Created with Stop Motion Studio. Available for iPhone, iPod and iPad on the AppStore. http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id441651297?mt=8&at=10lGyj&ct=yt
Megatron vs galvatron
Hey guys this is by far my best video yet and I personally love it and I'm sure you guys will aswell. cause this one also has music and the great fight between megatron leader of the decepticons and the challenger galvatron.
transformers stop motion season 2 allspark scene teaser
This is a big teaser scene for the first episode of transformers season 2!
transformers stop motion halloween special
Hey guys here’s my first Halloween special transformers video hope you lot enjoy it like or dislike but be sure to subscribe 👍🏻