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Cut My Hair - Animation
Whoop! It's another lil animation I made! I'm actually proud of the lip sync since I do kinda suck at it ;; Anyways this was kinda rushed and I'm too lazy to finish the rest so just have this very stupid animation thingy I created lawl Original by: Miss Minty Blue
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Hungry! [Animation Meme] Happy Birthday Little Sis!
Hai Hai Guys XD Yes, today is the day that my sister turns a year older XD this originally was a surprise but ehhhh she found it and I decided fuck it why not Lul anyways I'll try to get more animations done but I'm just busy with my first year of high school and yeah ;w; anyways enjoy the meme and make sure to wish my little sister Lullaby Dreams a happy birthday!
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MLP [Animation] Baku Baku Nya Nya Meme
Hai Hai Guys! Yey! new meme! i was trying to get this meme up for my Bday which is tomorrow, but i couldnt wait su i posted it! dont mind the space here cuz i was supposed to collab with my friend Cocoa, but had traveling to do suuuuu yeah. i was too lazy to change the position suuuu yeeeeeeeeeaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh. and i also goofed up one frame and again im lazy xD im srry. anyways dats all for now. Stay Icy~ Edit1: OML HOLY CRAP! 1K Views!!! THANK YOU GUYS! QuQ Original Meme By: Miss Smile
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[OCS] A Kawaii Potato. Meme
Hai Hai Guys! XDD YAS! I'm starting animations on my phone and it kinda takes a lot more time :/ but hey! Thank you guys for 100 SUBBIES!!! I'm so happy rite now, TYSM!!! Enjoy this lil potato! Stay Icy~ Original: https://youtu.be/fugQrnDS46Y
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I'm Gonna Cut Yo Dicc!! (Read the Desc)
Edit 1: Yo. Sooo recently I've been getting comments saying "bUt gIrlS dOnt hAve dIcKs". Haha. I'm aware. This video was made only for fun and for joke purposes only. Please DO NOT. Comment on this video saying that they don't have dicks because they're girls because I am fully aware that girls do not have dicks so please shut up about those comments. Thank you very much. Edit 2: I told you all to stop. Now that some ignorant people do not respect my request, I have no choice but to disable comments. I have had it with those irritating comments. Please learn to respect what the creators have to say and NOT be so ignorant about it. The audio doesn't belong to me! It belongs rightfully to Sr. Pelo
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Bubble Tea MAP Part 25 for [mintlicorice]
Hai Hai guys! Guess who's back?! BACK AGAIN!!! YYYUP! ITS MEEEEE WALUIGI- Ahem- anyways! I'm very sorry I haven't been posting after fakin YEARS. School is getting hard, I have final exams this week, and I've been procrastinating a crap ton. This time I shall really promise I will animate often during summer break and if I don't- well- UHM.... crap. You can smack me with a pan or sum..? XD well that's all I really have to say for now, sooo yeee. Till me meet again! Stay Icy!~ [mintlicorice]'s MAP: https://youtu.be/RrPtR1m1aBU
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Hai hai guys! It's ya boui, Icyyyyyy I decided to draw my twin in this vid soo ya enjoy!! XD i finished this at 2:30 AM pffft- ok imma stop talking and enjoy the meme Stay Icy!~ Original Meme: q00pz
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MLP [Ocs] Im A Banana
hai guys! im back!! sorry i havent been posting for a while , i was pretty busy doing other things and having trouble what to draw. sorry to keep you guys waiting! the video sound is not mine but here is the original vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LH5ay10RTGY Stay Icy!
