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Pistachio TFS Oneders Introduction
Just the introduction to everyone's favorite Tabaxi NPC of Bulkard. Cut down long before his prime. We of the Onders will always remember. Artwork comes from @BlueStar4991 and @rosebloodwolf on Twitter. And yes, I do plan on doing a supercut of all the scenes of this great cat from Chapter 2. Just give me a week. Consider this an introduction. *I own none of this btw, Video is from Episode 7 of Chapter 2 of TFS At the Table, some audio is from Yugioh The Abridged Series.*
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G Gundamn Shining Finger Theme Goes with Everything One Piece Bartolomeo Homage Fist
I am severely disappointed in the lack of Burning Finger One Piece videos. This should have been made long ago.
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Action AMV - It's On Again
No copyright intended. Comment please so I can get better
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wt podcast 3
Our 3rd podcast episode finally comes to light! After computer issues, trigger fires, and dying powers, we finally get it back together to talk about episodes 6-10. Remeber, #worldtrigger4toonami
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This is the start of a new series of How to play series. First off, we'll look at Yugioh. If these take off well, we'll do others such as Magic, Pokemon, Force of Will etc... Tell us what you think.
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Crimson bowl episode 1
Welcome to the first episode of the new D&D play series Doofuses with a Cause. Our first story line is The Crimson Bowl. Tell us what you think as we slowly work to improve. This is my first time being a DM so any tips will be appreciated.
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Shockwave_8-8's Live PS4 Broadcast
Just a test to see if I can get this to work.
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Defend Them!
Willing to stand up for those you like to abuse! We'll be in Panel Room 8 on Thursday. See you there!
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yugioh history
Part one of the series on how to play Yugioh! The history of the series.
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wt trigger talks
We're back from our hiatus/missions to talk about the weapons of Border. Join us in the discussion https://www.facebook.com/WorldTriggerPodcast/ @WorldTriggerPod and if you want to join the game, [email protected]
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World Trigger Episode 6 Annaliese Christman
Hello all C-Rank Recruits. we report in with Director Annaliese today as we discuss her career as the Osamu Fanclub President. If you want to help us with the show, follow us on Twitter @WorldTriggerPod like us on Facebook, World Trigger Podcast, or email us at [email protected]
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World Trigger Podcast Ep 1 TRIGGER ON!
Welcome to the World Trigger Podcast's first video upload! We'll be talking about the world and characters of World Trigger as we go on. But for our first outing we're here to explain how we each got into the series and our goals for the future. Now 90% more youtube friendly. Remember, #worldtrigger4toonami And if you have questions, comments or anything, email us at [email protected]
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World Trigger Episode 4: Backstory On
This week we finally start to get into a few more details of the backstories of the leads of the series as Yuma and Osamu prepare to form a team to join the Rank Wars, but they have to get used to Border Triggers first. Who are these three mysterious A-Rank agents? Find out in this episode. If you have any comments, questions or concerns, message us at [email protected] Or contact us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/WorldTriggerPodcast/
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World Trigger Podcast Ep. 2 The A-Rank Four Eyes From Beyond the Gate
Welcome to the World Trigger Podcast's second episode. We're going to talk about the first five episodes and hopefully start getting more done for this series. If you have questions or suggestions feel free to email us at [email protected]
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World Trigger Episode 5 Rollot
Welcome to a special World Trigger Podcast episode. We "induct" a new agent to B-Rank, who may actually be more knowledgeable than both of us. Welcome from WMR and Dice Funk, RolloT Christopher Larios! He's @RolloT on Twitter, and we're at https://www.facebook.com/WorldTriggerPodcast/ or [email protected]
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World Trigger Podcast Episode 7 Shine on Osamu, Shine on
OSAMU'S WORTH IS REVEALED! In our travels to Border HQ, we see Osamu is tested, Yuma drives up the records of C-Rank recruits, and Chika shows what happens when you hide your power levels and the normal nerfing isn't enough. We're thinking about starting a live recording! If this episode gets 1,000 views in two weeks we'll start a live show! We're also working on plans for a monthly RP game in the world of World Trigger. If you want in, have questions or want to help us out, send us an email at the [email protected] and follow us on Twitter @WorldTriggerPod
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