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Idfc - Meme
Hai Hai dere! Yeyyy I'm finally not that lazy to animate anymore! Well I still kind of am but anyways- This was my first tweening animation and it's sloppy but for my first I think I did just right. Also I did notice I spelled Uomii's name wrong. My bad ;v; but I couldn't fix it so I just left it. Hopefully I can upload a little more because my summer is ending soon and I'll be back to school TvT cri. But I'm just gonna stop talking and let you enjoy the meme. Copyright is not intended! the song doesn't belong to me. Original By: Uomii https://youtu.be/cVuCGt0GB2g
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Floppy Ears Animation Meme???? (Tween Practice)
U H hello- my channel is dead as hell and as my New Years resolution says, ill be trying to animate something once or twice a month so-- Get ready I guess?? Original meme: gleam spirit
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Sponge on me - Meme
Ayyyyy it's me and my twins birthday! Ah I'm so glad I was able to upload as fast as I can on this animation because I didn't want to publish this tomorrow when my birthday ends. Annnyyy ways I'm happy with my birthday gifts I got from some of you guys and I really appreciate it ^^ I hope you enjoyed the animation! It kinda looks rough because I kinda rushed and it looks shitty sorry about that ^7^;; Well I don't have much to say right now but I can't find the link to the original meme creator because it was deleted Q-Q
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5pm Meme - Collab with cocoa
Alrighty! I had to reupload this because the quality was shitty af. Anyways! This was a meme that was made by the wonderful cream bee and this meme was very relaxing (but a pain) to do :3 the person I collabed with is my best fam cocoa and you should support her cuz she deserves all the love in the world /7\ also the sync is shit I'm sorry xD Okay just enjoy the meme :3 Collaboration with: cocoa https://youtu.be/EasAz6U1FoQ Original: cream bee https://youtu.be/wgWRTjtV1g4
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MLP [Ocs] Thanks for 10+ subs!
hai hai guys! im back with another animation/slideshow thingy! in this one i included my subs Aka my Pff's and my sister and thank you sooo much for 10+ subs!! thier names are right here IcyBlastFawn Silver Star Cookie CrusherCC (CookiezNSkittlez) SweetCandyFawn cinnamon donut (mlp) MLP RosannaPaints Enjoy and Stay Icy! Edit 1: woah! 100 views!? omg Thanks Guys! :D
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MLP [SpeedPaint] Wafflezz (Thanks for 70 Subbies!)
Hai hai guys! I'm not ded! :D I got my laptop back running and omg I'm so happy ;w; anyways I'm working on something huge rite now Su pls be patient! :3 Stay Icy!~
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Jin Jin Jingle Bells Meme (Merry Christmas)
Hai Hai guys!! Merry Christmas! Thank for sticking with me for so long even to the people who had been with me for when I was just at 20 ;;7;; yes I know I messed the frames up but the time was running out sooo... yeaaahh... anyways! That's all I have to say for now, Stay Icy! Original meme by: Merenge Inspired by: Shgurr
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Fuck this was so goddamn old I want death
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(Old and cringy) Yandere Con meme (Thanks for 50+ Subbies!)
Hai Hai Guys! Its Icy! have you noticed something? Its My art style! xD And its New years eve! so happy new years eve guys! .3. Original:FUNdeadluxray Stay Icy!
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Custom Outro Made for Hxppy Thxughts ღ
Ayyyeeee I'm not dead- But I did make this outro for a friend of mine soo- I guess I'll be dead again Q7Q ahhhhhh
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Honey Lavender part 11 (for my map h)
Haha wow This looks like absolute shit But uh hey I got my part done??? Eeeeehhh I might redo it since I'm not too happy and it was done around 3-5 AM when my wifi cut off like an ass
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MLP [Meme] That's Not Me! (Thanks for 30 subbies!)
hai hai guys! sorry i havent been uploading. xC im still busy working on animal ive become so pls hold tight! thanks :3 anyways pls enjoy :D and thanks for 30 subbies .3. Anyways that's all for now. Stay Icy!
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Watching pokemon with Pff's
F u c k
Views: 357 — cinnakooki
MLP [Animation] Blushing Animation test
Hai hai guys! im still here xD sorry for not uploading much its because of school xC sowwwy anyways heres an animation test for ya guys! Stay Icy!
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